Vegan Friendly! Mouse-Go-Free 3D Printed Mouse Trap From the UK. Mousetrap Monday

In this video we catch a mouse in the barn withe a Mt. Dew Bottle and a 3D printed humane mouse trap. This mouse trap is advertised as Vegan Friendly, humane, and good for the environment
You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link:


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn WoodsMonth ago

    Thanks for watching. You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link:

  2. Asante

    Asante18 days ago

    Is she able to breathe inside for a long time? Don't forget to make holes in bottle and checking your trap.

  3. Nathan King

    Nathan King20 days ago

    1:40: You have a cute little mouse.

  4. Lonely Grandsouls

    Lonely Grandsouls27 days ago

    Are mice traps not normally vegan friendly ? Lol

  5. nya~

    nya~Month ago

    I didn't know dr pepper came in green bottles

  6. K.

    K.Month ago

    Be cool to modify this file with a Gatorade bottle

  7. Nuppersson

    NupperssonMonth ago

    why the hell do mice poop so much?

  8. Heather McColgan

    Heather McColgan2 months ago

    Wouldn't the smell of many humans on the coins put them off of going near it. Or was the coin washed ?

  9. coolasianbro

    coolasianbro2 months ago

    that bottle looks like it doesnt have any breathing holes on it, if you forgot you ever set it up when you wake up the mouse is in for a torture

  10. joe b

    joe b2 months ago

    How bad was the coin chewed?

  11. SB

    SB2 months ago

    Pretty cool

  12. Riggsthetiger

    Riggsthetiger2 months ago

    Shawn: Last night, we caught a mouse in our Mouse-Go-Free mouse trap! It went inside, tipped the bottle, the door closed, and we got it! The mouse we caught is a Native Deer Mouse, so I'm gonna let it go. Thank you so much for watching my videos, and thanks to all the viewers who have sent me art! I love seeing the pictures! I also enjoy seeing pictures of people's cats watching Mousetrap Mondays! If you haven't subscribed, please consider clicking that button. I've posted over 600 videos on USlikes, and currently am posting new videos every Monday and Friday. so if you want to see the best videos on how to catch mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, moles, and gophers, stay tuned! Mouse: please just let me go

  13. Ethan Garcia

    Ethan Garcia2 months ago

    Is this during the day or night?

  14. John Freeman

    John Freeman2 months ago

    "Vegan friendly" implies that the creator thinks that people are trapping mice and eating them lol

  15. RblxFidEyes

    RblxFidEyes2 months ago

    Those niev mice

  16. Donovan Rooney

    Donovan Rooney2 months ago

    Imagine if you caught an invasive mouse in stead of the deer mouse? then you would contradict the whole propose of this video. "I have caught a mouse in the go free trap. Unfortunately, this mouse is not native to america so I will have to humanly dispatch it and see what comes along and eats it. The trap lives up to the name unless you catch brown mice."

  17. Dean Woods

    Dean Woods2 months ago

    What's the greatest beverage of all time?

  18. Calderwood

    Calderwood2 months ago

    Thought you were going to forget your quarter for a moment there.

  19. The Flying Sailor

    The Flying Sailor2 months ago

    I see you do the dew as well...

  20. KatzOne

    KatzOne2 months ago

    What makes it "vegan" friendly? 🤔

  21. Dave M

    Dave M2 months ago

    The old Coke slogan was "Have a Coke and a smile." The updated version; Have a Coke and a mouse?

  22. Sean Mehmood

    Sean Mehmood2 months ago


  23. robert steele

    robert steele2 months ago

    Provides a fun toy for your cat :)

  24. Rattius Hattus

    Rattius Hattus2 months ago

    You would have to check the trap pretty often. With the coin closing off the neck of the bottle the airflow gets restricted and the mouse could die from oxygen deprivation.

  25. Tythrak

    Tythrak2 months ago

    Don't forget the air holes of you're placing many

  26. Jacob Hed

    Jacob Hed2 months ago

    Now fill it with rat poison

  27. Paul Martin

    Paul Martin2 months ago

    A guy with a mouse trap channel has pet mice? Something feels off here.

  28. Evan Harrison

    Evan Harrison2 months ago

    Every mouse trap is a vegan mouse trap *as long as you don't eat the fxxking mouse.*

  29. Nathan Brollier

    Nathan Brollier2 months ago

    Cant the mouse just move the coin?

  30. qwws TV

    qwws TV2 months ago

    Vegan in the title.

  31. Copyright

    Copyright2 months ago

    I remember watching these videos

  32. John Ridley

    John Ridley2 months ago

    Seems like this would be too stuffy and stressful in summer

  33. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept02 months ago

    I feel like this could be improved with air holes drilled in the bottle so they could breathe a bit easier (..I guess the issue with that is they could probably chew through them as idk 🤷🏿‍♀️)

  34. Beck S.

    Beck S.2 months ago

    My victor traps arent working to trap the last norway rat in our attic. We tried snickers, caramel, peanut butter, seeds, dog kibble, tomcat attractant, hot dogs, and slim jims. Anything else i could try? Please help.

  35. Bowland Store

    Bowland Store2 months ago

    If the mouse is reluctant to leave the trap just leave overnight near some habitat cover the morning it will have vacated the bottle trap

  36. Nocturnal Joe

    Nocturnal Joe2 months ago

    I catched a mouse with a similar a trap, years ago. It works. Edit: I had my bottle almost cut in half and used sticks and rubber band for the closing mechanism.

  37. sam m

    sam m2 months ago

    what is vegan-friendly mousetrap? It converts the mouse into vegetables??

  38. Ero Senin

    Ero Senin2 months ago

    Who else has an exam tomorrow :/

  39. Ace Criss

    Ace Criss2 months ago

    The way USlikes is going Shawn you may be required to do how to put on makeup videos along with cooking vegan....

  40. Keep It OS

    Keep It OS2 months ago

    Sad, I found some flint knapping videos and thought I had a new source of a great knapper. Sad to find you do mouse videos now 😂😂Thanks again USlikes.

  41. SuperSmashTails

    SuperSmashTails2 months ago

    But isn't it more vegetarian-friendly because it still gets panic?

  42. Günay

    Günay2 months ago


  43. Ole Sørensen

    Ole Sørensen2 months ago

    Made of plastic not evil to vegans

  44. Craig Mooring

    Craig Mooring2 months ago

    What in tarnation does "Vegan-friendly mousetrap" mean?? Who in blazes eats their mousetrap afterward? That makes about as much sense as a GMO-free quarter.

  45. Mark Kuypers

    Mark Kuypers2 months ago

    You set this one free.... but now our planet will get 15000x more of those walking piles of skincells, ready to destroy our homes. Rats are even worse.... Pet shop rats/mice could be nice animals, but the wild ones are aggressive (especially rats). I kill them if I get me hands on them.

  46. palm face

    palm face2 months ago

    I have printed simular from tingverse a few years ago. I'm sure its there still

  47. R B

    R B2 months ago

    Vegan friendly how? Its definitly an environmental disaster since its made of plastic but it seems to work.

  48. Casey Ulrey

    Casey Ulrey2 months ago

    A vegan friendly mouse trap. I’ve officially seen it all.

  49. Meticulous The Great

    Meticulous The Great2 months ago

    Bottle mouse Bottle mouse Does whatever a bottle does Contain some liquid Eat some bait Oops I'm trapped, it's too late

  50. Darren Maclaren

    Darren Maclaren2 months ago

    Fast forward a day or two and this mouse is in someone else’s home causing issues. All you’re doing is moving the problem on and allowing them to breed even more. They’re not fluffy pets, they’re vermin.

  51. Kaels Reptile hacks

    Kaels Reptile hacks2 months ago

    What's the beverage?

  52. mamatuja

    mamatuja2 months ago

    You're mice poop too much because you overfeed them.

  53. 786

    7862 months ago


  54. Heavyn Morrow

    Heavyn Morrow2 months ago

    This is smart

  55. BR Todd

    BR Todd2 months ago

    Pretty sure he squashed that second deer mouse!!!

  56. Fighter Lm

    Fighter Lm2 months ago


  57. PhD flopper

    PhD flopper2 months ago

    Is there any traps that kill mice mouses all of that

  58. Mike Trevors

    Mike Trevors2 months ago

    So does it only catch vegan mice?

  59. Brian Landers

    Brian Landers2 months ago

    Deer mice are the number one spreader of hantavirus, you're just spreading the disease by letting them go. Look up hantavirus or ortohantavirus. There's a high death rate of 36% if you do get hantavirus and you're subjecting your family to the virus as well, it mostly accures east of the Mississippi river and Oregon is one of the states that are susceptible to the virus.

  60. Sorin Alexandru

    Sorin Alexandru2 months ago

    "Subscribe or I'll kill the mouse"

  61. Rob R

    Rob R2 months ago

    Vegan 'friendly'? Is that a play on words? Irony?

  62. reality

    reality2 months ago

    >pet mice appears >>P O O P

  63. markiangooley

    markiangooley2 months ago

    Mice aren’t even vegan...

  64. warrior in a garden

    warrior in a garden2 months ago

    I have this mouse in a bottle, what do I do with it? .........tannerite...........😈

  65. Joe Buddy

    Joe Buddy2 months ago

    This, I think is then best/ and cheapest mousetrap I've seen on this channel. Love the channel Shan.

  66. DatFunniestChannel

    DatFunniestChannel2 months ago


  67. Karen O

    Karen O2 months ago

    (Company's) Improvement >>> Pack of 3. ?? 8 ) Buyer's Improvement >> VENT HOLES. ; ) Thanks.

  68. ezhfan

    ezhfan2 months ago

    The picture on 3:26 is awesome!

  69. Tim C

    Tim C2 months ago

    Brilliant design!

  70. toyosi !

    toyosi !2 months ago

    you mean mousetrap friday? lol

  71. mike13899

    mike138992 months ago


  72. Gabriel M

    Gabriel M2 months ago

    Don't do that man, what's the beverage??? It's killing me, I'm not american and I need to know

  73. Dalton Mekis

    Dalton Mekis2 months ago

    Agreed MtnDew is one of the best sodas

  74. Terrell Downs

    Terrell Downs2 months ago

    It needs ventilation, I could see a mouse dying overnight.

  75. Dr. Love

    Dr. Love2 months ago

    Not really

  76. tpl 608

    tpl 6082 months ago

    Gloves Shawn, gloves. ;-)

  77. Dr. Love

    Dr. Love2 months ago

    Why? Just wash hands

  78. mmarlaire

    mmarlaire2 months ago

    Ah yes vegan friendly. Unlike other live catch traps, with this one you don't eat the mouse after you catch it.

  79. Christopher Adams

    Christopher Adams2 months ago

    Yeah I'll stick with the spring and glue traps. They are sooo vegan unfriendly too.😆😆😆

  80. t71024

    t710242 months ago

    Your pet mice really need to go on a diet. Or in a diet. Of a nice feline.

  81. Suzanne McNamara

    Suzanne McNamara2 months ago

    My mouse traps are not working. Why?

  82. Matthew Spencer

    Matthew Spencer2 months ago

    The coin would be a 2p coin: large for historical reasons but low value. There might be older Irish coins the same size.

  83. Paul Douglas

    Paul Douglas2 months ago


  84. salty pupper

    salty pupper2 months ago

    W-what's a vegan friendly mousetrap?

  85. salty pupper

    salty pupper2 months ago

    @Dr. Love how is that vegan? If it catches animals then there's no way that's vegan

  86. Dr. Love

    Dr. Love2 months ago

    A live catch trap

  87. tagitab timanwa

    tagitab timanwa2 months ago

    "Vegan Friendly...." I just built a mouse trap using your vid tuts and I fed the mouse to the cat. Im sorry but the cat thank you.

  88. chris cottom

    chris cottom2 months ago

    i would have laughed if the mouse took your coin when it ran off

  89. Jon Doe

    Jon Doe2 months ago

    “Vegan friendly “ 🌱 Because traps are made from meat 🪤 🥩

  90. Dr. Love

    Dr. Love2 months ago

    I think they are refering to it being a live catch trap.

  91. Travis Tennies

    Travis Tennies2 months ago

    I'm not vegan friendly. :D

  92. Dr. Love

    Dr. Love2 months ago

    Why not?

  93. TaxaMisha 2007

    TaxaMisha 20072 months ago

    Should be for house mice. For catching small babes like mice in house. Very simple. Like.

  94. FreeQuest

    FreeQuest2 months ago

    Vegan Friendly well yes I would assume there is no meat in the plastic. If you like eating plastic, I guess.

  95. Duke Togo

    Duke Togo2 months ago

    Not only is it vegan friendly but it's gluten-free as well.

  96. Dr. Love

    Dr. Love2 months ago

    Depends on the bait

  97. Scott M

    Scott M2 months ago

    I wonder if you could find just the right size washer to fit that cap. The hole would allow for air movement, but the mouse would not be able to get through it.

  98. DeLoreans garage

    DeLoreans garage2 months ago

    It's like that scene from Willy Wonka... Are you sure that is the door? I am not going to fit through that lol

  99. clydemosis

    clydemosis2 months ago

    " I'm going to let it go..." Maybe it likes Mountain Dew?

  100. LonC1966

    LonC19662 months ago

    One of the golden dollar coins might fit better than the quarter. They are only slightly larger.

  101. Hercules Rockefeller

    Hercules Rockefeller2 months ago

    uhg, really? mountain dew?

  102. Akamo

    Akamo2 months ago

    I did not expect it to work

  103. Mark Wandrey

    Mark Wandrey2 months ago

    "Vegan friendly" mousetrap. Congrats, we're getting close to "Peak Wokeness". ROTFL!

  104. John Lee Pettimore III

    John Lee Pettimore III2 months ago

    with my luck, the mouse would have swiped my quarter and then used it in an archaic pay phone to leave me a message of the mouse laughing at me. rotten mice.

  105. Niels

    Niels2 months ago

    👉🏼 *The larger the mice, the bigger the po-o-op I say!!* 👀🙏🏼

  106. Mikey boi

    Mikey boi2 months ago

    Haha he would have defo got stuck lol free stewie little

  107. Pseudo Llama

    Pseudo Llama2 months ago

    *V E G A N*

  108. Steven Scott

    Steven Scott2 months ago

    3:30 "I also enjoy seeing pictures of peoples' cats watching Mousetrap Monday." {Ummm...I have NEVER seen a cheetah on Mousetrap Monday.}

  109. Garrick Thomas

    Garrick Thomas2 months ago

    If you are referencing the cat on the tv, that’s a bobcat.