Catching 22 mice with the Greatest Mouse Trap (Catch 22) - The Bender - Mousetrap Monday

In this video we test our one of the Greatest Mouse Traps Of All Time.
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  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn WoodsMonth ago

    Thank you so much for watching. For rodent trap recommendations and gear I use to film youtube videos check out my Amazon Affiliate Store:

  2. the Truth

    the Truth24 days ago

    Good. I hate mice.

  3. Dennis Enright

    Dennis Enright26 days ago


  4. Nateyred

    Nateyred26 days ago


  5. Kketansa Art

    Kketansa ArtMonth ago

    Those who said this trap was overengineered, were definately not from Germany.

  6. Tendy W

    Tendy WMonth ago

    @Sir Jimmy Savile xx

  7. Benjen 1211

    Benjen 121110 hours ago

    This invention is absolutely the greatest/perfect mouse/rat trap in the world, because it catches multiple rats and mice. It is kinda grandpaish.

  8. HiFuncAutismBoi

    HiFuncAutismBoi15 hours ago

    While I understand that rats and mice spread disease, are a pest, and damage human civilization, I can't help but feel a little sad at the shear amount of death and especially how violent the death is

  9. firefox phinx

    firefox phinxDay ago


  10. Ji Ji

    Ji Ji2 days ago

    All i keep thinking about is how much this system would save me on feeders for my ball python lol. I kind of wish i lived in an area with mice now just for this

  11. Cult Of The Cryptids Member

    Cult Of The Cryptids Member2 days ago

    Is there one to actually not kill it

  12. BöbertTheFrøg

    BöbertTheFrøg3 days ago

    I would rather put a large cage below so they would die :( It's also a very inhumane way of killing them

  13. Yoonmi

    Yoonmi4 days ago

    I'd imagine the mice just Mouse2: *falls into trap* Mouse1: oh hey there, you got trapped in too huh? Mouse1: yep Mouse3: *falls in too* Mouse2: guess we'll have more company :D

  14. 12345 67890

    12345 678904 days ago

    Sorry for the pretentious german class, but unless it's a latin or english borrowed word, "V" is pronounced like an "F". Also, -r endings should have a slight but somewhat long "a"(a as in "rat, bad, bat") sound after the vowel. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

  15. Tier Beobachtungen

    Tier Beobachtungen4 days ago

    Poor mice

  16. chris andrus

    chris andrus5 days ago

    Don’t you have a mouse trap that is very similar as well?

  17. hellsing horny

    hellsing horny5 days ago

    i believe in german engineering

  18. MaxloveRb

    MaxloveRb5 days ago

    ui its a german mousetrapp wer deutsch kann liked

  19. Mac Wang

    Mac Wang5 days ago

    time to end the 22 with a .22

  20. Whittly Arts

    Whittly Arts6 days ago

    i feel bad for the mice....😞

  21. Atty Mizer

    Atty Mizer6 days ago

    damn, your just going to drown a whole bunch of mice? Brutal! and I though the snapping mousetraps were mean.

  22. Leu88

    Leu886 days ago

    Animal abuse channels should be shut down.

  23. HerrKuschelweich

    HerrKuschelweich7 days ago

    Deutsche Qualität!

  24. Alex Zolotov

    Alex Zolotov7 days ago

    I wonder how he still has mice in his barn despite the fact that he constantly kills them

  25. John Kimuel Bello

    John Kimuel Bello8 days ago

    I read it as "the Blender" and I was immediately terrified of the cylinder

  26. S Tier Coprophiliac

    S Tier Coprophiliac9 days ago

    I really dont get this dudes obsession with killing mice lol

  27. Fsjal Sans

    Fsjal Sans9 days ago

    you should get a snake.

  28. Lockwood Studios

    Lockwood Studios10 days ago

    Imagine going into a weird looking elevator, beckoned by the smell of the most delicious food you’ve ever smelt, only to have a trap door open Beneath you, to reveal several stories worth of rotting corpses, to fall to your death.

  29. Robert cayle Dagomboy

    Robert cayle Dagomboy10 days ago

    damn that mouse trap is hungry

  30. Aurianna Dodge

    Aurianna Dodge10 days ago

    This is a really good mouse trap, I do feel bad for the mice tho, they just drowned to death :(

  31. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻10 days ago

    I really just got tricked into watching four minutes of mice casually strolling to their deaths lmao

  32. Robert Brase

    Robert Brase13 hours ago

    Interesting name.....

  33. Cumunist

    Cumunist11 days ago

    are you trying to artificially evolve smarter mice through natural selection

  34. Cumunist

    Cumunist11 days ago

    german? overengineered? those 2 words go together well

  35. khan lala

    khan lala11 days ago


  36. Simon Says

    Simon Says12 days ago

    If i got one of those i could retire my cats! LOL

  37. vriosm

    vriosm12 days ago

    congratulations on your channel, it is very interesting. the best thing is that you leave the dead mice and rats in the forest for wild animals to eat.

  38. Faruq 9854

    Faruq 985412 days ago

    German engineering is the best in the world

  39. MR GUPPY 101

    MR GUPPY 10113 days ago

    Nice video

  40. Maui Randall

    Maui Randall13 days ago

    Not good if you're collecting them for the tails

  41. Brittle Courage

    Brittle Courage13 days ago

    the bucket rusting away seems like the only issue. Nowadays though you could just use a plastic one and this thing is perfect.

  42. Gd Gold

    Gd Gold13 days ago

    Sorry but I can’t help but feel sorry 😞

  43. Jason Gooden

    Jason Gooden13 days ago

    Someone should make a 3D printed version of this trap

  44. Eugene Dooucet

    Eugene Dooucet15 days ago

    How does he have any mice left in his barn?

  45. Will Batson

    Will Batson15 days ago


  46. PEACE

    PEACE15 days ago


  47. Flam1ngo

    Flam1ngo17 days ago

    Only you would artificialy rust a moustrap LMAO!

  48. passy tati

    passy tati17 days ago

    Anyone else watching this at 1 am in the morning?

  49. Smart mouse trap 2021

    Smart mouse trap 202118 days ago


  50. Its-_-Fox Grrr

    Its-_-Fox Grrr18 days ago

    Make one that catches people

  51. EtWoN/Ethan YoUnG/Young

    EtWoN/Ethan YoUnG/Young18 days ago

    Drown them. Right.

  52. Geno Dedemon

    Geno Dedemon19 days ago

    Who wouldn't want a trap like this? Amazeing trap

  53. DJ Lune

    DJ Lune20 days ago

    Eww he said mouse soup 😅😅😅

  54. TheBoxster1998

    TheBoxster199820 days ago

    This is like Disneyland maze for mice...I need one of these...

  55. Sunny Kay

    Sunny Kay21 day ago

    Whi would’ve thought the best mouse trap ever is from more than 100 years ago. Lol. Why dont they make these anymore

  56. Mr BeastNexos

    Mr BeastNexos22 days ago

    That mouse is paid actor 🤣

  57. MegAnimations

    MegAnimations22 days ago

    Me, thinking it’s a live trap: :D Me, at 6:57, realizing it’s in fact a drown trap: *sobs in rodent owner* (Great video btw!!)

  58. exotic butterS 3

    exotic butterS 38 days ago

    Dude same I have two rats

  59. Sin Amos

    Sin Amos22 days ago

    Why are you trying to kill mice?

  60. Dave

    Dave22 days ago

    This guys barn is seriously infested with mice

  61. youguerten ouikhalfen

    youguerten ouikhalfen22 days ago

    I like it’s design

  62. Kenneth Holm Sr

    Kenneth Holm Sr23 days ago

    I wonder if you could scale up this trap for rats

  63. CatBee

    CatBee23 days ago

    Poor mice.

  64. KFan8

    KFan823 days ago

    On the last month we had quite a few mice show up at our house, most of them babies. This trap is far more effective than those Sticky Traps by far and for sure a lot cheaper than having to buy several sheets for each mouse we see.

  65. LEW1Z420

    LEW1Z42023 days ago

    Hell yeah snake gonna be chubby

  66. milo

    milo23 days ago

    i read the title as “the blender” and got scared

  67. elisabeth mutiara

    elisabeth mutiara23 days ago

    22.RAT Full-Automatic mouse trap

  68. David B

    David B23 days ago

    over 600 ways to kill a rat....

  69. ItsEunice playz

    ItsEunice playz24 days ago

    Who us eating chicken 👏👏😭

  70. Typo River

    Typo River24 days ago

    At some point I wonder if he has to re-mouse his barn after making so many videos you'd think he would catch them all at some point

  71. Karina

    Karina24 days ago

    i mean it’s alright

  72. Karina

    Karina24 days ago


  73. Vonte Ok

    Vonte Ok24 days ago

    Every corner of New York City needs this

  74. Ave Crux

    Ave Crux24 days ago

    But why do they go inside to begin with when there's no bait.....?

  75. ibis navarro

    ibis navarro24 days ago

    food for chickens too

  76. jeagerist

    jeagerist24 days ago

    That's awful

  77. Minju

    Minju24 days ago

    Why do i get sad watching them die:(

  78. stuckonautomatic

    stuckonautomatic24 days ago

    It says "vorn" above the entrance. So does the trap only work for German-speaking mice?

  79. Brandon L

    Brandon L24 days ago

    We should make that for meth heads!

  80. Tirth ???

    Tirth ???24 days ago

    Me when I see a mouse pretending to be a statue: Time to scream This man: 2:06

  81. Roxxas Fromer

    Roxxas Fromer24 days ago

    I will admit the design is simple but having the framework to make your own would be great

  82. Roxxas Fromer

    Roxxas Fromer24 days ago

    It would help if we could see the restored blueprint for this simple yet highly effective trap

  83. Kisha77720

    Kisha7772024 days ago

    *New York enters the chat*...

  84. Harry mcatameo

    Harry mcatameo24 days ago

    Now that's a lot of damage

  85. Mick Allen

    Mick Allen25 days ago

    I caught 19 mice in one night with a beer bottle leaning on a brick with a little beer and a bit of bread...

  86. barbarian construct

    barbarian construct25 days ago

    I wonder if we got an animal much much cuter and less destructive than feral rats more people would want to domesticate them unlike Mr. keep me up at night trying to kill you

  87. james wye

    james wye25 days ago

    thou shalt not sayeth the lord,the bible is fullov it

  88. Gordo

    Gordo25 days ago

    For comparison, perhaps: A large 'bowl' with peanut oil.

  89. Sean Donahue

    Sean Donahue25 days ago

    That has got to be the most horrifying experience.

  90. Mista Keez

    Mista Keez25 days ago

    Spread out the rats next time so that the animals don’t fight over the food; make a mouse slingshot

  91. james wye

    james wye25 days ago

    every creature on this earth has a purpose,even humans,what gives anybody the right to take any life .

  92. jme1mm

    jme1mm25 days ago

    Rise Peter, kill and eat. Acts 10:13

  93. Psychedelic Sunflower

    Psychedelic Sunflower25 days ago

    Poor mice 🥺

  94. Fast Gaming

    Fast Gaming25 days ago

    you forgot to say they drown alaive

  95. B Bender

    B Bender25 days ago

    This is great

  96. Gojira

    Gojira25 days ago

    This is a cool device, but honestly the greatest mouse trap is a cat. One momma cat would clean up those mice in no time, and you don't have to clean the mice out afterwards.


    REKT TURTLE25 days ago

    Where the hell do you find these things??

  98. Banana Boi

    Banana Boi25 days ago

    When someone is selling Rick Harrison an antique mousetrap, he’s gonna call in this guy

  99. Evan Kees

    Evan Kees25 days ago


  100. Bradford Langston

    Bradford Langston25 days ago

    Imagine falling into a pile of your drowned relatives...

  101. Aydan and Sheep

    Aydan and Sheep24 days ago


  102. We need a bigger Eraser NOW

    We need a bigger Eraser NOW25 days ago

    I never realized the guy who makes or uses deadly mouse traps would also own a mouse. Now I’m wondering if the mouse looks in horror every time it sees a new mouse trap or judges the ones who fall into such traps.

  103. DonRoxon

    DonRoxon25 days ago

    so the mice drowns? that's not a very nice death

  104. Paul Burkholder

    Paul Burkholder25 days ago

    Just mowing em down

  105. Baue frenchmen

    Baue frenchmen25 days ago

    Poor mice :( i liked the trap b4 the water got put in but i cant stand killing rodents after having them as pets for so long, drowning ontop of a pile of dead siblings sounds horrifying and not very humane as effective as it is.

  106. ͩ ͪ ͎͙ ̜ͥ ̠ͮ͐̌ ̴̛̥ ̜ͥ͜͠ ̾ ̾ ͪ ͎͙ ̜ͥ ̜ͥ ̠ͮ͐̌ ̴̛̥ ̜ͥ͜͠ ̠ ͎͙̓ ̾ ̔ ͎͒ ̠ͮ͐̌ ̵̭̆ ̠ͮ͐̌ ̴̛̥ ̠ ̠ͮ͐̌ ̴̛̥ ̜ͥ͜͠ ̠ ͎͙̓ ̾ ̔ ͎͒ ̠ͮ͐̌ ̵̭̆ ̔ ͩ ̇ ̇ ̞ͩ ̵̭̆ ̜ͥ͜͠ ̾ ͩ ̾ ͪ ͎͙ ̠ͮ͐̌ ̃

    ͩ ͪ ͎͙ ̜ͥ ̠ͮ͐̌ ̴̛̥ ̜ͥ͜͠ ̾ ̾ ͪ ͎͙ ̜ͥ ̜ͥ ̠ͮ͐̌ ̴̛̥ ̜ͥ͜͠ ̠ ͎͙̓ ̾ ̔ ͎͒ ̠ͮ͐̌ ̵̭̆ ̠ͮ͐̌ ̴̛̥ ̠ ̠ͮ͐̌ ̴̛̥ ̜ͥ͜͠ ̠ ͎͙̓ ̾ ̔ ͎͒ ̠ͮ͐̌ ̵̭̆ ̔ ͩ ̇ ̇ ̞ͩ ̵̭̆ ̜ͥ͜͠ ̾ ͩ ̾ ͪ ͎͙ ̠ͮ͐̌ ̃9 days ago

    It doesn't need to be humane because we're not killing humans, these are pests

  107. Andrew Garcia

    Andrew Garcia25 days ago

    Why do you have to kill them 😭😭



    Why worry about a mouse dying? They'll die one way or another lol

  109. Flocks Skrooner

    Flocks Skrooner25 days ago


  110. K & M

    K & M25 days ago

    Do you want them to eat your food and get bacteria on your food.

  111. The Lab-X

    The Lab-X25 days ago

    Lol. This kind of traps is like a mass distraction weapon and should be banned by UN Security Council

  112. Robert G

    Robert G25 days ago

    I personally like the idea of a baited snap shut trap. It's more human than letting a mouse struggle to keep its head above the water till it drowns, and a snap trap kills instantly

  113. Rochon George

    Rochon George26 days ago

    Who other than me wanted Shawn to mix in some latex gloves?