One Of The Best Mousetraps Ever Invented! The Wippo-Matic Mousetrap from Sweden. Mousetrap Monday

Watch as we catch 18 mice in one night. In this action packed video we test out one of my all time favorite mousetraps. It is so simple and it works every time. One of the best version of the walk the plank style mouse traps I have ever seen.


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods11 months ago

    Thank you so much for watching my videos. Have a great week!

  2. greenspiraldragon

    greenspiraldragon27 days ago

    They still sell similar items

  3. greenspiraldragon

    greenspiraldragon27 days ago

    @John Carlo Bernados On the farm we would fill a bucket with a few inches of water it would also catch roaches. They would just climb up and fall in. Use a wooden ramp no trap needed.

  4. NicVandEmZ

    NicVandEmZMonth ago

    Is there one like this for Rat

  5. Darla Tidwell

    Darla Tidwell2 months ago

    You too Shawn and family. Please let us know if the Whippo- matic mouse ramp is available for purchase. Please, that would be great.TY.

  6. Shadesmar Erik

    Shadesmar Erik3 months ago

    thats what the Congs used in the war to trap one GI after the other, without needing to reset or rearm the trap

  7. Muaddib

    Muaddib4 days ago

    It seems like every trap is the best trap haha

  8. Jon Leb

    Jon Leb8 days ago

    You would catch more mice if you would add something to soften the sound it makes every time it drops! (This would be true for a lot of traps that end up spooking mice that they should be catching!)

  9. Arc

    Arc10 days ago

    Oh baby a triplllle

  10. Rapidashisaunicorn

    Rapidashisaunicorn11 days ago

    You could probably 3D print one pretty easily with some minor tweaks to the design

  11. Princezz Puffypants

    Princezz Puffypants18 days ago

    Drowning is a horrible way to go. Snap-traps are usually fast, at least....

  12. Jackie Moon

    Jackie Moon19 days ago

    No way are all those mice wild mice. Why your barn so dirty lmoa

  13. Bourne Accident

    Bourne Accident21 day ago

    We moved to the country over 10 years ago. Mice, voles, rats, etc. everywhere. Nesting and having babies in my truck, eating wires in our cars, etc. It was all we could do to keep the house buttoned up and thank God we were able to keep them out of the basement and attic. But our garage and shed was a different story. Eventually, I was advised to create snake habitat with the idea that they will eat all the vermin. So I put stacks of flagstone around, plywood laying on the ground in the woods, rock piles, stacks of rotting wood in hidden places, etc. I made an effort to hide all these things so the property didn't look so crappy. Around a year later, I started noticing two different species of snakes... common garden snakes and another type of snake with a yellow ring around it's neck. I decided to decorate our garden beds with large flat rocks and tried to make attractive areas that I thought would be inviting for snakes. 10 years later we have very few mice or voles, I haven't see a rat in years, and no chipmunks either. The shed and garage are clean, and we see the snakes that I mentioned on a pretty regular basis. We also used to have a lot of frogs and toads... now only some. I've actually seen snakes in action consuming toads. I've always hated snakes, but now we love 'em.

  14. Prism was_here

    Prism was_here21 day ago

    how did u kill the mice and omg possum! shame on you.

  15. Prism was_here

    Prism was_here21 day ago

    wait- deer mice are the ones that carry hanta virus ?

  16. James Cook

    James Cook23 days ago

    PE Leu Pew! It’s a skunk!

  17. bunsoft2

    bunsoft223 days ago

    Thank you for the video. I have the feeling that it is fairly easy to build such a trap.

  18. skyworldita

    skyworldita25 days ago

    How did you dispatch them?

  19. Srad Steve

    Srad Steve25 days ago

    I bet someone could 3d print those

  20. tdawg135

    tdawg13526 days ago


  21. Ave Crux

    Ave Crux26 days ago

    Don't bait needed?

  22. greenspiraldragon

    greenspiraldragon27 days ago

    2:27 3 at once. Works every time. Most of the time you don't even need the trap just lean a board up against a bucket.

  23. apple sc0pes

    apple sc0pes27 days ago

    my favourite part is the one where the mouse fell in

  24. Angelika Bornett

    Angelika Bornett27 days ago

    This is available in Germany, 11 to 15 Euros

  25. 408Magenta

    408Magenta27 days ago

    Off to McShit.

  26. chickywilly

    chickywilly27 days ago

    This is a very MICE trap. I like how they fall in so MICELY. LOL!

  27. magic man

    magic man28 days ago

    I 3d printed this mouse trap and tried it. No where near as successful as you. I caught 3 mice in 2 months.

  28. Peter Richards

    Peter Richards28 days ago

    3d printing this would be pretty simple. I’m guessing someone has already created the model on a 3d repository somewhere.

  29. honkingantalope

    honkingantalope28 days ago

    How were you able to get them to not kill each other, after they fell in the bucket. They usually kill each other.

  30. Micah Gen

    Micah Gen29 days ago

    An easy and simple design to 3D print

  31. Motor Burrito

    Motor BurritoMonth ago

    Left two to tell the tale.

  32. Boxhawk

    BoxhawkMonth ago

    That last guy wanted die with his friends rather than live alone...

  33. The DripDrop

    The DripDropMonth ago

    If you have a PDF of its measurements pne.could surely 3d print one

  34. Edwin Voon

    Edwin VoonMonth ago

    So you built a better mouse-trap. Did the world beat a path to your door?

  35. Raweggs

    RaweggsMonth ago

    With 3D printers know im sure the bucket frame could be made and the slide plate could be bent from a piece of uPVC. Awesome design though.

  36. Yan Laporte

    Yan LaporteMonth ago

    Im wondering. Once cought, how do you “humanely “ put them down before feeding the wildlife with them? Im not judging, just curious.

  37. RighteousWeevil

    RighteousWeevilMonth ago

    2:55 did it just catch 3 at once?

  38. Conner Trieskey

    Conner TrieskeyMonth ago

    2:24 OH baby a tripple! oh yeah!

  39. Gauntlet

    GauntletMonth ago

    Simple and effective mouse trap. This one is my favorite.

  40. Michael Tang

    Michael TangMonth ago

    Tried one of these contraptions. Didn't work on the mouses around my condo. I was so disappointed.

  41. Claudio O.

    Claudio O.Month ago

    😳... And they keep coming and coming...

  42. bill melater

    bill melaterMonth ago

    Why not just 3d print it and sell new ones with a twist as to not break copy rights?

  43. William Munro

    William MunroMonth ago

    The deer mice carry hantavirus; so they should also be killed.

  44. The Idahodian

    The IdahodianMonth ago

    Excellent video. Liked and Subscribed. I'm curious how you humanly dispatch them.

  45. brynnus

    brynnusMonth ago

    How weird. I never knew skunks were carnivores.

  46. Dangamez13

    Dangamez13Month ago

    Imagine if he caught a pack rat with this

  47. Dicax

    DicaxMonth ago

    Someone with a 3D printer and lack of fear of Swedish lawyers get busy making these.

  48. Yusuf Shaikh

    Yusuf ShaikhMonth ago

    Wow I’m so dumb I didn’t know this

  49. v.a.g_wagon

    v.a.g_wagonMonth ago

    Take some measurements for 3d printing

  50. Brett DW Music

    Brett DW MusicMonth ago

    How did you kill the other mice?

  51. Michael Ellis

    Michael EllisMonth ago

    Shawn Woods: "According to my mouse trap collecting book..." Everyone else on the planet: (⊙.☉)

  52. rand mayfield

    rand mayfieldMonth ago

    It looked to me like the same mouse magically reappeared on the gang plank again and again and again.

  53. Christopher Parks

    Christopher ParksMonth ago

    greedy skunk

  54. Teuton

    TeutonMonth ago

    i wonder how many mouse generations it requires until they have learnt to avoid this trap

  55. Thinking Ape

    Thinking ApeMonth ago

    It puts the lotion on or it gets the hose again. 💀

  56. VJ Goofy

    VJ GoofyMonth ago

    I'm so disgusted by rats, I don't know why USlikes recommended me this but I couldn't stop watching. I also don't like mouses, and is kind of weird because we ate Guinea pigs like

  57. Pickle Supply Company Yep!

    Pickle Supply Company Yep!Month ago

    I hope you release them...somewhere far away. You live on the mouse Hellmouth, btw. Consider contacting a Slayer.

  58. Greyden Burgoyne

    Greyden BurgoyneMonth ago

    There so cute and I hate killing mice so i love traps like this

  59. WeedMIC

    WeedMICMonth ago

    Where is the bait? Why would they climb onto platform?

  60. Neda Nother

    Neda NotherMonth ago

    how about letting me mold that vintage part and we'll make them anew.

  61. Eladesor Views

    Eladesor ViewsMonth ago

    “Humanely” feed them to wild animals

  62. Tanner Lung

    Tanner LungMonth ago

    does anyone know if this would work on rats?

  63. Kermitt Hezmuth

    Kermitt HezmuthMonth ago

    Fill the bucket with C02 if there is no breeze.

  64. d1nyc

    d1nycMonth ago

    Why would you want to feed the rats???!!!!

  65. Knightedtitan

    KnightedtitanMonth ago

    I used to have traps like this near my chicken coup

  66. Ripper36068

    Ripper36068Month ago

    Looks like something Wallace would make whilst Gromit was making the tea!

  67. Tony C.

    Tony C.Month ago

    That Skunk: "Hey, FREE MICE!"

  68. Ct7-117

    Ct7-117Month ago

    You could probably 3d print this pretty easily if you gave the dimensions to someone who knows CAD or something

  69. Super Hiro

    Super HiroMonth ago

    I’ve been doing this for years but you don’t even need a door. Just have a ramp with food tied over middle of bucket.

  70. aefgshwrthwrhnwrhnbw

    aefgshwrthwrhnwrhnbwMonth ago

    If you could take some pics and measurements, I could make files for a 3d printer

  71. Zeldon567

    Zeldon567Month ago

    That looks like it could easily be 3D printed.

  72. Al Paca

    Al PacaMonth ago

    Fill that bucket with CO2 to humanely kill the mice without drowning them in a pretty miserable death

  73. buddy guy

    buddy guyMonth ago


  74. Peter B

    Peter BMonth ago

    I had this trap, didn't caught any mouse with this...

  75. Torpedomtb

    TorpedomtbMonth ago

    could be easily made by diy

  76. Newton Cooper

    Newton CooperMonth ago

    That looks easy enough to make.

  77. inkd_cali86

    inkd_cali86Month ago

    Him: "We'll humanely dispose of the house mice." *Feeds them to wild animals* 😂 Idk why that was so funny to me.

  78. bumboclat

    bumboclatMonth ago

    We just take empty toiled paper roll on a round stick

  79. Bobby Buttcheeks

    Bobby ButtcheeksMonth ago

    This guy should be in the snake feeding business

  80. gun buddies

    gun buddiesMonth ago

    That moment when you realise that you are not the native deer mouse. 😐

  81. Irving Brown

    Irving BrownMonth ago

    Great design!! I think the wider platform makes them feel more secure and most just walk right past the tipping point! Amazing!

  82. lulu73 B

    lulu73 BMonth ago

    your mice are soooo cute

  83. Đạt Tấn

    Đạt TấnMonth ago

    Chưa gặp chuột cốg việt nam 🤣nhiêu đó nhầm nhò j

  84. Lauren

    LaurenMonth ago

    only drawback is it doesnt kill the mice u then have to deal with that...

  85. ICouldntThinkOfAUserName

    ICouldntThinkOfAUserNameMonth ago

    how do you dispatch the group efficiently?

  86. Mark N

    Mark NMonth ago

    I would send that to China as a prototype and get a few thousand made up then resell on Amazon

  87. Jim Wilson

    Jim WilsonMonth ago

    i have been using a piece of plastic pipe over a wooden dowel and a 5 gallon pail for 40 years , works just as good

  88. bobbydj01

    bobbydj01Month ago

    it's like that monty python sketch with the room full of milkmen

  89. Minecrafter 02

    Minecrafter 02Month ago

    Oddly satisfying

  90. Lee Davies

    Lee DaviesMonth ago


  91. Luke Chandra

    Luke ChandraMonth ago

    it looks like your barn is infested with a plague of disgusting rodents

  92. Lee Davies

    Lee DaviesMonth ago


  93. Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas JeffersonMonth ago

    walk the plank is the best mouse trap ever... in all its forms

  94. Alora Cannon

    Alora CannonMonth ago

    be nice to see a 3d print of this become available

  95. Frequently Cynical

    Frequently CynicalMonth ago

    But what makes them walk up the ramp?

  96. Kevin V.B.

    Kevin V.B.Month ago

    UGH - I'm sad that you cannot get one of these ... lol

  97. Arat ja Ujot - Our stories

    Arat ja Ujot - Our storiesMonth ago

    You organized an orgy of mice! Next week you will have 1000!

  98. Mike Gaddass

    Mike GaddassMonth ago

    Rats love to eat mice. And intelligent owls wait until the rat eats, then the owl has a rat with mouse stuffing for dinner.

  99. Jack D

    Jack DMonth ago

    Someone 3D print this!

  100. Ron Lawrence

    Ron LawrenceMonth ago

    I wonder if the fact you used a clear bucket, giving the "free" mice the impression they are missing out on something, gave them even more incentive to try and figure out what the "trapped" mice were getting?

  101. MGT Productions

    MGT ProductionsMonth ago

    One of my all time favourite mousetraps?

  102. MGT Productions

    MGT ProductionsMonth ago

    Why am I watching this?

  103. WacKEDmaN

    WacKEDmaNMonth ago

    yawn...12 in one night with 1 single oldschool snap shut trap...

  104. Jordan Haddow

    Jordan HaddowMonth ago

    It's probably not for sale anymore as it's probably mostly used as a drowning trap, which are banned in a lot of places. I know drowning traps are illegal in Canada as the SPCA has it on its list of euthanization techniques considered to be animal cruelty.

  105. Jordan Haddow

    Jordan HaddowMonth ago

    You could probably whip one up for a 3D printer pretty quick. Just make sure to use it like in the video, without water.

  106. J. Frank Parnell

    J. Frank ParnellMonth ago

    This would be perfect for 3D printing.