Magnetic Trigger Star Mouse Trap From 1984. Mousetrap Monday

In this video we test out a very unique mouse trap that has a magnetic trigger. We then feed the mouse we caught to wild animals.


  1. Gacheru Mburu

    Gacheru Mburu4 days ago


  2. eaglewings33

    eaglewings335 days ago

    seems like the same skunk keeps eating the mice put out there

  3. Stan Kormy

    Stan Kormy8 days ago

    Bye bye mice

  4. mariel g

    mariel g8 days ago

    Iwant one

  5. Shmevan Riceballz

    Shmevan Riceballz9 days ago

    Amazing videos!

  6. S Tier Coprophiliac

    S Tier Coprophiliac9 days ago

    Bruh is this dude like enjoying killing rodents?

  7. Rodrigo Negrete

    Rodrigo Negrete9 days ago

    It's been a while since the last time a watched a video from this channel. Why does his voice sounds so different?

  8. Brian Alves

    Brian Alves9 days ago


  9. DangerDub

    DangerDub9 days ago

    I'm an 84 kid too

  10. Jim Hossain

    Jim Hossain10 days ago

    Dam nature you scary

  11. Bill McEwen

    Bill McEwen10 days ago

    Thanks for using the picture I sent of my cat Snowy watching MTM!

  12. David Bailey

    David Bailey10 days ago

    That skunk is eating well

  13. Bob Kaster

    Bob Kaster10 days ago

    After all of these videos, I'm surprised that you still have mice around to catch!

  14. Cary Stormtrooper

    Cary Stormtrooper11 days ago

    Wow a mouse trap made in my neck of the woods

  15. Paralelo Epíteto

    Paralelo Epíteto11 days ago

    Eventually this guy will be responsible for mice evolving and not falling for traps anymore

  16. the seal puppet

    the seal puppet11 days ago

    Test a the new life catch mouse trap

  17. GearóidODU -

    GearóidODU -11 days ago

    More old traps.

  18. mike13899

    mike1389911 days ago


  19. Magus Perdé

    Magus Perdé11 days ago

    As someone who owns pet rats. You're one of the only channel of this kind I've seen who's actually educative and not just an excuse to show animals dying and their corpses so kuddo

  20. DeltaLeeds

    DeltaLeeds11 days ago

    When "STAR TRAP" is reversed it becomes "PART RATS"... Coincidence?... Yeah, coincidence, lol.

  21. Jerry Padilla

    Jerry Padilla12 days ago

    Skunks are look'n a little pudgy, of late. Like, someone has been overfeeding them, or something.

  22. Robert Lane

    Robert Lane12 days ago

    .....feel like mouse trap monday guy is @lockpickinglawyer guy

  23. Lrdna lrd

    Lrdna lrd12 days ago

    i was expecting a thumb up when you set the trap

  24. Cumunist

    Cumunist12 days ago

    You know you’re young when someone says something from 1984 is pretty new

  25. David Seals

    David Seals12 days ago

    Is the store mouse trap company still in business I’d like to get some and why don’t they make that in a rat trap form

  26. Builditon Tutorial

    Builditon Tutorial12 days ago

    Thank for adding my drawing (:

  27. Chris N

    Chris N12 days ago

    somewhere in the barn, a squirrel or packrat has nearly as nice of a collection of traps as Shawn does hahaha

  28. Salty Dog

    Salty Dog12 days ago

    Please use gloves when handling dead mice... And do more Rat traps please

  29. Benjamin Haleb

    Benjamin Haleb12 days ago

    I just appreciate this man

  30. RDG S.

    RDG S.12 days ago

    More and more generic videos, less and less interesting though...

  31. SaycoRa

    SaycoRa12 days ago

    Good work Crawdaddy.

  32. Milani Macc

    Milani Macc13 days ago

    I’m sorry but USlikes is going down hill personally I love ❤️ your channel but the fact the kill is covered - 😒 LAME!! I want to see the proof! Unsubscribed

  33. Shinryū Hybrid

    Shinryū Hybrid13 days ago

    You should build some versions of this trap, would be interesting to see what ideas you come up with!

  34. 75echo

    75echo13 days ago

    More skunk than mouse in this video

  35. Cheetah Warrior1

    Cheetah Warrior113 days ago

    I love how the skunk 🦨 tripped walking away

  36. CB HIGHlands

    CB HIGHlands13 days ago

    I love your videos. Even the ones you phone in!

  37. Dimondback Kirby

    Dimondback Kirby13 days ago

    Love the vids and all the interesting trap designs over the years, thanks for the content! Could you show this trap in closer detail, I was curious which part of the trap was being magnified and where the magnet is located. Thanks again!

  38. The Snark

    The Snark13 days ago

    I would love a video of a pack rat stealing a trap, but the trap is the trigger of a much bigger trap. Connected to the trigger of the big trap with a piece of string, say.

  39. Phil Dillard

    Phil Dillard13 days ago

    Shawn: “I’ve never seen anything like it!” Me: wut...

  40. Apothey

    Apothey13 days ago

    Imagine going back in time to 1984 and explaining to a factory worker that the trap they're making will one day end up on a youtube channel where a guy catches mice

  41. Michael Theoret

    Michael Theoret13 days ago

    Those Skunks have such fluffy tails . I'm wondering if it's some type of warning whilst feeding .

  42. Stockton G

    Stockton G13 days ago

    Interesting behavior...most skunks and opossums, etc. take the find elsewhere to eat it and don't hang around where they found it. Wonder why?

  43. Wayne Higgott

    Wayne Higgott13 days ago

    Hi m8 just a thought 💭 why don’t you try a ring doorbell 3 as the 1080p camera in your barn if you have wifi or tether to an old phone 👍

  44. Howard Squirrel

    Howard Squirrel13 days ago


  45. 8BitTakeOver

    8BitTakeOver13 days ago

    If you're still looking for a website to post the kill shots try Rumble I think that might let you post them.

  46. 8BitTakeOver

    8BitTakeOver13 days ago

    It's free so that's a bonus

  47. Tim C

    Tim C13 days ago

    Shawn, are you and your family fully protected vs rabies?

  48. Aileen Healy

    Aileen Healy13 days ago

    Good job I love your videos 👍

  49. Fred Stevens

    Fred Stevens13 days ago

    Donald Drumpf comes along to eat a mouse snack.

  50. Kevin Estrada

    Kevin Estrada13 days ago

    Hello Mr. Woods, according to the Chinese Zodiac (Calendar), you were born in the Year of the Rat.

  51. Ignacio Villagomez

    Ignacio Villagomez13 days ago

    I like to see how good is irish spring soap as a mouse repellent.

  52. Magus Perdé

    Magus Perdé11 days ago

    I own pet rats and use irish spring soap to clean myself. My pet rats still loves me

  53. Moth's Mummy

    Moth's Mummy13 days ago

    I’m surprised you have any feeling left in your fingers, and that you haven’t given yourself permanent nerve damage.

  54. Skyep

    SkyepDay ago

    @blister762 LMAO

  55. blister762

    blister7629 days ago

    Oh c'mon! They're just little traps. I've hit my fingers with a hammer more times then he's stuck his in traps and I still have feelings in all my fingers. All 6 and a half 'em.

  56. Little Flip

    Little Flip13 days ago

    Give those traps a little shove! 3:41

  57. Rook Master

    Rook Master13 days ago

    1984 was a good year!

  58. Morry

    Morry13 days ago

    The best year of the 80s!

  59. Steve kokkinidis

    Steve kokkinidis13 days ago

    Very sensitive trap this is a great mouse trap.Did they make one for rats?I hate rats!

  60. Early Riser

    Early Riser13 days ago

    clever trap using a magnet

  61. Chang Hyuk Kim

    Chang Hyuk Kim13 days ago


  62. XIIMOONIIX moon

    XIIMOONIIX moon13 days ago

    Dawww that cute kitty

  63. Akira Mado

    Akira Mado13 days ago

    Do they still make this trap?

  64. Christopher Western

    Christopher Western13 days ago

    How do i send you pics?

  65. Mike Cunning

    Mike Cunning13 days ago

    Those have got to be some of the best fed skunks in the country

  66. Supadupanerd

    Supadupanerd13 days ago

    More. Mouse. Snacks. For. Diurnals!

  67. Arya Connett

    Arya Connett13 days ago

    I stayed at a friend's house over Easter. I set several mouse traps with peanut butter. Got 2 mice. Thanks, Shawn. Learned a lot from you.

  68. Eamon Ahern

    Eamon Ahern13 days ago

    Quick video today. Very efficient trap

  69. Antonydabossman

    Antonydabossman13 days ago

    I swear, the skunk always gets the nice mouse snack

  70. Karen

    Karen10 days ago

    Who makes sturdy skunk traps?

  71. Godless Bastard

    Godless Bastard13 days ago

    Cool trap!

  72. Josey Wales

    Josey Wales13 days ago

    I saw a lot of pest control videos that say caution this video contains graphic content please be advised and they're never flag why do you have to hide everything why can't you just put an explanation on what your channel is about

  73. Steve B

    Steve B13 days ago

    Fattest skunks in Washington.

  74. Kevin Hacken

    Kevin Hacken13 days ago

    That skunk tail is so fluffy , I just want to go up and pet it!

  75. Kevin Hacken

    Kevin Hacken13 days ago

    @Bald Dave Grohl Bah, how bad could it be.

  76. Hugh Brackett

    Hugh Brackett13 days ago

    As a country boy, I suggest that is a Bad Idea. No pet swamp kitty!

  77. Bald Dave Grohl

    Bald Dave Grohl13 days ago

    you'll get skunk sprayed

  78. TexasAndroid

    TexasAndroid13 days ago

    The early skunk gets the mouse.

  79. William R Warren Jr

    William R Warren Jr13 days ago

    Entrapment is Freedom! Mouse is Lunch! Vermin is Good! (or at least tasty.)

  80. yveskc1

    yveskc113 days ago

    I love this channel ♡

  81. superballutim

    superballutim13 days ago

    Making money off killing animals. Your village must be proud of you.

  82. Scott Clayton

    Scott Clayton13 days ago

    I got the feeling that mouse wanted to be famous or just had some lingering suicidal tendencies. Straight to the hole, jump on the trigger, almost like you hypnotized him.

  83. A B C

    A B C13 days ago

    That skunk is getting fat!

  84. Wil Robles

    Wil Robles13 days ago

    Nothing excites me more when Shawn feeds the wildlife.

  85. Yddish McSquidish

    Yddish McSquidish13 days ago

    It's always the skunk!

  86. theturtle2121

    theturtle212113 days ago

    It’s the same age as me lol 🤣🤣

  87. Quazai26

    Quazai2613 days ago

    I love the magic you perform in every video. Rats and mice appear the instance you disappeared! Amazing talent!!

  88. pasteve59

    pasteve5913 days ago

    Lol, yes. I am beginning to think he walks out of frame and lets one loose.

  89. kevin Linares

    kevin Linares13 days ago

    wow so cool I like the video 🤩📸

  90. Julian wibrajo

    Julian wibrajo13 days ago

    I can’t see how the magnetic part works! Please show

  91. Hugh Brackett

    Hugh Brackett13 days ago

    It looks like the magnet is just strong enough to hold the pedal when the trigger is engaged. I'm resisting the temptation to look up the patent.

  92. terryv

    terryv13 days ago

    My observation, too. I didn’t get it.

  93. Motley Stew

    Motley Stew13 days ago

    I thought it was cute when the skunk fell into that hole.. whoops. 😂

  94. Brett

    Brett13 days ago

    The skunk was thinking, "Only one???".

  95. 786

    78613 days ago

    Great stuff..

  96. Tacocin

    Tacocin13 days ago

    That company should still make those!

  97. Chris Vorgert

    Chris Vorgert13 days ago

    Those skunks need a diet!!! They are so plump!! Yummy food from Shawn!!

  98. kris

    kris13 days ago

    Mousetrap: (works exactly as expected and as efficiently as possible) Well that's a short video. (lol)

  99. Tang0 Yank3e

    Tang0 Yank3e13 days ago

    Skunk in the beginning: Sweet! Mouse. Thanks, Shawn!

  100. RaymondHng

    RaymondHng13 days ago

    But nothing for the second skunk.

  101. Doosha Khaboosha

    Doosha Khaboosha13 days ago

    Next, Skunk trap: Let's see what enjoys a skunk snack

  102. Akira Mado

    Akira Mado13 days ago

    Lets not, skunks are beautiful.

  103. Filter62

    Filter6213 days ago

    Shawn before - I should stop putting fingers in traps. Shawn now - Puts fingers in every trap.

  104. Derek Pennington

    Derek Pennington13 days ago

    Nice video. Love them all

  105. Michael Powers

    Michael Powers13 days ago

    Dam, all a mouse has to do is 'breathe' on it and he is done for. Great video. Loved it. And our friend the skunk.

  106. J And

    J And13 days ago

    Too easy!

  107. iwanabana

    iwanabana13 days ago

    would have loved to see more catches!

  108. BuildBackNormal

    BuildBackNormal13 days ago

    🎶 Star Trappin', across the universe...

  109. Pynaegan

    Pynaegan13 days ago

    You are *SICK* ! (I think I'm in love)😆 Edit: Dr. McCoy: "It's *worse* than that it's *DEAD* Shawn, dead Shawn, *dead* Shawn! It's *worse* than that it's *DEAD* Shawn, dead Shawn *DEAD* !!!"


    DEADMOUSEINC . COM13 days ago


  111. Fourester ofthetrees

    Fourester ofthetrees13 days ago

    It looked like the 2nd skunk had one eye bigger than the other one.

  112. chemxfan

    chemxfan13 days ago

    Legend has it the mouse's death was so fast, his soul still wanders around the barn.

  113. Michael Powers

    Michael Powers13 days ago


  114. Geof HAM

    Geof HAM13 days ago

    Not the skunk again!!

  115. Smell the Glove

    Smell the Glove13 days ago

    Why don't you do more rat traps, they are more of a challenge

  116. cool kid

    cool kid11 days ago

    @Smell the Glove its free content, just enjoy it dont be a lil bich

  117. Smell the Glove

    Smell the Glove12 days ago

    @cool kid He keeps saying that they're coming, they never come :)

  118. Moth's Mummy

    Moth's Mummy13 days ago

    And stick his fingers in them?

  119. cool kid

    cool kid13 days ago

    hes said before that he usually has his videos lined up in advance so rat traps r comin

  120. Gato de las Sombras

    Gato de las Sombras13 days ago

    That trap is literally from 1984!