The EXECUTIONER - DEAD MOUSE INC. Mouse trap. Mousetrap Monday

In this video we test out a new mouse trap called the Executioner. It is a great trap that. caught a bucket full of mice. in the barn.
You can purchase this trap at the Dead Mouse Inc. Website (Not A Sponsor):


  1. GameFuMaster

    GameFuMasterDay ago

    If you let them go, aren't they just going to come back?

  2. edthejester

    edthejester2 days ago

    "Get ready for a mouse stampede!" *tilts bucket* Mice: "nah we good"

  3. Nobody, really

    Nobody, really5 days ago

    2:30 REVENGE

  4. TomHill665

    TomHill6655 days ago

    Id invite my 5 cats to the release party.


    XXESPIDA XX8 days ago

    You have pet rats not mice

  6. vr profesional

    vr profesional9 days ago

    the mice are just jumping in

  7. Boom Stick

    Boom Stick10 days ago

    A 55 gallon drum with about 6” of corn in the bottom works pretty well, if you put it in a corner & add a plank walkway from the ground.... You don’t necessarily have to empty the mice anytime soon. They will live off of the corn. You might need to feed them something with water in it occasionally, like wet bread. It seems that the captured mice help lure more mice. The addition of these executioner mouse traps would definitely be more effective, I’m sure.

  8. Awaking Bare

    Awaking Bare14 days ago

    A water bottle and some rubber bands could replicate this easy

  9. LordBushmills

    LordBushmills17 days ago

    This trap could feasibly sever or mangle a limb.........possible export for Saudi Arabia?

  10. Dennis Robinson

    Dennis Robinson17 days ago

    I made one of wood and called it the plank

  11. John Glaser

    John Glaser20 days ago

    I greatly prefer the non lethal traps over the lethal ones. It's not exactly the mice's fault they're not wanted in an area by a human. If the mice are invasive I suppose that's different.

  12. ToxicGamer518 psn

    ToxicGamer518 psn20 days ago

    Im disappointed i got baited as bad as those mice i thought they were getting hung which is why its the executioner

  13. o_O

    o_O20 days ago

    2:31 When your gf sends a picture of your most loyal friends kissing

  14. MasterChiefe

    MasterChiefe22 days ago

    Judging by the amount of mice that fell in the trap, I assume the barn must be friggin infested!

  15. Rick Roll

    Rick Roll22 days ago

    Nobody: The mice in the bucket: BEYBLADE BEYBLADE LET IT RIP!

  16. Justin Ball

    Justin Ball23 days ago

    Mouse 3 to Mouse 4: GET AWAY FROM MY FOOD! Mouse 4: Would sure be a shame if you.... fell in Karma Received

  17. MJ69MJ

    MJ69MJ24 days ago

    I just want to know how i got here and what i searched to get you in my recommendation but man i like this content ngl

  18. Nonexistent 0_o

    Nonexistent 0_o24 days ago

    Why didn’t you just kill them instead of letting them go?

  19. Kimi Rules

    Kimi Rules24 days ago

    I'm surprised they haven't each other out

  20. Ram Femboy

    Ram Femboy25 days ago

    ngl they look cute af

  21. JustHellbound420

    JustHellbound42025 days ago

    I mean, I'd much rather they get their neck snapped by a traditional mouse trap than starve to death. I'm glad you let them go though.

  22. Stew

    Stew25 days ago

    Most of them just thought the others were having a party and jumped in to join.

  23. Sisu

    Sisu25 days ago

    The name sounds so brutal then you just have a bucket of huddled together mice ❤️

  24. MTK

    MTK25 days ago

    You are a good soul for letting them go peacefully. A bunch of death is not something I care to watch on videos

  25. ben Jovi

    ben Jovi25 days ago

    you sound far too excited about killing rodents, get help

  26. ben Jovi

    ben Jovi25 days ago

    @demon man he still sounds way to happy about killing things

  27. demon man

    demon man25 days ago

    he didn't even kill them lmao

  28. Sol Sanguis

    Sol Sanguis25 days ago


  29. MeanTeddyKiller

    MeanTeddyKiller25 days ago

    Put lava in the bottom of the bucket

  30. Josh lanter

    Josh lanter25 days ago

    I've been doing this for a long time with pvc and string

  31. coreone 369

    coreone 36925 days ago

    I guess the don't have the brain power to push stuff and see if it's bad for it self or not

  32. Chase Holdren

    Chase Holdren26 days ago

    0:15 "deadmau5" in the captions lol

  33. Jolo Man

    Jolo Man26 days ago

    Wonderful you caught 7 mice and about 24 diseases cool

  34. Dragondude101

    Dragondude10126 days ago

    I thought for a sec it was going to snap back. There for executing them by beheading

  35. Jamie Campbell

    Jamie Campbell26 days ago

    I like to fill my bucket with used motor oil. Rids the stench. Noone leaves alive.

  36. fat

    fat26 days ago

    its really funny how they ignore the fact that the pet mice is going to be the leader of its kind because he knows how to avoid those traps

  37. Luis Cossio

    Luis Cossio26 days ago

    What's up with all those who just chose to jump in instead of going for the bait?

  38. Farael Willdabeast

    Farael Willdabeast26 days ago

    Did anyone else get a food commercial before this started.

  39. Morten Glargaard Simonsen Miehs

    Morten Glargaard Simonsen Miehs26 days ago

    Could it be possible to use a tall bucket, with multiple walkways, and just put peanut butter some way down on the inside of the bucket, so that the mouse or rat has to stretch to get it and sometimes falls in, maybe even combine it with this trap?

  40. Sound Box

    Sound Box26 days ago

    They're so cute

  41. Kormatoes

    Kormatoes26 days ago

    Wonder if just a bucket with food in would work lol

  42. RebelKek

    RebelKek26 days ago

    I like how it’s called the “executioner” but it’s a live catch trap....

  43. Harry69

    Harry6926 days ago


  44. Joshua Myers

    Joshua Myers26 days ago

    Ah yes, the executioner by dead mouse inc, the best live catch method!

  45. Jalen Severs

    Jalen Severs26 days ago

    Mice kinda suck ngl... No shade, though.

  46. Lafayette Porter

    Lafayette Porter27 days ago

    Put water in the bucket 🪣.

  47. Westin S

    Westin S27 days ago

    You forgot to do step 3, pour gas in the bucket and send all the mice back to hell.

  48. Lance Y

    Lance Y27 days ago

    God bless u for letting em go

  49. Travis Shultz

    Travis Shultz27 days ago

    Thanks algorithm

  50. Pacificbaitchunk

    Pacificbaitchunk27 days ago

    I enjoy all the kind and cute comments totally forgetting the true purpose of this device . Like they deserve repetitive rides in my ATV to the edge of the property? They are caught and nevermore😈 A steel bucket and lighter fluid make my kitty's purrrr. Muhahaha

  51. BadDoomGuy

    BadDoomGuy27 days ago

    It's not really good at killing them

  52. Mike

    Mike27 days ago

    Let them go? You pussed out on the death part of your video title. Now where is that 8kv trap. That guy has balls.

  53. Rex amillion

    Rex amillion27 days ago

    Im curious.....if you put a bunch of bait into a bucket and put a ramp to many would just jump into the bucket?

  54. Wolf King

    Wolf King27 days ago

    I feel like it needs to be a stronger rubber band

  55. SkySoldier

    SkySoldier27 days ago

    My grandfather had a similar trap in the barn. He filled the bucket a 1/4 full with water then poured used motor oil on top. Mice and rats would fall in and drown while the oil kept flies and the smell away. He would put a top on it every month or so and put it in the trash pile to burn.

  56. Jeff B

    Jeff B27 days ago

    Now just pour in water

  57. Nikola Iliev

    Nikola Iliev27 days ago

    I enjoy how they fall not because of the bait or the trap, but because of their natural stupidity.

  58. Masters of the mountains

    Masters of the mountains27 days ago

    I wonder if you ever run out of mice

  59. EveryDayLife4you #EDL4Y

    EveryDayLife4you #EDL4Y27 days ago

    Do u got any actaul snap traps to watch

  60. Branka Zorijan

    Branka Zorijan27 days ago

    They will invade the closest building very soon

  61. Eric Stevens

    Eric Stevens27 days ago

    Why do they just fall in like that, dont they see their homies trapped?😂 they all wanna help eachother lol

  62. girrrrrrr2

    girrrrrrr227 days ago

    I feel like if this guy ever has a pet mouse get out of his cage... He would catch 7 new pet mice at the same time.

  63. girrrrrrr2

    girrrrrrr227 days ago

    For this kinda trap... How would you finish the job? Is it as simple as hydrate the mice or is there a different way?

  64. オニジョイン

    オニジョイン27 days ago


  65. Obsidian Rose

    Obsidian Rose27 days ago

    I love it when USlikes unsubs me from channels I watch; totally forgot about you. Thank goodness you showed back up in my recommendations.

  66. JuicyLemon

    JuicyLemon27 days ago

    I love how a couple were hidden in the corn at the bottom the bucket when he goes to let them go

  67. Trill Cosby

    Trill Cosby27 days ago

    The mice are like "no not the wild!"

  68. Sky Void

    Sky Void27 days ago

    I love how none of the mice communicate, oh, I don't know, "IT'S A TRAP!!"

  69. TyPhenirW0LF

    TyPhenirW0LF27 days ago

    Shawn's Bucket- 7 Some Squeaky Boiz- 0

  70. Gene Lomas

    Gene Lomas27 days ago

    Currently we're having a mouse plague here in New South Wales.. I don't have a mouse trap of any kind.. but I do have a very effective way to get rid of them.. my pet cat.. 3 mice per night he is catching.. I know this because he brings each and every damned one of them into my lounge room to show me.. I through them back out the front door, cat chases them, and eventually eats them.. Cat gets fed, mouse gets dead, and the exercise means my cat isn't bothering the other wildlife in the area.. everyone's a winner 🏆

  71. japol

    japol28 days ago

    the mice are paid actors

  72. Kamikaze Hound

    Kamikaze Hound28 days ago

    At this point I think people must enjoy experiment with mice and rats with the amount of elaborate traps😂😂

  73. Phillip J

    Phillip J28 days ago

    I think you got a defective bunch of wild mice. Some of them just jumped in the bucket. That one pushed the other over the edge.

  74. MTF Lieutenant

    MTF Lieutenant28 days ago


  75. Riggs

    Riggs28 days ago

    use poison, much easier to use!!

  76. Sir Joshua Martin III

    Sir Joshua Martin III28 days ago

    What do you do with the bucket of mice after

  77. Shadowgangster123

    Shadowgangster12328 days ago

    that inventor clearly did not invent that himself ughhhhh plagiaristic engineers

  78. West House

    West House28 days ago

    Id love to see just the bucket without any trap just the ramp and bait at the bottom

  79. 101jir

    101jir28 days ago

    "The executioner, by dead mouse inc." _doesn't actually necessarily kill the mice_ The irony in that name...

  80. 101jir

    101jir26 days ago

    @Unknown name Makes sense, though I still find it rather amusing considering the number of traps that are inherently lethal (e.g. electric, traditional, etc).

  81. Unknown name

    Unknown name26 days ago

    You're supposed to fill the bucket with water.

  82. Dana Liu

    Dana Liu28 days ago

    Lol it almost seemed like the last couple jumped in to join the fun 😂

  83. andrew barlow

    andrew barlow28 days ago


  84. Kunai Cheesnep

    Kunai Cheesnep28 days ago

    The name of this is very forbooding and not very realistic: I was expecting something much more brutal from the name of the co Company and the devices name

  85. Santik Lingo

    Santik Lingo28 days ago

    poor lil guys :(

  86. M0ZZ1E33

    M0ZZ1E3328 days ago

    Ok but why is this on my recommended. Ill have good manners and leave a like but how did I get from someone reviewing knock off ipods to this lol.

  87. Funny valen-mouse, professional not funny “ratty”

    Funny valen-mouse, professional not funny “ratty”28 days ago



    PEPSI MAN28 days ago

    Light them on fire

  89. Alika Velleses

    Alika Velleses28 days ago

    I’m gonna buy one of those that way when the world ends it’s ratkabobs for dinner.

  90. BERNI0S

    BERNI0S28 days ago

    2:20 Mice inside bucket: No Billy don't go over that thing!!

  91. Evil Pimp

    Evil Pimp28 days ago

    Watched this entire thing just to see the mice get killed in the end and this clown lets them go

  92. Átyesz Pápesz

    Átyesz Pápesz28 days ago

    I feel like this works so well the amount of mice in there could pull a ww z move and climb on eachother to get out

  93. thompsonwn

    thompsonwn28 days ago

    2:26 doomed by friend

  94. givingyo utheslip

    givingyo utheslip28 days ago

    think the rolling log was better?

  95. lr 21

    lr 2128 days ago

    Sell the mice to pet store for snake food fool

  96. Павел Кузнецов

    Павел Кузнецов28 days ago

    2:31 - Long live the king!

  97. Bobjeff Boiii

    Bobjeff Boiii28 days ago

    The last few mice just literally jumped in anyway lol 😂, glad it's doesn't kill the move either

  98. nobody cares

    nobody cares29 days ago

    I love how the other mouse pushes him in.

  99. Felix Wunder

    Felix Wunder29 days ago

    The mouse was a paid actor. But I like it.

  100. Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class

    Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class29 days ago

    What an unexpectedly effective and humane mousetrap. Was actually kinda fun watching them interact with it.

  101. Nicklas VEVA

    Nicklas VEVA29 days ago

    Half of these aren't even the trap's doing. The mice are just so dumb that they fall down when checking out what their buddies are doing.

  102. Evo

    Evo29 days ago

    2:30 Top 10 Greatest Anime Betrayals

  103. Jay Bayer

    Jay Bayer29 days ago

    Is the intention for this to be used to kill mice or just entrap and relocate. I'm not familiar with the mice trap business.

  104. Pac Thedoc

    Pac Thedoc29 days ago

    That one mouse that looked at the camera for a few seconds then proceeds to jump in lmao