Pest to Pet 3D Printed Exercise Ball Mouse Trap. Mousetrap Monday

In this video we test out another crazy mouse trap invented by a USlikes viewer. This pet exercise ball makes a very unique mouse trap
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  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods3 months ago

    Thanks for watching. I appreciate your support

  2. Vance Z

    Vance Z3 months ago

    Hey Shawn do you have. A farm cause in home depot sell pest free dirt

  3. jerky scientist

    jerky scientist3 months ago

    @Paul Copeland hmm no what i'm asking is is it for reasearch? or for food? or clothes? why if talking invasive as far as i know all rodents are invasive

  4. Paul Copeland

    Paul Copeland3 months ago

    @jerky scientist ...native to the area. They are protected. House mice are alien and are the bad guys.

  5. jerky scientist

    jerky scientist3 months ago

    Why the heck deer mouse is protected you never tell anyone

  6. Motley Stew

    Motley Stew3 months ago

    You mentioned ‘wild mice will be more motivated by food’. I’m curious to learn what type of food do your actor mice get fed? Since they are Stars, is their food like The Grey Poupon of mice food? 🤔

  7. Andre Beukes

    Andre Beukes11 days ago

    You shouldve mounted them higher

  8. Anthony Olid

    Anthony Olid23 days ago

    i need this cause i have no friends, i'll befriend a mouse instead

  9. Golddess

    GolddessMonth ago

    Shawn: "It's powered by helium." Me: "So it's a kill trap?" Shawn: "When the balloon goes up it closes the door." Me: "Oh."

  10. David jonatan Miranda Hernandez

    David jonatan Miranda HernandezMonth ago


  11. Thomas Craddock

    Thomas CraddockMonth ago

    patron: "i found a way to spread hanta!"

  12. Punk Cobi

    Punk CobiMonth ago

    Im just happy they're none lethal, I know they're pest but I feel bad when they die.

  13. Mini Soul

    Mini SoulMonth ago

    These traps remind me of a Pokeball

  14. Jeffrey Young

    Jeffrey YoungMonth ago

    HAhahaha! This was the best fun trap I have seen!

  15. Sage Red

    Sage RedMonth ago

    How far do you take them from your place?

  16. Nothing Left

    Nothing Left2 months ago

    It's so strange because I was going to ask if a mouse has ever jumped on you or ran up your leg then 5:10 lol

  17. Loookingaround

    Loookingaround2 months ago

    Real life pokeballs

  18. Symbiotic Finca

    Symbiotic Finca2 months ago

    It would make for a interesting bowling ball ! 🎳

  19. DevilFruit369

    DevilFruit3692 months ago

    Is it possible to place a tracker on mice you let go to see where they end up? If they go back to your place or not. I don’t know if that’s possible/a waste of money.

  20. Oli

    Oli2 months ago

    If it's printed from PLA then no suprise mice chew on it, PLA is made from plants

  21. NumberTJ47

    NumberTJ472 months ago

    2:42 "They say a mouse never really knows himself until his freedom's been taken away. I wonder... how well do you know yourself?" -Goldie

  22. Vibe Tribe

    Vibe Tribe2 months ago

    My hamster died a while ago.... I wonder how My hamster actually did die & I did cry

  23. Emu W

    Emu W2 months ago

    Sounds like animal abuse with extra steps haha

  24. Arkarui_Hellyion

    Arkarui_Hellyion2 months ago

    The next step is domesticating the rat.

  25. pablo rages

    pablo rages2 months ago

    ANother vid i didn't get notification for until today ! ... Bloody Google !

  26. Yomas Riprud

    Yomas Riprud2 months ago

    love the name of the trap

  27. Drowseh

    Drowseh2 months ago

    Maybe better for rats

  28. MrCinco

    MrCinco2 months ago

    2:22 looks like mouse public transport

  29. Bolt Thrower

    Bolt Thrower2 months ago

    Little ball of hantavirus

  30. BaconMan_Off XD

    BaconMan_Off XD2 months ago

    This is the dumbest yet best way to get mife. lol

  31. Avery Nelson

    Avery Nelson2 months ago

    Just be aware: these are not good for pets

  32. Sean Foltz

    Sean Foltz2 months ago

    If you put the peanut butter on the string the mice will chew through it.

  33. Xophistos

    Xophistos2 months ago

    too bad the trap was a little too heavy for the mice to run around in. that would have been great to see.

  34. David H

    David H2 months ago

    I love videos with live catch traps, where the animals are also released into the wild. They’re so wholesome 😌

  35. MegaMech

    MegaMech2 months ago

    I thought there would be video of the ball rolling around :(

  36. car1878

    car18782 months ago

    What if you made the door bigger and then it worked for rats

  37. Banana Spice

    Banana Spice2 months ago

    Moose orb

  38. cjr1881

    cjr18812 months ago


  39. Horace Vu

    Horace Vu2 months ago

    "climb on in there" *shoves him in*

  40. Robert Hilden

    Robert Hilden2 months ago

    Omg!! Theses are genius!!! Me tomorrow: *watch mouse float away in plastic bag taped to a balloon*

  41. FireBreather626

    FireBreather6262 months ago

    I like these humane traps, I don't like the idea of killing, even of they are pest

  42. R.

    R.2 months ago

    It's always fun for me to see how oblivious to traps your pet mice are. 😆

  43. Gab0221

    Gab02212 months ago

    Cats probably thinking Shawn's channel is a culinary channel

  44. Dan Brown

    Dan Brown3 months ago

    These are some of the most whacky and awesome mousetraps I think I've see. They're SO weird and funny, I love 'em! The awesome bit being that they actually *caught mice* a lot better than a bunch of the "best" mouse-trap designs you've tested! XD

  45. Will Charles

    Will Charles3 months ago

    What happens when the balloon dies

  46. Fernando N

    Fernando N3 months ago

    This trap is by far the best one ever featured LOL

  47. Kazkov3

    Kazkov33 months ago


  48. Betty Boop

    Betty Boop3 months ago

    Our beautiful show...the lastest NEW mouse trap!!

  49. ryker h

    ryker h3 months ago

    do more flint naping videos

  50. Some Guy

    Some Guy3 months ago

    Haha that’s really cool great job!

  51. Foxxi Angel

    Foxxi Angel3 months ago

    plz dont actually use an exercise ball with any pet, theyre firstly disgusting (pee and poop flyin around) and secondly they dont have proper ventilation and the ventilation holes they do have are little death traps for their toes and tails!!!

  52. murilo alves

    murilo alves3 months ago

    that's a very fun design!

  53. De Parapluman

    De Parapluman3 months ago

    I did this once with a hamster ball, though I captured the mouse by hand.

  54. 24bidy

    24bidy3 months ago

    so on other hands you make money on YT on someone else's invention.

  55. jimmy walden16

    jimmy walden163 months ago

    I caught a mouse in my house during winter so I kept him for a year then he got out luckily it was during summer so they at least didn’t freeze

  56. IrishTez

    IrishTez3 months ago

    Gladiators READY!

  57. Mean Mad Mike

    Mean Mad Mike3 months ago

    And if you’re lucky, you get a pet botfly as well. Yay! 😉

  58. T Rampy

    T Rampy3 months ago

    Great idea with the wheel but the chewing through the string falls short.

  59. Mike Espo diecast customs & more

    Mike Espo diecast customs & more3 months ago

    So crazy of a trap . So cool.

  60. tractor

    tractor3 months ago

    since Summer 2020 I caught much less mice than before. Resp. no mice anymore. I don't know why. I only use live traps. The population decreased much(?). I live in south west Germany.

  61. Victor Lawson Jr

    Victor Lawson Jr3 months ago

    Shawn thank u for being here i love ur videos and the traps ur my favorite youtuber keep doing these videos

  62. Brian Bell

    Brian Bell3 months ago

    It's a very fun mouse trap, I bet if the 3d printed sides were balances properly they mouse would have a easier time walking around.

  63. Ivi-Tora Ineru

    Ivi-Tora Ineru3 months ago

    The mouse chew the string, the trap said: "I-got-chew" and the mouse got trapped.


    ISHI M REYES3 months ago

    I like your brown mice sir it's cute. We have a hamster before.

  65. M&R animations

    M&R animations3 months ago

    Please dont use hamster balls for for any rodent even for hamsters its really bad for thier backs :(

  66. Jessop

    Jessop3 months ago

    Pretty sure that bigger ones are fine, but small ones like that aren’t good

  67. mtcondie

    mtcondie3 months ago

    Is there a microwave-safe mousetrap ball version?

  68. Wisnog 99

    Wisnog 993 months ago

    All the deer mice liked the video.

  69. Benjamin Brown

    Benjamin Brown3 months ago

    That’s a weird lookin poke ball

  70. Chris Giglio

    Chris Giglio3 months ago


  71. Dave7777

    Dave77773 months ago

    5:15 he didn't jump on you, you catapulted the little guy when you moved the bottom half of the ball. : )

  72. Yondu_Udonta

    Yondu_Udonta3 months ago

    Make it out of titanium. Lightweight and really strong. And the mouse won't chew through it

  73. ArAcHnId777

    ArAcHnId7773 months ago

    Are there any videos of the pet mice, the ginger looks super cute :D

  74. cz farm

    cz farm3 months ago

    Mouse I'm not hungry I just eat you cords

  75. Krystin Chester

    Krystin Chester3 months ago

    That was a fun one ^^ cute concept

  76. Stephen1R2

    Stephen1R23 months ago

    Most 3D prints are PLA -- Poly-Lactic Acid. This is derived from milk/cheese byproducts; so not the best thing to have in a mouse trap.

  77. MsBecki

    MsBecki3 months ago

    Shawn, I just watched a video here on USlikes showing an amazing rat/mouse trap that I would love for you to try to build and test yourself! It is located here: (9) Top 10 best mousetrap in the world / 100 rats are trapped in a trap / The best homemade mouse traps - USlikes

  78. cxtAeT

    cxtAeT3 months ago

    1:59 beeindruckend

  79. Pouglas

    Pouglas3 months ago

    Sounds all fun and games until you can’t find a ball until something smells funny

  80. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept03 months ago

    I guess he really wanted the mice to have a ball ;p

  81. James Livingston

    James Livingston3 months ago

    👍👍Good Morning and Thank You Shawn again!🌞❤

  82. Shapyra

    Shapyra3 months ago

    That ball is a torture for your pets. it gets stuffy, gets dirty and is very stressful for the animal. a trap is all it is that ball. If you want your small friend to get a god workout set up a pen or have a proper enclosure

  83. Matt w

    Matt w3 months ago

    at 2:42 the mouse looks at the camera as Shawn cuts the string. i don't know why but i laughed at that. hope you do the same

  84. Givetvis

    Givetvis3 months ago

    Yes! We want another take on these!

  85. kevin p

    kevin p3 months ago

    Make a trap out of buttplugs

  86. j b

    j b3 months ago

    I unsubscribed sorry. The pet mice are flops, the intolerance to control the mice and Rat issues in the barn are concerning... and frankly.. I've seen enough crappy traps.

  87. TheCarDemotic

    TheCarDemotic3 months ago

    What do you mean by the pet mice are flops? Also I think he doesn’t want to completely get rid of the mice in his barn because he requires them to demonstrate traps. Plus the reason he shows poor performing traps is to prove concepts and shows what to avoid.

  88. Dylan Dreisbach

    Dylan Dreisbach3 months ago

    This would work a lot better if it was counterbalanced. Basically, make the bait side as heave as the door side. This adds weight but it should allow it to be rolled by smaller mice since the ball doesn't want to balance itself on the heavier side. Like holding a long pole, holding the very end and keeping it level is very hard. But if you make it twice as long and hold the center it's very easy to keep level. Even though you doubled the weight, you moved the center of mass making it extremely easy to balance and hold. Even though the weight is not distributed to the whole ball, it's still balanced since the center of mass is still in the center of the ball, so it won't prefer a specific orientation.

  89. cannonball666

    cannonball6663 months ago

    High tech engineered 3D printed. "Let's hold the halves together with tape"

  90. Red Crown

    Red Crown3 months ago

    Most mouse traps that dont kill mouse are their pet.. for future use.. over and over again.. for the sake of video content purposes..

  91. Kurosaki Tagami

    Kurosaki Tagami3 months ago

    Free pet mice? Don't minf If I do

  92. Kale Adkisson

    Kale Adkisson3 months ago

    I like the more graphic traps

  93. Saving the Farm!

    Saving the Farm!3 months ago

    Wow I'm a wild mouse that's just trying to survive and now I'm trapped in a ball. This is so much fun!

  94. Sitting Duck TV

    Sitting Duck TV3 months ago

    he makes Mondays better

  95. Michael Marks

    Michael Marks3 months ago

    Your barn mice live the weirdest lives.

  96. MrNoah_101

    MrNoah_1013 months ago

    You would think that those mice would learn that is not free food but a trap, but if they did then i wouldn't be watching this, so i guess im ok with the mice being dumb

  97. MrNoah_101

    MrNoah_1013 months ago

    Also my 2 month ol kitten somehow manages to catch mice at night and we find them with small little marks, but thet are always dead. I think she suffocates the mice. Poor little guys.

  98. Lee's Channel

    Lee's Channel3 months ago

    He's probably catching the same mice over and over, they have electromagnetic geolocation like homing pigeons

  99. Dom Madonia

    Dom Madonia3 months ago

    Need one for rats.

  100. ironnam

    ironnam3 months ago

    Fiberglass or carbon fiber filament I would like to see those tested on mice to see if they chew through them.

  101. Robborti

    Robborti3 months ago

    Very cool idea, love this guys traps

  102. Mr. kuna

    Mr. kuna3 months ago

    Hello, I was wondering what site or refs you use to know what are invasive animasl to know. If youre useing non-kill traps?

  103. Mr. kuna

    Mr. kuna3 months ago

    I'm from Canada, btw

  104. Blame USA

    Blame USA3 months ago

    You just wait till Goldie Levels up bro.. Shes gunna mess you up good!

  105. Richard Todd

    Richard Todd3 months ago

    I watch this channel every week, even though my only encounters with very small mammals in the last 30+ years were a pair of dead bats left on the front porch, apparently by my secret cat admirer.

  106. Jbogator

    Jbogator3 months ago

    I'd like a rat version of this 😂

  107. the commenter

    the commenter3 months ago

    0:32 I just want to say, that spider in astronaut suit is adorable!

  108. Marcos Trazzini

    Marcos Trazzini3 months ago

    2 out of 3 didn't work well, since the mice was able to enter and leave the trap without any problems.

  109. Zahir Ali

    Zahir Ali3 months ago

    Shawn woods : deer mouse Other infestation : we don't do that here