Catching Huge Nasty Rats In A Restaurant. Housetrap Monday Episode 2. Mousetrap Monday

In this video we go to a restaurant to catch rats that have invaded the kitchen.
Check out behind the scenes footage of filming this episode including a photo shoot in my kitchen with a pet rat.
I was surprised how large these urban rats can get. They are really smart but we finally caught them.
You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link:


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods2 months ago

    Check out behind the scenes footage of filming this episode including a photo shoot in my kitchen with a pet rat.

  2. Mark Lepka

    Mark LepkaMonth ago

    You are going to get a ton of subs Shawn

  3. SlimeyCommand 25

    SlimeyCommand 25Month ago

    Man, you should get your videos in NatGeo

  4. Mark Lepka

    Mark LepkaMonth ago

    Well congratulations Shawn.

  5. logan flores

    logan flores2 months ago

    Is their any traps you have made and patented

  6. Halfmoon Plakat

    Halfmoon Plakat2 months ago

    Shawn Woods!!, are you still hunting??

  7. Paul W.

    Paul W.5 hours ago

    Have you tried chocolate glazed raisins for these Urban Rats? My father suggested this trick to me once, and it really works worders with shy Rats.

  8. Daniel Spencer

    Daniel SpencerDay ago

    "Every trap I have" Oh, boy. Today is a bad day to be a rat.

  9. Grace Song

    Grace Song2 days ago

    Huge rat invasion yikes

  10. Manas Choudhary

    Manas Choudhary3 days ago

    This video would've been interesting if you had actually attached video of the rats.

  11. Mandu ZXD

    Mandu ZXD3 days ago

    This isnt ratatouile

  12. Darla Tidwell

    Darla Tidwell4 days ago

    Those rats were not dummies,..they are shaking in their furry boots when Shawn arrives. They will miss their favorite restaurant I'm sure.

  13. vincent eckhardt

    vincent eckhardt5 days ago

    says lets not poison the rats later on says if they eat in this they get poisoned

  14. Fruitsnax 123

    Fruitsnax 1235 days ago

    Ratotuie irl

  15. Gold Wolf

    Gold Wolf6 days ago

    An extermination series!!! Awesome

  16. Nobody, really

    Nobody, really6 days ago

    damn dude been here since 20k your channel has exploded! love you

  17. XS1b

    XS1b7 days ago

    Behold, a true master at work. Tier 1 special exterminator.

  18. price fam

    price fam8 days ago

    Hopefully the smash trap I want to see that work

  19. Aaron Tuplin

    Aaron Tuplin8 days ago

    Rats respond well to Slim Jim pieces for me. Mice seem to like Tootsie Rolls.

  20. John Pick

    John Pick8 days ago

    My Pearl Diving (Dish Washing) experiences showed me that the fancier the restaurant the grosser the kitchen !

  21. Jiffypistol

    Jiffypistol8 days ago

    Your show has come a very long way. Long time watcher here. I'm happy for you! Also your pet mice are really cute.

  22. Wirewolf616

    Wirewolf6168 days ago

    we have one of those goodnature traps. killed a possum, as collateral but got the buggers who were in our garage.

  23. Robert cayle Dagomboy

    Robert cayle Dagomboy9 days ago

    i think the smashing head rat trap is effective

  24. Wilkin Quiles

    Wilkin Quiles9 days ago

    Your doing Great things! 🚫🐭

  25. Tripp Justice

    Tripp Justice11 days ago

    This man is rapping with the amount of times he said trap

  26. Clay Hodges

    Clay Hodges12 days ago

    Remy hiding in the basement watching him explain every trap: 👁👄👁

  27. VJ Goofy

    VJ Goofy13 days ago

    Ohhh I can't believe how you just pick the rats up with your hands, they cause me such repulsion, not even fear, I also had to catch some in my house, but pure disgust


    DRAVYN BERG15 days ago

    At 2:36 he turned into stone he was 90 percent Stone

  29. danholmesfilm

    danholmesfilm17 days ago

    Great series!!!

  30. Kingjak

    Kingjak17 days ago

    I have rats in my house ...oh yeah they’re my pets

  31. mark sylver

    mark sylver18 days ago

    so i have a rat I just set my traps in the house I'm using the snap rat trap nothing yet

  32. Kombatt Batt

    Kombatt Batt19 days ago

    Btw it’s ratatoullie

  33. NPN – 2N3904

    NPN – 2N390419 days ago

    That rat that chewed it's leg, saw it waiting in a line to claim disability benefits. XD

  34. Caden Souvannasane

    Caden Souvannasane20 days ago

    Ratatouille: The True Story

  35. eeveeritt15

    eeveeritt1520 days ago

    you're holding that dead rat pretty close up, at least in my opinion. how would you ensure you weren't inhaling any harmful pathogens from that rat?

  36. Arturo VD

    Arturo VD21 day ago

    very proud of seeing the channel grow! the edition is gold!!

  37. Victa Nguyen

    Victa Nguyen21 day ago

    Good thumbnail 😂

  38. Joseph Marando

    Joseph Marando21 day ago

    Shawn turned the basement into a rat gulag😂😂

  39. Faintinggoat 420

    Faintinggoat 42022 days ago

    Australian needs you Shawn Woods.

  40. Mr. AirRoc

    Mr. AirRoc23 days ago

    Hey Shawn woods, I had a question. It was regarding high Hz sound able to deter mice/rodent questions! I know you've done a previous one with a device called pest reject (I believe I bought that same one, shame on me). But my question is, if you were to use a mobile device/Bluetooth speaker at 20,000Hz, or at different variations where people believe it would deter mice and rodents would actually be possible with.. - Mobile Device or needing a bigger speaker (ex. Bluetooth speaker / wired speaker to project the audio for it to actually work. I believe if you were able to really help me out with this and help me test it would be so freaken helpful! There are so many claims that these so-called USlikes videos that play high Hz audio that would make them run away.. But all the comments in those videos are never helpful and is just baffled at their comments.

  41. Mr. AirRoc

    Mr. AirRoc23 days ago

    Sorry been a very long day, and was unable to proof read and correct before I have submitted it. Haha sorry but, I am really looking for your followup.

  42. piedrabuena59

    piedrabuena5923 days ago

    Wow Shawn you have really come a long way from your early videos. Keep up the good work and keep progressing brother, God Bless!!

  43. rwdplz1

    rwdplz123 days ago

    That is some SUPER shoddy construction

  44. Judas Romo

    Judas Romo23 days ago

    I was hoping to see bucket in action

  45. A50ftfall

    A50ftfall23 days ago

    Please if you have rat pests do not use glue traps I beg you they are very cool and are very inefficient

  46. A50ftfall

    A50ftfall23 days ago

    I know they're pests but they're still pretty cute

  47. SMRRF

    SMRRF23 days ago

    You’re so brave holding that dead rat. I was shivering watching you hold it.

  48. The Fun Pig

    The Fun Pig24 days ago

    I love bacon why bacon

  49. Matheus Matavel

    Matheus Matavel24 days ago

    Woww! You are getting better in each video. Love the transitions and production of this one. Congrats man!

  50. Philip Jessup

    Philip Jessup25 days ago

    Was this Gusteau's Restaurant in Paris?

  51. Michael Poole

    Michael Poole25 days ago

    What about the rat chewing off his leg

  52. William Kelly

    William Kelly23 days ago

    Still 75% effective

  53. Lucas da Cruz

    Lucas da Cruz25 days ago

    Love your vídeos, but you look like a pre built Breton in The Elder Scrolls séries

  54. Peter and Dorothy Bowles

    Peter and Dorothy Bowles25 days ago

    that all needs sealing off Wont they come back in no time

  55. FruitPunchYT

    FruitPunchYT25 days ago

    Anyone know the music?

  56. Dinoboy Legos and M.O.C s

    Dinoboy Legos and M.O.C s25 days ago

    I'm loving these videos where he goes on location and helps people with their mice/rat problems

  57. Tom LedZeto

    Tom LedZeto25 days ago

    Nice video! But you look like a vampire with this light! 😱

  58. Poochie W.

    Poochie W.26 days ago

    I'm surprised you didn't add some steel wool to those holes as well. I did that with a mouse hole I found outside, then filled it with cement caulk. Kept the mice from coming back!

  59. whisperingsage

    whisperingsage26 days ago

    Cement those holes!!! ANd put a cat in the basement.

  60. resireg

    resireg26 days ago

    The rats will dig new ones

  61. MountainWilliamProduction

    MountainWilliamProduction26 days ago

    the zaper

  62. sirjokes

    sirjokes27 days ago

    Did he say it chewed off its leg and keep a straight face?

  63. Dante Surber

    Dante Surber27 days ago

    This pages come so far since the start of mtm's my mans went from "USlikesr" to "is this a nat geo show?"

  64. Praise Jesus

    Praise Jesus27 days ago

    Thanks for a great and informative video. Gross but informative.

  65. Carl Lubrin

    Carl Lubrin28 days ago

    What a waste of bacon lol

  66. Kevin

    Kevin28 days ago

    I'm surprised you didn't wear gloves when setting and placing the traps. I had a rat in my house the past two weeks and I finally caught it by rubbing the traps and wood platform in chicken dung. Covering all of my sent and baited it with a chunk of Dr. Squatch chocolate soap.


    GODZILLA29 days ago

    i feel like this guy is going to be on tv soon

  68. David Watters

    David Watters29 days ago

    Really educational and fascinating! :0)

  69. fubar totale

    fubar totaleMonth ago

    It would be cool if the cameras went to the cloud then you could monitor them.

  70. fubar totale

    fubar totaleMonth ago

    Get the "Snakes On A Plane" to deal with the "Rats In A Restaurant."

  71. T-90 on Vodka

    T-90 on VodkaMonth ago

    ah yes, rèmy dies

  72. WMB Nevada

    WMB NevadaMonth ago

    ya and X listed 🤔50 reasons why it won’t work...... I asked could you just .... bc mouse & string never meet... so... any positive help will be greatly appreciated

  73. WMB Nevada

    WMB NevadaMonth ago

    Hey, do you have ... Structure guide written anywhere -.. like s size of wood or what kind of spring .. my hardware ppl (Lowell’s Home Depot ) Not a clue ... just looked at me with that dazed & confused look... anyone?

  74. Apple pie 🥧

    Apple pie 🥧Month ago

    Your editor is doing a fantastic job, have always enjoyed your videos and I’m enjoying seeing the new level he’s bringing them too for this series.

  75. villavine10

    villavine10Month ago

    7:43 I like how he just casually plays with the corpse

  76. Kaiden Alvarez

    Kaiden AlvarezMonth ago

    Very professional video Shawn!

  77. TomTom9290

    TomTom9290Month ago

    How about making a video on handling mice infestations in your car?

  78. Glitch Xcity

    Glitch XcityMonth ago

    I’d call him but I’ve been doing everything he has been doing to catch rodents since 7k

  79. James Eddy

    James EddyMonth ago

    Your video editor needs to ease up on the color grading and camera movement. You look like you’re made of cement half the time.

  80. Chara

    CharaMonth ago

    Your the best youtuber on youtube

  81. Dan L

    Dan LMonth ago

    Ratatouille: The bad ending

  82. Dieter Zerressen

    Dieter ZerressenMonth ago

    Those plastic snap traps are easy to set but never work - total waste of time. Never figured out why. I always go back to the Victor-type traps and add a couple of nails to hold 'em in after they've been trapped. Also use a short chain and secure the trap so the rat doesn't take it with him and die somewhere behind a wall. Let us know when the A18 is available - we have way too many squirrels.

  83. Breese Wilson

    Breese WilsonMonth ago

    How do you touch that dead rat 🤢

  84. Michael Cicciarella

    Michael CicciarellaMonth ago

    steal wool then spray foom holes best way for long term

  85. - Dankboi44OO22 -

    - Dankboi44OO22 -Month ago

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  86. Lizard King

    Lizard KingMonth ago

    A&E type stuff

  87. Jonathan Reyes

    Jonathan ReyesMonth ago

    This should honestly be on Netflix!

  88. Mike

    MikeMonth ago

    Shawn the rat executioner hahaha

  89. Scott Gerdeman

    Scott GerdemanMonth ago

    This guy is the Bob Ross of rodent control. I can't stop watching these videos.

  90. Baldur the Lascivious

    Baldur the LasciviousMonth ago

    You've come so far man, this is so cool!!!

  91. Canadair CL-44

    Canadair CL-44Month ago

    Best way to fill those holes up is with broken glass and chicken wire plugs, held in with concrete, Someone I know did this is his basement and then lined the basement walls with 1/4" plate glass, covered with drywall. The rats went somewhere else, because it was too much work to get through all that. They have never been back!

  92. Eschen Harja

    Eschen HarjaMonth ago

    Man you’re gonna kill Ratatouille!

  93. PandemoniumMeltDown

    PandemoniumMeltDownMonth ago

    Restaurants that serve rats, especially fried rats are quite common in the CCP Kingdom.

  94. Tony Gambino

    Tony GambinoMonth ago

    Imagine this guy and the mink guy working together oof rats would be done for

  95. anchor9396

    anchor9396Month ago

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  96. Jayme Ramos

    Jayme RamosMonth ago

    I would love to see you team up with Joseph Carter the Mink Man. The ultimate ratting collab!

  97. Sam Sen

    Sam SenMonth ago

    Why don't you reveal the name of restaurant? I was hopping to send someone there for a Ratzburger!

  98. Sam Sen

    Sam SenMonth ago

    Long story short: Shawn Nuked the rats. He was Pale as Zombie, YET... Rats won!

  99. Alaina Staton

    Alaina StatonMonth ago

    Why is half the video grey while color is still poking through? It’s throwing me off

  100. Jay Brown

    Jay BrownMonth ago

    Anyone else loving the new high production value of Shawn's videos???!!!

  101. Arizona Slot Wins

    Arizona Slot WinsMonth ago

    I loved this episode! Thanks for the practical rat riddance ideas!

  102. AN HE

    AN HEMonth ago

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    JayCzzzYaMonth ago

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  107. Brooks Brandt

    Brooks BrandtMonth ago

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  108. Samuel Davillo

    Samuel DavilloMonth ago

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