I Wish They Still Made The CYCLONE Mousetrap From 1883. Catching Mice In The Barn Mousetrap Monday.

In this video we test out a very rare and valuable metal $400 mouse trap from 1883. I really love this design and I wish they still made it.
You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link: amzn.to/2ZY3dpp


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn WoodsMonth ago

    Thanks for watching. You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link: amzn.to/2ZY3dpp

  2. Oldie Goldies

    Oldie GoldiesMonth ago

    Are these the mouse you kept from the oil vid

  3. Dennis Caunce

    Dennis Caunce11 days ago

    looks like it's made out of 100% tetanus...

  4. Michel J. Gaudet

    Michel J. Gaudet13 days ago

    Ha ha ha_ found myself doing a little sing-song to "Skunk Lost Out! Skunk Lost Out!"✨🤗✨ Thanks, Shawn.👍😷👌

  5. Awaking Bare

    Awaking Bare14 days ago

    Can't these be replicated ?

  6. Peter VanSickels

    Peter VanSickels16 days ago

    The 'English Sparrow' is a member of the old world weaver finch family. Look at the beak. That's not an insect eating beak, it's a seed cracking beak!

  7. A Shot in the Dark

    A Shot in the Dark20 days ago

    That would be a good seller.

  8. JamesFromTeamRocket McDuck

    JamesFromTeamRocket McDuck29 days ago

    It's 5 am i can't stop binging mousetrap Monday I have given up on sleep help mousetrap Monday is never ending Me at 12:05: I'm going to brush my teeth and watch Pokemon then go to bed 5 am: *"today for mousetrap Monday"*

  9. ThreeStackable

    ThreeStackableMonth ago

    These look simple enough to remake if you have the right tools. Could be neat to reproduce the old ones. Maybe even redeem the ones that failed, remake them and fix the flaws. I'd watch the heck out of that. You could collab with machinist and or maker youtubers. You send them the trap, they remake it,.you both get videos, and most importantly, we get more videos.

  10. Joe Weaver

    Joe WeaverMonth ago

    $400? Surprised people aren't making counterfeit traps

  11. RedDeadWulf

    RedDeadWulfMonth ago

    Second mouse: Oh no! ,Anyway

  12. Trevor B

    Trevor BMonth ago

    Life lesson...always be the second mouse!!

  13. LurkerDood

    LurkerDoodMonth ago

    The 2nd mouse always gets the cheese 🤣🤭

  14. B1ackjack

    B1ackjackMonth ago

    I jumped

  15. The Red Planet

    The Red PlanetMonth ago

    Normally I don’t like creatures being harmed, but rats and mice, I don’t mind. By the way, has anyone ever told you that you have great voice.

  16. Mean Mad Mike

    Mean Mad Mike2 months ago

    Early bird gets the worm. Second mouse gets the cheese.

  17. Kurodraco Valladares

    Kurodraco Valladares2 months ago

    If it dosen't die from the kill bar it will definitely die from tetanus!

  18. Gacheru Mburu

    Gacheru Mburu2 months ago


  19. Faulkner Household

    Faulkner Household2 months ago

    lo the ground hog thing came i could not tell ran right away then we see a skunk i feek bad fior the skunk lol

  20. bobbyv369

    bobbyv3692 months ago

    Ha! Early bird gets the worm? No, second mouse gets the cheese! - Second mouse

  21. KSound Kaiju

    KSound Kaiju2 months ago

    Any chance you could set up that slippery pole trap but instead of a bucket of water under the pole It’s a vat of acid?

  22. Руслан Заурбеков

    Руслан Заурбеков2 months ago

    @1:22 wasn't it painful??

  23. James Denny

    James Denny2 months ago

    Wow, it's expensive to be a collector 🤔

  24. Jindra Bo

    Jindra Bo2 months ago

    kira? is that a death note reference?

  25. Nic Lastname

    Nic Lastname2 months ago

    Wow that's actually a genius idea to have it work from all 4 sides like that! :O

  26. bby

    bby2 months ago

    Wait so this guy is just obsessed with killing mice and making videos about it?

  27. xxboon is bad fortnitexx

    xxboon is bad fortnitexx2 months ago

    Dang 5k

  28. Mike Espo diecast customs & more

    Mike Espo diecast customs & more2 months ago

    AWESOMENESS !!! Snack time .

  29. Square Peg

    Square Peg2 months ago

    Have you ever done a test to see just how much human scent affects efficiency of a trap? I'd like to see a side by side of two identical multiple mouse traps (such as a bucket method) with one that is cleaned of all human scent and handled with gloves next to one with all components having been handled glove-free.

  30. Christopher Ch

    Christopher Ch2 months ago


  31. swagerdager

    swagerdager2 months ago

    2:20 Damn what a leach

  32. Nicholas Feeley

    Nicholas Feeley2 months ago

    The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

  33. Teresa Kelley

    Teresa Kelley2 months ago

    Mouse traps from the year 129 do you have those or mouse traps were not around then?

  34. mike13899

    mike138992 months ago


  35. Disciple8923

    Disciple89232 months ago

    What happened to trying to catch that rat that got the mouse. You said a few videos ago that you plan to try and catch him because of how irritated you were he was taking the mice. I would love to see you do it.

  36. 786

    7862 months ago

    Good stuff Shawn.

  37. AM2PM

    AM2PM2 months ago

    So much damage that water must have done to the rare antique trap, better take care

  38. Snowball րհilօძεղძɾօղ

    Snowball րհilօძεղძɾօղ2 months ago


  39. 649_thejaspk

    649_thejaspk2 months ago

    Seen this in tom and jerry

  40. 38 Miles to Bixby

    38 Miles to Bixby2 months ago

    Dude didn't even flinch when he set it off on his finger and I'm watching it going DOHH when it happened. Shawn "Chuck Norris" Woods

  41. Maxim Teleguz

    Maxim Teleguz2 months ago

    When are you going to catch that rat?

  42. rick dees

    rick dees2 months ago

    LOL! The early bird gets the worm but not the mouse.

  43. Δημήτρης Α.

    Δημήτρης Α.2 months ago

    A moment of silence to all those mice that have died making content for this channel

  44. Math Tonight

    Math Tonight2 months ago

    **sticks finger in trap** Absolute madman

  45. Moe Howard

    Moe Howard2 months ago

    Love your channel. My father is a Falconer. Have you considered maybe saving some of the rodents you catch to them for bird of prey food? I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

  46. fitter70

    fitter702 months ago

    Is there anyone who enjoys touching a dead mouse more than Shawn?

  47. Jeff Harman

    Jeff Harman2 months ago

    That Pic of the "Wolf Dog Hybrid" that was "watching Mousetrap Monday" was nothing more than a Pic of a Crossbred German Shepherd MUTT that had passed out after stuffin' itself with all that leftover Cornbread sittin' on the Kitchen counter... BUUURP!!! 😆

  48. pennise

    pennise2 months ago

    Shawn, Have you ever considered having a past mouse trap put back into production again? There are manufacturers out there that would be able to replicate them.

  49. Elizabeth Ann

    Elizabeth Ann2 months ago

    Do you ever restore the traps/ clean the rust off or do you just leave them as they are? Could we see a video of you restoring one?

  50. Abby Romme

    Abby Romme2 months ago

    The poor guy that was a bang!

  51. Reese Royal

    Reese Royal2 months ago

    The clown face? 🤔🤔

  52. Michael Gilson

    Michael Gilson2 months ago

    l wonder if you could fabricate one by taking apart two snap traps and modifying the springs and kill bars.

  53. Karen O

    Karen O2 months ago

    WORKED GREAT! Name Works TOO, Summoned up that 'Cyclone and Flooded Barn. lol SHAWN, You Must do something about that RAT! Tired of seeing it keep getting Mouse before Ol' POKEY Skunk strolls by. You see One RAT, There are Millions! *RATS STEAL Mice AND Elections!* END the Steal! *_______'{/` '},.^.,*

  54. Domínguez Cházaro Regina

    Domínguez Cházaro Regina2 months ago

    Great, as always! Keep it up

  55. Grayson Hood

    Grayson Hood2 months ago

    Guys give this guy a like for going through the troubles of getting all these products and if you want check out my USlikes channel

  56. razonable34

    razonable342 months ago

    How many traps do you have, Shawn ?

  57. Subway Spyro

    Subway Spyro2 months ago

    Have you considered making a second channel for the kills? Or did pootube kill that one?

  58. Pople BackyardFarm

    Pople BackyardFarm2 months ago

    lucky for me their are a zillion feral cats near our barn... this was interesting

  59. mortal1794

    mortal17942 months ago

    Buy & HOLD DogeCoin

  60. Noobeh

    Noobeh2 months ago

    Monday? Yesterday was FRIDAY!!!

  61. carlotta folli

    carlotta folli2 months ago

    sooner or later we all know whats gonna happen, a big old rat running around Shawns property with a 500 dollar trap latched to its tail!!

  62. Logan Sinks

    Logan Sinks2 months ago

    If dale gribble was a real person:

  63. kvandy5989

    kvandy59892 months ago


  64. Trey Cook

    Trey Cook2 months ago

    That one made me jump a little! I'm glad we got to see it in action.

  65. andyman aus

    andyman aus2 months ago

    1:21 I FELT THAT!!!!

  66. Mason Lunn

    Mason Lunn2 months ago

    You should make a mousetrap that has everything you like in a trap and sell it online

  67. Brad Kent

    Brad Kent2 months ago

    Someone needs to check if the patent has expired .

  68. Bradley Anderson

    Bradley Anderson2 months ago

    Second mouse: "sucks to be you bro!".

  69. royalbookshopper

    royalbookshopper2 months ago

    This is a great design. Maybe try to duplicate it? I'd love to see that!

  70. royalbookshopper

    royalbookshopper2 months ago

    Hilarious! I think the rat knew the skunk wasn't far away. Great vid, Shawn!

  71. bob smith

    bob smith2 months ago

    It's pretty easy to tell when there's a skunk around lol.

  72. B C

    B C2 months ago

    That trap is interesting. Good design, wonder why it wasn't more popular? I still want to see you test the one that fires a revolver when the rodent takes the bait.

  73. Juicy Beast

    Juicy Beast2 months ago

    0:46 AY IOWA

  74. Cip Rodriguez

    Cip Rodriguez2 months ago

    Who wants to see the Tornado F5? It has a 4 kill bar activation trigger

  75. Geoff Kim

    Geoff Kim2 months ago

    Bummer the trap ended up getting wet. So do you oil or treat these metal traps in any way in order to preserve them?

  76. Daz The Man

    Daz The Man2 months ago

    Why doesn't Shawn make traps, SWMT taken design's from the best of the best to bring you the ultimate trap ! Complete kit includes super bait, motion camera and 1 trap 😜

  77. John Kilcer

    John Kilcer2 months ago

    Bet it would be easy to build up one. Simple sheetmetal and a pair of mousetraps for the springs.

  78. Gregory Ramirez

    Gregory Ramirez2 months ago

    I don't know if that's a clown face...

  79. Useful Eater

    Useful Eater2 months ago

    Second mouse gets the cheese 🧀

  80. tonyholt90

    tonyholt902 months ago

    Now that is one clever design !all points of entry and snap the required result.

  81. The silent moth trapper

    The silent moth trapper2 months ago

    Great video that trap looks a bit like a sawyer vermin trap . very neat

  82. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    AnTrAxX Slingshots2 months ago

    Pretty sure that expensive one wasn´t called "CLOWN"-Face from the beginning ^^

  83. anjelgiofu

    anjelgiofu2 months ago

    Doesn't look much like a clown to me... geez!

  84. fuck off

    fuck off2 months ago

    shawn i would love to see u triggering some mouse traps with visible mechanisms in slo mo!!

  85. Sarah Allgood

    Sarah Allgood2 months ago

    Your so much fun. loved your show on helping the college with mice that was fun

  86. Super Moon

    Super Moon2 months ago

    Put that thing in an electrolysis tank

  87. Calderwood

    Calderwood2 months ago

    I wonder how hard this trap would be to replicate.

  88. Robborti

    Robborti2 months ago

    Cool trap, gotta love seeing you bring some of these antique traps out of retirement haha

  89. Nyrin Triball

    Nyrin Triball2 months ago

    Wow, I didn't expect quite the thump, I near jumped out of my seat a bit.

  90. politirel2

    politirel22 months ago

    'The early bird catches the worm'. 'The late mouse gets the cheese'. 2:20

  91. Jaymili Viorel

    Jaymili Viorel2 months ago

    Hi I am 12 years old

  92. Dawn Michelle

    Dawn Michelle2 months ago

    Shawn, you tell us what kind of mice you catch in the live traps, and I would like to ask you to please let us know what kind you're catching in the kill traps. Just curious if you're getting native deer mice or invasive house mice. Thank you! I appreciate your videos. They're educational as well as entertaining.

  93. Cameron Tower

    Cameron Tower2 months ago

    the early bird gets the worm..... but the worm isent always safe

  94. Mangustification

    Mangustification2 months ago

    "The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese." -Steven Wright

  95. Adrigl

    Adrigl2 months ago

    That’s honestly a good follow-up for this saying.

  96. Rusty Halo

    Rusty Halo2 months ago

    Great video! I love these old traps

  97. Hellish Hybrid

    Hellish Hybrid2 months ago

    You should start a discord server for mouse trap enthusiasts. A place to share neat mouse trap designs and share photos of trap collections. It could also be a useful place for people to seek advice on rodent control.

  98. Colin Stace

    Colin Stace2 months ago

    That's a great design 👍😊

  99. Michael-John L. Mushill

    Michael-John L. Mushill2 months ago

    I have to say, that skunk was robbed by that rat!

  100. Asrig

    Asrig2 months ago

    Where do I submit a picture of my pet watching mousetrap monday ?

  101. Gold Wolf

    Gold Wolf2 months ago

    😂 I miss seeing the pests get snapped 😂

  102. Nope

    Nope2 months ago

    The news: "This latest outbreak is a blood borne mouse disease...that was eliminated over 100 years ago. We may never know how it restarted..."

  103. Bare Bones

    Bare Bones2 months ago

    That’s cool Shawn . Thanks for showing us a little piece of history.

  104. Ferlax Gaming

    Ferlax Gaming2 months ago

    Imagine being those mouse being killed by a trap