Soviet Union Military Surplus Rat Trap. Tough & Powerful. Mousetrap Monday

In this video we test out a military surplus Soviet rat trap in the barn. Then an unexpected visitor shows up to enjoy the rat meal.
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  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods2 months ago

    Thanks for watching. You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link:

  2. Jim Domoradzki

    Jim Domoradzki15 days ago

    No rat in the trap, no rat brought to the beaver damn, equals NO RAT KILLED Please explain otherwise.

  3. Alyx

    Alyx2 months ago

    Thanks, it's hard to see


    DJ YAKUZA FATIHAH2 months ago


  5. mikenco

    mikenco2 months ago

    @Bastiaan Prins Oh, I promise you, a quality Air Rifle in the right hands is the absolute fastest way to dispatch any small rodent. Dead before they hit the ground.

  6. toocat2000000

    toocat20000004 days ago

    The Rat got away!!

  7. Casey Harger

    Casey Harger6 days ago

    Yeah it got away somehow 🤣

  8. Troy Faircloth

    Troy Faircloth11 days ago

    In Mother Russia, Rat traps you.

  9. Reed Smith

    Reed Smith13 days ago

    I’m pretty sure the trap just didn’t catch the rat. If you watch the video slowly, the rat runs away.

  10. Nathan King

    Nathan King20 days ago

    2:57: Skunkbutt. 3:11: Skunktail.

  11. Mr. Kyle Miles

    Mr. Kyle Miles23 days ago

    This mousetrap breaks the rat to pieces😂

  12. Ben

    Ben29 days ago

    I feel like that thing could have killed the skunk lol

  13. Joseph Astier

    Joseph AstierMonth ago

    1:10 The expression is perfect.

  14. Thunder Storm

    Thunder StormMonth ago

    Russians didnt intend to kill the rats, they just needed to behead them to make sure they were blind and deaf before they started hunting more people

  15. Wil Robles

    Wil RoblesMonth ago

    Looks like you’re going to need more of those wooden boxes. Man you got a Lotta rats in that barn.

  16. That Filthy Weeaboo

    That Filthy WeeabooMonth ago

    In Russia, mouse and rat are huge. Needs lots of killing power.

  17. Mr. ChillzerOFICIAL

    Mr. ChillzerOFICIALMonth ago

    They missed the chance to incorporate the hammer and sickle into the trap.

  18. Snaggle Tooth

    Snaggle ToothMonth ago

    The Russian rat and mouse traps are 4Xs stronger than our traps cuz Russian rats and mice are 4Xs stronger than ours.

  19. Magdat the Slayer

    Magdat the SlayerMonth ago

    I bet that trap could kill that skunk if I'm honest.

  20. Justin Sapigao

    Justin SapigaoMonth ago

    I dont even think the rat got trapped.. looks like it escaped just in time

  21. Taselty

    TaseltyMonth ago

    After seeing how they lost all caution after the trap went off, it makes me think you could make a really effective rat trap if you design one that has a false trigger that tricks them into thinking it's gone off and is safe now so they stop being cautious

  22. The Chicken Wizard

    The Chicken WizardMonth ago

    In America, you catch mouse. In Soviet Russia... You still catch mouse. Yeah, not too exiting

  23. Nothing Left

    Nothing Left2 months ago

    *Bald & Bankrupt has entered the chat*

  24. Joe Yuri

    Joe Yuri2 months ago

    Danm, I wish I could see them actually kill a d i r t y r a t

  25. xxboon is bad fortnitexx

    xxboon is bad fortnitexx2 months ago

    That's a lot of rats

  26. #1 Marmaduke Fan

    #1 Marmaduke Fan2 months ago

    Imagine being a mouse and having that trap activate around you without killing you.

  27. John Long

    John Long2 months ago

    I’m new to this channel is this like a rat infested building or like a testing area he created just for this? Still cool to watch just curious

  28. Clement Wright

    Clement Wright2 months ago

    I think what your viewers are trying to say was that the trap essentially failed as it did not catch and kill the rat instantly. Getting hit in the head by the trap and dying from injuries sustained later on really does not count; in fact it makes the trap inefficient.

  29. Jason Guzman

    Jason Guzman2 months ago

    Shawn woods I cant see they censored part on your website it is still censored

  30. Panthero Leo Leo

    Panthero Leo Leo2 months ago

    Communists were the biggest rats ever ! 😂

  31. Andrew H

    Andrew H2 months ago

    For someone with so many mousetraps, how does your barn have so many!

  32. Necron990

    Necron9902 months ago

    The AK-47 of rat traps!

  33. tasmedic

    tasmedic2 months ago

    "I wasn't sure how good the Russian Postal Service is" Now you know! It costs almost nothing and always works. Unlike USPS and all it's competitors. USA, if you don't do your job, you might get encouraged to do better. Russia, if you don't do your job, you don't eat. I've ordered many things from Russia. They always come through. Generally they've been opened and inspected, but they arrive on time, and cost bugger all to ship. YMMV.

  34. bestamerica

    bestamerica2 months ago

    ' no wonder why this video use american crash currency at 418 - 424

  35. Kazkov3

    Kazkov32 months ago


  36. bey bread

    bey bread2 months ago

    Remy the ratatouille

  37. bigrigdieselgamer yt

    bigrigdieselgamer yt2 months ago

    In soviet russia rat trap catch you

  38. PsychoticBovine

    PsychoticBovine2 months ago

    It's obvious it killed the rat. The Rat CSI squad clearly was dispatched to take evidence and secure the scene.

  39. Wait For You

    Wait For You2 months ago

    been subscribed for a long time and i really dont like the censorship nerfs i think im done watching

  40. Raoul Duke

    Raoul Duke2 months ago

    This reminded me of the Russian Big Muff.

  41. Jake the Octoling

    Jake the Octoling2 months ago

    That stuffed animal has seen better days.


    REETAUM ROY2 months ago

    Cute rat

  43. P H

    P H2 months ago


  44. old school hawking

    old school hawking2 months ago

    Being a Russian trap, I would have thought when the metal bar was coming down on the rat, I'd hear: "I KILL YOU!"

  45. Kevin Wiens

    Kevin Wiens2 months ago

    Hello Shawn, You "crack me up" 0:56 You have to be so careful... that would take off your finger" I notice a lot of my Russian friends are missing the middle finger on their left hand. (Now I know why?) LOL. Them Russians sure know how to build 'em...

  46. Derek Tailor

    Derek Tailor2 months ago

    All the Eastern European countries kept their rat trap designs, after the fall of the Soviet Union. They really kept quiet, about this. Nice find.

  47. Wolf

    Wolf2 months ago

    In Sovjet Russia, rat catches YOU!

  48. Bradley Anderson

    Bradley Anderson2 months ago

    Stinky Bottom got tired of waiting in the wood for dinner.

  49. Bruce Ramsey

    Bruce Ramsey2 months ago

    IF it could kill them without torturing them, I'd all be for it. Trouble is, it doesn't always kill them, and the poor things suffers. I say, make sure there's no food about for them.

  50. Bruce Ramsey

    Bruce Ramsey2 months ago

    @Clorox Bleach I used to have rats as pets. They're like little people... well, little people who walk in their crap.

  51. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach2 months ago

    are you slow? you know they will come into your dwelling for shelter too... take your bleeding heart somewhere else

  52. Scabeas Corpus

    Scabeas Corpus2 months ago

    Boo tube... ok to gank elections but dont kill vermin

  53. Michael Mercier

    Michael Mercier2 months ago

    That frigging thing would kill a cat. The neighbors would love me...

  54. Dirkmez

    Dirkmez2 months ago

    In Russia, trap snap you.

  55. Lone_wolf- 164561

    Lone_wolf- 1645612 months ago

    Bruh y tht skunk so t h i c c

  56. chris vos

    chris vos2 months ago

    with that many rats its time to bring in the PCP guns!

  57. Wide Hotep

    Wide Hotep2 months ago

    In Russia even rats wait two months to get in trap.

  58. Rich R

    Rich R2 months ago

    This is probably the best way the Soviet troops got food. Aside from the canned pork the US had to send them.

  59. Casen OBlenis

    Casen OBlenis2 months ago

    hey Shawn I was wondering if you could do a mini bear trap its for mice love the video keep it up

  60. Grothag

    Grothag2 months ago

    I still think you need a nuke to get rid of your rat problem.

  61. Napoléon I Bonaparte

    Napoléon I Bonaparte2 months ago

    If this man has a serious rat problem, wouldn't it help if he deployed every mouse trap in his arsenal against the rats?

  62. TheFirstManticore

    TheFirstManticore2 months ago

    My rat trap is a Russian blue cat.

  63. TheFirstManticore

    TheFirstManticore2 months ago

    I think you could modify the trigger easily.

  64. Ben Lau

    Ben Lau2 months ago

    So no boom?

  65. pallav mishra

    pallav mishra2 months ago

    Our capitalistic model dilutes all solutions so that you could buy a simple, pro, pro max, pro max ultra, pro max ultimate versions..

  66. doodle loodle

    doodle loodle2 months ago

    Dollar rAt is acctullay Biggie cheese Go on off wit u now U still here Welll then how about leavin ya boy som love eh Dont sub to me -_

  67. Jackson Lee

    Jackson Lee2 months ago

    They're actually both blue. One was from Chernobyl.

  68. Сфера_Обамы

    Сфера_Обамы2 months ago


  69. Kometatech's fire and ice

    Kometatech's fire and ice2 months ago

    Yes officer...this comment right here

  70. John Jaco

    John Jaco2 months ago

    That was a big fail

  71. codfenix

    codfenix2 months ago

    This channel real good it teaches me what traps i should use because i am allergic to rodents and some of these traps helps me a lot

  72. Slimjim Nichols

    Slimjim Nichols2 months ago

    Is there not a website that he used to have that showed the full videos? Was the website taken down?

  73. J Moto

    J Moto2 months ago

    Small rat problem??

  74. cris dlcruz

    cris dlcruz2 months ago

    Cool you've made a skunk feeder

  75. Madii D

    Madii D2 months ago

    In Soviet Russia, mouse traps you!

  76. Rod281

    Rod2812 months ago

    Who knew skunks ate rats?

  77. Syed Adeel Ashraf

    Syed Adeel Ashraf2 months ago

    Huge Rat Vs House Cat whowins!?

  78. J&M Desert Adventures

    J&M Desert Adventures2 months ago

    Rat traps came standard in soviet survival kits.

  79. Hugo Jaime

    Hugo Jaime2 months ago


  80. Pople BackyardFarm

    Pople BackyardFarm2 months ago

    now this is a interesting pest control item.


    XXXTENTACION2 months ago

    I feel bad watching this, USlikes recommendations at 2:00 AM are strange

  82. That Lonely meatball

    That Lonely meatball2 months ago

    1940s Soviet Union commoners: so a way to get our food...

  83. David Mah

    David Mah2 months ago

    The rat escaped as pointed out by some viewers (play at 0.25 speed). Also, if the rat had been caught and had the skunk ate the dead rat, there would still be remains of the rat carcass and blood stains. It would not be as clean as @3:48

  84. george jones

    george jones2 months ago

    It so powerful probably to take out those chernobyl rodents

  85. cade riddle

    cade riddle2 months ago

    You sir have a really really bad rat problem, good thing you have so many options for killing them.

  86. View This

    View This2 months ago

    Rats trained to use computers disliked this video.

  87. M070RG0A7

    M070RG0A72 months ago

    *only catches rats with questionable ideals

  88. matthewl67

    matthewl672 months ago

    Shawn, I really do enjoy your content and find it irritating how youtube censors many different things. Seriously though. What the heck is in your barn? I grew up on a farm and there’s always rodents and opportunistic critters looking for a meal, but holy crap man, you seem to have a pile of vermin. I understand you make videos with them, but it seems like there are way more than anywhere I’ve seen.

  89. Biker Dash

    Biker Dash2 months ago

    Wouldn't take much to redesign the trigger wire to hold the bait further back, making it so the rat is further in when triggering the trap.

  90. Rab adabadoo

    Rab adabadoo2 months ago

    Hi Shawn, we use fenn traps for rats a lot of the time here in the UK. Whats the top 3 most powerful snap traps you've tested for rats? Cheers

  91. TheIgors20

    TheIgors202 months ago

    Lol, everything is bigger in Russia - even the rats!

  92. Liberty Stuff'n'Things Reviews

    Liberty Stuff'n'Things Reviews2 months ago

    Rat problem? Burn it down!

  93. Alex Mashkin

    Alex Mashkin2 months ago

    When I was a kid I used to catch rats in my grandmother's utulity shack using an old rusty rabbit trap (Soviet naturally). Drop of sunflower seed oil was more than enough of the bait, add another drop every week or so. Rats always ate some of the caught rat, it's weird to see your rats don't do it :-)

  94. nightexe

    nightexe2 months ago

    "It arrive safe, it only took 2 months" I almost spit everything what im chewing to my mom

  95. conodigrom

    conodigrom2 months ago

    "USlikes censorship" this as accurate as it is sad.


    SAM BRICKELL2 months ago

    Yeah, I'm amazed at how quickly my society accepted a mass violation of people's rights.

  97. Magnustrust

    Magnustrust2 months ago

    Il make my cat do the same

  98. Skeeter McSwagger

    Skeeter McSwagger2 months ago

    censorship huh? I've seen a lady's head get run over by a truck, I've seen people shot in the face, I've seen acid poured in people's eyes and yet a rat trap doesn't 'fur' fill their guidelines?


    CHUBBYHAMPSTER2 months ago

    did i hear chipmonks

  100. judd avril

    judd avril2 months ago

    Shawn, you should consider a clear lid too and a camera angle for that. Then you cut away at the last second.

  101. Ryan R

    Ryan R2 months ago

    Imagine you have to buy military grade rat trap. That means rat in your house either a mutant or Jerry's cousin

  102. Western Body

    Western Body2 months ago

    In Soviet Russia rat traps trap

  103. Asianplague

    Asianplague2 months ago

    Sucks that youtube won’t let you show the actual trap action for educational purposes

  104. Ride Da Yoshi

    Ride Da Yoshi2 months ago

    OUR Mouse trap

  105. TDTam11

    TDTam112 months ago

    That mouse didn’t get caught. Watch carefully and slow speed at 2:13.

  106. Muskrat Outdoors

    Muskrat Outdoors2 months ago

    So, the rat got smacked, but wasn't in the trap? Good thing! That skunk would have taken your trap!

  107. Vui Vui

    Vui Vui2 months ago

    If the mouse wear adidas and drink vodka, the mouse trap won't work. It doesn't kill komrats

  108. Roger didit

    Roger didit2 months ago

    Rat problem? That's an understatement. This looked like a low budget horror movie!!

  109. General Gaming WR

    General Gaming WR2 months ago

    Piece of siht