8,000 Volts Of Electricity End A Mouse Home Invasion. The OWLTRA Infrared Trap. Mousetrap Monday

I discovered that mice are invading my house.
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The Owltrar 8,000 volt electric infrared mouse trap saves my household from unwanted rodents.
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  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods6 months ago

    Thank you so much for watching. It looks like we Sold Out this trap on amazon within a few hours. Here in my Amazon Affiliate Link incase it becomes available in the future: amzn.to/37Woi8Q

  2. Muhammad Hakeem Abdullah

    Muhammad Hakeem Abdullah8 days ago

    animal ABUSE

  3. Dave

    DaveMonth ago

    @Viper1392000 I have mouse issues and could have used one, but they’re sold out now

  4. BPS77

    BPS772 months ago

    Your videos are satisfying

  5. Blue

    Blue3 months ago

    Animal abuser

  6. Mr Everybody

    Mr Everybody4 months ago

    @kyleatuck Same here. Ive only found success when using snap traps (Little Nipper). Any time Ive tried an electric one, they don't seem to want to go inside. I think the snapper traps work because the mouse feel more confident out in the open.

  7. S w

    S wDay ago

    good idea... feed the rats.... encourage them to breed and come back for more... then they will be infesting your home too... far worse issue around children...

  8. S w

    S wDay ago

    errr... since they are king through the vent from outside... there will be endless mouse problems... HEARD OF USING SOME WIRE MESH AT THE ENTRY POINT AND AT YOUR VENT TO STOP THEM GETTING IN?

  9. Seun Odeyinde

    Seun Odeyinde2 days ago

    I killed 5 in 2 days with the rat version of this trap. Very effective.

  10. Erica Charles

    Erica Charles2 days ago

    I feel sorry for him Alvin and the chimpmunks targeted his house the skunks the rats the mice the whole fam at his house

  11. Flyingfox es

    Flyingfox es3 days ago

    The parasites might have slightly dead because of the mice will be cooked

  12. MiscerVids

    MiscerVids3 days ago

    He'll know he caught a mouse when he smells charcoal

  13. CoryGrgic

    CoryGrgic4 days ago

    It's definitely not 8000 volts with 4 double a batteries but it's cold

  14. Homeboy The Black Leprechaun

    Homeboy The Black Leprechaun4 days ago

    : ) She so cute! She looks just like you.

  15. Tobi Fola-Johnson

    Tobi Fola-Johnson4 days ago

    Omg so cool my grandma needs this

  16. quellenathanar

    quellenathanar4 days ago

    Big orange Tabby works too.

  17. DIY Dave

    DIY Dave5 days ago

    Fry those filthy little monsters

  18. elijah benedict sison

    elijah benedict sison5 days ago

    Poor little mouses

  19. Dwarfedboi

    Dwarfedboi5 days ago

    Mouse is sus I saw him vent

  20. godzilla 15 EGGDOG

    godzilla 15 EGGDOG6 days ago

    This is just abuse to nature just make a little house for the rats and then they will be happy.

  21. Fred Courtney

    Fred Courtney6 days ago

    Noooooo... Mickey!

  22. Pcwiz

    Pcwiz6 days ago

    My worst nightmare

  23. Frankly Frank

    Frankly Frank7 days ago

    "Hey babe do you smell smoke?"

  24. Joel Springman

    Joel Springman7 days ago

    The best attractants I have found are peanut butter and sunflower seeds.

  25. Christians For Truth

    Christians For Truth8 days ago

    Why not fit a fine mesh cover so the mice cant get in?

  26. saiki dreamx

    saiki dreamx9 days ago


  27. Spawn

    Spawn9 days ago

    The mouse drama. oh boi.

  28. madhavi Lanka

    madhavi Lanka9 days ago

    Imagine finding a super cool fancy hotel with food in it only to get zapped by 8,000 volts of electricity and fricking die

  29. Deon Hamilton

    Deon Hamilton9 days ago

    oh The Three Fried Mice

  30. XcvcvX BS

    XcvcvX BS10 days ago

    His face looks so concerned to the camera... weird

  31. Pro Gamer

    Pro Gamer10 days ago

    0:15 the way he said "that is so gross" LOL XDDD

  32. zorro mark

    zorro mark11 days ago

    now i see you cuddling your daughter with your bare hands which i saw you touching dead rodents. Really??

  33. Zeke Trimmer

    Zeke Trimmer11 days ago

    7:06 hey look it’s big chungas

  34. Shelby Seelbach

    Shelby Seelbach11 days ago

    There mice must not have USlikes access or they certainly wouldn't be in this house!

  35. James Dollard

    James Dollard11 days ago

    The video ended with an ad for visiting Walt Disney World. I wonder what Uncle Walt (and Mickey) would think of this channel? Keep them coming Shawn!

  36. Saquib Khan

    Saquib Khan11 days ago

    The bucket ramp trap is best

  37. PayroCoin

    PayroCoin12 days ago

    Hotel California baby!

  38. B Meetze

    B Meetze12 days ago

    How do those batteries deliver that high of voltage in the device at all? Does not seem possible....

  39. James Earl Cash

    James Earl Cash12 days ago

    The skunk was like hey free appetizers and I never turn down a meal. Yummy Yum yum.

  40. just a cat

    just a cat13 days ago

    Soo there is a MOUSE in you HOUSE hmmm

  41. Ty carlj boi

    Ty carlj boi13 days ago

    Rat is a bit SUS.

  42. David Ehimuan

    David Ehimuan14 days ago

    wow good ideasima buy that

  43. retr0mod8

    retr0mod814 days ago

    the mice were venting they were sus

  44. No Cap

    No Cap14 days ago

    how much is the rat version owltra

  45. No Cap

    No Cap14 days ago

    wow, this is such an Awesome channel

  46. Charlesbjtown

    Charlesbjtown14 days ago

    How do you get 8000 volts, out of 4 AA batteries? 🤔

  47. mrtonybony1 Tb

    mrtonybony1 Tb14 days ago

    Change the vent to a finer grid

  48. Andrew

    Andrew14 days ago

    It's also nice that good non pest outdoor animals like skunks and rats got a meal out of it too!

  49. Andy Loves Bacon

    Andy Loves Bacon15 days ago

    Is this effective against brown rats aswell or are they too big?

  50. Mark Guy

    Mark Guy15 days ago

    Bigger question is how are they getting into your ducts.

  51. Adrian Castillo-Gallardo

    Adrian Castillo-Gallardo16 days ago

    thats weird rats eats mice????

  52. Miranda Peralta

    Miranda Peralta17 days ago


  53. FireMadeFlesh II

    FireMadeFlesh II17 days ago

    The way 3:14 was edited, I was like, damn Mickey had a death wish. He couldn't wait until he finished setting the trap

  54. Some guy with mustache

    Some guy with mustache18 days ago

    That skunk packin

  55. Benjen 1211

    Benjen 121119 days ago

    Zap, the mouse dies.

  56. Cogswell Marine and Motorsports

    Cogswell Marine and Motorsports19 days ago

    rats suck.

  57. Barb in Idaho

    Barb in Idaho19 days ago

    oh I need this. I hate kill traps because the body removal is yucky. I hate the mice in my trailer. I don't like them but still a quick painless death is best. Hope they are back in stock.

  58. walter white

    walter white20 days ago

    Put some butter in the trap, to saute the meeses for Mr. Stinky.

  59. Dakota Quillen

    Dakota Quillen22 days ago

    Deadman walking,heading to the chair

  60. ꕥ OpalDrawz ꕥ

    ꕥ OpalDrawz ꕥ23 days ago

    You trying to kill a mouse or are you trying to repel a Tyrannosaurus rex?

  61. Wolf Silicon

    Wolf Silicon24 days ago

    366 thumbs down want children to catch parasites from mice.

  62. Martye Hansem

    Martye Hansem26 days ago

    Shawn words I like you videos dude

  63. Martye Hansem

    Martye Hansem26 days ago

    RIP Jerry Tom and Jerry I loved that show

  64. Nikko Pikko

    Nikko Pikko28 days ago

    3:30 green light: the dinner is cooked and ready

  65. Terska Taneli

    Terska Taneli28 days ago

    Why not just put a net over that heating fan?

  66. Fred Max

    Fred Max28 days ago

    You should have nit released the mice you caught outside.

  67. Khaki Wolf

    Khaki Wolf29 days ago

    I have a different brand of electric mousetrap for my apartment. I caught a mouse about 2 hours after placing it. I was just on my computer and heard BZZZZZZZ!! from the kitchen. Also, a little more dangerous but considering how they are coming through the floor grate, and running freely back and forth over it, could just electrify the grate.

  68. Skate Boarder

    Skate BoarderMonth ago

    I just love the buzzing sound 🐁⚡☠

  69. Pablo Lopez

    Pablo LopezMonth ago

    Place something on the vent

  70. Bizo132

    Bizo132Month ago

    5000 to 8000 volts with four AA batteries? Buddy you got scammed.

  71. Emmett Lynn

    Emmett LynnMonth ago

    5 to 8 thousand volts are emitted by this lethal mousetrap. all you need is 4 what appear to be 1.5 volt batteries. because 4X1.5 is absolutely around 5000-8000

  72. Dairo Leon

    Dairo LeonMonth ago

    I highly doubt that a mousetrap that runs on 4 AA batteries is going to be delivering 8,000 volts. They have about 6 between them.

  73. Dae Flow

    Dae FlowMonth ago

    Excuse me: RATS LOVE TO EAT MICE. WHAT!! Also thanks for the video. 👍🏽

  74. Roman

    RomanMonth ago

    I did buy this trap from Amazon brand new. setup everything and each morning it still empty but peanut butter is gone!!! useless, unless mine is defective and newer worked. Can't recommend it.

  75. Night rider

    Night riderMonth ago

    I like wach rat die

  76. ooga booga

    ooga boogaMonth ago

    1/2 inch stainless mesh over that vent, would be a good start.

  77. Twizzey Jr

    Twizzey JrMonth ago

    Am I slow or how do you produce 8,000 volts with 4 1.5 volt AA batteries?

  78. Devon Bailey

    Devon BaileyMonth ago

    I'd imagine the results would be similar but they have a larger model that takes C cell batteries that I just purchased how do you think the larger trap will work for a Norway rat infestation

  79. DJ

    DJMonth ago

    7:12😂 I will look for some of your methods because I’ve had mice in my house for a month and my family might get sick.

  80. zamp6969

    zamp6969Month ago

    Kill de mice 🙌🏽kill de mice🙌🏽


    GOLDEN BEATS [NCS]Month ago

    The fourth mouse sixth sense saying= Kuch tho gadbad h dya kuch tho gadbad h😂😂😂😂

  82. the legendary Pokemon Kyogre the gamer

    the legendary Pokemon Kyogre the gamerMonth ago

    Oh no not a monster Junior you monster now you're created more monsters

  83. Nickzjokess

    NickzjokessMonth ago

    Smoking that mouse pack pass it around🚬

  84. Pavel

    PavelMonth ago

    Electric chairs cousin

  85. heavly armored eel

    heavly armored eelMonth ago

    A skunk came lucky you weren't there

  86. Nathan King

    Nathan KingMonth ago

    7:22: Obese skunkbutt.

  87. Nathan King

    Nathan KingMonth ago

    6:15: Three more mice who joined the never-ceasing marching throng of the tricked unto death.

  88. Nathan King

    Nathan KingMonth ago

    5:38: Oh the ominous buzzing sound of another mouse getting killed.

  89. Nathan King

    Nathan KingMonth ago

    4:30: Shut up USlikes censorship department and let Shawn show the dead mouse as evidence of the long-awaited criminal's execution.

  90. vixcious fiverre

    vixcious fiverreMonth ago

    Imagine ur kids putting fingers in it and died how will u feel that 🥺

  91. El Beno

    El BenoMonth ago

    It's not strong enough for that🤔

  92. Lillem Gentile

    Lillem GentileMonth ago

    Bet he won't stink his figure it it

  93. Cody York

    Cody YorkMonth ago

    mice: oh this is a nice house to live in. I hope no one notices us Shawn: *literally uses a SAW level mouse trap*

  94. Christopher Nayar

    Christopher NayarMonth ago

    The mice fit their heads through that tiny slot in the vent?

  95. Laura Lopez

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  96. Robin Ford

    Robin FordMonth ago

    rats like to eat there cousin.

  97. Ghost The Unholy Spirit

    Ghost The Unholy SpiritMonth ago

    I don't have kids, but if I were you I'd replace that rusty vent.

  98. LazarBlade ツ

    LazarBlade ツMonth ago

    Or you could just seal your vent instead of killing the mice :/

  99. DokiDokiDuppz

    DokiDokiDuppzMonth ago

    Shawn saw he was being invaded by mice and got excited 😂

  100. Depressed Chicken

    Depressed ChickenMonth ago

    *Rat jerky*

  101. ᴄᴏʏ ᴇɢᴏ

    ᴄᴏʏ ᴇɢᴏMonth ago

    When he says “out of the trap, and into the air fryer” I deid!

  102. Zeng Yang

    Zeng YangMonth ago

    I think rats is more harmful then mouse .

  103. Beard Breeder

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  104. dog man watching u grrr

    dog man watching u grrrMonth ago

    6:02 you said that.... A little too casually.....

  105. Luke Zhang

    Luke ZhangMonth ago

    Rat eats mice I-💀💀💀

  106. Black Jack

    Black JackMonth ago

    Kentucky fried rodent We see it enter and we hear it never exit