Answering The Most Asked Questions About My Mousetrap Monday Youtube Channel.

In this video I answer the most asked questions about my youtube channel. Thank you so much for watching. Check out the 2nd part of this interview on Westons Channel:


  1. 01Phenom

    01Phenom6 days ago

    i miss those videos with huge traps made out of rocks

  2. TheItachai

    TheItachai7 days ago

    I remember you were historic hunter.

  3. Bosefuss DaBrun

    Bosefuss DaBrun9 days ago

    I don't get people that complain about your videos. How would they deal with a rodent issue if they had one themselves? Would they blindfold themselves? I don't get it

  4. Stephen Smith

    Stephen Smith10 days ago

    Aww Weston is a cool name

  5. Jaedyn 88

    Jaedyn 8817 days ago

    peking duck is amazing and delicious, we gave a styrofoam take out container full to our three kids and they devoured it, we said to them, wow you guys really like duck, they replied, what? That was duck, gross we don't like duck. If you are a dark meat person, duck is it.

  6. Ahmed Alkabasi

    Ahmed Alkabasi17 days ago

    You should buy the racist mousetraps as long as you dont believe in racism.

  7. RV Vagabond Jerry

    RV Vagabond Jerry19 days ago

    Is there a mousetrap museum somewhere? Would you like to create your own mousetrap museum?

  8. Karen

    Karen20 days ago

    Your experience using Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) as bait?

  9. 3rLLort DIY

    3rLLort DIY21 day ago

    Your friend looks like a young Chris Were, he’s a British guy on here, who talks about Linux and crypto/blockchain tech stuff...

  10. Guy P

    Guy P22 days ago

    I just like the way he says 'mouse'

  11. Javier Hernandez

    Javier Hernandez22 days ago

    Once when I and this guy were in jail we talked about USlikes and what channels and we both mentioned that we loved your mousetrap videos. I'm not joking i went to jail a few years ago and met a guy before being released that likes this channel too.

  12. Joe Rogan

    Joe Rogan22 days ago

    How To Pronounce Niche? Lets settle this now!

  13. The Boy With A Thorn In His Side.

    The Boy With A Thorn In His Side.22 days ago

    Question. How you ever Dreamt you've been bitten to Death by the Thousand poor Animals you've needlessly killed. Asking for a friend.

  14. Kelikaku Coutin

    Kelikaku Coutin24 days ago

    Thanks for the content. Keep up the good work. בס״ד

  15. parteibonza

    parteibonza25 days ago

    V E R M I N

  16. fernando

    fernando26 days ago

    Gonna have to watch this on a long drive or hella traffic

  17. Don Snoble

    Don Snoble26 days ago

    Do you have a trap for gophers?

  18. Cory Hogan

    Cory Hogan26 days ago

    I remember historic hunter. I stumbled across your bow making/deer kill with the bow video and remember thinking, "this dude's crazy and I want to spend a hunting season with him."

  19. SaycoRa

    SaycoRa26 days ago

    Do you think that someday the Giant Mouse of Minsk will come for you?

  20. SaycoRa

    SaycoRa26 days ago

    Nclown mouse trap xD

  21. mike13899

    mike1389926 days ago


  22. Victa Nguyen

    Victa Nguyen26 days ago

    Very evident that you're a down to earth bloke. I'll be your fan for life Shawn!

  23. Exploring Creation

    Exploring Creation27 days ago

    East coast duck hunting!!! Yess please!!! Yesssss pleaseeeeee!!!!!

  24. Exploring Creation

    Exploring Creation27 days ago

    I WOULD LOVE to see some HUNTING videos!!!!!! That would make my year!

  25. Exploring Creation

    Exploring Creation27 days ago

    Joseph carter the mink man collage????

  26. Johnny James

    Johnny James27 days ago

    Im looking forward to your videos on the new property!

  27. Mr Constantin

    Mr Constantin27 days ago

    How do you convince the mice and rats to keep coming to your barn?

  28. MR. D00M

    MR. D00M27 days ago

    Go back to your roots Shawn! Do more of the old hunting and flintknapping videos! Old fans miss it

  29. Doc Ink

    Doc Ink28 days ago

    definitely interested in going along on your hunts !

  30. tpl 608

    tpl 60828 days ago

    Love your channel. You may want to think about breaking these question and answer episodes into 3 or 4 shorter videos given how busy people are. It is easier to hit a new video that getting back to your place on a longer video. Protect yourself and your family, wear gloves. ;-)

  31. Fiona Verne

    Fiona Verne28 days ago

    I’d love to see some duck hunting videos! I love seeing someone so passionate about their interests. :)

  32. Adam K

    Adam K28 days ago

    Please put up your older unedited videos on another platform like bitshute.

  33. Bruce Tiffin

    Bruce Tiffin28 days ago

    Get back to killing mice, eating rats, flint, traps etc. You are getting boring.

  34. The Wallpaper Man

    The Wallpaper Man28 days ago

    Do what Tony Hawk did when you turn 50! But moustrap monday style!

  35. Matt Shaver

    Matt Shaver28 days ago

    Not only is your content informational, funny, and relaxing but you’re an inspiration for small channels like me to keep making videos about things we’re passionate about. Thanks Shawn!

  36. Crush42 Mash

    Crush42 Mash28 days ago

    I was always wondered how many mice you have at your disposal, because you always bring out random mice to test out your next Invention. 🇨🇦

  37. Morgan

    Morgan29 days ago

    I used to watch your videos years ago and all my friends thought I was weird... now I’m diagnosed with aspd 😀👍 apparently a lot of ppl with aspd do too so thank you lol

  38. nick ford

    nick ford29 days ago

    With the pandemic I bet survival would do beter

  39. Commenter Five

    Commenter Five29 days ago

    10: 06, It's a high chance, Shaun, the Trouble cause was part of the Chinese government. Online study China's international escapades and country infiltrations. To know where it is leading, read Revelation 6: 4 and 9: 16- 18 A Red🇨🇳 horse. A third part of mankind.

  40. LedLoaf

    LedLoaf29 days ago

    I got a question: Have you ever had someone steal from you and you actually catch them? If nobody was around would you try a human trap on them?

  41. Maria Regina

    Maria Regina29 days ago

    People who are allergic to poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac may react adversely to laurel sumac found in California. In addition, cashew, pistachio, and macadamia nuts are also related to poison oak and poison ivy.

  42. Yoga Pixie

    Yoga Pixie29 days ago

    So is it true that mice don't like pine sol?

  43. Jason Forsee

    Jason Forsee29 days ago

    Would love to see the hunting videos!

  44. Joe Anderson

    Joe Anderson29 days ago

    Hey Shawn shout out from another farm boy love your videos brother

  45. Jimmy

    Jimmy29 days ago

    Been a viewer for a couple years now, Really love your content

  46. Tom Eubank

    Tom Eubank29 days ago

    I'd strongly recommend that you put your hunting videos on a completely different channel -- especially your duck hunting excursions. Controlling invasive rodents is a necessity; killing rare & endangered ducks entirely something else.

  47. Dai Laffin

    Dai Laffin29 days ago

    Amazing that a channel about trapping mice has a following of almost one and a half million myself included. The videos are fascinating and addictive, thank you Shawn from a follower in the UK 👍

  48. Mark Lepka

    Mark Lepka29 days ago

    Hi Shawn. 👋👋👋👋👋👋

  49. huntfishtrap

    huntfishtrap29 days ago

    I would love to see some hunting videos!

  50. darkspel

    darkspel29 days ago


  51. Chris Plowden

    Chris Plowden29 days ago

    Shawn, watching this video made me think about a podcast I listen to called WildFed by Daniel Vitalis. If you don’t know him I think it could be beneficial to both of you to connect with each other

  52. Santa Hat

    Santa Hat29 days ago

    Been watching your mouse trap videos for around 3 years now and if there's some way I could support your channel directly in any financial amount I definitely would. The amount of enjoyment I've gotten definitely warrants it!

  53. Andrew Beach

    Andrew Beach29 days ago

    Starlink for internet? I've also seen people use Tmobile at home as alternative. Thanks Shawn for sharing.

  54. Sir Kane

    Sir Kane29 days ago

    How does your barn still have a rat population of above 1 All these years of trapping/killing hundreds if not thousands of rats and you still regularly capture multiple rats in each video. Do they have a veitcong tunnel system spanning hundreds of miles or are you buying them in bulk and dumping them on the floor?

  55. Vencel Biro

    Vencel Biro29 days ago

    Weston is a good listener and he speaks clearly. Loved this video, would really love to see survival stuff

  56. Ian Benson

    Ian Benson29 days ago

    Shawn have you seen what's happening in Australia? Biblical! Now, more than every you are needed!

  57. Bashcrash 914

    Bashcrash 91429 days ago

    I enjoyed the interview.

  58. 陈鸿林 aiden h. tan

    陈鸿林 aiden h. tan29 days ago

    your camera quality became better

  59. Sean Woods

    Sean Woods29 days ago

    Love your channel! Keep doing what you do. Your integrity as a human being shines through every video you upload. Thank you! Also, funny thing is, I too turn 40 this year and share nearly the same name as you!

  60. Smith Luke

    Smith Luke29 days ago

    The Chad Shawn Woods vs The Virgin Soylent Cameraman

  61. 류기현

    류기현29 days ago

    Yes I love your primitive vids!

  62. Naz Nomad

    Naz Nomad29 days ago

    Your copper Otzi axe video is still one of my all time favourites.

  63. Marc Hrival

    Marc HrivalMonth ago

    Question for Shawn for next time - Does Shawn actually love mice/rodents in his barn? It seems like a guy with hundreds of mouse traps should be able to get rid of them if he really wanted to...

  64. J And

    J AndMonth ago

    Podcast coming in the future?

  65. Weston Ney

    Weston NeyMonth ago


  66. fuh sac

    fuh sacMonth ago

    Great interview, this channel has come a long way. Blessing ahead of you in 2021!

  67. Jace Stenersen

    Jace StenersenMonth ago

    33 dislikes are from mice

  68. Mr.Águia Games

    Mr.Águia GamesMonth ago

    Oh boy... 50 min vídeo

  69. Cary Pyke

    Cary PykeMonth ago

    Well done gentlemen

  70. JGT

    JGTMonth ago

    Thanks for the Q and A. Only cowards threaten your family. Stay strong.

  71. Tim Weynerowski

    Tim WeynerowskiMonth ago

    Super interesting

  72. PyroStratus

    PyroStratusMonth ago

    I love your channel also, nice hat 5:57

  73. Allergic To Liberalism

    Allergic To LiberalismMonth ago

    Shaun is a very nice man and a humble dude! Keep it up brother.

  74. Betty Boop

    Betty BoopMonth ago

    Wonderful blog. Because of you, I have successfully killed many rats that had caused over $1k damage too my plumbing. I quit poisen ( to slow, harmful to other animals) pouring rat slab soon under my house foundation. Your awesome! Hope you will consider a " best bait" video. I found Nature valley soft granola nut bars a winner. Small pieces tied down. Bait for several days/ then set trap. Killed many Rats. Thanks again for all you do!

  75. Cos Pittner

    Cos PittnerMonth ago

    Have you made the trigger system on the deadfall trap from the movie - Happy people a year in the Taiga: Werner Herzog - It’s really clever

  76. Sperminski

    SperminskiMonth ago

    Please show us your coin collection!

  77. akbychoice

    akbychoiceMonth ago

    Already over 1,000 views an hour.

  78. not bob

    not bobMonth ago

    needs editing, too long

  79. Allie. Grimmer

    Allie. GrimmerMonth ago

    your suppose to social distancing and wearing a mask

  80. Val's Black Cats Rule

    Val's Black Cats RuleMonth ago

    I remember how excited I felt when you announced that you'd be posting on Fridays! You have fun, educational content. And, being welcomed into my world twice a week, you are a part of the family! It would be wonderful to meet you some day! Keep doing what you're doing. Stay safe and healthy out there! Thank you for sharing a part of your day with us!

  81. Truth4all2014

    Truth4all2014Month ago

    its called communism when small groups control the masses, never give into the extremists that bring nothing but evil and hate to the world, the creator made this world for good

  82. Danny Nguyen

    Danny NguyenMonth ago

    What is the most you've ever spent on a mousetrap?

  83. Dan

    DanMonth ago

    No masks or social distancing

  84. bigliftm

    bigliftmMonth ago

    Still no answer to my question : Would you do a ratting video together with youtube channel: Joseph the mink man . That could turn into some epic video. Anyways Shawn if you ever hit europe again let me know. We grab some beers . Greetings from Eindhoven , Netherlands

  85. Bill Somrak

    Bill SomrakMonth ago

    Found so many parallels & similarities between your life & mine during this interview. Only one I'll share for now is MY sensitivity to Poison Ivy. I've been to the Emergency Room twice, and my regular PCP (primary care physician) at least 6 times, just from Poison Ivy. At the Emergency Room, they were able to give me some kind of 'shot' (some kind of steroid I think), which got rid of the break outs in a day. The PCP prefers a pill steroid approach, which takes a week or more. When you only have a small contact, but it spreads all over your body (yeah, even in THOSE places), its called being "impetiginized" , a feature of "ACD" (Allergic Contact Dermatitis). Lots more in common, but we'll save those for another time. Going to go watch Weston's video now.

  86. Shawn Woods

    Shawn WoodsMonth ago

    Thanks for the info about poison oak/ivy. I have never knew about ACD before

  87. Iron Leather Wood

    Iron Leather WoodMonth ago

    Famous American going to Mexico may never make it back. Love your channel, God bless you

  88. Urbanofff Bock

    Urbanofff Bock25 days ago

    why would that be 🤔?

  89. Jerome Cloutier

    Jerome CloutierMonth ago

    Hey, at least in this business you have a nearly endless supply of new clients...

  90. Sabrina D

    Sabrina DMonth ago

    I appreciate you taking your time with the video(s). I found your channel a few months ago through The "mink mans" comments. Everyone wanted a collab. Since subscribing I had a couple of mice get into my back room! I took your advice from one of your videos and have nothing since! Thank you

  91. Kazkov3

    Kazkov3Month ago


  92. OKoutdoors1

    OKoutdoors1Month ago

    I would love to see some more hunting videos

  93. Bill

    BillMonth ago

    You have been a big help getting the occasional rat out of my garage due to my neighbor and his sunflower field front you feed the rats in your barn outbuilding because you have a lot even after all those traps thanks

  94. Vladimir

    VladimirMonth ago

    Weston, nice work! Shawn - thank you! All the best to you and yours.

  95. Weston Ney

    Weston NeyMonth ago

    Thanks so much!

  96. Álvaro L

    Álvaro LMonth ago

    I don't even remember how I got into this channel, but here am I after all these years, and oh boy do I look forward for these videos. Long may it last!

  97. cyrex686

    cyrex686Month ago

    Maybe don't mention you have a serious poison oak allergy when you receive things in the mail and have a group of people that wish you harm.

  98. Motley Stew

    Motley StewMonth ago

    49 minute video?? OK let me grab some snacks because this is going to be good! … I already know I'm gonna like this so let me just click on this Thumb. ...And action 🎬

  99. Paul Kastner

    Paul KastnerMonth ago

    Yeah... My cat hears his voice and is getting impatient.

  100. Kenneth Hughes Jr.

    Kenneth Hughes Jr.Month ago

    I really appreciated this video. It was nice to get to know you and Weston better. I knew from watching for a long time we shared interest in the many of the same things. I, for one, would enjoy just about anything you felt would make a good video. I also feel that you've done a terrific job of adapting to USlikes restrictions. I was raised in Oregon too. It was a great place to grow up. I'm 70 now but still love going back and camping out. Spent over three weeks camping with my son up near Glide last deer season. I would like to hear more about the property you've acquired. It's something I've often thought about doing myself. With Great Respect.

  101. Shawn Woods

    Shawn WoodsMonth ago

    Hi Kenneth. Thanks for the kind words and for watching my videos

  102. Bringem Young PBUH

    Bringem Young PBUHMonth ago

    It is time for a coffee table book of mouse traps.

  103. George Smith

    George SmithMonth ago


  104. smyger

    smygerMonth ago

    Needs an index with timestamps

  105. Dale Tenney

    Dale TenneyMonth ago

    My daughter loves watching your mouse traps. She is as disappointed as I am that you can't show them actually get killed in the video.

  106. Cathelina M

    Cathelina MMonth ago

    I like this type of content. You have a very interesting history!