Destroying A Dangerous Yellow Jacket Nest With Dry Ice. Mousetrap Monday

Does Dry Ice work to destroy a dangerous Ground Yellow Jacket Nest?
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In this video we use CO2 to deal with an aggressive nest. Next time I am going to pour liquid nitrogen down the hole.


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods7 months ago

    Thanks for watching. Next time I find a dangerous yellow jacket nest we are going to try liquid nitrogen

  2. Wyatt_X

    Wyatt_X2 days ago


  3. Hiroshi Borjal

    Hiroshi Borjal7 days ago

    use lava next pls

  4. RX 450h Executive

    RX 450h Executive8 days ago

    @Matt .Hesketh LN2 works great on actinic keratosis. So, cryotherapy as it's called, yields positive results on skin, so it's not all bad.

  5. Pepito2160

    Pepito216018 days ago

    @Insert Text here Then try a nuke

  6. No One

    No One21 day ago

    Yes! Fun!

  7. Weixiang Sun

    Weixiang Sun5 hours ago

    how about a bomb

  8. Pearl Nepgen

    Pearl Nepgen17 hours ago

    Imagine if in the description it said "no insects were harmed". 🤣😆😂😅

  9. Caelia

    Caelia22 hours ago

    Lets see who enjoys a protein packed meal tonight, next clip was of a baby 😂

  10. Gudetama3421

    Gudetama3421Day ago

    6:24 ants notice larva *crab rave music intensifies*

  11. Godzilla

    GodzillaDay ago

    Don’t kill the yellow jackets bees are good!

  12. Trevor_on_Youtube

    Trevor_on_YoutubeDay ago

    “I’ve gotten stung several times. So I’m gonna put on my bee suit.” Why didn’t you just start with the bee suit?!? Oh, I took a little bit of radiation poisoning. So I’m gonna put on my radiation suit.

  13. John Parker

    John ParkerDay ago

    He should have used WD-40 or break fluid spray, those stinging bastards would drop much faster in no time.

  14. Joe Schlotthauer

    Joe Schlotthauer2 days ago

    Gasoline down the hole and around the top of the nest, run. Have your buddy throw match...

  15. don brooks

    don brooks2 days ago

    Is it better to kill the yellow jackets at night?

  16. Bბიყ Fბχ

    Bბიყ Fბχ2 days ago

    I hope that you realise that yellow jackets are part of nature just like you and me, so while dealing with them you should clear theyr nests with flamethrower.

  17. Gail J

    Gail J3 days ago

    why not put several large pieces of dry ice over the entrance, then cover it with a five-gallon bucket?

  18. JAG

    JAG4 days ago

    do not forget your jump rope

  19. RationallySkeptical

    RationallySkeptical4 days ago

    5:43 Oh... I was convinced the creature shown at 5:53 was going to be what ate the grubs.

  20. Reg Watson

    Reg Watson4 days ago

    Did you delete my comment ? I'll try again. Why didn't you put a glass dome over the hole at the same time as you put the dry ice on the hole ? It would have been many times more efficient and you wouldn't have got stung.

  21. Chrysaor

    Chrysaor5 days ago

    Best way to deal with yellow jacket nests *Explosives* ✨

  22. Shad0w2Fast

    Shad0w2Fast5 days ago

    You did that one dirty that got stuck in the lid

  23. Elise in the Attic

    Elise in the Attic5 days ago

    I heard your Mom yelling "Don't wait until your 5 ft away to put on the Bee suit!" So I hope you heard her over the buzzing. 😁

  24. kevin vl

    kevin vl5 days ago

    Where I'm from those larvae are a delicacy..what a waste..

  25. Gray

    Gray5 days ago

    Plot twist: he froze a baby for a “protein pack meal”

  26. ابو ابراهيم

    ابو ابراهيم5 days ago

    I know they dangerous but God credit them for reason stop killing nature

  27. Jody Dipolop

    Jody Dipolop6 days ago


  28. Blubberboy18

    Blubberboy186 days ago

    Seems like the best way to go for the ones in the jar lol

  29. Blubberboy18

    Blubberboy186 days ago

    Should’ve put u bucket over the top too

  30. Stop motion Gordon

    Stop motion Gordon8 days ago

    Earned my sub

  31. Wooper

    Wooper8 days ago

    2:47 jellyfishing

  32. Malo Otua

    Malo Otua8 days ago

    I use WD40, it works way better than bug spray, they drop instantly

  33. bobsagget823

    bobsagget8239 days ago

    not nearly enough

  34. Jonathan Powell

    Jonathan Powell9 days ago

    You used chemical weapons on a yellow jacket nest? Dude, uncool!

  35. Thomas

    Thomas6 days ago


  36. Charity SweetCharity

    Charity SweetCharity9 days ago

    Very cool. And watching that made me so itchy..... Ugh

  37. John Culbert

    John Culbert9 days ago

    An upturned bucket over the dry ice would be a good idea?

  38. Jov Ven

    Jov Ven9 days ago

    Anyone else got jumpscared by the baby?

  39. J. Queen

    J. Queen9 days ago

    Lighter fluid 🔥 Boom 💥

  40. Pumped up Kicks

    Pumped up Kicks9 days ago

    Your videos are both so entertaining and educational! I really love binge watching them

  41. * Waterlec

    * Waterlec10 days ago

    Pancakes 🥞 for the skunk !

  42. Elijah Lee

    Elijah Lee10 days ago

    3:30 The last Yellow Jacket be like: "WE'RE NOT JEWISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH".

  43. Jwhowsez Jwhowsez

    Jwhowsez Jwhowsez10 days ago

    Cool vid but by far one of the least effective ways to destroy a nest lol

  44. ErTomxin

    ErTomxin10 days ago


  45. go-ahead be-offended

    go-ahead be-offended10 days ago

    Youthinize. Make them younger?

  46. Emeraldeye

    Emeraldeye10 days ago

    pour gas on it

  47. Robert Smith

    Robert Smith10 days ago

    Next time just turn a bottle of rubbing alcohol upside down after dark and leave the neck in the entrance to stop the bees & fumes from escaping . No bees will be alive in the am .No digging required bc the queen is dead

  48. Shiloh Jenkins

    Shiloh Jenkins11 days ago

    the skunk ate it all :c

  49. Gaming Dog

    Gaming Dog11 days ago

    He didn’t even react to when he got stung LOL

  50. Rubicon Outdoors

    Rubicon Outdoors11 days ago

    I want to see the hole filled with butane or propane, then Shabang!

  51. Dennis

    Dennis11 days ago

    I was once stung by a bee... £43 for a jar of honey... lol

  52. Camp sylte Corby wor

    Camp sylte Corby wor12 days ago

    in like two minutes and he wears a suit

  53. Camp sylte Corby wor

    Camp sylte Corby wor12 days ago

    Why isn’t he wearing a suit?

  54. Evergreen

    Evergreen12 days ago

    Hahaha that’s what you get for making an nest next to my houe

  55. Legendary Buchanan

    Legendary Buchanan12 days ago

    Why doe he sound sarcastic

  56. Mundazka The Terrible

    Mundazka The Terrible12 days ago

    Can’t help but think of Scooby Doo when I see the dry ice.

  57. Black Dog

    Black Dog12 days ago

    I haven't seen you in a while. Have you been posting and I haven't been receiving notifications or did you take a hiatus?

  58. Charles walter

    Charles walter12 days ago

    News flash: Wait till night time. Pour gasoline down the entrance hole. No need to light, the fumes will kill 'em.

  59. strbry toods

    strbry toods13 days ago

    "Now I'm gonna place the ice very carefully on the nest." *Throws it*

  60. chapmanmerchant

    chapmanmerchant13 days ago

    yah and don't wear dark colors.


    DYLAN EFRON DE ROZARIO Moe13 days ago

    3:20 that yellow jacket is still alive but suffering

  62. SpruceGoose115

    SpruceGoose11513 days ago

    "Lets see what comes to the compost pile tonight and enjoys a protein packed meal!" Answer: a human child

  63. cOUCHpot8o 721

    cOUCHpot8o 72113 days ago

    I think this is genius, maybe had you clogged the hole a little better it would have been more effective. Awesome video

  64. Bread potato Blah

    Bread potato Blah14 days ago

    “Big old sprayer came by but this will protect me” That was funny

  65. Chris Foxwell

    Chris Foxwell14 days ago

    I so wanted to see that giant baby devour the larvae.

  66. Frank Hinde

    Frank Hinde14 days ago

    Hmm.. How about a bigger chunk of dry ice but then immediately inverting a 5 gallon bucket and placing over the top of the dry ice and the hole... Leave for a couple of hours.

  67. The Beta Boyz

    The Beta Boyz14 days ago

    Man gets stung by wasps man's brother: And I took that personally....

  68. Random Vids & Clips

    Random Vids & Clips15 days ago

    We just witnessed genocide

  69. Lance windsor

    Lance windsor15 days ago

    My question is does dried ice kill mice??🤔🤔🤔🤔🤣😂🤣😂

  70. Matex FF

    Matex FF15 days ago

    actually bees are building that nest hole life and you destroy it and killed most of them..

  71. Lost Advanced

    Lost Advanced13 days ago

    Actually Yellow jackets aren’t bees big surprise isn’t it?

  72. Shihoblade

    Shihoblade15 days ago

    Its a sub zero attack! Its what we trained for boys. Buzz with emphasis!

  73. Dane Stonebraker

    Dane Stonebraker15 days ago

    I tried the meat on the plank thing an only caught flies. I had a yellow jacket nest right outside my door and didn’t notice it till it was 7-8” in diameter. I didn’t bother it and they didn’t bother me, until that day when one caught in my hair turned to a dozen around my head and I pointed my hose on jet to my face and neck. I took a blow torch to the nest. Felt great. A hahahaha, little f$&kers.

  74. T Kommando

    T Kommando16 days ago

    I once poured gas in the entry of a yellow jacket nest. I then covered the hole with a bowl and let them suffocate.

  75. Metal bat Laughlin

    Metal bat Laughlin16 days ago

    I wish you had a Lamborghini tracktor

  76. Train boi

    Train boi16 days ago

    Please do lava! I want to see it!

  77. Mikequfv

    Mikequfv16 days ago

    Try liquid nitrogen next.

  78. Jasper Miller

    Jasper Miller16 days ago

    i hate ground nests

  79. Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson16 days ago

    i think he made a dry ice bomb from the jar lol

  80. Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson16 days ago

    CO2 is heavier than air so it will go down there anyway but cold it will help it gp down also. they will be saying im cold so cold jim im dieing im cold.

  81. Luke Wesley

    Luke Wesley16 days ago

    sleeping wasps! :D.

  82. Snikpoh 1390

    Snikpoh 139017 days ago

    That's a happy skunk.

  83. Jimmy Van Dub

    Jimmy Van Dub17 days ago

    The dry ice with a bucket over it might be the best bet.

  84. Daniel John

    Daniel John17 days ago

    My dad had an outstanding way to rid us of the yellow jackets . worked everytime . Worked very well and they rarely came back .. To renest


    SAM BRICKELL17 days ago

    *7:29* this is beyond wholesome!!! :)

  86. Two Nomadic Hearts

    Two Nomadic Hearts17 days ago

    Nature is neat

  87. Eemeli Häkkinen

    Eemeli Häkkinen17 days ago

    this is so clever Simple yet brilliant I would never have thought of this

  88. Patricio Hondagneu Roig

    Patricio Hondagneu Roig18 days ago

    3:20 "this is my life now"

  89. dying101666

    dying10166618 days ago

    this looks like a fun job ( minus the stings)

  90. dying101666

    dying10166618 days ago

    dude. i don't like getting stung once and you're so calm about it. much respect.

  91. Si Ricko

    Si Ricko18 days ago

    You'er far from wired bro you just doing yo thang.

  92. Shane S

    Shane S18 days ago

    You really have too much time on your hands...

  93. Lost Advanced

    Lost Advanced13 days ago

    No this is his job lol, he earn money from this

  94. Fwonchie

    Fwonchie18 days ago

    adolf woods

  95. Elsa Delima

    Elsa Delima18 days ago

    Did you have mosquito traps? Im tired of getting bitten.

  96. Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez19 days ago

    I legit thought the baby was the one that showed up to eat the nest💀

  97. Nombre Apellido

    Nombre Apellido19 days ago

    Get a road flare, light it, insert it into the hole and VIOLA! No more yellow jackets!

  98. Mark Rayes

    Mark Rayes20 days ago

    makes you wonder if you pour in liquid nitrogen...😈 *edit* just seen you mention you would attempt it next

  99. Samantha James-Cooper

    Samantha James-Cooper20 days ago

    I wonder if it would be better to upturn a bucket over the nest, with a few small holes in - so as the ice turns to gas, it displaces the oxygen and the area is bathed in CO2? & just leave it! It'll sink into the hole better without the surrounding air blowing it away.

  100. No One

    No One20 days ago

    “My brother’s neighbors think I’m weird” - I’m weird too. How boring to be normal!

  101. Johnathan Bach

    Johnathan Bach20 days ago

    Three stars for effectiveness.

  102. Zane Schultz

    Zane Schultz20 days ago

    Need to use gas and old motor oil

  103. Fawzi Breidi

    Fawzi Breidi20 days ago

    Close the entrance with a lid otherwise the co2 will escape

  104. TamraGirl

    TamraGirl21 day ago

    Bro the dry ice isn’t working Hellas of them got away.

  105. reality

    reality21 day ago

    You could've added a plastic dome to seal in the hole and co2

  106. Ju 87

    Ju 8721 day ago

    3:18 lmao that one unlucky wasp that got "screwed"

  107. gray man

    gray man21 day ago

    covering the dry ice at the entrance, with an upside down 5 gallon bucket, may have worked better.

  108. The mannequin that invested in the STONKS market

    The mannequin that invested in the STONKS market21 day ago

    This man: I’m about to end these bee’s whole career