The Best Rat Trap I Have Ever Tested. The Uhlik Repeater Trap. Mousetrap Monday.

The Best Rat Trap I Have Ever Tested. The Uhlik Repeater Trap. Mousetrap Monday.
In this video we test out an incredibly effective rat trap called the Uhlik Repeater. If you have a rat problem this is the trap for you.
The only place to purchase the Uhlik Repeater Trap is through this official website:


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods2 years ago

    The only place to purchase the Uhlik Repeater Trap is through this official website:

  2. Elda Potgieter

    Elda PotgieterMonth ago

    Give them to the owl

  3. Mike Hagan

    Mike Hagan3 months ago

    I Appreciate your Kindness to animals. Best Wishes! M.H.

  4. Mouse Trap TV

    Mouse Trap TV4 months ago

    Thanks for your comment .. I love you

  5. puppetsock

    puppetsock6 months ago

    I would be reluctant to feed wild rats to a pet snake because of the parasites and diseases the wild rats carry.

  6. boomer1954ful

    boomer1954ful7 months ago

    @Lock Jaw Well, at least down the ***t out of them. Gawd, I HATE RODENTS...

  7. Harupert Beagleton

    Harupert Beagleton2 hours ago

    Figure out a way to gas them with car exhaust

  8. Jayrec12

    Jayrec123 hours ago

    4:00 seeing his pet rats gracefully fall into the trap made me laugh so hard

  9. Russell Brower

    Russell Brower20 hours ago

    Good job on mentioning Joseph Carter The Mink Man. He, his dogs, minks, and family are awesome

  10. Marshadow

    MarshadowDay ago

    Rats are Destructive Smart And hard to catch Yeah no that sounds like a human to me

  11. John Brass

    John Brass3 days ago

    You could get a big plastic container with lid to put the trap in and put some dry ice in or make carbon dioxide from vinegar and baking soda in another container above and feed gas in with a small hose.

  12. GANK Da Goat

    GANK Da Goat4 days ago

    he talk like he reading off paper

  13. Jesse Fergstad

    Jesse Fergstad7 days ago


  14. Aka jump 1981

    Aka jump 19818 days ago

    I thought this was a squirrel trap for a sec and I was like: THEY DID NOTHING TO YOUUUUU RAAEYEHHEHEHEHEUHNU

  15. Will Bridges

    Will Bridges9 days ago

    Dear mr. Woods try using the female hormone.

  16. Drak Amakoi

    Drak Amakoi9 days ago

    7:02 Mufasa and Scar be like:

  17. Kgy The Real

    Kgy The Real10 days ago

    7:04 this rat really just did a sacrifice XD

  18. Jaramiah Soria

    Jaramiah Soria10 days ago

    what the

  19. Pyro tf2 Screaming at a woman

    Pyro tf2 Screaming at a woman10 days ago

    So we are not gonna talk about the mice betraying each other

  20. slickback 445

    slickback 44510 days ago

    How many pet rats do you have

  21. yuukisama2001

    yuukisama200110 days ago

    I wish there was small version for mice.

  22. yuukisama2001

    yuukisama200110 days ago

    After seeing this trap in action I couldn't help but laugh. Mainly because there is always one rat trying to get away and somehow get caught or mess it up for someone else.

  23. AJ1Luv!Bug

    AJ1Luv!Bug10 days ago

    Will you trap your rat!?

  24. I Love Global Warming God Bless The USA

    I Love Global Warming God Bless The USA10 days ago

    Your rats are adorable, I love them

  25. Stevie

    Stevie10 days ago

    I like all furry animals but if they have to die I'd suggest an inert gas like argon (used for welding, easily available), they'll just go to sleep quickly and gently. This is also used by humans who choose to end themselves.

  26. Sawyer Avery

    Sawyer Avery11 days ago

    wait catching cats? who would ever do that to a cat

  27. Amber Moon

    Amber Moon11 days ago

    I like how hes casually just talking about mouse traps and his pet mouse is like *this is fine*

  28. Jonnie Walker

    Jonnie Walker11 days ago

    that rat is a chonker 6:55

  29. Nicothec

    Nicothec11 days ago

    Geez, now I understand

  30. Pajafilm

    Pajafilm11 days ago

    Uhlik could be a Czech surname Uhlík = which means Carbon :)

  31. AWannaBeMarine _11918

    AWannaBeMarine _1191811 days ago

    Hey, wild rats and mice aren't okay for snakes 💕

  32. AWannaBeMarine _11918

    AWannaBeMarine _1191811 days ago

    Stares in cat owner

  33. DJ John son

    DJ John son11 days ago

    Rats and mice are just nasty rodents i hate the glowing eyes at night

  34. Dennis

    Dennis12 days ago

    Why does this guy reminds me of Forrest Gump

  35. Cullen and Joey Otteman

    Cullen and Joey Otteman12 days ago

    The one rat outsmarted the whole system by standing on the food holder thing, but then deciders to jump in anyway.

  36. Karen Aguilar

    Karen Aguilar13 days ago

    Now if they could make one for mice🐀

  37. 00 00

    00 0013 days ago

    Drown them, 5 min in a water will do the trick. I snap their spine with piece of old porcelain tiles if I catch them alive. but since you have many, drop them in deep water.

  38. you166mhz

    you166mhz14 days ago

    it's a rat -- just shoot them ... done ....

  39. aaronhpa

    aaronhpa15 days ago

    Top 3 Rat betrayals jajajaja

  40. James Barratt

    James Barratt15 days ago

    then you lower it into a trough of water. Dad used to have old paper feed bag. lay them down with rope tied to edge of bag. rope along and up over door to outside. Pull rope up and pour in bucket of water to drown them. Filth.

  41. Michael Young

    Michael Young16 days ago

    I got mine today. Have it all setup and loaded with the bait they sell. As they say I'll keep it locked to give the rats time to get used to it and start eating the bait. Then I'll unlock it and see what happens.

  42. MM - 03ZZ 894999 Forest Glen PS

    MM - 03ZZ 894999 Forest Glen PS17 days ago

    Me berore wathcing this: why does he kill mice After watching this: phew this is a safe trap xd

  43. Sylvo Totem

    Sylvo Totem17 days ago

    The inventor failed with the materials. He should've used plastic and it would be more affordable and popular.

  44. Land Rover Addict

    Land Rover Addict17 days ago

    $200 for a trap made by a small business sounds fair to me. A lot of time went into making that, it looks like galvanised steel so good quality materials.

  45. Michael Otten

    Michael Otten18 days ago

    I need a trap for groundhogs

  46. VG Brasil

    VG Brasil21 day ago

    07:00 "long live the king"

  47. Ulice Veasey

    Ulice Veasey22 days ago


  48. Boris Gershman

    Boris Gershman22 days ago

    Lmao, give me a holler on the computer at yahoo dot com

  49. Galuh nawangsari Le furry gurl ewe

    Galuh nawangsari Le furry gurl ewe23 days ago

    *how many pet rat you have...*

  50. Morgan Alexander Chandra

    Morgan Alexander Chandra24 days ago

    A rat killed my mom’s rabbit

  51. Gregory Lukashin

    Gregory Lukashin26 days ago


  52. Nostalgia _

    Nostalgia _26 days ago

    7:24 lol the weight of one of them wasnt enough, then another comes along and they both fall in

  53. Smart mouse trap 2021

    Smart mouse trap 202126 days ago

    ok video

  54. Vatsal P

    Vatsal P29 days ago

    This man has so many pet rats.

  55. rreeves0710

    rreeves0710Month ago

    I just saw that mousetrap channel, I was disgusted by it and even more so by the bloodthirsty comments.

  56. Epic Bear

    Epic BearMonth ago

    I'd love to see more of your pet rats! Awesome vid

  57. Turtlemaroon

    TurtlemaroonMonth ago

    You should be able to euthanise them with nitrogen in airtight container.

  58. Joe E

    Joe EMonth ago

    Lol I just imagine the rats looking up and doing the pikachu face when they fell in. 😲

  59. vastowen456

    vastowen456Month ago

    7:01 lmao that lil dude dunked the other guy then ran off

  60. vastowen456

    vastowen456Month ago

    Uhlik is the most southern man I've ever heard

  61. Gatto Npc

    Gatto NpcMonth ago

    Dude.. really? You have RATS as pets? Jeeezz.

  62. Barack Mori

    Barack MoriMonth ago

    7:04 GET DUNKED ON

  63. David Phillips

    David PhillipsMonth ago

    How many pet rats do you have eeeee kill them

  64. Gaming Viking

    Gaming VikingMonth ago

    Is there a smaller one for mice?

  65. Texas Typhun

    Texas TyphunMonth ago

    Pest control guy here. when live trapping we either use carbon monoxide to gas captive pests or submerge the cage in water.

  66. James Dearham

    James DearhamMonth ago

    id swap the cage out and put the top over a bucket of water. that being said i saw a least two rats escape from the trap ensuring a future generation the knowlegde of the trap. it was interesting how the rats started to test the plank as soon as one fell in. the behaviour change was immediate.

  67. Totodile55

    Totodile55Month ago

    This is my kind of trap, it is very effective and it is humane.

  68. Ya boi rockanroll afrm

    Ya boi rockanroll afrmMonth ago


  69. RinxLen

    RinxLenMonth ago

    Next time you use this, line the bottom with nails or needles.

  70. Andrew Boyd

    Andrew BoydMonth ago

    So..... did you drown them? Gas them?

  71. Dragongamer543

    Dragongamer543Month ago

    throw em in a tub of water

  72. Dan Druff

    Dan DruffMonth ago

    "Shawn feels sorry for the rats" Shawn would feel sorry for John Dillinger!

  73. unusual freak

    unusual freakMonth ago

    7:04 Long live the king

  74. Samu Halmos-Tóth

    Samu Halmos-TóthMonth ago

    my guy looks like a depressed and sarcastic hulk, who retired

  75. George Linecar

    George LinecarMonth ago

    question: why do you make so many mouse traps? nothing why if you are here answer the question seriously you are amazing

  76. Trip

    TripMonth ago

    what's in the background at 7:28

  77. isisgirl

    isisgirlMonth ago

    How long did you leave the trap. Did it continue to work or did they stop after a few nights. Also what is the best bait to use.

  78. DesertMonkies

    DesertMonkiesMonth ago

    your pet rat is cute

  79. Diana Cox

    Diana CoxMonth ago

    What do you do with the live rats?

  80. Juan José Gutiérrez Barrow

    Juan José Gutiérrez BarrowMonth ago

    I don't know why, but I can't stop looking at your videos.

  81. Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas JeffersonMonth ago

    best mouse trap ever? unsurprisingly, a variation of walk the plank.

  82. anthonydeleeuw

    anthonydeleeuwMonth ago

    Get real. If they are not native and carry diseases, kill them with gas or drown them.

  83. patoc GD

    patoc GDMonth ago

    i think that the trap should have a string or something to pull it off faster

  84. J K

    J KMonth ago

    I wonder what his pet rats think. “Hey cool .. food. Dammit, not again!”

  85. Kazkov3

    Kazkov3Month ago


  86. Daniel Peirson

    Daniel PeirsonMonth ago

    I think submerging the whole cage to drown them would be a humane way to euthanize them. It makes me sick when i see people torture animals.

  87. David Phillips

    David PhillipsMonth ago

    You love your rats . Rat man 👨lolol

  88. dra6o0n

    dra6o0nMonth ago

    Who read the title as "best rat ive ever tasted"?

  89. C-LO Jefe

    C-LO JefeMonth ago

    It’s better electric kill too expensive

  90. Colene Vigness Lenhart

    Colene Vigness LenhartMonth ago

    Have ever tried fresh onion to detour rats/mice?? Thanks ...Colene

  91. Joe

    JoeMonth ago

    Stop this nonsense about humanity kill the rats. They have diseases.

  92. J. H.

    J. H.Month ago

    expensive af this traps

  93. Carlos Briceño

    Carlos BriceñoMonth ago

    Try harder, giving these rats to feed snakes is a bad idea. These rats are highly contaminated, they could have even lead and mercury, not to mention possible traces of poisonous substances

  94. MET-TECH

    MET-TECHMonth ago

    don't do anything; the rats will eat each other without a food supply; last survivor will die of starvation

  95. Haiden the shadow

    Haiden the shadowMonth ago

    When your brother steals your food 7:03

  96. AyoubeBeatz

    AyoubeBeatzMonth ago


  97. Eli

    EliMonth ago

    Those pet rats are very cute

  98. Alyse R

    Alyse RMonth ago

    I think you single-handedly made this guys invention/business blow up.

  99. DrThunder88

    DrThunder88Month ago

    "Let's go get some more rats," is one of those things you just don't hear on other channels.

  100. tsralls63

    tsralls63Month ago

    It's a good trap but most people don't have time to figure out what to do with a cage full of live rats. I don't even like to look at a cage full of rats.

  101. keepingupwith jee

    keepingupwith jeeMonth ago

    Kinda reminds me of willard

  102. Shin no Kibō

    Shin no KibōMonth ago

    Your mice at this point are just like “ this is fine”

  103. Peter and Dorothy Bowles

    Peter and Dorothy BowlesMonth ago

    Well made matey Pete England

  104. Jesus Jones

    Jesus JonesMonth ago

    Just the same as getting a mortgage from the bank.

  105. Aidan Walker

    Aidan WalkerMonth ago

    My advice a pond a few feet deep in a aluminum cage or storage tub with a few holes in it covered with wire mesh put a concrete block in and sink em