Nutria - Catching Delicious Swamp Rats. Mousetrap Monday

Nutria - Catching Delicious Swamp Rats. Mousetrap Monday
In this video we use a live catch humane Havahart trap to catch a non native invasive species from South America.
You can purchase this live catch trap through my Amazon Affiliate Link:


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn WoodsYear ago

    You can purchase this humane live catch trap through my Amazon Affiliate Link:

  2. NipChip

    NipChipMonth ago

    no lmao

  3. Jin kam

    Jin kamMonth ago

    Humane ? Then u slaughter the poor soul

  4. Dick Goesinya

    Dick Goesinya2 months ago

    I would love to try that!! You have a endless meat supply

  5. Muhammad

    Muhammad3 months ago

    10:41 *"I do not like video games that Shawn I am I do not like them with green eggs and ham."* With Nutria on the other hand that's a whole different story.

  6. Zanki Pot

    Zanki Pot3 months ago

    Hey I just wanted to know how u killed the nutria because I was thinking of doing this but I want to humanely kill the nutria.

  7. Raven Funderburg

    Raven Funderburg5 minutes ago

    This was great, even though I had to skip through the raw meat part. I'm here because I wanted to show my son what a nutria was. I used to live in New Orleans. I told him nutria's took over so we fixed that there by eating them. He didn't believe me until this video. Thx for posting, you got a new subscriber.

  8. Robert Vincent Nongkynrih

    Robert Vincent Nongkynrih7 hours ago

    Guys get ready for another pandemic

  9. bkstreamer_ 09

    bkstreamer_ 093 days ago

    shawn woods: "im not gonna show the butcher process because of youtube guidelines" youtube seeing video of person slicing frog face open: this is fine and not against guidelines

  10. bkstreamer_ 09

    bkstreamer_ 093 days ago

    if it is humane then why do you kill the rat?

  11. helicopter

    helicopter2 days ago

    Because it isn’t a painful death.

  12. Metal bat Laughlin

    Metal bat Laughlin4 days ago

    Good juggle

  13. Steal Your

    Steal Your4 days ago

    The way he said “let it go”

  14. ExtraStainedSock !!

    ExtraStainedSock !!5 days ago

    "He looks alittle different" B:|

  15. cbrooke16

    cbrooke165 days ago

    San Diego Burritos everyday!!.. love cilantro ☺️

  16. Daniel Flugt

    Daniel Flugt6 days ago

    I'm beginning to understand why Shawn was let go as an immigration officer

  17. Beaster565

    Beaster5656 days ago

    I don’t mean to brag, but I make a mean swamp rat stew

  18. Joel Springman

    Joel Springman7 days ago

    I thought Nutria were Giant Gambian or Nigerian (Pouched?) Rats that were imported for the pet trade (they are actually extremely affectionate and intelligent). Now, I'm not so sure...?

  19. Brandon MacDonald

    Brandon MacDonald7 days ago

    Bruh thats not a frickin swanp rat thats a beaver

  20. Kevin Cruz Cruz

    Kevin Cruz Cruz7 days ago

    you eat mexican burritos

  21. Thin Shady

    Thin Shady7 days ago

    Thanks for being a good parent. So polite :)

  22. MikeShotta

    MikeShotta7 days ago

    I love your videos Man That was just really interesting ALL around

  23. Fried Chicken Chesse Milo's

    Fried Chicken Chesse Milo's7 days ago

    Never thought id wanna eat a rat

  24. R Hebner

    R Hebner8 days ago

    Put it on a hook and wait for the gators to chow down.

  25. Za Clapz

    Za Clapz8 days ago

    Do nutria live in south dakota

  26. Wanda Turner

    Wanda Turner8 days ago

    Yep taste like soap to me too

  27. Jefferson.Hyperplane

    Jefferson.Hyperplane9 days ago

    Rodents of unusual size!

  28. zorro mark

    zorro mark9 days ago

    getting trapped didn't spoil it's appetite. 🤗😃😄

  29. Sandra Keener

    Sandra Keener9 days ago

    Beautiful daughter. Good job. Another food source available.

  30. Gee Trieste

    Gee Trieste9 days ago

    Knock, knock, knock. Hello! We're here from CPS and we're here to help you with your dinner choices.

  31. violletteebani

    violletteebani9 days ago


  32. Gabriel Eskilida

    Gabriel Eskilida9 days ago


  33. aruce9

    aruce910 days ago

    **shrek would like to know your location**

  34. Ian Lewis

    Ian Lewis10 days ago

    Go to hell apples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Roland Jacobs

    Roland Jacobs10 days ago

    That's disgusting!!! Borderline child abuse...feeding your daughter that sick zucchini. 👎

  36. sin

    sin10 days ago

    You mean a capybara

  37. Sawyer Avery

    Sawyer Avery10 days ago

    him basicly "ok today guys we will do a mukbang on a rat"

  38. Flaming Ginger

    Flaming Ginger10 days ago

    Why is the youtube algorithm showing me this

  39. Sasha Howell

    Sasha Howell10 days ago

    Clementine is such a pretty name

  40. Stevie

    Stevie10 days ago

    Are these related to the capibara?

  41. Allo

    Allo11 days ago

    When he said butcher the nutria it curled up

  42. generalpeeps

    generalpeeps11 days ago

    Here in Britain we had a huge effort to eradicate these invasive pests (coypu) in the 70's with the last ones capable of breeding being killed in '79. The way it was done was very similar to this video with trappers catching them in live traps and either tagging them to find burrows or putting them down with .22s.

  43. Dennis

    Dennis11 days ago

    At last you're killing for reason food

  44. Darla Tidwell

    Darla Tidwell12 days ago

    A delicious rat? No way.

  45. Kale Watson

    Kale Watson12 days ago

    poor mammal

  46. Kale Watson

    Kale Watson12 days ago

    omg NOo i love them they are also called capybara they are so sweet and cute and nice they love human contact

  47. DubDose

    DubDose12 days ago


  48. Ανθουλης P

    Ανθουλης P12 days ago

    You most definitely should tell others what you’re feeding them,.

  49. John Murdock

    John Murdock12 days ago

    I hit the like button when the little girl said, " more nutria rat please. " .🙂

  50. JAFOfficial aka. Jake And Friends

    JAFOfficial aka. Jake And Friends12 days ago

    Nutria trapped: Needs stress reliever *eats apples* Now I feel betyer and my anxiety and stress is gone...

  51. Robert Kukuczka

    Robert Kukuczka12 days ago

    A copyu.

  52. SoEatable

    SoEatable12 days ago

    How did I get here?

  53. Amnesia

    Amnesia12 days ago

    Since 4 days we do have a nutria living by our small lake. It's actually good cause this lake is awfully managed. It eats all the water plants growing all over the surface of the "water". I like that thing 🐻

  54. Hayden Ring

    Hayden Ring13 days ago

    Sewer this was so cute

  55. Josh Groban

    Josh Groban13 days ago

    Looks like a water capybara

  56. Mike Graham

    Mike Graham13 days ago

    It seriously looks like chicken meat. And with a name like "Nutria" you could sell that as "free range and organic" lol

  57. Mike Graham

    Mike Graham13 days ago

    Nutria is like a beaver without a flat tail.

  58. Ultra Gaming Legend

    Ultra Gaming Legend13 days ago

    Nutria: If I was a dam swamp rat u wouldn't be eating me n enjoying me get the f outta here swamp rat yo mama : Shawn Woods : mmmmmm thts some good swamp rat gammy moist swamp rat oo it's a bit slippery wats the green stuff mmmmmm

  59. James Mcclain

    James Mcclain14 days ago

    I just hope this dude does not eat everything he said he traps!!! He said skunk 🦨!!!🤢🤮

  60. Caleb Dunningham

    Caleb Dunningham14 days ago

    Evil capybara

  61. Mr. bendy

    Mr. bendy14 days ago

    Around the 0:25 you explaine the giant swamp rat and the way you said it reminded me of a beever(did i spell it right) and just add the difference bieng the tail and what they do in the wild.

  62. George Urban

    George Urban14 days ago

    Gross. Go vegan

  63. Riidwan Rahat

    Riidwan Rahat14 days ago

    Ew I don't wanna eat rat

  64. Los Nun

    Los Nun14 days ago

    Try the squash flower!!! Delicious 😋

  65. Jonathan Tan

    Jonathan Tan15 days ago

    Nutria sounds like a brand of artificial sweetener...

  66. Time On Target

    Time On Target15 days ago

    Shawn, it looks like you’re a great dad. Your daughter will benefit with a good life.

  67. Tech Guy

    Tech Guy15 days ago

    What a genuine nice family man.

  68. Sharon Lathrop

    Sharon Lathrop16 days ago

    What if the rat had been poisoned? Why would you eat that? Oh my God so gross

  69. Dead Zip

    Dead Zip14 days ago

    If it had been poisoned, it would have died in the cage or be dead somewhere else. I think this guy has enough survival knowledge to know what things to eat and how to properly cook them.

  70. w570

    w57016 days ago

    make a cooking channel! i will subscribe!

  71. Eugenia Hobbs

    Eugenia Hobbs16 days ago


  72. Richard Howell

    Richard Howell16 days ago

    That looked really good

  73. Paul Dillsaver

    Paul Dillsaver16 days ago

    South American beaver not a rat

  74. William Bliss

    William Bliss16 days ago

    There's a plant that grows in the eastern U.S. called "touch me not" aka "jewelweed" or "impatiens capensis". It is the miracle cure for poison ivy and I expect it would work on poison oak too. You crush some on the affected area and Itching and swelling stop instantly. Within a few minutes you can't even tell where the rash was. But I've never seen it growing in Oregon. It likes damp areas and is a succulent. It is related to impatiens, the garden plant, but I don't know if impatiens would also work.

  75. Somnorila

    Somnorila16 days ago

    Skunks?! How do you take them out from that type of trap then, you know, without becoming stinky man?

  76. Julie W/S

    Julie W/S16 days ago

    Nutria were and are a good source of food for hunters in southern Louisiana. People usually shoot them. I wonder if all the apples changed the flavor of the meat...some people find them gamey.

  77. Carrie Eloff

    Carrie Eloff17 days ago

    Aw, your daughter is adorbs. So, You eat brain, stomach and tongue, but no cilantro. I used to hate it too, but I have to say I like it in certain foods. ♥️ceviche

  78. Lorenia Johnson

    Lorenia Johnson17 days ago

    For poison ivy and poison oak...use a liquid antacid to neutralize the chemical reaction on your skin.

  79. In-Depth Gaming

    In-Depth Gaming17 days ago

    You're such a talented and wholesome father. I have tears in my eyes watching you with your daughter.

  80. Max Memestappen

    Max Memestappen17 days ago

    Iits funny how his buddy checks out the mechanism and is like "Nah bro, thats a trap." Then sees the apples and instantly forgets.

  81. CursedOwO

    CursedOwO17 days ago

    Never thought I'd want to eat a rat

  82. Enuma Elish

    Enuma Elish18 days ago

    This makes me want to try some wild game meats. I've always been kind of curious about Venison but this just go show you there are other interesting ones to consider as well.

  83. Duncan Russell

    Duncan Russell19 days ago

    Anyone know how he killed it humanely?

  84. jlly16

    jlly1620 days ago

    Aww, it’s so cute. Looks like a smaller version of a capybara.

  85. Robin Jacobs

    Robin Jacobs21 day ago

    Here in Oregon, some areas are OVER RUN with these varmints! I bet, if they could sell it in stores and restaurants we might go far to get numbers under control!

  86. James

    James22 days ago

    Ooooooooh bobkitty kitty cat

  87. Mika30041975

    Mika3004197523 days ago

    Straightforward ! Kill and eat.

  88. Wolf Silicon

    Wolf Silicon24 days ago

    You could say that nutria is nutritious and full of nutrients.

  89. Johnny Komatsu

    Johnny Komatsu24 days ago

    Yea, nah. A rat is a rat.

  90. Troudi Amine

    Troudi Amine24 days ago

    you don't eat rabits too?

  91. Jim Bob

    Jim Bob25 days ago

    Uhhhhhhh ........... no thank you.

  92. WAVY G

    WAVY G25 days ago

    That 1 season kinda pissed me off

  93. REM

    REM26 days ago

    kinda surprised no one's catching or breeding these to feed their giant pet snakes

  94. TopKek Film Productions

    TopKek Film Productions26 days ago

    Dogs are non-native species. Could you upload some videos about cooking and eating them?

  95. shawn walker

    shawn walker26 days ago

    So I’d actually really like to start trapping nutria, they seem like something that would be a lot of fun to go for, which states have a good population? Love the content! Keep slaying it!

  96. nonya business

    nonya business27 days ago

    Dude you're weird

  97. jack M

    jack M25 days ago


  98. z0h

    z0h27 days ago

    That part when he said he would rather people go out and play in the dirt and grass instead of playing video games. I looked out my window and all i could see is concrete buildings and asphalt. Must be nice living in a free state.

  99. Dominic Del Principe

    Dominic Del Principe27 days ago

    An American example for people to follow. Cheers Shawn!

  100. Baby Biscuit

    Baby Biscuit27 days ago

    Okay your awesome seriously 🙏 love your videos so muchh

  101. Stella

    Stella27 days ago

    You are a good dude with an adorable daughter and great waste-not philosophies.

  102. Tomo

    Tomo28 days ago

    i wouldnt catch and kill them just to eat. id prob release them.

  103. Astherielle Loella-Ximena

    Astherielle Loella-Ximena22 days ago

    Their non native species 🙄

  104. NEERD

    NEERD28 days ago

    here on Brazil we have some giant rat like that, but bigger than nutria and it called Capivara and yes the capivara meat is delicious.

  105. Dane Whaley

    Dane Whaley28 days ago

    I agree with some of the comments... looks like a version of a beaver

  106. Ken Johnson

    Ken Johnson28 days ago

    The words swamp and rat should never be in the same sentence as the word delicious. I’m out.

  107. rhetto

    rhetto29 days ago

    Curious about the USlikes guidelines regarding preparing the meat. There are other USlikes channels that show full cleaning of wild game (Deer Meat for Dinner for one).

  108. Karol

    Karol29 days ago

    Front legs are better, also they prefer bananas or boiled potatoes

  109. Sbo Sheziboy

    Sbo Sheziboy29 days ago

    Have anyone here ever ate a Porcupine meat? For me it's delicious, chicken like meat

  110. Modernww2fare

    Modernww2fare29 days ago

    You kinda look like Ash from Alien 1979