Which One Will Catch More Mice? The Fruit Jar Mouse Trap Competition. Mousetrap Monday.

In this video we test out 3 different fruit jar mouse traps including a 3D Printed version along with a rare antique one. Which one will catch more mice?


  1. Benjen 1211

    Benjen 12117 hours ago

    WHAT THE how did they get out

  2. Mark Torres

    Mark Torres2 days ago

    Nice job ratmando.

  3. Sam Sen

    Sam Sen3 days ago

    What? Now you've changed your channel to "Mouse Feeder Monday"?!

  4. anomonyous

    anomonyous6 days ago

    Alternative title: Treating mice to a buffet.

  5. mike13899

    mike1389911 days ago

    Terrible what USlikes has done to this great channel (and the vermin that complained about it’s content).

  6. robert wong

    robert wong11 days ago

    These one way doors don't work unless they have no holes to grip on by the mouse.

  7. R L saved

    R L saved12 days ago

    The last one remains me of Sleepy joe

  8. 907Norseman

    907Norseman12 days ago

    These remind me of the woven native fish traps

  9. Cumunist

    Cumunist12 days ago

    Either those jar traps suck or mice have gotten smarter over the years

  10. Jd Solberg

    Jd Solberg12 days ago

    That bucket roller deelio is the best trap I've ever seen. It's down in the garage workin' it right now. Couldn't ask for better by God!

  11. Oofer bruh

    Oofer bruh13 days ago

    How are there still mice in your barn you've been murdering them for years

  12. RebornCandy Cottage

    RebornCandy Cottage13 days ago

    I think the last mouse was the smartest of all of them🀣 he knew you wouldn’t kill hime and he got a pregnant rat sized portion of food all to himself!🀣🀣🀣

  13. Simply Wonderful

    Simply Wonderful14 days ago

    Feeding station 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  14. Thomas Wilson

    Thomas Wilson14 days ago

    shawn,have you got any suggestions we had rats they havnt come back but have you got any ways to deter them without posion got to be animal friendly becouse i have 3 rabbits in the garden. love your videos

  15. David Johnson

    David Johnson14 days ago

    Stunt mice for the win!

  16. Jay Smith

    Jay Smith14 days ago

    Hats of to you mate πŸ‘Œ for letting them go unharmed ☝😎 god soul πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  17. mxkiler

    mxkiler14 days ago

    I've seen these for some time now, never notice that your pet mice is so goddamn cute, i love him so much.

  18. Checkers Lane

    Checkers Lane14 days ago

    The trap is a good trap it just needs to be made better but the overall idea is good

  19. Total Junk

    Total Junk14 days ago

    Australia needs YOU!!!!!!!

  20. Dave7777

    Dave777714 days ago

    You caught the one mouse that was dumb enough to get trapped in that jar.

  21. Arctic Dino

    Arctic Dino14 days ago

    Basically, all three traps are really bad at their job.

  22. Tom Elliot

    Tom Elliot15 days ago

    I saw this trap on fb Share

  23. Yahrun

    Yahrun15 days ago

    @Shawn Woods did you try sunflower seeds with Umami?

  24. Robborti

    Robborti15 days ago

    The little β€œbeep” when you poked the mouse to run off cracked me up. Great video as always.

  25. Faruq 9854

    Faruq 985415 days ago

    The mouse probably think the 3D printed is one solid jar cap

  26. The Like Button

    The Like Button15 days ago

    Isn't the green glass radio active?

  27. yetinother

    yetinother15 days ago


  28. T W

    T W15 days ago

    Level sent me

  29. Mussop Thepossum

    Mussop Thepossum15 days ago

    Lucky mouse

  30. PEACE

    PEACE15 days ago

    I think you deff got ripped off! lol

  31. Adrian Jimenez

    Adrian Jimenez15 days ago

    My cats are absolutely in love with your videos it’s awesome we watch a few episodes everyday keep doing you Shawn!

  32. dogishappy0

    dogishappy015 days ago

    How do you decide which mice become your pets? Better yet, where do you get your pet mice?

  33. aintnobitchms

    aintnobitchms15 days ago

    liked for algorithm

  34. Comfy Slippers

    Comfy Slippers15 days ago

    Yeah boi

  35. Happy Gilmore

    Happy Gilmore15 days ago

    Big fail.

  36. Jeremy

    Jeremy15 days ago

    all the pet mice had poop stuck to their asses lol

  37. Maurizio Goldoni

    Maurizio Goldoni15 days ago

    Put the bottle vertically.

  38. Kangaroo Kicker69

    Kangaroo Kicker6916 days ago

    I love housetrap Monday as well. By far the best series ever.

  39. chris andrus

    chris andrus16 days ago

    The blue jar itself Is also a replica. It doesn’t have the original wording on it that i saw in the picture you showed.

  40. Jim Lowry

    Jim Lowry16 days ago

    It'll be a sad day when Shawn runs out of mice...... Probably never in this lifetime.

  41. May825

    May82516 days ago

    The pet mouse at the beginning had a dingle berry stuck to its butt bleh lol

  42. Hey Old Man

    Hey Old Man16 days ago

    Another great show πŸ‘πŸΌ thank you 😎

  43. Sony Lama

    Sony Lama16 days ago

    The mouse acted tame.

  44. Ja

    Ja16 days ago

    This video is hilarious! They were having a fantastic night.

  45. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept016 days ago

    And I didn't picture the 3D printed trap going very well since they usually either lift them up or chew through them, but I guess this was a threefor SuperVinlin

  46. K Chan

    K Chan16 days ago

    Did he just say he paid $400 for a mason jar with a hole in the lid?!

  47. IlIlsouplIlI

    IlIlsouplIlI16 days ago

    I love your videos, keep up the great content!!!

  48. eric vulgate

    eric vulgate16 days ago

    maybe you gotta stand them up.

  49. Little Flip

    Little Flip16 days ago

    Give that jar a little tip! 7:09

  50. Bob Miller

    Bob Miller16 days ago

    Do you actually have that many mice in your barn or do you add some "extras" for the videos?

  51. Grumpy Cat

    Grumpy Cat16 days ago

    Not very smart? Nah, he's just seen your show before.

  52. Rabbit Hazel

    Rabbit Hazel16 days ago

    they have become feeding stations now, sweet to see

  53. P2Chill

    P2Chill16 days ago

    Hey Shawn! It would be awesome if you could do a video on how to care for pet mice. I'm thinking of getting 2 pet mice after binging your videos for a while and yours look so healthy, I'm curious about their living quarters and what kind of diet you feed them and how you hand tamed them. I know this general info is out there and I do sort of know what they need and eat, but it would be great to see it from the perspective of a mouse pet owner who is as experienced as yourself. Thanks and God bless!

  54. Juu Ju

    Juu Ju16 days ago

    If it isnt too much trouble, might be a neat idea to mark the deer mice you caught so to see who will be repeat offenders in the future xD. I know you release these guys far away from your home but that still gives them a chance to find their way back and enjoy the bait.

  55. Hornet Scales

    Hornet Scales16 days ago

    This was a solid 3 minutes of mice running all over. Talk about "when the cat's away....." Need to set up the electronic rolling log again: you got a serious mouse colony in the barn.

  56. Damian Dunbar

    Damian Dunbar16 days ago

    Thanks for the video 😁

  57. midesti

    midesti16 days ago

    Shawn Woods and the Quest to Find Out All the Ways to Catch a Mouse

  58. RDJim

    RDJim16 days ago

    Traps? LOL, more like Feeders.

  59. Darla Tidwell

    Darla Tidwell16 days ago

    Mice are getting so crafty, but sooner or later they're going to have to go. πŸπŸ€πŸ”«πŸ€¬ JK!

  60. Adrian Sue

    Adrian Sue16 days ago

    Goldilocks and the 3 bears. Seeing 3 traps all in a row and the mice trying to pick one reminded me.

  61. Emir Tatari

    Emir Tatari16 days ago

    I recommend you do more live catch traps since killing rats and mice is not allowed on youtube

  62. Deksam101

    Deksam10116 days ago

    Haha yeah, that was a lot of action and no results. Hey Shawn, try adding some music to the mouse catching videos... ???

  63. Justin time

    Justin time16 days ago

    No that's not what the question is the question is will the mouse eat through that plastic door hole

  64. Mizu The floatzel

    Mizu The floatzel16 days ago

    It's clear I think one of the deer mice wanted to work for you

  65. Peter Higgins

    Peter Higgins16 days ago

    Have you tried putting it to some music?

  66. Carolyn Donahoe

    Carolyn Donahoe16 days ago

    Everyday is monday for shawn

  67. MR. D00M

    MR. D00M16 days ago

    That's why I will never have a pet mouse. too much poop.

  68. Doug Alexander

    Doug Alexander16 days ago

    Run away. Great advice, else you get the boop. Thank you for being our consummate crackerjack on traps for all things small and furry,

  69. James Surveyor

    James Surveyor16 days ago

    Maybe if you used a larger canning jar. Half gallon,maybe quart size. Very intertaining!

  70. Daniel Stapler

    Daniel Stapler16 days ago

    Fruit jars from a 100 years are now 2 liter soft drink bottles, life moves on.

  71. asdrubale bisanzio

    asdrubale bisanzio16 days ago

    life finds a way

  72. asdrubale bisanzio

    asdrubale bisanzio16 days ago

    7:23 Give it a little "beep"

  73. Bill Williams

    Bill Williams16 days ago

    Well. It looks like these traps are a lot of fun for the meeces.

  74. Cary Pyke

    Cary Pyke16 days ago

    Beep ! Lol

  75. Bill Trent

    Bill Trent16 days ago

    Hey Shawn, It just occurred to me that by releasing only the native mice that aren't smart enough to escape from your traps, you are effectively dumbing down the whole American mouse population... Yikes!!!!!

  76. Leia Tyndall

    Leia Tyndall16 days ago

    I was waiting for the 3D printed one to fail via being chewed through. I think if the antique & antique replica were the spikey funnel w/ an elastic to keep the funnel tight you would've kept all the mice that entered. At leat I think that's what I've seen them do before. The exit has to be kept from being opened from the inside.

  77. Cary Pyke

    Cary Pyke16 days ago

    Thank you Shawn


    WHATEVER GOES FOR ME16 days ago

    I think they should not be on their side but should sit on their bottom like any jar so the mice will go in from the top and will find it hard to get out of the jars because of gravity.

  79. Aaron Thompson

    Aaron Thompson16 days ago

    Yeah even the original was set at a semi steep angle with that card.

  80. Matias Su

    Matias Su16 days ago

    Mouse: great service, delicious food. 5/5 will dine there next time too

  81. The One Above All

    The One Above All16 days ago

    Garbage traps

  82. Paul Douglas

    Paul Douglas16 days ago

    I liked the way they seem to frolic.

  83. Monica Bondevik

    Monica Bondevik16 days ago

    They're actually kind of smart sometimes

  84. Marble & Marble

    Marble & Marble16 days ago

    shawn build the '00 buck tripwire mousetrap' and get rid of those rats that have been stealing your traps :)

  85. DURR

    DURR16 days ago


  86. philanna38

    philanna3816 days ago

    Maybe back in the day mice were not so smart but today? It took many generations of learning.

  87. 3.5 degrees north

    3.5 degrees north16 days ago

    Really enjoy your videos, keep up the good work..πŸ‘

  88. Warren Cash

    Warren Cash16 days ago

    Not sure if last mouse just wanted to stay with the food rather than trapped.

  89. Michael Powers

    Michael Powers16 days ago

    That was interesting seeing the mice escape so many times. Those doors need to be redesigned. Thanks Shawn. Nice video.

  90. volvo09

    volvo0914 days ago

    That was a good chuckle, i kept laughing when more and more mice came and went from each trap. They were having a ball.

  91. Bouncy Boy

    Bouncy Boy16 days ago

    Those traps sucked !!! πŸ˜” But good for the mice 🐁

  92. Sagina Adekunle

    Sagina Adekunle16 days ago

    I- y am I watching thisπŸ’€

  93. pasteve59

    pasteve5916 days ago

    I tried to pick the winner before the contest started. The suspense was killing me! I couldn't believe all three mice escaped the middle jar. That was a fun video, Shawn, thanks for posting it. Happy Easter to the Woods family.

  94. ryan wilson

    ryan wilson16 days ago

    Looked like they should be renamed as mice feeders.

  95. Betty Boop

    Betty Boop16 days ago

    @Shawn Woods. Where is Goldie?

  96. Betty Boop

    Betty Boop16 days ago

    Ugh, just got a 458 scam? Call from Oregon?

  97. Shannon Lunham

    Shannon Lunham16 days ago

    Hey guys come on, free food!

  98. Betty Boop

    Betty Boop16 days ago

    Just shared on my FBook link.

  99. Early Riser

    Early Riser16 days ago

    all three were failures...feeding stations

  100. Vanessa Farias

    Vanessa Farias16 days ago


  101. Nana Huang

    Nana Huang16 days ago

    Deer mouse: another free meal.. now how do I get back to Shawn's barn?

  102. XIIMOONIIX moon

    XIIMOONIIX moon16 days ago

    Awww that mouse was so cute πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

  103. Happy Undertaker

    Happy Undertaker16 days ago

    Mmmmh? Toxoplasmosis mouse?

  104. Pennie Wyatt

    Pennie Wyatt16 days ago

    New mouse name: Penny Poops A Lot. Don ask me how I know..