I Made A Huge Mistake. Guess What Animal This Trap Is Designed To Catch. Mousetrap Monday

In this video we test out what I thought was a rare antique mouse trap but instead I learned it is is designed to catch a very different animal. For rodent trap recommendations and gear I use to film youtube videos check out my Amazon Affiliate Store: www.amazon.com/shop/historichunter
Watch to the end to see other crazy items that have been confused for mouse traps.
You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link: amzn.to/2ZY3dpp


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods3 months ago

    Thanks for watching. You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link: amzn.to/2ZY3dpp

  2. J S

    J S4 days ago

    Drinking game take a shot everytime he says trap

  3. Jamie Hampton

    Jamie Hampton9 days ago

    My mom is a bee keeper and in fact teaches bee-keeping. She’s also a born and raised country girl, and she assures me that that is NO queen bee trap. Queen bee could easily get out through sides. She believes that is a snake trap. Put an egg in through that lovely round hatch and boom, you’ve got your 🐍. Makes perfect sssssenssse once you think about it ;)

  4. Muffinz ovo

    Muffinz ovo13 days ago


  5. John Eglund

    John Eglund20 days ago

    @Daniel Godfrey A crayfish trap was my guess, also.

  6. blazing dragon

    blazing dragon2 months ago

    *Kind of reminds me of a snake trap, it looks familiar*

  7. Gelan Garner

    Gelan Garner4 hours ago

    A lightstick from 1251

  8. sledgy69

    sledgy695 hours ago

    its a spider trap

  9. Eugene lee Camacho

    Eugene lee Camacho12 hours ago

    Or a fish trap that you leave over night and then come back and get it in the morning

  10. Eugene lee Camacho

    Eugene lee Camacho12 hours ago

    That was a native eel trap

  11. Mark Abilar

    Mark Abilar13 hours ago

    I guess it catches a lion

  12. Jace Zers

    Jace Zers13 hours ago


  13. leafier

    leafier18 hours ago

    i think it might be for snakes

  14. Dan in a pan

    Dan in a panDay ago

    This guy sounds like a google translate person

  15. Finn Furball

    Finn FurballDay ago


  16. demon queen524

    demon queen524Day ago

    Ferret trap

  17. wolvgirl19

    wolvgirl19Day ago

    Hi! I know what the mystery item is, because I have one! They're called geared loom shuttles, and they are antique. They sit in blocks of wood with channels and gears in them that connect together like toy train tracks, and you slide the part you have through the geared track to weave. Please like this comment so he sees it!

  18. Seth

    SethDay ago

    Gonna guess cats Oh thats way too small

  19. Cinnamon Sugar Courtney

    Cinnamon Sugar Courtney2 days ago

    Maybe a shrew trap? They're smaller than mice normally

  20. WonderOf U

    WonderOf U2 days ago


  21. Bella In Wonderland

    Bella In Wonderland3 days ago

    I’m really confused why you would pay that much for a mouse trap.

  22. Oneomaga 123

    Oneomaga 1233 days ago

    wooden shuttle and spindle patented by the English 1733

  23. awayk gt

    awayk gt3 days ago

    It's a snake trap 😒

  24. Oris Leon

    Oris Leon3 days ago

    USlikes at it again with random recommendations

  25. Sailendra Kirana Abiyanto

    Sailendra Kirana Abiyanto4 days ago

    pp slicer

  26. J S

    J S4 days ago

    2:50 i blinked and was not expecting that cut. Lolol

  27. Electric Blitz

    Electric Blitz4 days ago

    I guessed a beetle but, yeah, queen bee sounds much more accurate. I'm pretty sure a Beetle can't squeeze itself through the wires of the entrance. Although it might be able to muscle through? I got no real idea.

  28. toadally awful

    toadally awful4 days ago

    why am i watching this

  29. WatcherOf Something

    WatcherOf Something4 days ago

    monkey trap is my guess (to trap their hands inside)

  30. Hozic

    Hozic4 days ago

    Ball trap

  31. Cheshire

    Cheshire5 days ago

    It’s obviously a horse trap

  32. James McCowan

    James McCowan5 days ago

    I think it is a weaver mill yarn glider

  33. shady sasuke

    shady sasuke5 days ago

    I was thinking of a crawdad trap

  34. Gabriel TelesBecil

    Gabriel TelesBecil5 days ago

    Spoiler for the ones who jus want to know purpose of the trap: The trap is for catching queen honeybees

  35. Olivia Chen

    Olivia Chen5 days ago

    I think it is a bird trap

  36. Scutoid Studios

    Scutoid Studios5 days ago

    I guessed gerbil.

  37. Umbrella

    Umbrella5 days ago

    A snake?

  38. Metern

    Metern6 days ago

    If i remember correct from when my grandfather was a beekeeper, that is a trap you use to catch the queen bee.

  39. Metern

    Metern6 days ago

    Just as i told. Its a queen bee trap😉

  40. GreatLakesMetal

    GreatLakesMetal6 days ago

    It is an eel trap

  41. Astronomy Demon

    Astronomy Demon6 days ago

    "its makes perfect sense" Me, knowing how bees work and that it doesn't make sense: 👁️👄👁️

  42. Matt 1990

    Matt 19906 days ago

    Snake trap

  43. The Wind Waking Hero

    The Wind Waking Hero6 days ago

    human trap.

  44. Paulina

    Paulina6 days ago

    snake trap

  45. kat meow

    kat meow7 days ago

    Noice octopus trap

  46. Scorch 215

    Scorch 2157 days ago

    Pretty sure thats a trap for monkeys. Place fruit and the like in the ball part, they reach in, grab it and because they are holding the fruit there hand no longer fits through the funnel. They can't figure out that letting go of the food will release them so they remain till collected.

  47. Elfsan

    Elfsan7 days ago

    Mouse was is just vibing 😌

  48. Rhonda Chornenki

    Rhonda Chornenki7 days ago

    I think it traps snakes

  49. Jess Edwards

    Jess Edwards7 days ago

    Why are antique mouse traps so expensive??

  50. Erik Molique

    Erik Molique7 days ago

    Crawdad trap for sure

  51. Cutting Edge Gaming

    Cutting Edge Gaming7 days ago

    I didn't know it was a common thing for people to sell things claiming it's a mousetrap when it's not. Lol.


    GOLD LION BOI7 days ago

    Next video-human traps

  53. shadowpheonix787

    shadowpheonix7877 days ago

    A leech trap?

  54. Len

    Len7 days ago

    Take a shot whenever he says mouse trap

  55. Ghost

    Ghost7 days ago


  56. Noah Spears

    Noah Spears7 days ago

    It’s a trap for the most dangerous animal, my butthole

  57. E

    E8 days ago

    It looks like a version of this bee trap for getting the queen bee out of hives so if they need to kill a queen bee? Or a trap for insects

  58. Imperial Guard

    Imperial Guard8 days ago

    “im gonna tell you at the end of the video-“ nothing makes me pause and go to the comments so i dont have to watch a video faster than clickbaiting WITHIN THE VIDEO.

  59. Mario Maniac

    Mario Maniac8 days ago

    "Some poor sod just bought it for $56" made me burst out laughing.

  60. Anonymous Dinosaur

    Anonymous Dinosaur8 days ago

    Thats What they used to torture Winston innit?

  61. TheGodCoder

    TheGodCoder8 days ago

    Chastity cage...

  62. Danielle Digou

    Danielle Digou8 days ago

    I assumed it was a snake trap

  63. Darren Kunk

    Darren Kunk8 days ago

    Ant trap

  64. Edric Blight

    Edric Blight8 days ago

    it might be an ermine trap, I don't know, they just seem valuable and worth catching and seems about large enough to be caught in it, just a speculation though. Edit: huh, I never would have though it to be for bees

  65. Fred Jones

    Fred Jones8 days ago

    I think is a masCall mill trap

  66. BoneWulfe

    BoneWulfe8 days ago

    That's an awesome queen cage. The sphere would be perfect for carrying a swarm

  67. Marian Buduroi

    Marian Buduroi8 days ago

    i think this is a shrimp trap

  68. albert o'shitsneeze

    albert o'shitsneeze8 days ago

    i swear that that was a crawfish trap but idk

  69. Philophobia

    Philophobia8 days ago

    Take a shot everytime he says "mouse trap"

  70. Michael B.

    Michael B.9 days ago

    Is it for your peen?

  71. Michael B.

    Michael B.9 days ago

    Not for your peen but fit for a queen

  72. Randomness823

    Randomness8239 days ago

    "I'll tell you at the end of the video!" *Skips to comments *figures out it's a bee trap in approx 30 seconds. *Leaves video

  73. Aaron Lang

    Aaron Lang9 days ago

    Thought it was a bingo machine from the thumbnail lmao

  74. Gabriel Medeiros

    Gabriel Medeiros9 days ago

    The pet mouse every monday: "please dont be a mousetrap, please dont be a mousetrap"

  75. vulpes inculta

    vulpes inculta9 days ago

    I read the title and assumed it was a medieval fleshlight... is that bad?

  76. Mike the card dude #BB

    Mike the card dude #BB9 days ago

    Looks like a crayfish trap

  77. Ms. Information

    Ms. Information9 days ago

    Looks like something from Room 101

  78. Chokfi Gaming

    Chokfi Gaming9 days ago

    I thought cricket tbh

  79. zypherfox

    zypherfox9 days ago

    i was thinking snake or wasp xD that is pretty cool tho

  80. Nick Stein

    Nick Stein9 days ago

    That's a prawn trap

  81. Inter Historia

    Inter Historia9 days ago

    What an interesting trap. I've never seen it before.

  82. Jeff Perron

    Jeff Perron9 days ago

    Snake trap?

  83. Jamie Hampton

    Jamie Hampton9 days ago

    My mom is a bee keeper and in fact teaches bee-keeping. She’s also a born and raised country girl, and she assures me that that is NO queen bee trap. Queen bee could easily get out through sides. She believes that is a snake trap. Put an egg in through that lovely round hatch and boom, you’ve got your 🐍. Makes perfect sssssenssse once you think about it ;)

  84. 【monoKUROmu】

    【monoKUROmu】Day ago

    ba dum ssssssss

  85. Naty 007

    Naty 0079 days ago

    This looks like the 1984 thing

  86. GalaxyWolf Gaming

    GalaxyWolf Gaming9 days ago

    snake trap

  87. Matthew Carlson

    Matthew Carlson9 days ago

    Huh I woulda thought for a snake

  88. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya9 days ago

    “Let’s see what happens.” *Le’ Chónk has entered the chat*

  89. sea slug

    sea slug9 days ago

    Deep fried rat on a stick

  90. Sycamore 27

    Sycamore 279 days ago

    A light bulb

  91. duckamasta :

    duckamasta :9 days ago

    Moral of the story. Any mouse traps that turn out to not be mouse traps are actually specifically bee traps

  92. Kizrhey Cañete

    Kizrhey Cañete10 days ago

    Connect it to electricity then it will be a powerful trap/melee

  93. herogibson

    herogibson10 days ago

    1:57 this dude is freakin huge

  94. Erica Black

    Erica Black10 days ago

    Snake hole

  95. Sandra Tania

    Sandra Tania10 days ago


  96. Nathan Cotrill

    Nathan Cotrill10 days ago

    3:22 for answer

  97. Asilinnbutterfly

    Asilinnbutterfly10 days ago

    It looks a lot like the minnow traps we used to use for catching bait fish

  98. BentoBuff

    BentoBuff10 days ago

    Just goes to show there's enthusiasts for literally anything. 😌 Fascinating collection, and I didn't even know they made traps to catch bees, let alone specifically queen bees!

  99. Phoenix Flame

    Phoenix Flame10 days ago

    Looks like a fish trap to me?

  100. Raspberry Jam

    Raspberry Jam10 days ago

    My recommendations are going somewhere different today yes sir

  101. Some Dude

    Some Dude10 days ago

    When it showed that rat before it said the name of it I was like, “That’s a pretty big mouse.”

  102. Artemas Ace0

    Artemas Ace010 days ago

    thought it was a fish trap

  103. Candies

    Candies10 days ago

    It's a fleshlight

  104. Stephen Johnson

    Stephen Johnson10 days ago

    It's designed to "catch" a human..it's an old Tesla tazer..

  105. DrToxz

    DrToxz10 days ago

    Its an elephent trap...hope im correct.

  106. Muclutel

    Muclutel10 days ago

    it looks like it's for insects

  107. Wandering Eye

    Wandering Eye10 days ago

    "Why do they have to poop everywhere? Gross."

  108. 12345 67890

    12345 6789010 days ago

    Without watching, I guess lobsters or other marine life Edit: wow, would've never thought of bees