Mouse Gives Birth To 14 Babies On Camera During a Thumbnail Photoshoot. Mousetrap Monday

Did you know one pair of mice can reproduce to over 10,000 mice in one year.
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In this video We discuss a mouses amazing ability to invade and multiply. I was completely surprised when one of my pet mice started having her pups right on camera.
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  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn WoodsMonth ago

    Thanks for watching. You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link:

  2. Krśnavataram Vashisht

    Krśnavataram Vashisht6 days ago

    Where was daddy mouse ?

  3. Vijaya Nirmala

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    @Apurva Rachh ²

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  5. what7isay

    what7isay2 hours ago

    Mice are good mom until you saw the half body of the mice cub. Worked in a biochem lab for 3 years. Crossed more than 200 mice

  6. Cxld Mxffin

    Cxld Mxffin15 hours ago

    The mum:*steps on children*

  7. hamster lovers

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  8. Jerel Lawrence

    Jerel LawrenceDay ago

    who do the babys fit inside of the mom the moms tummy is small

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    Micki F.2 days ago

    Odio las ratas, pero está escena me pareció tierna, no tienen la culpa estos animales de ser lo que son

  12. Brendan's treecko

    Brendan's treecko2 days ago

    Why does that one look like hes gasping for air like every 5 seconds :/

  13. FL Jester

    FL Jester3 days ago

    So if dats ah mouse and its tail is dat long how long is ah rats tail

  14. Weirdplay

    Weirdplay3 days ago

    In my whole life only now have I seen a rat give birth

  15. Megastars J&K

    Megastars J&K3 days ago

    Awww they so cute looking

  16. Outcold Fella

    Outcold Fella3 days ago

    Damm tha daddy rat 🐀 wasnt nowhere to be found just buss all up in her and kept it moving.

  17. Икром Мусаев

    Икром Мусаев3 days ago

    Автор мы не шпрехаем английский, можно писать субтитры, пожалуйста

  18. William McArdle

    William McArdle3 days ago

    Kill them!!!

  19. Toto bb

    Toto bb4 days ago

    Why bother her?For your damn number of viewers?

  20. Lance windsor

    Lance windsor4 days ago

    Great for air rifle target practice after A few weeks👍👍😉😉🤣😂🤣😂

  21. Thanh Nguyễn Channel

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    So many baby mouse


    BLANCA MEDINA4 days ago

    Hay no quien quiere tener tantos ratones yo los detesto

  23. Merritt King

    Merritt King4 days ago

    Aww she didnt eat any :(

  24. AHNAF

    AHNAF4 days ago

    kill them

  25. Chung-zi Awesome IV

    Chung-zi Awesome IV4 days ago

    i like how this rat easily gives birth yet a woman is in total pain when just giving birth to one chld

  26. Jason Nguyen

    Jason Nguyen4 days ago

    i feel in my hands im holding the baby rat

  27. BonBonJasmine

    BonBonJasmine5 days ago

    1:02 she be stepping on one of the babies

  28. peace and love

    peace and love5 days ago

    Rats are beautiful creature but they are such a thief, and they will give you a horrible sickness that I can't spell right now 😂

  29. TooManyLs

    TooManyLs5 days ago

    id love it if you captured the time lapse of each stage of their growth from that state please!

  30. Caylee Aje

    Caylee Aje5 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought the mouse was just gonna start nomming on the babies

  31. noli f. quizon

    noli f. quizon5 days ago

    they're so cute and adorable 💛 many people scared at them but me i didn't , actually i approach them haha🥰

  32. Animation VIBE

    Animation VIBE5 days ago

    any updates?

  33. kahley davies

    kahley davies5 days ago

    OMG the baby has just come out crazy I wish I was one of those baby mouses but I really tiny mouse tiny little of us

  34. kahley davies

    kahley davies5 days ago

    Hello I would like all your baby mouse is from one of your baby mouses when they grow up and it’s a girl

  35. Srinath Siva

    Srinath Siva5 days ago

    Goodnature tech wants to know your address.

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    Yeyeyyy..!!! Hermosos bebés 🍼🐁💜💛❤💚😊🐭

  37. hiền phạm

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    dây rốn đâu nhỉ ?

  38. Mankind Squad

    Mankind Squad6 days ago

    The mom kinda looks like shes biting her kids

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    Крысы? Фу какая гадость

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    Да ну её в болото...

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  43. Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith6 days ago

    Mice and rats are horrible creatures, ok as pets, as long as they are contained. Thankfully I have a cat, which has fantastic pest control skills

  44. Hamster gordo

    Hamster gordo6 days ago

    So cute

  45. 343 - Bunny Spark

    343 - Bunny Spark6 days ago

    yo if its razer i'll pay

  46. The mice are gluttonous

    The mice are gluttonous7 days ago

    Helo 👍❤️

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  48. Alana Mick

    Alana Mick8 days ago

    I saw a mouse give birth too only 2 babies 0-0

  49. Chloe

    Chloe8 days ago

    their eyes look like peeps

  50. Adam Brewer

    Adam Brewer8 days ago

    Kill the mother mouse and kill the baby mice

  51. dana tepusa

    dana tepusa8 days ago

    We bring cat and no one remain

  52. Supreem Court

    Supreem Court8 days ago

    i thought mama mice would be bigger

  53. Tasheika Sewell

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    Mice scares me

  54. Territorio Hámster

    Territorio Hámster9 days ago

    WOW! 😲

  55. Paarzival9877

    Paarzival987710 days ago

    Oh my god! only one of these ruins the house. especially if you are in the field. are to be demolished on sight!

  56. 038 Edison Vijaysundar

    038 Edison Vijaysundar10 days ago

    Cardi B, is that you?

  57. McC1oudv2

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    That's like a reverse Matt Stonie. Where did all that mass come form/go

  58. Jimmy Clarke

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  59. Pogi Ako

    Pogi Ako11 days ago

    How many teats does a mother mouse have to nurse 14 pups?

  60. Godzilla 2021

    Godzilla 202111 days ago

    Rats eat baby rats

  61. Aria Woodham

    Aria Woodham12 days ago

    OMG they're so cute

  62. Hmingzahawma Hnialum

    Hmingzahawma Hnialum13 days ago

    I hate rat

  63. Manley hotrodman

    Manley hotrodman11 days ago

    Me to they are so gross dad half to throw are bread in the garbage because rats where eating it because rats make you sick and catch a cold and idc if they are babys still kill them because rats are terrible

  64. Xx_nico girl_xX

    Xx_nico girl_xX13 days ago

    so cute!

  65. Sandeep Sharma

    Sandeep Sharma14 days ago

    Now all are ready to become bait

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    Brasil tem muito ratos também

  67. claudelina cbrasil

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    the title is the most random thing i've read in a while

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    Che schifo

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    welcome to this world baby mouse's :>

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    Trupti Sutar17 days ago

    I just want info on them

  72. Peppins32

    Peppins3217 days ago

    Give them all and mom too, to the mink!!!!

  73. Austin Miller

    Austin Miller18 days ago

    Awesome video the mom is doing a awesome job taking care of her babies


    GABRIEL KAGYA18 days ago

    Oh hell naww I hope rats get extinct ps god extinct them now

  75. saınTessa

    saınTessa19 days ago

    Is she a house mouse?

  76. Nathan King

    Nathan King19 days ago

    2:15: You know those pinkie mice that are fed to snakes? Those mice are obviously some mother mouse's sons and daughters. How would a mother mouse feel to know that her babies are being fed to snakes and turned into snake poop before they have a chance to really begin living life?

  77. Nathan King

    Nathan King19 days ago

    0:22: I have never been obsessed with having an opportunity to see a mouse giving birth, but I appreciate this unexpected presentation.

  78. krang013

    krang01319 days ago

    Как мило.. Ютюб: Какое бы видео порекомендовать следующим? Крысы, попавшие в клеевую ловушку, начинают поедать друг друга. То, что нужно!

  79. Sadie Barrick

    Sadie Barrick20 days ago

    this is inhumane that poor baby was terrified its a beautiful thing but you could have provided her with some sort of bedding other than a napkin have a good night

  80. Samir Shaqqour

    Samir Shaqqour20 days ago

    This is a lot of little mice

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    dirty diseased creatures

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    Wish I had released my snake there

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    So Adorable

  85. Nienartowicz Janusz

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    KIlkanaście minut, po cichutku, bez pomocy i znieczulenia mysza powiła 14 młodych. A baba? Najpierw drze ryja przez kilka godzin. Potem woła żeby ja znieczulić, albo rozciąć brzuch i wyjąć płód. I wywali na świat jedno - czasami nic nie warte - dziecko. No i później ileś tam dni ledwie łazi.. I co?

  86. Asuncion Cartagena

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  88. SD 90Mac

    SD 90Mac27 days ago

    This is one of the deadliest rodents to human life in whole world, this is DISCUSTING I've known people to have died from these damn rodents, pests.

  89. Evan Holloway

    Evan Holloway27 days ago

    Five and ten times a year!!??? 3 to fourteen baby mice!!!??? OH NO!!!’

  90. Transformation Animation

    Transformation Animation29 days ago

    OK I guess I’m going to be dealing with 60 baby mice now per year kind of excited but also that would make me a little overwhelmed should’ve thought about that before putting a female and a male together but you know mom warned me now look at me😂😅

  91. Transformation Animation

    Transformation Animation29 days ago

    I just started reading minds and I make videos on it on my other channel now I have to deal with 60 babies per year as adults wow 😯 🤯🤩🥳

  92. Transformation Animation

    Transformation Animation29 days ago

    I meant to say breeding mice 🐁

  93. soolly 357

    soolly 35729 days ago

    And then it baby popped out


    AJAY KUMAR29 days ago

    What is mouse doing she is eating babies


    SHAKIL RASHIDMonth ago

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  96. Jose Miguel Cárdenas Vides

    Jose Miguel Cárdenas VidesMonth ago

    De donde ha salido los 14,madre mía😳

  97. Dave Rosales

    Dave RosalesMonth ago

    I don't if give LIKE this video or demand it Because I don't know those animals sometimes scarring me I'm afraid they bite my hands Or they are threat or pets to stay in a house giving eat I don't know

  98. Flake Mist

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    Kill em all

  99. James Weber

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    The "Red Shirts" of the animal kingdom.

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  101. mfaizsyahmi.

    mfaizsyahmi.Month ago

    Makes me wonder if pet snake owners have one or two breeding mice that they take the offsprings to feed the snake with.

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  103. Toni Zumpano

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    What a good mommy !

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    سبحان الله

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