This 100 Year Old Butler Mouse Trap Has A Very Different Trigger. Mousetrap Monday

In this video we test out an antique metal mouse trap with a unique trigger system called the Butler Mouse Trap. We then feed wild animals in the snow with the mouse that we catch.
You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link:


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods2 months ago

    Thanks for watching. You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link:

  2. Phillip Hawkins

    Phillip Hawkins2 months ago

    As recently retired pest control professional, I can't believe this trigger system is not in wide spread use! I wish I knew of this trigger system 20 years ago. If you have the means Shawn, if you could manufacture a run of these (or similar) and marketed them, I would think they have the potential to be a top seller. Rat size especially.

  3. Hotwire

    Hotwire2 months ago

    Trapping animals has been a part of human behavior for thousands of years. I watch every episode you make, I think that's because we all have a bit of hunter in all of us. Thank you.

  4. so steve

    so steve2 months ago

    Interesting trap for sure

  5. Ned Flanders

    Ned Flanders2 months ago

    Shawn, I see you stopped wearing gloves already. Lol


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  7. Martin Sabarís

    Martin SabarísDay ago

    2:30 Iron Man 3 the bad guy. Like and greatings from Spain

  8. Бессмертный Инквизитор

    Бессмертный Инквизитор29 days ago

    Hmmm, it's m_ice-cream. In russian - "мы_ш_роженое"

  9. Bob Sutton

    Bob SuttonMonth ago

    What are the apostrophes for?

  10. Patrick WU

    Patrick WU2 months ago

    I like your videos so much

  11. Anonymike

    Anonymike2 months ago

    I like that skunk. Business.

  12. David Potter

    David Potter2 months ago

    I would pay $100 for one of those..that's when stuff was real..that's a genius all metal trap..nice..I'm officially jealous lol

  13. BobMuir100

    BobMuir1002 months ago

    I didn’t think it would ‘trap’ the mouse, tooooo weak!?!? But no!

  14. Frank D. Garrett

    Frank D. Garrett2 months ago

    Don King showed up at 3:46

  15. Jacob Causey

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  16. TeslaInvestah

    TeslaInvestah2 months ago

    I love your channel! There's no apostrophe in _gets._

  17. sander hollestelle

    sander hollestelle2 months ago

    Love the model mouss :)

  18. Leah Cím Rrac

    Leah Cím Rrac2 months ago

    Hi is the Otzi iceman videos on a play list, the bow, backpack, axe, tools, to easily find them.

  19. Peter G

    Peter G2 months ago

    wish i could send you some of the heat from here mid to high 30's c with a few days in the 40's wears thin after awhile

  20. Christian Lies

    Christian Lies2 months ago

    So many animals in the trail cam!

  21. RFC3514

    RFC35142 months ago

    2:20 - Early Bird Get's Th'e Rando'm Apostroph'e.

  22. Mine gold

    Mine gold2 months ago

    Reddit is gonna take this channel down if you don't stop killing mice

  23. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach2 months ago

    rEdDiT rAiDeR lol stfu, theyre pests

  24. Christian Lies

    Christian Lies2 months ago

    That’s silly af, mice are a real pest and should be treated as one

  25. Ben Wipf

    Ben Wipf2 months ago

    I am wondering if you have ever designed a mousetrap. It seems to me you would have over 600 ideas

  26. Dustin h

    Dustin h2 months ago

    Cant even watch pest control is pathetic

  27. Calebvictor 13

    Calebvictor 132 months ago

    I love all the effort he goes though for all his videos, definitely earned my subscription

  28. Mein Kamph

    Mein Kamph2 months ago

    When will design and sell your own mouse trap?????

  29. D.J. 81

    D.J. 812 months ago

    You should show it getting killed USlikes ain't going to demonetize you. There's hundreds of channels of rat traps getting electrocuted etc etc and they're still up I'm just saying bro

  30. Pani The Frying Pan

    Pani The Frying Pan2 months ago

    My dad had one of these

  31. Jimmy Nuetron

    Jimmy Nuetron2 months ago

    That’s a skunk

  32. Angelina Barros

    Angelina Barros2 months ago

    That mouse trap was made in 1923..... *AND I OOP*

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  34. Vaner Inaba

    Vaner Inaba2 months ago

    Muito bom!!!

  35. Ambulocetus

    Ambulocetus2 months ago

    That would be a good design for a rat trap if it was bigger.

  36. Rex Polski

    Rex Polski2 months ago

    "gets" --- not "get's"

  37. Morgan Adair

    Morgan Adair2 months ago

    Come on Shawn, its winter and mr skunk needs his tummy filled with rodent.... time for a drowning bucket and some other ones that separate the good or bad ones

  38. Paul Copeland

    Paul Copeland2 months ago

    The early skunk gets the mouse!

  39. Branson Winslett

    Branson Winslett2 months ago

    You've got a great channel. It's too bad that our weak culture has responded in a way that the USlikes algorithms have basically crushed your views. Keep it up, there are still those of us who appreciate the work! Thank you!

  40. Branson Winslett

    Branson Winslett2 months ago

    Hi @Torrie Starfrost, yes, his channel got hit with repeated flags from weak minded people who couldn't handle seeing destructive vermin being killed by the traps. That's why he had to construct the wooden housings that block the view of the actual trap kill. Many of his videos regularly hit a million + views before the simpletons at youtube and emotionally weak viewers began flagging and restricting his videos and changing the recommendation algorithms. The fact that you see them regularly means that you've either watched the videos and liked them or even watched them for more than a few min. Thanks for your response and I hope you have a great day!

  41. Torrie Starfrost

    Torrie Starfrost2 months ago

    You sure about that? I see him in my recommended almost frequently.


    VIDEOHEREBOB2 months ago

    A free meal. I don't know too many animals that pay for! Just kidding.

  43. The GoPro Guy

    The GoPro Guy2 months ago

    Fun fact: I was hit by the same storm...except I got a lot of rain

  44. SaycoRa

    SaycoRa2 months ago

    Good work Crawdaddy.

  45. Rachel Hornak

    Rachel Hornak2 months ago

    I'd like to see you make a rat trap version and test it out. It seems like something that would work pretty well for the trickier ones.

  46. The Denis Family

    The Denis Family2 months ago

    Do they call it mouse or mice

  47. Trey Cook

    Trey Cook2 months ago

    This design needs to come back around.

  48. ronsout

    ronsout2 months ago

    That skunk has become a regular at this 5 Star restaurant 😂😂 Have a Great weekend Shawn 🤠

  49. Wil Robles

    Wil Robles2 months ago

    I think the skunk watches your videos.

  50. Brad Hobbs

    Brad Hobbs2 months ago

    "Things I spent a lot of money on during Quarantine"

  51. failure2flinch

    failure2flinch2 months ago

    … The second mouse gets the diabetes

  52. dlwatib

    dlwatib2 months ago

    Kinda disappointed that Butler was just the inventor's last name. I was hoping it was a mousetrap designed especially for your butler to use.

  53. متولى رزق

    متولى رزق2 months ago

    Wonderful. Very good sharing. Great upload. 👌👌stay connected

  54. DeadKoby

    DeadKoby2 months ago

    That's pretty cool... I like the concept.

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    I did Akinator and it found you in one try

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    Love your videos 👍

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    Oh I see you bite your nails

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    You should make a shirt that says “the early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese”

  60. Pedro R

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    One of the smartest designs ever

  61. yveskc1

    yveskc12 months ago

    I am amazed at how many designs are made around the same physics of a simple mousetrap! 👍

  62. Casen OBlenis

    Casen OBlenis2 months ago

    Hey Shawn I am wondering if you could do a mini bear trap mouse trap it is a live catch mouse trap love the videos keep up the good work

  63. Igor Svačić

    Igor Svačić2 months ago

    Shawn we should make a betting league. After you put a mouse for wildlife to eat we should all bet on what will eat it. And there should be odds, if you guess correctly and the answer was opossum or skunk you get 1 point, if you guess on some more rare animals you should get more points. So, pick accordingly on how much gamble you have. The answer should be shown allways in next video from video before. And than after some time the wnner should recieve some small prize. Perhaps you make some jewelry in style of native arrow heads or something

  64. Happy Undertaker

    Happy Undertaker2 months ago

    I like how y’don’t‘ve to touch the corpse ta release it.

  65. Grothag

    Grothag2 months ago

    What's a pack rat ?

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    No apostrophe in gets

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    Tang0 Yank3e2 months ago

    I use Terry or Jeff for my narrations. Todd's a good name for the mice too

  69. 1969d0dge_daytona

    1969d0dge_daytona2 months ago

    I swear this guys gonna get the plague some day without gloves

  70. Mike Moore

    Mike Moore2 months ago

    Shawn, do you have any thoughts on the Mouse Blocker electronic mouse device. I just put one under the hood of my car to repel the mice. I would like to see an expert do an experiment with this. It would be interesting to see with your creativity and filming equipment. Thanks for the great videos and entertainment.

  71. lolname lollastname

    lolname lollastname2 months ago

    He did a video on ultrasonic traps. Why not check it out?

  72. Mateus Vinicius Dupont Tomasi

    Mateus Vinicius Dupont Tomasi2 months ago

    I love your videos even tho I don’t have a mouse problem in my home

  73. First & Last

    First & Last2 months ago

    @1:01 it's the fastest mousetrap in the world.... Roll up, roll up, micekins try out this new fair ride!

  74. Pedro Liebert

    Pedro Liebert2 months ago

    youtube is not recomending your channel to me anymore, been 6 months i guess

  75. tonyholt90

    tonyholt902 months ago

    Clever mechanism why not use that idea today.

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    4:46 I like how he did that

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    Chunky skunky

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    The way this skunk eats it's gonna end up on TLC.

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    My 100 pounds life.

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    underrated comment lmfao

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    David Theile2 months ago

    The early mouse gets the snap the second mouse gets the snack.

  82. Andres Chiriff

    Andres Chiriff2 months ago

    Being unsatisfied with how unsensitive the cheap Victor mouse trap are I modify my trap a few weeks ago to work exactly the same way as this one and it did work

  83. PandemoniumMeltDown

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    Pepe's frozen dinner night.

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    tonight's menu - cold rodent

  85. Hotwire

    Hotwire2 months ago

    This is a great example of lateral thinking. It's difficult to understand why it's not a more common design. BTW I watch every episode you make. Not to see mice die but because the creators are amazingly inventive.

  86. HON Thirty

    HON Thirty2 months ago

    Mouse snuff films!

  87. Russell Hltn

    Russell Hltn2 months ago

    The trigger/bait system is brilliant! How hard would it be to modify the standard Victor to use that?

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  89. Ken Fullman

    Ken Fullman2 months ago

    Mr Butler did a good job on this design. Very cleaver design. Far superior to the more common snap traps.

  90. Forever Jim

    Forever Jim2 months ago

    I would love to see a video on the best multicatch mouse traps to use when u have a cat.

  91. nadieselgirl

    nadieselgirl2 months ago

    This design would make a fantastic rat trap. Nice!

  92. john k

    john k2 months ago

    I like the concept of the trap very much. They should make those kind today.

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    Nice design!

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    Skunk took that mouse better than Nicolas Cage took cars.

  95. Warren Cash

    Warren Cash2 months ago

    This is one of my favourites, way easier. Would like to see a rat version.

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    Get's? LOL! Really??? Wow..... Come on, man. Get's? With an apostrophe???? hahahahhahahahahahah

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    👍👍Goodnight Shawn and Thank You again!🌚❤

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    Do u think when rats take the trap they use it in bars for interor desgin.

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    Awesome trap. Cool Shawn

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    Shawn, you're also a catcher of smiles ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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    If I was a mouse I’d eat AROUND the tootsie roll 😎 just because I’m different 💪💪

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    I love the design of this trap.

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    The early worm gets the bird.

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    It's probably the same skunk that keeps coming over and over again for the free meal.

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    The skunk casually ambles up and grabs that mouse like it's routine.

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    He knows, every week that place leaves mice out for him to take

  108. 786

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    Good stuff.

  109. Alfonso Casillas

    Alfonso Casillas2 months ago

    It looks like it’s a good trap I have a question why did they stop making them ?


    CR0SSEYED JESUS2 months ago

    You should have a video special where you take all the mousetraps in your collection and snap them all on your weener to see which one is your favorite

  111. Jon Mayo

    Jon Mayo2 months ago

    Why doesn't anyone still make this trap. It looks like it would be easy to manufacture with an automated wire bender.

  112. Jon Mayo

    Jon Mayo2 months ago

    @07venna bad answer. you lose

  113. 07venna

    07venna2 months ago

    @Jon Mayo he said they forgot so stfu

  114. Jon Mayo

    Jon Mayo2 months ago

    Sure but patents last 20 years I think. There is a lot of stuff we could make today even though it was cutting edge in 2000.

  115. Warren Cash

    Warren Cash2 months ago

    It used to be patented, so they couldn't, but then everyone forgot about it, which is why we study them here.

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    Give it a little flip! 4:37

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