College Sorority Invaded By Mice. My Tips and Trick For Catching Mice On Location. Mousetrap Monday

In this video I go on location to stop a mouse invasion in a college sorority. Learn tips and trick on to to catch mice in your home. This new series called House Trap Monday.
You can purchase my favorite mouse trap through my Amazon Affiliate Link:
For behind the scenes footage check out Weston's USlikes Channel:


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods3 months ago

    For behind the scenes footage check out Weston's USlikes Channel:

  2. RR Extra

    RR Extra22 days ago

    I've used a UK version of that Tomcat style plastic trap. They work well. I haven't used them for a while but last time I got about 20 of them. 19 were clean kills. Occasionally a smarter old mouse tries to use it's paw to grab the bait. Well that happened to 1 out of 20 in my experience. PS: I always use small pieces of Snickers I melt one side of the little cube of Snickers so it sticks nicely to the bait tray. It's important to not let the bait touch the trigger plate. Try it, it works great. Ps: Mousetrap Monday MM 33. =)

  3. StriferGaming

    StriferGamingMonth ago

    Awesome video!

  4. Doug L

    Doug LMonth ago

    What type of mask is worthless?

  5. fungungamer 987

    fungungamer 9872 months ago


  6. RegularPit

    RegularPit2 months ago

    We learned that rats won't touch something new right away for a couple days

  7. Chesca Ranullo

    Chesca RanulloDay ago

    I think u caught 8-10 mice 🐁

  8. Collin Kristensen

    Collin Kristensen2 days ago

    I was so close I gusseed 10

  9. John Mayer

    John Mayer3 days ago

    Boring episode. Dumb comments

  10. George Saint

    George Saint5 days ago

    I used a tomcat style trap once. I caught 3 little mice in one go.

  11. Bro Gamer

    Bro Gamer7 days ago

    Shawn:"they think the tunnel is a safe spot. but its a trap" me:"ITS A TRAP!" man i love starwars refrences

  12. price fam

    price fam8 days ago


  13. Ryan Santos

    Ryan Santos9 days ago

    10:40 I heard a mouse😳

  14. mike kendall

    mike kendall11 days ago

    Never ever buy tomcat press and set traps... I watched this video and thought they would be great.. Bought 4 traps they have all been sprung with nothing caught 8 times now... And I used nutella which was completely gone... Not sure what is happening but zero mice.. I would never buy or recommend...

  15. yugnok

    yugnok11 days ago

    Where is the follow up video?

  16. Warhol's Circus

    Warhol's Circus11 days ago

    You know it's staged because the traps didn't catch a single sorority sister.

  17. Blackthorne

    Blackthorne12 days ago

    My favorite bait is lunchmeat... fastest trap went off in approx 8 seconds.

  18. Noah Puckett

    Noah Puckett12 days ago


  19. Michael Cuellar

    Michael Cuellar13 days ago

    Wow you should make a video on how to build this trap! Impressive!!!

  20. Olaoluwa Ojedokun

    Olaoluwa Ojedokun13 days ago

    We are going to get 9 mice

  21. William Manikowski

    William Manikowski14 days ago

    15at least

  22. Sylvain Forget

    Sylvain Forget16 days ago

    I guessed 13, just for fun, and thought you would actually catch more than that. I once lived in a really small village in the midst of farmland and learned that I was a fool for using a live trap. The mouse headed for my mobile home and probably just went back in. From then on, I preferred my thirty spring traps (most in the garage). and dunking the live trap in a bucket of water before spreading the haul on the driveway.

  23. malum incarnatus est 999

    malum incarnatus est 99916 days ago

    Tootsie rolls are like crack to mice. They love that stuff! Its sticks to the trap better and harder to steal.

  24. Aaron Thompson

    Aaron Thompson16 days ago

    I really hope they like the Nutella. It's to die for! 😂😂

  25. danholmesfilm

    danholmesfilm17 days ago

    This was so good!

  26. Eric Craig

    Eric Craig18 days ago

    One thing about using traps, when they're dead, they will smell. And then, it might be a gruesome sight seeing a bunch of dead mice and rats around

  27. Crackers

    Crackers18 days ago

    Been here from the start

  28. Crackers

    Crackers18 days ago

    I like your new intro

  29. mark sylver

    mark sylver18 days ago

    mouse are easy but I'm new to rats I won'r give up tell I catch this guy ;)

  30. Slacker Man

    Slacker Man20 days ago

    If the guys in 'Revenge of the Nerds' had trapped mice at the sorority instead of invading their privacy, illegally selling nude pictures, and raping them, they might have gotten the girls instead of the long jail stint they got following the credits.

  31. Niminae

    Niminae20 days ago

    If you did make a spider trap episode though... 👌

  32. Derek Xavier

    Derek Xavier21 day ago

    "I hope they like the nutella" - Shawn woods 'The art of war'

  33. Sunny Kay

    Sunny Kay21 day ago

    Go get em Shawn get those Mice C*nts !

  34. Tech Guy

    Tech Guy21 day ago

    It seems to me that a mouse in a house is different than a mouse in a barn. I think the barn mice are HUNGRY! Perhaps mice in the house are less hungry and therefore less apt to feed at a trap.

  35. Sung Byun

    Sung Byun22 days ago

    Good idea on different content. House trap Monday.

  36. Jay Bomb

    Jay Bomb23 days ago

    Trust me that was NOT mouse pee on the furniture lol.

  37. potatochobit

    potatochobit23 days ago

    always time to help a sorority at night.

  38. Ed Waggoner

    Ed Waggoner23 days ago

    The mice are there because it is a very good food source. Crumbs and other particles all over the building. Clean up.


    MAGNUM MU5TACHE23 days ago

    The mice are coming for a panty raid.


    OOOHBILLY25 days ago

    Rrriiiiggghhhhtttt. Mouse Urine stains. Ok

  41. demon man

    demon man25 days ago

    yeah, mice pee.

  42. Robert Cartier

    Robert Cartier25 days ago

    Strange that they couldn't just pray the mice away...

  43. terryv

    terryv26 days ago

    Nice presentation.

  44. god has left the building

    god has left the building28 days ago

    that whole basement is a death trap in case o a fire. not a house trap monday you want to see

  45. E. Seda

    E. Seda29 days ago

    Comfy surfaces= mice

  46. Brien Berglund

    Brien BerglundMonth ago

    18:24 those are some huge furnaces.

  47. Lauranna Roach

    Lauranna RoachMonth ago

    We trapped several mice and found out we had rats too and the rats were eating the mice when they were caught even caught on glue boards glue boards only work if you hot glue them down the glue boards even inside your drawers.

  48. John Gallegos

    John GallegosMonth ago


  49. Kieran Donaldson

    Kieran DonaldsonMonth ago

    Dude this is so good

  50. Levi Teller

    Levi TellerMonth ago

    Use tootsie rolls as bait works great

  51. crushed2015

    crushed2015Month ago

    Why does that place look like a brothel

  52. Lily Martens

    Lily MartensMonth ago

    Masks off. Push back the tyranny

  53. Ryan

    RyanMonth ago


  54. Casey Mah

    Casey MahMonth ago

    you're looking to be a 'mouse/rat whisperer'

  55. MrPdforeman

    MrPdforemanMonth ago

    Like ghost adventures

  56. Chance Morine

    Chance MorineMonth ago

    Bro, what is that intro? I love it!


    PIECES OF TIMEMonth ago

    Shawn's just 100% mamp

  58. - Dankboi44OO22 -

    - Dankboi44OO22 -Month ago

    Fells like a show that I would wach on TV at 5am

  59. Pinguin

    PinguinMonth ago

    My guess is 243.

  60. Clement Yip

    Clement YipMonth ago

    Did you use the same finger to poke at the spider web and lick the biscuit with Nutella on it?

  61. Lost Gems

    Lost GemsMonth ago

    This is awesome! Please do more of these :)

  62. David Washington

    David WashingtonMonth ago

    Release the rat snakes!

  63. Sam Sen

    Sam SenMonth ago

    My heart goes to the kids that have to tolerate this environment for survival!!!

  64. Srđana Cević

    Srđana CevićMonth ago

    You obviously never been to any ghetto or Appalachia

  65. Marshmellow Gaming

    Marshmellow GamingMonth ago


  66. HeroJournalism

    HeroJournalismMonth ago

    OMG, if only we could see video of the sorority sisters' faces as they watched this video where he blacklighted all the pee on the lounge chairs

  67. Gordo Negron

    Gordo NegronMonth ago


  68. Brooks Brandt

    Brooks BrandtMonth ago

    Quality filming

  69. Magdat the Slayer

    Magdat the SlayerMonth ago

    I actually wondered if one of the girls filmed him


    TAIWANESE CANADIAN加拿大の台湾人Month ago

    I’m willing to volunteer as a janitor for the 30 girls

  71. Han liu

    Han liuMonth ago


  72. Han liu

    Han liuMonth ago


  73. Cindy Coker

    Cindy CokerMonth ago


  74. Daniel Caler

    Daniel CalerMonth ago

    your a pro. ya kill em mice!!!!

  75. Boe Jiden

    Boe JidenMonth ago

    onfgggg “mice can’t really control their bladders” so they’ve been relaxing sitting in rat pee 🤒🤒🤒

  76. Patsy Judd

    Patsy JuddMonth ago


  77. Jerry Groves

    Jerry GrovesMonth ago

    Im like your idea Shawn woods

  78. Doug L

    Doug LMonth ago

    Towards the end of video was very dark... difficult to see sprung traps, etc. Some lighting would have help.

  79. Junk Mail

    Junk MailMonth ago

    3:12 you don't mean pellets, (that's what compressed particles of animal food are), You mean "DROPPINGS" 'cuz that's what they do, random droppings of animal deposits. "DROPPINGS"

  80. Raffael900me

    Raffael900meMonth ago

    yt censorship beats the whole fkin purpose of the video we cant see the trail camera vid we cant see the mice after real sad

  81. Jacob Herford

    Jacob HerfordMonth ago

    As a veterinarian, I'm begging people to not use poison if at all possible. Can't tell you how sad it is to watch family pets die because they got ahold of some rat poison

  82. Fred

    FredMonth ago


  83. Roshill

    RoshillMonth ago

    This is a great way to take your channel to the next level and helping the community too. And teaching them as well on how to deal with these rodents. Really am enjoying watching these irl application of these traps

  84. AJ XOXO

    AJ XOXOMonth ago

    What about the bucket traps? Shawn, come on. Make those mice fall into a bucket.

  85. Arthur Ling

    Arthur LingMonth ago

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching you work through your trapping knowledge base as you setup the traps. The mice are amazingly clever critters. I would like to see another follow up video and see where this story goes Thanks Shawn

  86. D W

    D WMonth ago

    Better shelving that had solid backs and bottoms. Heck get see through plastic storage bins and put the food in that.

  87. Rachel

    RachelMonth ago

    Those Tom Cat mousetraps really do work like a charm. We had mice infest our basement during these cold winter months and ended up catching 8 mice overall.

  88. Heather Weir

    Heather WeirMonth ago

    I wonder how well wet cat food would work as bait

  89. Isacco Tanghetti

    Isacco TanghettiMonth ago

    You will trap a lot of Nutella lovers folks 😂

  90. turntimetable

    turntimetableMonth ago

    204 mice disliked this video

  91. Harmon Daniels

    Harmon DanielsMonth ago

    6:10 The sign in the pillowroom saying "prayer room" yeah okay sure..

  92. B M

    B MMonth ago

    Girls will probably steal your bait if it's Nutella!

  93. Tommy Holbert

    Tommy Holbert2 months ago

    1000 mice and rats

  94. Michael Hendsbee

    Michael Hendsbee2 months ago

    I'm guessing 30+

  95. Ondřej Šmíd

    Ondřej Šmíd2 months ago


  96. doraatje1

    doraatje12 months ago

    Shawn, I see that this is not yet in your comfort zone but man, I want to wish you all the best with your new setup for this kind of videos. I am following you from the beginning and you’ve made big steps! Keep up the amazing work Shawn! You doing great 😊

  97. Jens Mann

    Jens Mann2 months ago

    Very untidy rooms. Easy to hide for mice.

  98. J17PedroBarca

    J17PedroBarca2 months ago


  99. Anders Ramerius

    Anders Ramerius2 months ago

    Hi How did it go in the College Sorority House. Waiting for a follow up.

  100. thomas johnson

    thomas johnson2 months ago

    Great change of pace but twice as long as it needs to be (at least for me). I did a lot of fast forwarding. I mean, us subscribers have seen you bait and set up A LOT of theses traps. I was hoping for more catching.

  101. Patrick Ho

    Patrick Ho2 months ago

    看完之后明白什么叫做“火力全开” 🤣

  102. Ortiz Ortiz2 months ago

    I have issues with rats in my engines for both my cars. I have setup several traps and have caught nearly 30 rats and I still find doo doo under the hood! Any suggestions? I don't want my warranty voided on my brand new car. I also filled all the holes in the walls with wire than foam and that eliminated most of their homing locations

  103. Eselfar

    Eselfar2 months ago

    100 traps!? It's not gonna be a basement anymore, it's a minefield for mice. 😆

  104. Daniel Jansson

    Daniel Jansson2 months ago


  105. melochesteve

    melochesteve2 months ago

    I love watching this guy. So enthusiastic about his job, and equally as good at it.

  106. Tucker T

    Tucker T2 months ago


  107. Edwin FeDick

    Edwin FeDick2 months ago

    i find that flour Tortilla work the best for bait

  108. Shannon Sargent

    Shannon Sargent2 months ago

    17 is my guess. I'll reply to this with the actual number once I finish watching to see if I have gotten it right or even close for that matter.

  109. Shannon Sargent

    Shannon Sargent2 months ago

    Damn I was off by 8.