Why Do People Want To Ban This Mousetrap? The AMDRO Rubber Band Mouse Trap: Mousetrap Monday

In this video we test out one of get most controversial mousetrap that I have ever seen. Currently it is illegal to sell or use in Ireland. In this video we test it out to see if it actually works.
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  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn WoodsYear ago

    Thank you so much for watching my videos and for leaving comments/questions. You can purchase the AMDRO mouse trap through my Amazon Affiliate Link: amzn.to/2MEeKTJ

  2. Chris of STARS

    Chris of STARSMonth ago

    Soo you have to take the band off the mouse's corpse if you wanna use it again?? 😦

  3. Michelle Christian

    Michelle Christian3 months ago

    Glue traps are the ones that should be banned! Slow awful death! I felt so sorry for mice in them I discovered putting olive or vegetable oil on glue sets them free. Just don't use too much you soak or drown them in it.

  4. Nick

    Nick9 months ago

    it looks like you were putting on an invisible condom

  5. some beach

    some beach9 months ago

    Where's the uncensored link

  6. logan jones

    logan jones10 months ago

    i cant find it aswell

  7. Sylvan Brey

    Sylvan Brey6 hours ago

    I just saw those traps at the store yesterday

  8. Nautilus1972

    Nautilus197211 hours ago

    I'd buy a Geiger counter, Shawn, and do not touch those radioactive rocks with your bare skin. Keep in a lead-lined container and don't handle the pieces without special protective gloves. That's what killed Marie Curie. Radio-active poisoning. She handled them just like you. I would suggest taking two iodine pills a day for a couple of months.

  9. jeffib

    jeffib3 days ago

    The portion of the video where you show the mice being eaten by other animals has no connection to the subject of your video--the effectiveness of a mousetrap, and in my opinion is gross and unnecessary. Why do you continue to include it in every one of your reviews?

  10. no 4 is my name

    no 4 is my name3 days ago

    Wait what does it look like

  11. Salvador Sr

    Salvador Sr6 days ago

    That double blink when you said you don't know how to make a nuclear bomb says the opposite

  12. Tex Hunter

    Tex Hunter7 days ago

    If you cut the mouses head off the body right next to the band you could reuse the band over and over. A pair of pruning shears would make a quick job of it.

  13. Chuck Boy

    Chuck Boy7 days ago

    This is one of the best channels onbyoutube.

  14. Daniel Flugt

    Daniel Flugt8 days ago

    Me the the 6:09 mark: I dunno, seems pretty humane Me after the 6:09 mark: This is a war crime. Off to Hague you go.

  15. Bruce and Twiggy

    Bruce and Twiggy9 days ago

    I was going to suggest castration bands 👌🏻 then you said it. They have so many uses

  16. Vaipercoatl Ilhuicamina

    Vaipercoatl Ilhuicamina10 days ago

    I'm still commenting, by not commenting in my comment; but you know what I'm talking about.

  17. Macster

    Macster12 days ago

    I don't get it. I went to your website and the videos you have there are also USlikes and don't show the whole thing? Am I missing something?

  18. Nikto

    Nikto12 days ago

    Inspired by hemorrhoid treatment.

  19. Dhi 2667

    Dhi 266712 days ago

    I better buy about 5 of these before they get banned.

  20. TrentPlz

    TrentPlz13 days ago

    It cracks me up people are calling this inhumane because of the way it looks as opposed to the pain it inflicts. Edit: Very little pain is involved btw

  21. bprabawabr

    bprabawabr14 days ago

    Fascinating video. One thing though: I can't seem to find the "full sequence" video that you said is on your website.. The video there seems to be identical to the one you have here on YT? Thanks in advance!

  22. Retro

    Retro14 days ago

    i want to see the uncensored video

  23. Eddie McFadden

    Eddie McFadden14 days ago

    They mice or rats so pest who cares.

  24. Michael Heliotis

    Michael Heliotis14 days ago

    As a proud Kiwi, I want to believe that this mouse trap was designed as an expression of our famous Kiwi ingenuity by some industrious farmer who wanted to use up some spare castration rings. However, the cynic in me is convinced that this trap is merely a cunning way to consumerise mouse traps by requiring you to constantly buy ring refills. The days of planned obsolescence are numbered; subscriptions and their equivalents are the new driver of capitalism.

  25. Michael Otten

    Michael Otten15 days ago

    Some of these traps are good for the 1 mouse app. Others are good for multi use apps.

  26. Michael Otten

    Michael Otten15 days ago

    Watching em fry was inhumane.

  27. The35speedster

    The35speedster16 days ago

    That rubberband trap has the same effect as an old fashioned spring trap.

  28. Vucumprá

    Vucumprá16 days ago

    The trap is complicated and no better than the traditional wooden slam bar mousetrap, I don't think anyone would buy extra rings and to reuse them you'd need to cut off the mouse's head and wash the ring, the design is clever but over-engineered.

  29. Vin Jane

    Vin Jane17 days ago

    Them dropping into a pail of water to swim itself to death or be strangled quick, I'd ake the strangle!

  30. Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson18 days ago

    what does it look like? lol

  31. ardopork kropodra

    ardopork kropodra20 days ago

    you remind me of slingblade

  32. ardopork kropodra

    ardopork kropodra20 days ago

    because it's a shitty way to die

  33. Freddie Fastmachine

    Freddie Fastmachine20 days ago

    Pure BS ................USlikes Big Brother rules. Newspeak.

  34. jimmy popp

    jimmy popp20 days ago

    Haha I was not thinking that but I am now...lol

  35. View Point

    View Point23 days ago

    you must by now have a pet name for that skunk

  36. Bob Kazoo

    Bob Kazoo23 days ago

    Is it just me or did anyone else hear the super high pitch noise at 7:01?

  37. tallulaheatsleaves

    tallulaheatsleaves23 days ago

    I have mice and I'm an animal lover and keep crying at the thought of them dying slowly through poison because my landlord sent someone to put poison down and I didn't realise how poison kills mice until after it was down so I brought this to try and reduce some of their suffering. It still hurts to think of them suffocating but atleast it's only 1 minuet suffering compared to 4 days of internal bleeding.

  38. Justin Fernandez

    Justin Fernandez24 days ago

    2:16 Even worse when you remember that the rubber bands are really castration bands!

  39. MJ H

    MJ H24 days ago

    The Irish used to be a hardy people.......but now membership of the EU has turned them into a nation of simpering bedwetting snowflakes.

  40. Z A tk

    Z A tk24 days ago

    0:17 looks like a bit of weed

  41. BakerOne

    BakerOne26 days ago

    Question about the rubber bands, perhaps the real concern are wild animals eating the dead mice or rats and eating the rubber band too.

  42. George Saint

    George Saint29 days ago

    I think those sticky booklets would be much worse. They get caught on them, and sometimes struggle for days before they die. At least this one, I think, will kill them fairly quickly.

  43. Joe danero

    Joe daneroMonth ago

    That did not seem like a spot in your barn with motion cameras. It seemed like an aquarium in your shed with mice you have trapped to kill for videos on yt. I use this trap by the way.

  44. Ely Powell

    Ely PowellMonth ago

    "The Nooski" lol

  45. Alan Howard

    Alan HowardMonth ago

    The ores have a small amount of thorium which is where the Th02 comes in

  46. DangerDub

    DangerDubMonth ago

    Good lookin out for Cody's lab.

  47. alan smith

    alan smithMonth ago

    Please kill the little rat in nicest way possible lol

  48. Dress Down

    Dress DownMonth ago

    Bro they need like 27 million of these in Australia right now

  49. TuftyTerror

    TuftyTerrorMonth ago

    Also how come everything causes cancer in California? I had an electric train set, because I like trains, and it said contains materials known to cause cancer in the state of California. So your telling me that if I ingested this locomotive I wouldn't get cancer until I moved to California? Because If it causes cancer in California it should cause cancer in other states. Because I am 99.99% sure that people in California are the same species as other people, HUMAN. I dont know why im ranting on about cancer in California I get into weird things.

  50. TuftyTerror

    TuftyTerrorMonth ago

    My sister had this baby doll cradle, and there was a board at the bottom to keep the bedding in the crib. It was about 9 inches wide by 2 feet by a quarter of an inch, but at the bottom there was a factory label and it said, "WARNING! small parts. Choking hazard. Not for children under 3 years." But man, if it wasn't for that label, I would have shoved that board down my throat. What was a CLOSE Call that one was.

  51. Christian Carolina

    Christian CarolinaMonth ago

    That's not a barn its a cage Those are tame mice You're sick

  52. Christian Carolina

    Christian CarolinaMonth ago

    Dude obsessed with killing animals in different ways

  53. Magnes3d

    Magnes3dMonth ago

    I could not find the video on your site. It looks like you just link back to USlikes there. Waste of time.

  54. Voice of the Guns

    Voice of the GunsMonth ago

    Saw this in my recommendation and it didn't fail that Hornet King viewers watch this channel as it shows how knowledgeable you are in what you are doing.

  55. MetalMann 1983

    MetalMann 1983Month ago

    We should start capturing these mice and rats and send them to those people that continue to try and ban these products.

  56. Blackthorne

    BlackthorneMonth ago

    Always the skunk:)

  57. Dp t

    Dp tMonth ago

    Nope. Slaves wearring a collar getting triggered. They identify themselfs with the vermin.

  58. Benadryl soda

    Benadryl sodaMonth ago

    But I want to comment what does it look like

  59. Benadryl soda

    Benadryl sodaMonth ago

    Idunno why but I wasn’t expecting him to feed the mouse to animals in the backyard lol

  60. Brinx101

    Brinx101Month ago

    2:12 giggled a little too hard when i read that.

  61. Donn Bradley

    Donn BradleyMonth ago

    I'm going to wear out the buttons for "that's what she said"

  62. Kenneth H

    Kenneth HMonth ago

    The only thing I do not like about this trap is getting the rubber band off the dead mouse...it is not environmentally friendly with rubber bands which are not easily reused.

  63. condor5635

    condor5635Month ago

    What a bunch of whiners were talking about a freaking mouse. The thing is dead in a couple of seconds. Why don’t you spend your time on something useful instead of complaining about a mouse trap

  64. Brandon Chee

    Brandon CheeMonth ago

    I bet the glue traps are far more inhumane

  65. Frank Bonilla

    Frank BonillaMonth ago

    BOYCOTT HOME Depot!!

  66. Cohen McGrath

    Cohen McGrathMonth ago

    So let me get this straight: People make mouse traps by filling a bucket full of water which the mice are lured to fall into and drown which is a terrible way to die. This trap puts a tight rubber band around their neck cutting off circulation and killing them almost instantly since blood stops flowing to the brain which is not a terrible way to die. And yet this one is the one that receives backlash? Humans aren’t as smart as we think we are

  67. dash4800

    dash4800Month ago

    Imagine wasting time of your life trying to ban mouse traps.

  68. John Higgs

    John HiggsMonth ago

    Glue traps are quite possibly the most inhuman traps out there. This trap is quick and effective. I’ve seen chunks of fur, skin, and even feet left on glue traps!

  69. Monica Bondevik

    Monica BondevikMonth ago

    I'd much rather use this trap... Glue traps just make me sick

  70. Lars Lorentz

    Lars LorentzMonth ago

    U203 stands for uranium isotope 203 and tho02 means thorium isotope 02

  71. Angelina Bavilla

    Angelina BavillaMonth ago

    Glue traps are way worse than that.

  72. Chris Hilton Sr.

    Chris Hilton Sr.Month ago

    “I know that this looks like” 😝😂🤣😁

  73. Ubahfly

    UbahflyMonth ago

    I think it's pretty obvious why it was band.

  74. Ubahfly

    UbahflyMonth ago

    @Chance Pellman lol

  75. Chance Pellman

    Chance PellmanMonth ago

    @Ubahfly yeah pretty much lol

  76. Chance Pellman

    Chance PellmanMonth ago

    @Ubahfly exactly lol

  77. Ubahfly

    UbahflyMonth ago

    @Chance Pellman "Dad joke or just shitty spelling?" 🤔

  78. Ubahfly

    UbahflyMonth ago

    @Chance Pellman Well that was a fair assumption, to be fair. This IS a USlikes comment section after all lol.

  79. James Simpson

    James SimpsonMonth ago

    I really like the sticky traps, I've seen as many as 5 mice on 1 trap gnawing on the other critters after they get stuck, they don't care that their nest mate's are struggling and squeaking like crazy they just want that damn peanut butter, serves them right for being so inconsiderate of the other fours dilemma, they thought they they might also get a little fresh meat wiyh their peanut butter.🧀🐀🧀🐀🧀🐀🧀🐀🧀🐀

  80. Season 25 Gordon

    Season 25 Gordon29 days ago

    Glue traps provide a slow and painful death, more traditional mouse traps do it almost instantly.

  81. NoBelief IsOK

    NoBelief IsOKMonth ago

    Barbara Streisand effect. It does look like you are putting on a condom

  82. Spicy Spleen

    Spicy SpleenMonth ago

    nice scoop on the castration bands vs overpriced replacements

  83. Jeffery Powell

    Jeffery PowellMonth ago

    looks cool to me

  84. Jay Bomb

    Jay BombMonth ago

    Lol castration rings? And they're mad about strangling a mouse?? Society is far too disconnected

  85. Alyse R

    Alyse RMonth ago

    I think this uranium ore is safe, but I'm not sure. Let me know in the comments. (as he handles said ore bare handed)

  86. David B

    David BMonth ago

    Your voice is the last voice I will hear before being decapitated...

  87. David B

    David BMonth ago

    Back in the day, uranium was used on the battlefield as a substitute for brushing your teeth......by removing them....

  88. MN Webb

    MN WebbMonth ago

    My earth sciences class had one of those ore sets!

  89. Hero Hamza

    Hero HamzaMonth ago

    All Thanks to PETA for Helping

  90. Fun Fong

    Fun FongMonth ago

    The mouse will lose consciousness almost instantly because of loss of blood flow to the brain. An anatomy professor once cut off blood flow to both of my carotids as a demonstration, I almost passed out immediately.

  91. Elena Gisa

    Elena Gisa3 days ago

    you should have done a demonstration after, on his balls ,to show how fast they turn blue with the same method applied

  92. PinBallReviewer

    PinBallReviewerMonth ago

    So basically using pinball rubbers as the kill item so I could make this trap on a 3D printer if I wanted to I have plenty of those types of bands. ;)

  93. Keinan Menard

    Keinan MenardMonth ago

    Yeah because having arsenic crystals form inside your kidneys, slowly shredding them apart as your body slowly and painfully shuts down is a much more humane way to die. People, rodents are pests. Just wait until the day rats ransack your entire kitchen like they did to ours one night. Not to mention the 25 million people who died from the plague that was spread by these vermin. I have very little sympathy for them. There are a lot of things that need fixing in the world, a benign mouse trap not being one of them.

  94. Nathan Tripp

    Nathan TrippMonth ago

    The uranium ore set is super neat. A few years ago I saw something similar sell on eBay for around $100 (I'm still annoyed with myself for not bidding on it). In the chart, the second column is reporting the uranium or thorium fraction of the samples. I'm guessing that "U2O3" is a typo for "UO2" or some other molecular formula for uranium oxide. ThO2 is the molecular formula for thorium oxide. The lead pouch probably isn't do much to protect you, since it takes around a centimeter of lead to halve the intensity of a gamma source. The samples are probably small enough to not give you a significant gamma dose anyways. It would probably be a good idea to place each of the ore samples (and their padding) in little individual plastic bags. Doing so would help contain any dust that flakes off the samples, which is the main hazard of radioactive ores.

  95. Robert Cartier

    Robert CartierMonth ago

    One would think that the drowning-type traps would be more of a target for those who want to reduce the cruelty done to animals. The level of stress from minutes of inevitable drowning seems much worse to me than a seconds or two of intense pain and loss of consciousness forever. Once, I heard a mouse spring one of my very normal, Victor traps and it took a long time to die. I could hear it struggling, flopping, dragging the trap around with its back broken. I tried very hard not to imagine what it was going through. With something like this, it would have been unaware of its demise in seconds instead of almost an hour!

  96. Dain

    DainMonth ago

    Hey! That uranium from Norway is from my city Arendal 👍 Shawn Woods have something from my city, thats cool

  97. Jarrod

    JarrodMonth ago

    _Handles _*_the most radioactive mineral he has_*_ with no protection._ That's a braver man than I.

  98. Lily Wolfstar

    Lily WolfstarMonth ago

    As far as mouse traps are concerned, its more humane than poisons, drowning or glue traps. With that force it likely breaks its neck anyhow. If they'd lived through a rodent plague they'd be all for fast, effective and painless.

  99. snohometalhead

    snohometalheadMonth ago

    How about plugging the holes in your house and not feeding them. You do this for fun.

  100. Lonely Grandsouls

    Lonely GrandsoulsMonth ago

    Why is this bad but slow release poison and sticky traps are ok

  101. BindzSZN

    BindzSZNMonth ago

    Wait do u got mice just to kill the to show us a example that’s evil

  102. ksv

    ksvMonth ago

    There’s waaaay too many people out there with nothing to do then to sign a petition to ban a mouse trap, it’s made for those who have a rodent infestation, those people need to live in those conditions and see if they change their mind

  103. 8track

    8trackMonth ago

    Soylent green is mice!!

  104. NightSkyACC /\

    NightSkyACC /\Month ago


  105. grave monster

    grave monsterMonth ago

    Yeah I was going to say if he didn't mention it that the castration bands are way cheaper

  106. John Siders

    John SidersMonth ago

    but only good for one mouse at a time they should invent one that reloads it self ?? Oh and the S&M crowd likes those bands put on their Nips !!

  107. -_- hi

    -_- hiMonth ago

    Cartoons and Dr. Seuss. Need I say more.

  108. mason Ley

    mason LeyMonth ago

    Oh I didnt know he lived in Oregon so do i

  109. The Jeffest Jeff

    The Jeffest JeffMonth ago

    I could make a trap one hundred times more inhumane with stuff laying around the house

  110. Bolletje bruin

    Bolletje bruinMonth ago

    there is not a friendly way , to kill mouses

  111. Not David

    Not DavidMonth ago

    I don't see how this is any more inhumane than most other traps.

  112. troll42 hunt brown

    troll42 hunt brownMonth ago

    When there's no more room in hell you become a rat depending on your sins