Cannon Mouse Trap - The World's Craziest Mouse Trap. Mousetrap Monday

Awesome Cannon Mouse Trap. The World's Craziest Mouse Trap.
In this video we test out one of the most unique and fun mouse traps in the world invented by a youtube viewer.
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  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods11 months ago

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  2. 寸詰まり

    寸詰まり2 months ago

    Recoad Rec ↑This user is using your video without permission 😡 He is saying「I did!!」 Let's warn

  3. Andi Abdillah

    Andi Abdillah6 months ago

    Use piranha big size

  4. Spinosaurus The Dinosaur

    Spinosaurus The Dinosaur7 months ago


  5. E nigma

    E nigma7 months ago

    Alright, where is the Acme logo on it? And I now suspect you may be Wil E. Coyote

  6. S w

    S wDay ago

    catching mice for entertainment.... DUDE YOU NEED A LIFE WEIRDO.

  7. David Morrison

    David Morrison2 days ago

    That is sooooo funny

  8. Felipe Sevilla

    Felipe Sevilla2 days ago

    2:35 fire in the hole

  9. Felipe Sevilla

    Felipe Sevilla2 days ago

    2:36 fire in the hole

  10. Paul McCarthy

    Paul McCarthy2 days ago

    Were did the circuit board come from?

  11. Chris B

    Chris B2 days ago

    Love it....could it be scaled up for burglars?

  12. Mark Hodgson

    Mark Hodgson4 days ago

    Awww poor mice

  13. Hasuki Phun

    Hasuki Phun4 days ago

    dig a hole and put the cannon ground level, and thell more likley go in

  14. Randy Marsh

    Randy Marsh5 days ago


  15. Slug

    Slug6 days ago

    Sometimes I think some of these traps are just over kill

  16. Ed M

    Ed M6 days ago

    Instead of a net and bucket, aim it towards a nice board with nails sticking out about 4 inches. 😂🤣😂

  17. Blubberboy18

    Blubberboy186 days ago

    By far my favorite mousetrap

  18. Silford Braganza

    Silford Braganza6 days ago

    There was an engineer rat who wanted to find the mechanism behind the whole thing

  19. BFpink76

    BFpink767 days ago


  20. northernCRICKET

    northernCRICKET7 days ago

    This is how you recruit circus mice

  21. Jesse Wince

    Jesse Wince7 days ago

    i love awching these vids

  22. the_Adam

    the_Adam8 days ago

    I think that it’s more of a mortar

  23. Brandon Mcleod

    Brandon Mcleod8 days ago

    5:01 i laughed so hard when he got flung so hard than the other one LMAO!!

  24. Prince Bennete Cabigquez

    Prince Bennete Cabigquez9 days ago

    How many Rats have you killed in your life Shawn:Yes

  25. Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius

    Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius9 days ago

    You should've fired them into a wall of pins sticking out so they get punctured and crucified

  26. Cherry The Gamer

    Cherry The Gamer10 days ago

    Its a mouse yeeting machine lol

  27. Paul Lukis

    Paul Lukis11 days ago

    Rats are zenophobic. That's why they never bite on these traps.

  28. Onion Rage

    Onion Rage11 days ago

    What if the mice accidentally deactivate the device?

  29. Katie Griffing

    Katie Griffing11 days ago

    This guy: turns mice into cannon balls Also this guy: keeps cannon ball mice as pets


    SAMUEL TEE HSIEN RONG Moe11 days ago

    mouse confuse: huh how i teleported?? i think i have suer power. I must tell others *tries to jump off basket* failed


    SAMUEL TEE HSIEN RONG Moe11 days ago

    its its me ill see it for RM75

  32. Electric Eye

    Electric Eye11 days ago

    How lonely are you if you're going to give rats a good home

  33. XIIMOONIIX moon

    XIIMOONIIX moon12 days ago

    Lol this is aweful

  34. thegolddoggy gaming

    thegolddoggy gaming12 days ago


  35. S.Tate

    S.Tate12 days ago

    Thousands of down votes are disappointed they are still alive?

  36. MARMAJE69

    MARMAJE6912 days ago


  37. Simon black

    Simon black12 days ago

    I know this isn't content related, but if you slow the playback down to 25, the guy sounds like he's falling down drunk.

  38. Daytruin ziaos

    Daytruin ziaos13 days ago

    i was expecting .....different results....i was expecting mouse to be blown to smitherines.


    Z0MBAZINATOR13 days ago


  40. Lee arto

    Lee arto13 days ago

    The mice learnt how to fly

  41. Makar4ik228 UA

    Makar4ik228 UA13 days ago

    Finally a trap that doesnt kills 😌

  42. S.Tate

    S.Tate12 days ago

    We’ll all send our live catches to you

  43. 3-D Services LLC

    3-D Services LLC14 days ago

    never in a million years i thought I would subscribe to a mousetrap channel. so cool

  44. Fox & friends

    Fox & friends15 days ago


  45. S.Tate

    S.Tate12 days ago

    Save humaneness for humanity

  46. Johnny Z'Salt

    Johnny Z'Salt13 days ago

    Yeah, should have probably had something that would smash their brains instead of saving them. Just savage.

  47. James Chanbonpin

    James Chanbonpin15 days ago

    For snake collectors, that's free food.

  48. Il mistero è servito

    Il mistero è servito15 days ago

    I would put a cat inside the buket too

  49. teflontelefon

    teflontelefon15 days ago

    You've found the most efficient mouse trap already. I guess you're now on a venture to find the funniest, quietest, smallest, largest, most expensive, most aesthetic, most eco-friendly etc?

  50. jadekayak01

    jadekayak0115 days ago

    You could have so much fun with that-fired into a blender or mulcher?,or maybe make a flame thrower rat teap?yehaaa

  51. halim tuah

    halim tuah16 days ago

    enjoy to watch..

  52. John Milner

    John Milner16 days ago

    Your everyday Joe isn’t going to build this.

  53. Johnny Z'Salt

    Johnny Z'Salt13 days ago

    If you get good at Arduino you might be able to hack something together.

  54. Zachary Powers

    Zachary Powers16 days ago

    why can't we never stick are hands in their

  55. Justwantahover

    Justwantahover19 days ago

    If you just want the mice out of the house you could have a few pointing out the windows.

  56. The Mitch Zone

    The Mitch Zone19 days ago

    Omg, these videos are an absolute NIGHTMARE for people who adore rats as pets. Especially the death traps. I have a friend who has pet rats, and seeing this would just kill her. Her pet rats are dying off due to some terrible sickness/disease they have, and she's been absolutely miserable and traumatized. I personally think mice & rats are gross, but I love my friend and respect her love for her rats, and feel very sad for her losing them. 😢

  57. Lance windsor

    Lance windsor22 days ago

    Mice fly when your having fun😉😉🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂👏👏👏👏

  58. bloodyhell

    bloodyhell23 days ago

    Welcome to the rodent circus

  59. DareToDream

    DareToDream23 days ago

    I think itd be cool if you had a video about your pet mice

  60. ThatOtherChannel

    ThatOtherChannel23 days ago

    This looks like something a very petty neighbor would use.

  61. Alpha Cat

    Alpha Cat24 days ago

    Why isnt this named the ratapult.

  62. Johnny Z'Salt

    Johnny Z'Salt13 days ago

    I was thinking of calling it a Mouseberg, named after the Mossberg shotgun.

  63. Derek Becker

    Derek Becker25 days ago

    I love watching these videos

  64. z0h

    z0h27 days ago

    Its probably so much fun living in this guys barn. A steady supply of vodka and sunflower seeds, and some nights you literally get shot out of a cannon.

  65. Jackp

    Jackp27 days ago

    5:02 "Hey Ron." "Hey Billy."

  66. Sean

    Sean27 days ago

    wouldn't the mouse cannon have started out at level 1? If so pressing the button 10 times like you did, would probably reset it back to level 1, being as if it was already at level 1, pressing 9 times would have brought it to level 10. Unless I'm missing something.

  67. Toothy Beaver

    Toothy Beaver28 days ago

    Make this a Cannon Human Trap and place it at the door of Mcdonalds to teach humans how to fly.

  68. Bro Gamer

    Bro GamerMonth ago

    bruh the fact that the bin he used is a cat product is just too ironic

  69. BounceFabricSoftener

    BounceFabricSoftenerMonth ago

    at 0:44, i heard in my head, "Let me show you its features!"

  70. Tyler Deshoun

    Tyler DeshounMonth ago

    I wonder what level 10 looks like

  71. Poopy Stitch

    Poopy StitchMonth ago

    I came here to see flying rats.... I was not disappointed.

  72. Roger Dudra

    Roger DudraMonth ago

    Good job.

  73. John E

    John EMonth ago

    Too funny

  74. Cumunist

    CumunistMonth ago

    ive been looking for a mouse launcher on this channel

  75. scott massey

    scott masseyMonth ago

    Thank you for not killing them thank you

  76. S.Tate

    S.Tate12 days ago


  77. Антэк Чаплинский

    Антэк ЧаплинскийMonth ago

    Monty python flying mouse)))

  78. dks13827

    dks13827Month ago

    this would be fun........invite a date to your house to watch TV in the den. Then, blammo !!!! a mouse flies across the room and into the bucket. That would be funny.

  79. TheMemeSniper

    TheMemeSniperMonth ago

    what have my friends done to me

  80. Maui Randall

    Maui RandallMonth ago

    Reminds me of squirrel catapults

  81. zamp6969

    zamp6969Month ago

    Launch de mice 🙌🏽launch de mice🙌🏽

  82. silmarian

    silmarianMonth ago

    I kinda want this

  83. blazing imps

    blazing impsMonth ago


  84. Kombatt Batt

    Kombatt BattMonth ago

    3:52 is where the fun begins

  85. Adrian Stănculescu

    Adrian StănculescuMonth ago

    Hahaha nice 😂😂

  86. Dave Kleren

    Dave KlerenMonth ago

    This guy isn’t creepy at all that’s for sure

  87. James Hodges

    James HodgesMonth ago

    Hilarious. The best trap ever.

  88. Trolly Trollerson

    Trolly TrollersonMonth ago

    Give them a nice home next to a snake, and upload it.

  89. Omardottcom

    OmardottcomMonth ago


  90. Ian Gagnon

    Ian GagnonMonth ago

    This guy kinda looks like a mouse

  91. Be Low

    Be LowMonth ago

    He needs to make a super high powered version for people with crappy neighbors. Just crank up the psi by 1000x, aim it at your crazy neighbors house, & Voila'!, it's raining rodents onto your enemy😈👍

  92. Random_person

    Random_personMonth ago


  93. Roger Brooke

    Roger BrookeMonth ago

    It's come to this. Circus mice.

  94. Jeffery Powell

    Jeffery PowellMonth ago

    put nails on buckit lid

  95. Douglas Duda

    Douglas DudaMonth ago

    It would be pretty neat to make one that would launch them very far into the air, more like a love to see owls or other birds of prey snatch them out of the Thanks saved me some work!

  96. T N

    T NMonth ago

    very fun traps. luckily the mice didn't shatter aparts, lol

  97. David B

    David BMonth ago

    This trap will work on Meghan and Harry as well

  98. The Fresh Peddler - Beats For People Who Hate Radio

    The Fresh Peddler - Beats For People Who Hate RadioMonth ago

    This thing needs more power, a trigger and the ability to contain the rat for later.

  99. Vanishing Kaizer

    Vanishing KaizerMonth ago

    This one is unique but effective. Great job

  100. Phillip Culp

    Phillip CulpMonth ago

    Imagine putting nails on that lid...

  101. James Putterlik

    James PutterlikMonth ago

    Very Wile E Coyote.

  102. yyz

    yyzMonth ago

    How does it reload?

  103. Jesse Erickson

    Jesse EricksonMonth ago

    If I had one I would launch them onto a sticky trap wall. That would be fun

  104. I'm scared

    I'm scaredMonth ago

    I wish there was one powered by pistol/rifle blanks, so that it will be powerful enough to launch the rats into your neighbor's yard a 100 hectares away.

  105. Thomas Züllich

    Thomas ZüllichMonth ago

    I just wonder if the ice enjoyed it so much that they would go in again ... ;-) - humans would

  106. speed boi

    speed boiMonth ago

    Mouse mortar


    23 MARTY DAVIDSONMonth ago

    should have put spikes where they get shot so you have mouse darts

  108. Satria Nugraha

    Satria NugrahaMonth ago

    For ppl who don't love thy neighbors this is the perfect trap to use,

  109. gtrkev2

    gtrkev2Month ago

    Yes, but My mousetrap goes to 11.

  110. Creeper Aw Man

    Creeper Aw ManMonth ago

    Could you use this with rats?

  111. Mr Potato Vegi

    Mr Potato VegiMonth ago

    Well we know Shawn's fetish now