The DEAD MOUSE INC. Rolling Log Mouse Trap Vs. Mice In The Barn. Score 11 to 0. Mousetrap Monday

In this video we test out a new mouse trap called the Dead Mouse Inc. Rolling Log Mouse Trap. Guess how many mice we caught in one night in the barn.
Here is the Website for this mouse trap (Not A Sponsor)


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods3 months ago

    Thank you so much for watching. Here is the Website for this mouse trap (Not A Sponsor)

  2. MGAE Eeee

    MGAE Eeee2 months ago

    @Ryan p

  3. mark schiavone

    mark schiavone3 months ago

    How do you humanely dispatch the invasive mice?

  4. Brandon Jamieson

    Brandon Jamieson3 months ago

    Hey Mr. Woods, i was curious about a one way spinning trap as in it only rolls one way. I feel like it would give a better sense of security for the mice but ofcourse when they step a little to much on one side it will spin them into the bucket.

  5. Whatwazthad

    Whatwazthad3 months ago

    @Shawn Woods Do the native deer mice and the invasive house mice cross breed? If so, what do you do if you catch a cross breed?


    DEADMOUSEINC . COM3 months ago

    @Brian Landers cool story bro!

  7. Victa Nguyen

    Victa Nguyen5 days ago

    Eat the bot Flys 😋

  8. Nathan King

    Nathan King19 days ago

    7:40: You obviously have a skunk that is using your property as a man cave. Just like the mice and the rats, the skunk is hitching a ride too.

  9. Nathan King

    Nathan King19 days ago

    5:40: What would happen if you put electrified electrocutor strips or spikes on the bottom of the bucket? This has been done in more than one youtube video.

  10. Nathan King

    Nathan King19 days ago

    1:50: That cute orange mouse. I love mice with solid colors.

  11. Enuma Elish

    Enuma Elish20 days ago

    Deer mice: Oh no I've been captured! *Half a day of captivity later* Shawn: Ok go free guys! Deer mice: No... the outside world isn't for me anymore. This is all I know!

  12. The Ultimate Male

    The Ultimate Male29 days ago


  13. Data Wargaming

    Data WargamingMonth ago

    How many pet mice does this guy have??

  14. k3kboi 66

    k3kboi 66Month ago

    Pop a bit of water on the bottom of that bucket and you got yourself a nice eficient pest dispatcher.

  15. frank234561

    frank234561Month ago

    Just cut a couple notches opposite each other in the rim of a bucket and place a rolling pin. Simple as that.

  16. Radric Davis

    Radric DavisMonth ago

    New to the channel, Why am I watching this 😭

  17. Matthew Snyder

    Matthew SnyderMonth ago

    Some fast bird that dropped down really quickly and grabbed the mice

  18. Александр Жуков

    Александр Жуков2 months ago

    хорошая идея. зачем мышей отпускаешь?

  19. Heroic Victory

    Heroic Victory2 months ago

    Aliens 👽 came for them

  20. Raycefan

    Raycefan2 months ago

    Clearly it was a chupacabra what ate those 6 mice

  21. James Nerlinger

    James Nerlinger2 months ago

    All these bucket based mouse traps on the market...what’s the best one to buy?


    JSK PRODUCTIONS2 months ago

    3:37 Thicc

  23. SymphonyBlue uwu

    SymphonyBlue uwu2 months ago

    I feel very sorry for your pets, i hope they are having wonderful day. Please pet them for me

  24. Husqv 51

    Husqv 512 months ago

    With this type trap i've had a far better catch rate when the roller is deeper inside the bucket, like 5" below the rim. As soon as they jump on thats it. And no jump offs or rim holding.

  25. Besneek ITP

    Besneek ITP2 months ago

    Goldie looks cute

  26. Dai-Long Nguyen

    Dai-Long Nguyen2 months ago


  27. 100PercentOS2

    100PercentOS22 months ago

    Love your videos. Keep them coming.

  28. Bigfoot Mr.

    Bigfoot Mr.2 months ago

    It was bigfoot, He took your dead mice, lol

  29. George Smith

    George Smith2 months ago


  30. flintknappingtools

    flintknappingtools2 months ago

    So the house mice are "illegal" immigrants.... right? and the Deer Mice are....?

  31. t 3

    t 32 months ago

    Hi Shawn, I am curious if the deer mice have interbred with the house mice?

  32. Henry Yu

    Henry Yu2 months ago

    How did u humanely kill the mice

  33. Braxton Gray

    Braxton Gray2 months ago

    Me and my dad think it might be a snake

  34. osamashatat

    osamashatat2 months ago

    How do you still have mice in your barn?

  35. mericet39

    mericet392 months ago

    If I was a mouse and I saw a contraption with the words 'Dead Mouse Inc' written on it, I'd avoid. You think they'd smell a rat, if you'll pardon the pun.

  36. Linda Myers

    Linda Myers2 months ago

    Maybe a hawk took the mice

  37. Linda Myers

    Linda Myers2 months ago

    oh no my friends are drowning in a bucket wait a sec IS THAT PEANUT BUTTER

  38. Mod

    Mod2 months ago

    Shawn saying that he gon feed the invasive ones to wild animals Me:YE Him:malfunctions buddy

  39. Tinna Gigja

    Tinna Gigja2 months ago

    When the second deer mouse goes in, his buddy runs up to the lip, peeks in, and runs away to share the news with his comrades. Meanwhile, the house mice remain none the wiser...

  40. Osvaldo Ferrer

    Osvaldo Ferrer2 months ago

    A chupacabra ate the mice.

  41. mm-WiZ

    mm-WiZ2 months ago

    deadmau5 trap

  42. Jackson Revere

    Jackson Revere2 months ago

    i think it was probably a hawk or an eagle

  43. Cade Smith

    Cade Smith2 months ago

    It pays to be a native deer mouse


    CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL2 months ago

    3:16 it fell in because it got scared 😂

  45. Randy M

    Randy M2 months ago

    You'd catch mice quicker and more efficiently if you stopped smearing peanut butter all over the "log." Instead, just place the peanut butter in a thin strip in the middle, leaving the rest of the log clean.

  46. David Abernathy

    David Abernathy2 months ago

    Price already increased 250% then what’s listed on this video in one weeks time. Gotta love the free publicity.

  47. Michael Shadler

    Michael Shadler2 months ago

    I wish Shawn would test do more ingenious rat traps. Mice are much easier to catch. Rats are more of a problem for me.

  48. de0509

    de05092 months ago

    Hey Shawn. I know what Im gonna suggest is a bit gruesome, but have you ever considered of experimenting by turning rodents into lifelong cannibals, and then set them free?

  49. BaconMan_Off XD

    BaconMan_Off XD2 months ago

    I am

  50. Refuge Inc.

    Refuge Inc.2 months ago

    Bigfoot. They know how to turn cameras off.

  51. bacteria de internet

    bacteria de internet2 months ago

    your pet mouse is cute

  52. bacteria de internet

    bacteria de internet2 months ago

    i like seeing rats die

  53. Fritz Edelweiß

    Fritz Edelweiß2 months ago

    i remember you putting water in the Buckets back in the old days

  54. Dum Neptune Bacon

    Dum Neptune Bacon2 months ago

    That big one in the back right hand corner 5:02 is that a Rat or just a very large Mouse???

  55. madrigalandro

    madrigalandro2 months ago

    Run away. Smacks the mice for motivation

  56. Friendly Neighborhood ToFu

    Friendly Neighborhood ToFu2 months ago

    Has pet mice and collects mouse traps....

  57. Nelson Ricaurte

    Nelson Ricaurte2 months ago

    1:52 "Be good for Goldie and bad for the plague"

  58. UnwantedBagel

    UnwantedBagel2 months ago

    I love how all the mice make fun of whoever falls in

  59. 1978garfield

    1978garfield2 months ago

    IS there anyway to make them drown faster? It is creepy to se them swimming around.

  60. Ibrahim Wadood

    Ibrahim Wadood2 months ago

    i've watched soo many of your vidoes that now i know how to differentiate between deer mice and house mice

  61. Mateo's gaming place

    Mateo's gaming place2 months ago

    I dont understand? hes doing something good by killing the invasive and not native I still dont get why ppl dislike?

  62. Karen

    Karen2 months ago

    Q: are large plastic rollers better, worse, or about the same as more narrow metal rollers??


    DEADMOUSEINC . COM2 months ago

    Metal rollers are too heavy for a mouse to spin, thats why we use plastic that's lightweight

  64. Jonathon Kociuba

    Jonathon Kociuba2 months ago

    Get cheesesteak ad when switching from showing footage of mice footage and explaining which mice are in there. Glad USlikes knows my tastes. Dead rodents. /s

  65. DTA PX

    DTA PX2 months ago

    MADE IN THE USA! Very impressive.....nicely assembled plastic.

  66. Dario Villazor

    Dario Villazor2 months ago

    Mouse: survives Deadmouse inc: *you weren't supposed to do that*

  67. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept03 months ago

    Deadmaufive inc. you say? Keepo

  68. Asianplague

    Asianplague3 months ago

    I like how he was like, “be free little ones” Native mice, “NO don’t let me go don’t let me go”

  69. Don Carlton

    Don Carlton3 months ago

    It's so sensitive they don't want to go out on it.

  70. Don Carlton

    Don Carlton3 months ago

    It's so sensitive they don't want to go out on it.

  71. Kazkov3

    Kazkov33 months ago


  72. Toasty

    Toasty3 months ago

    is it just me or is my brain playing games with me and making me think thats a chocolate chip cookie 6:30

  73. Pakhtoon Village Secrets

    Pakhtoon Village Secrets3 months ago

    .... ....

  74. Iam NinaMarie

    Iam NinaMarie3 months ago

    The mice like nahh where the barn at

  75. mfaizsyahmi.

    mfaizsyahmi.3 months ago

    6:41 Shawn: "Okay deer mice, you're free." Mice: "Um, no thanks. We like it here."

  76. Raul D. M. Rocha

    Raul D. M. Rocha3 months ago

    I'm guessing the one responsible for the missing mice was a hawk, owl or another bird of prey capable of grabbing the mice mid flight in their talons then carrying them away.

  77. Velia Sanchez

    Velia Sanchez3 months ago


  78. Rushifa2k

    Rushifa2k3 months ago

    Sounds like them darn skinwalkers ate those 6 mice.

  79. Chris Abraham

    Chris Abraham3 months ago

    How deep does a bucket need to be to hold a captured mouse to stop it climbing out of the bucket. Any rule of thumb.

  80. NinjasUseGlocks

    NinjasUseGlocks3 months ago

    When u see the mouse counter pop up u know this gon' be good

  81. Siakol Yano

    Siakol Yano3 months ago

    This what happened when rats and mice messed with the gangster rappers.

  82. Neil Wu

    Neil Wu3 months ago

    Man that skunk is probably the biggest contributor to the channel, bought one of each shirt, and likes all of the vids when he comes home after a free meal.

  83. EBK adøT

    EBK adøT3 months ago

    Mice See , Mice Do

  84. King Draven

    King Draven3 months ago

    he cut the footage and ate them himself for sure

  85. Harvey Decker

    Harvey Decker3 months ago

    Very cool

  86. oscar herrera

    oscar herrera3 months ago

    Hawk because if it was so fast it could have grab mice with their talons

  87. Sam_47_ad

    Sam_47_ad3 months ago

    Bro your plan for taking care of native mice and non native mice, should be adopted by the government for legal and illegals immigrants, and it should works perfectly well.

  88. Publius Valerius

    Publius Valerius3 months ago

    Are you concerned that those disappearing mice are out there training as a team for revenge?

  89. Robert Greenhouse

    Robert Greenhouse3 months ago

    Does it matter what color?

  90. slim617

    slim6173 months ago

    With all these mousetraps. I wonder if youd ever consider opening a museum

  91. logan graham

    logan graham3 months ago

    it's just a roll on a shaft , not exactly that impressive. though i guess simplicity works in this case.

  92. smokeyou812

    smokeyou8123 months ago

    Couple more nights with that trap you won't have content for USlikes anymore. Lol

  93. Lance Baker

    Lance Baker3 months ago

    Wow! You sounded like the Google Assistant

  94. Aron Hansen

    Aron Hansen3 months ago

    that one works perfect .but what to do with them mickey mouses ?ok you just told ;-)

  95. Dumb

    Dumb3 months ago

    You couldn't do the "Drowning" version where there is water at the bottom because of the Natvie Deer Mouse, huh?

  96. QPoOYtSM

    QPoOYtSM3 months ago

    I love the straight to the point. No wasting time.

  97. Oliver A. Wray

    Oliver A. Wray3 months ago

    Hannah thinks it was a pterodactyl that took those mice. Ollie & Hannah, UK

  98. mango

    mango3 months ago


  99. kento1957

    kento19573 months ago

    ALL mice in human space are invasive. It's just weird that you kill some and let others go.

  100. Saltysteele

    Saltysteele3 months ago

    my guess would be a hawk swooped down/across, grabbed a handful and continued past camera range, but camera wasn't quick enough to catch it

  101. Evelyn De Leon

    Evelyn De Leon3 months ago

    Imagine all the rats and mouse in his barn was gone.

  102. mango

    mango3 months ago


  103. Clay

    Clay3 months ago

    you need to put a ramp on the other side so they will oppose each other and knock each other in that would be funny to watch

  104. David Maclean

    David Maclean3 months ago

    The bucket got to be the best trap. My grandfather would dig a hole at the corner of the house and put a 5 gallon bucket down in it with some potato or cheese anything really as bait inside. Always worked good.

  105. bo0tsy1

    bo0tsy13 months ago

    It was chupacabra. The do both space AND tiempo and goats and children and pretty much anything meaty.

  106. Amulek Sanchez

    Amulek Sanchez3 months ago

    How do you dispatch the mice?