Catching Rats With a 123 Year Old Trap Invented By A Mechanical Genius. Mousetrap Monday

An Awesome 123 Year Old Automatic Rat Trap. In this video we catch rats in the barn with a great trap from 1896.
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  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods11 months ago

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  2. maverick m

    maverick m9 months ago

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  3. Harley Davidson Motors

    Harley Davidson Motors11 months ago

    Dope vid Shean!

  4. David Potter

    David Potter10 hours ago

    I remember seeing one of those (a very long time ago) but it didn't work right , the long arm was bent sideways from who knows what...I think they had used it in the garage and the car backed over it or something like that...probably a model A, lol...the guy who had it had a feed store back in the day...they didn't use poison around the feed he said...old stuff, always big and heavy . No rat is gonna steal that

  5. ftnrbhmwk

    ftnrbhmwk3 days ago

    Scotty Kilmer would be proud of your choice of vehicles. Go Team Toyota. Great video

  6. T,M and MC Archives Official Channel Studios

    T,M and MC Archives Official Channel Studios7 days ago

    5:03 Squeakers

  7. T,M and MC Archives Official Channel Studios

    T,M and MC Archives Official Channel Studios7 days ago

    This Larger ver Peerless Mouse Trap is Incredible

  8. Barbara Hewer

    Barbara Hewer7 days ago

    I am 69 and I watch you all the time and I am female. Sending all my 💘 love from the UK

  9. B. C.

    B. C.8 days ago

    What kind of animal would eat a specific organ. I’ve found rats I’ve trapped with only a small hole in the mid section.

  10. Timotheus Angaleus

    Timotheus Angaleus9 days ago

    Dudes doing the lords work

  11. Kim X

    Kim X11 days ago

    Happy to be one of your older viewers. Enjoy your videos!

  12. Ian Miles

    Ian Miles12 days ago

    Lovely, have big families.

  13. musiqæl green

    musiqæl green16 days ago

    Imagine he put out all th traps at once

  14. Yolanda Alvarado

    Yolanda Alvarado19 days ago

    Well I set the trap up as you showed on utube. That critter mice is clever he/she took the cheese/peanut butter. I have the victory mouse trap. Congratulations on you baby girl. May God bless her and your family with health, success and happiness. P.S. I really wish I could obtain that mouse bucket the one that you got from the inventor but not really to sell. Ugh

  15. Teresa

    Teresa19 days ago

    That rat was as big as that skunk!

  16. Teresa

    Teresa19 days ago

    Amazing how much smarter rats are than mice. I'm so glad we don't have rats where we live, but we do have tiny field mice.

  17. Topher D

    Topher D20 days ago

    I love trash pandas! 😅 Btw... good picks on the Toyota vehicles. That’s my area of knowledge.

  18. Spiriteddust

    Spiriteddust20 days ago

    You should get these professionally restored

  19. Benjen 1211

    Benjen 121124 days ago

    Oh no I’m 10 years old.

  20. Benjen 1211

    Benjen 121124 days ago

    Wow there are many animals I want to eat the rats

  21. Benjen 1211

    Benjen 121116 days ago


  22. NoneYer Business

    NoneYer BusinessMonth ago

    When you get past two kids, you are now building a family business. I'm good at trapping and hunting, but learned a few things from you. 63 male. USlikes has me as 114 and "Other".

  23. jade sidhe

    jade sidheMonth ago

    If you're allergic to mangoes watch out for latex. They're related allergy wise

  24. Vern Cook

    Vern CookMonth ago

    I’m 41

  25. Nathan King

    Nathan KingMonth ago

    3:32: What a cute rat squeak.

  26. Gamer Nick

    Gamer NickMonth ago

    I wish there was a source of these to buy new ones. They seem to work pretty well and would be ideal for my attic.

  27. David Thomas

    David ThomasMonth ago

    Do they sell those devices in human size?

  28. stuckonautomatic

    stuckonautomaticMonth ago

    When the last thing you do in your life is reset the trap for the next one.

  29. Zaki. H

    Zaki. HMonth ago

    If only it closed quieter

  30. sam samwell

    sam samwellMonth ago

    Any one got plans to build a new one please regards sam

  31. Gacheru Mburu

    Gacheru MburuMonth ago


  32. Saif Aldin

    Saif AldinMonth ago

    Awesome. I just need one five times bigger for the rats in my area.. 😂

  33. MazeMaker4Life

    MazeMaker4LifeMonth ago

    If the door didnt slam down so quick and startle the rats every time it would catch alot more.

  34. god has left the building

    god has left the buildingMonth ago

    make non-lethal butterfly traps- that will get the fem viewers

  35. Donald Rice

    Donald RiceMonth ago

    For your allergies take Perfect 7 it works. For poison ivy or poison oak, Brown vinegar works instantly. I'm telling you from experience.

  36. Brandy Beard

    Brandy BeardMonth ago

    Awwww!! Shawn I’m one of those recent Female viewers that you’ve acquired..☺️. I also live in a rural area, and worked in a large machine shop (prior to going back to my dream job as a paramedic....took the machine shop manager position cause of new paid 3x more) and I had major rodents both at home and at the shop and I’ve even experimented with many of my own trap designs. BTW I have also found IMHO the only commercial rat trap on the market that works and works consistently (I’ve modded that baby too LOL). But it’s nice to see I’m not the only crazy RAT trap lady. BTW congrats sooo much on your new daughter to be, I hope she brings you and your family sooooo much happiness. Keep up what you do so great, especially whie

  37. Asher Brown

    Asher BrownMonth ago

    To honest I thought it was Guillotine

  38. E. Seda

    E. SedaMonth ago

    Raccoon: We are being watched!!! Oh no!!

  39. Tim Firman

    Tim FirmanMonth ago

    I called my local animal control to confirm it is legal to live trap, but to my utter disbelief, if you trap a Possum, it is illegal to relocate the Possum I had already trapped. I was given two choices and one suggestion, I could either release the Possum where I had trapped it, or I could dispatch of the Possum, and the suggested manor of dispatchment was a shovel to the head, as it is illegal to discharge a firearm within the city limits. Go Figure

  40. Steven Rimington

    Steven RimingtonMonth ago

    Your awesome Shawn

  41. gregderbo

    gregderboMonth ago

    I don't understand how all Shaw's barns are teeming with mice and rats!? What a funny coincidence - they world's biggest mouse/rat catcher has barns teeming with mice and rats! Funny I wonder always before his videos when he says all his barns are riddled with mice, how effective traps really are?

  42. Calvin Foo

    Calvin FooMonth ago

    Still walk the plank trap the most efficient

  43. John Mac

    John MacMonth ago

    Gidday Shawn from Australia. We have lots of mice problems, having seeds on back veranda for chooks. We tried the 427 year old mouse trap that works, but the mice get smart and stop using it.. so is this one easy to build? do you have any plans other those in this video. *we paused it and snap shot it and printed it* but its still pretty hard.. do you have any modern updates on building this little unit.. we sure need it.. ps. they dont eat baits. We try not to kill them, but its getting plague levels so unfortunately we have to dispatch them to heaven.. cheers John

  44. Don Carlton

    Don CarltonMonth ago

    Yea! I love to see the opossums well fed!

  45. Mr Geoxen

    Mr GeoxenMonth ago

    Huh, rare to see someone else who is also allergic to Mangoes.

  46. El Toro

    El ToroMonth ago

    The trap looks 123 yr old...🤣🤣🤣

  47. - P0IZENEDIVY -

    - P0IZENEDIVY -2 months ago

    this is an irl jigsaw house with rooms, corridors and a trap at the end

  48. Matt Weir

    Matt Weir2 months ago

    The pet rat is a trooper

  49. Jelly YT

    Jelly YT2 months ago

    lord have mercy on me pls no stuck

  50. Youtube YouTube

    Youtube YouTube2 months ago

    Using the thumbnail I was kind of hoping to see some sort of rat guillotine but this is cool too

  51. Hunsvottijonne22

    Hunsvottijonne222 months ago

    sviik sviik vitun rotat :DDD

  52. Milani Macc

    Milani Macc2 months ago

    Mango 🥭 no way - very sad

  53. Milani Macc

    Milani Macc2 months ago

    Ok so you kill mice other rodents just to use it to lure in bigger rodents ??! Oh yeah thanks 😊

  54. SAG Quarters

    SAG Quarters2 months ago

    I love this channel if you're reading this right now please like subscribe and comment and check-out more rat videos ❤💯

  55. Sheroz Gaming

    Sheroz Gaming2 months ago

    Hmm...This was invented 1, 2 or 3 years later. ~Stupid People

  56. Ismael S

    Ismael S2 months ago

    Where did you find the schematics?

  57. gtown

    gtown2 months ago

    I'm a Toyota guy too, love my Tundra, and all my other Toyota's I've owned.

  58. Emborg

    Emborg2 months ago

    mango is the only allergy I have.

  59. Juliet Umwech

    Juliet Umwech2 months ago

    I like how the mice run when the other one got in the trap

  60. Bert Ohlsson

    Bert Ohlsson2 months ago

    If you put antifreeze in the water, the rats drown immediately, since antifreeze takes away the surface tension of the water.


    WHATEVER GOES FOR ME2 months ago

    This is a great invention given the time it was invented. Plus, it will last for a longer time since it doesn't need batteries nor electricity and the materials used are more durable. I wish this genius mouse and rat traps were still sold today. It easier to catch more mice and rats instead of using the smaller mouse traps. Plus, the dead mice or rats are out of view.

  62. Nezcron

    Nezcron2 months ago

    Shawn Woods barn tour "hey guys this is a tour of my barn" "these are my mousetraps" *literally every trap from all his videos*

  63. Crayden Gaming

    Crayden Gaming2 months ago

    I'm watching and I'm 14

  64. robert Dinero

    robert Dinero2 months ago

    Add a little electric shock to that trap make those suckers crawl to water chamber quick 😁

  65. Mars Freelander

    Mars Freelander3 months ago

    Im fine with traps that kill bloody but drowning seems a little crule its arround glue trap level

  66. Madamoizillion

    Madamoizillion3 months ago

    *Raccoons grunting* USlikes automated captions: Music to my ears

  67. channel view

    channel view3 months ago

    You've got a LOT of rats. I'm 70 and been on farm all my life and I don't think I've ever seen so many rats.

  68. kek Q

    kek Q3 months ago

    You're a good dude. Congrats on the new addition.

  69. Colin Richards

    Colin Richards3 months ago

    You could try to catch some deer food???

  70. nickdiggy

    nickdiggy3 months ago

    Im 7

  71. Ami Quinton

    Ami Quinton3 months ago

    What a video! Amazing! And the stories you shared at the end were great :)

  72. Meredith c

    Meredith c3 months ago

    i m 10

  73. Shironda Culpepper

    Shironda Culpepper3 months ago

    Poor things

  74. Hellish Hybrid

    Hellish Hybrid3 months ago

    Something tells me you're not overly concerned with ending the infestation in the barn because you seem to have a passion for trapping them. No judgement, they get no sympathy for me.

  75. SANS

    SANS3 months ago

    You got a deer

  76. Jeronimo mod

    Jeronimo mod3 months ago

    I'm scaling this up for raccoons.

  77. Retroactive Gamer

    Retroactive Gamer3 months ago

    Why are all these amazing traps made 20 years, and 120 years old, No longer SOLD! Mice and Rat problems are sooo bad all over the place, and to have one that resets itself, no snapping your fingers, no poison, and you can't even buy one! Why are people not recreating and reapplying for the patent??

  78. Marc Rolan Say

    Marc Rolan Say3 months ago

    Jigsaw for rats

  79. The New NKVD

    The New NKVD3 months ago

    11:00 sideways racoon

  80. AA Soleader

    AA Soleader3 months ago

    6:04 me watching a drama

  81. AmsterdamHeavy

    AmsterdamHeavy4 months ago

    Heh. I eat a mango every day. Suck to be you man.

  82. Neil Tomkins

    Neil Tomkins4 months ago

    Wow, to say you have a rat problem is a bit of an understatement !

  83. jason david

    jason david4 months ago

    they showed me a Domino's Pizza advert just after he mentioned taking the caught rats to leave as snacks for wild animals who love to eat rat... I'll never eat again...

  84. call911

    call9114 months ago

    6:39 ghost mouse

  85. JSMPLAYS Mobile

    JSMPLAYS Mobile4 months ago

    Anyone else think it was a guillotine?

  86. nana2050

    nana20504 months ago

    trap is now year 124 123 years old is ez 123456789 yearso ld years old age ok

  87. anoriginalname

    anoriginalname4 months ago

    "Now its good that i dont have that much young age viewers" me who is interested and is 14 yrs old: yes im not young

  88. Someone that Draws bad

    Someone that Draws bad5 months ago

    But i ain't even close to being 18 or older

  89. Pabbi's Channel

    Pabbi's Channel5 months ago

    Today I learned that a 124 year old rat trap works as well as anything today and that skunks eat rats.

  90. Leon Johansson

    Leon Johansson5 months ago

    Try this for poison oak (PO), I'm allergic and this works for me, it eliminates the oils that cause a reaction: After you have been exposed to PO rinse off the skin with cold water, no soap, no hot water. Soap will get rid of your own oils that help protect you and cold water will close the pores on your skin sealing it from the PO. A cold stream works really well.

  91. Aiden Harper

    Aiden Harper5 months ago

    BRO IM8

  92. Jason

    Jason5 months ago

    Actually, I'm a younger viewer. 13. I wish I could have or make a mouse trap. I've always wanted one as a pet

  93. David P

    David P5 months ago

    I think with enough bacon you could catch me lol


    JACKSON PARK5 months ago


  95. Thomas Larsen

    Thomas Larsen5 months ago

    no offence, but you should really call pests-controle. You have a serious pests problem

  96. Ed Basil

    Ed Basil5 months ago

    LOL trust me a racoon dont sound like apig.

  97. Misplaced Cajun

    Misplaced Cajun5 months ago

    I love this channel - from a 61 year old fan!

  98. Pikachu Luke

    Pikachu Luke5 months ago

    That was the perfect year bc it was 123 years old

  99. Mike Harrison

    Mike Harrison5 months ago

    Junk it!!

  100. Mike Harrison

    Mike Harrison5 months ago

    To compilcated?

  101. Hi

    Hi5 months ago

    I'm happy you don't have a cat. People don't realize how bad domestic cats are to the environment. They kill 24.3 billion birds annually, and have made 33 species go extinct world wide. People need to realize that stuff. I noticed it when my mom's friend got 2 cats. All the pretty finches went away. The blue tailed skinks I used to catch and let go went away. Killing prey animals pushes out the natural predators that live in that area. If you are thinking about getting a cat and have property, please don't. Enjoy the animals that live right there. Sure they might not come into your house and cuddle. But they are wild, native, and natural. I love feeding every type of wild animals on our property. We just have peafowl, chickens, an aviary with parrots, and a pond with native Fish. Thanks for reading if you did. And spread the word!

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    Aww ur so sweet with ur family

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    Geeeez! For $165 I would personally deliver it to your doorstep!!