House Of Thor 3D Printed Mouse Trap catches Mice & Rats. Mousetrap Monday

In this video we test out another great mouse trap invented by a youtube viewer.
You can purchase the plans for this 3D printed trap here:


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods27 days ago

    Thank you so much for watching. I love it when USlikes viewers invent new mouse traps for me to test out.

  2. Juliet Umwech

    Juliet Umwech19 days ago

    Rats are simple and smart and mouses are. Curious and agile

  3. ebolamorph

    ebolamorph22 days ago

    shownus a capybara trap

  4. Cassidy Lamb

    Cassidy Lamb24 days ago

    Do you own the "Better Mousetrap" patented in 1876 by John H. Morris?

  5. Robert Thomson

    Robert Thomson24 days ago

    Videos are class ,me and my son watch you all the time, I m from Scotland, and I have a couple of rats in my back garden under my deck ive tried snap traps but nothing , the traps are either loicked clean and not set , or set with noting in them , I've even tried the cage with the step flogger but no rats caught a squirrel , do you have any tips .

  6. - PowerBAND - GAMER -

    - PowerBAND - GAMER -25 days ago

    Markus is going to the top baby, I wonder with what he will come up next?

  7. ollie

    ollie21 hour ago

    How the lines are same all the time. Boring

  8. GameFuMaster

    GameFuMasterDay ago

    Meanwhile, the bucket of water is still the cheapest and easiest lol.

  9. Muffin Music

    Muffin MusicDay ago

    Rat: trying to discover what kind of thing is it Mouse: TIME TO GET FUNKY

  10. Wade Roberts

    Wade Roberts2 days ago

    Have you ever tried using molasses as bait? I found that I caught more mice when I used molasses, however, it was in a grain room in a barn, and some of the livestock feed uses molasses as an ingredient, so I’m not sure if that had something to do with it.

  11. Benjen 1211

    Benjen 12115 days ago

    The mouse chews on the rope *BLOOD* 🩸 The trap worked!

  12. Luna Ramirez

    Luna Ramirez5 days ago

    133 people own gerbils.

  13. ArghaPirate

    ArghaPirate9 days ago

    This trap is an insult to my god and the lord of Thunder. Thor slays giants and not rats.

  14. Top Secret

    Top Secret9 days ago

    4:49 chunky boi.

  15. Cumunist

    Cumunist11 days ago

    i love the fluffy tails on the skunks

  16. Brittany B.

    Brittany B.11 days ago

    Loved how the skunk looked at the trail cam with dinner, like "thanks again, Shawn!"

  17. Jordan

    Jordan14 days ago

    I hate that he has to hide the mice getting caught in the traps

  18. Nico

    Nico15 days ago

    are ur proud?

  19. Muskoka Mike

    Muskoka Mike16 days ago

    Marcus definitely has to work on a single stage trigger system...this thread and twine is for the birds......

  20. Аптечный Спирт

    Аптечный Спирт18 days ago

    I like to imagine that those are the same skunk and racoon showing up each video.

  21. Juliet Umwech

    Juliet Umwech19 days ago


  22. R3K0R!

    R3K0R!19 days ago

    the poor stuffed mouse legends say it once was a real mouse but now its dommed to be a rat trap tester for all eterity

  23. Mr. Conservatarian

    Mr. Conservatarian19 days ago

    Ad blades on those yellow rings.

  24. crispee nug

    crispee nug19 days ago

    These are meal catchers for chinese buffets lol

  25. Sqeekms 3

    Sqeekms 320 days ago

    I'm telling you guys nothing beats a Victor.. never fails Victor trap and peanut butter.

  26. Diogo Sousa

    Diogo Sousa20 days ago

    Poor mice and rats

  27. C w a l

    C w a l20 days ago

    I got one of those cage mouse traps Tried to catch a big rat he tore out the cage

  28. Borpheous Maximus v3

    Borpheous Maximus v320 days ago

    “We have to be careful what we show on YT” search croc eats cheetah lol

  29. FtStocktonsCakeLady

    FtStocktonsCakeLady20 days ago

    Anyone know why no Friday or Monday videos? Are Shawn and Fam ok?

  30. Republic of East Pakistan

    Republic of East Pakistan20 days ago

    Show us the gore.

  31. Sappy Leaf

    Sappy Leaf20 days ago

    Biggie cheese is next...

  32. Darth Y'all

    Darth Y'all21 day ago

    Idk why USlikes so uptight. I would say this is helpful and educational.

  33. Nathan King

    Nathan King21 day ago

    7:27: Cats look so cute when they sit like that.

  34. Nathan King

    Nathan King21 day ago

    5:15: And the rat says, "I CAN'T BREATHE!"

  35. Nathan King

    Nathan King21 day ago

    This is the feel-good channel of therapy I come to whenever life sucks enough for me to want to kill things --- except that on this channel Shawn Woods does it for me. Of course, wanting to kill things is perfectly okay when it comes to killing mice --- and this is most delightfully Shawn's specialty.

  36. Nathan King

    Nathan King12 days ago

    @Sol I know he doesn't enjoy killing them, but it's still therapeutic in a strange kind of way to watch these videos especially when it comes to the destructive rats.

  37. Sol

    Sol12 days ago

    I dont think he particularly enjoys killing them. He cares more about the ecological impact. That's why he let's indigenous mice live on the humane traps

  38. Brandon Bartkowiak

    Brandon Bartkowiak21 day ago

    I prefer to string a trip wire to the trigger of a sawed offed shotgun. That'll teach those mice.

  39. CrabSalad

    CrabSalad21 day ago

    thor likes to live dangerously I see

  40. Scuba1915

    Scuba191522 days ago

    Petition to remove Susan and get restrictions lessened

  41. Pewwe Nerwa

    Pewwe Nerwa22 days ago

    The skunk at the end was like "this... this is too much... help?"

  42. ixfd64

    ixfd6422 days ago

    Where's Friday's video?

  43. KorruptKhaos

    KorruptKhaos22 days ago

    4:44 he a *CHONK*

  44. jesse robertson

    jesse robertson23 days ago

    Why cant he show the mouse death on youtube?

  45. ixfd64

    ixfd6422 days ago

    He doesn't to get demonetized by USlikes.

  46. Adam T

    Adam T23 days ago

    I don't know if that was sped up, and if it wasn't that mouse chewed that string fast?

  47. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader23 days ago

    Shawn Woods, Could you please do a diy live catch rat trap please, Thank You

  48. G

    G23 days ago

    Just curious but why not start a Patreon account to get more support? By doing this there might be even more income for more insane or just wacky mousetraps or to rebuild mousetraps.

  49. Ashwell Family

    Ashwell Family23 days ago

    You killed it 😭😭

  50. Leo

    Leo23 days ago

    Shawn, You say "my website" (assuming the Mousetrap Monday website) holds the raw edits of these kill traps videos. But when I go there, look up a censored video's title, and click it, I find that it's literally the same embedded video from youtube with the same censors. Am I just dumb and it's somewhere else? A second website? I want my uncensored destruction of mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, moles, voles, and gophers.

  51. ixfd64

    ixfd6422 days ago

    He used to have them on BitChute, but it seems they're gone from there as well.

  52. zamp6969

    zamp696923 days ago

    Kill de mice 🙌🏽 kill de mice 🙌🏽

  53. ethan wallen

    ethan wallen23 days ago

    oh i thought this would have to do with electricity because its name is house of thor

  54. Victor Severini

    Victor Severini23 days ago

    I didn't know skunks were carnivorous until this video.

  55. Elias Veselsky

    Elias Veselsky23 days ago

    Is it hurtful for the mice or rat

  56. Elias Veselsky

    Elias Veselsky21 day ago

    @ixfd64 but a poisen is often a cleaner methot

  57. ixfd64

    ixfd6421 day ago

    The page for the 3D printer files says the trap is designed for "a clean and [quick] kill." So it's a lethal trap.

  58. givingyo utheslip

    givingyo utheslip23 days ago

    Is this a no kill trap?

  59. ixfd64

    ixfd6421 day ago

    The page for the 3D printer files says the trap is designed for "a clean and [quick] kill." So no.

  60. HelyoGex

    HelyoGex23 days ago

    What about whatch the full video?

  61. Stormking Auyster von Waresian

    Stormking Auyster von Waresian23 days ago

    You can't show killing rats anymore? Sad.

  62. Ramp Tower

    Ramp Tower23 days ago

    Was that a rat or a small DOG????

  63. Justin Gomez

    Justin Gomez23 days ago

    So skunks are carnivorous ....

  64. Michael Miller

    Michael Miller23 days ago

    I have three cats! I don’t need a mouse trap! Lol still interesting though!

  65. Robnoxious77

    Robnoxious7723 days ago

    a bucket of water is more humane

  66. Robnoxious77

    Robnoxious7717 days ago

    @Stuck In 2020 anyone who has drowned is dead, besides, people who have been revived say that after the panic ends it’s quite peacefull

  67. Stuck In 2020

    Stuck In 202017 days ago

    Lmao ask anyone who's drowned and they'll say otherwise. Just because a trap looks scary doesn't mean it's less humane

  68. tin2001

    tin200124 days ago

    Are there any decent 3D printable kill traps that don't involve string as the trigger system? We can't buy traps that actually work here at the moment so it would be awesome if we could just print them as needed.

  69. stmounts

    stmounts24 days ago

    What you learn from Shawn's channel is that no matter how many traps you have, no matter how much you spend, the rodents keep coming back!

  70. Landon Hill

    Landon Hill24 days ago

    I didn't know skunks eat little rats, You Learn something new every day

  71. qwexy XD

    qwexy XD24 days ago

    I wish it was old youtube that way we could see everything

  72. Stuck In 2020

    Stuck In 202017 days ago

    @jesse robertson Susan is the CEO now

  73. jesse robertson

    jesse robertson23 days ago

    Why is it changed?

  74. Eric Rodriguez

    Eric Rodriguez24 days ago

    Oh I thought it just trapped them I didn’t know it killed them ok

  75. UrBasicGuy

    UrBasicGuy24 days ago

    why the need to be careful what you show? mice an rats are vermin that not only need to be exterminated it's perfectly legal to do so

  76. ApexFizz

    ApexFizz24 days ago

    Nice trap but it would suck to clean it

  77. Brandon PowerStroke

    Brandon PowerStroke24 days ago

    More than one way to skin a mouse

  78. PhillyGamer

    PhillyGamer24 days ago

    I like the trail cam aspect. Its like as tho they are laying in wait for you to put food down. As soon you leave they pop in view

  79. 786

    78624 days ago

    Good stuff.

  80. Roy HI

    Roy HI24 days ago


  81. Kai Fischer

    Kai Fischer24 days ago

    This kind of trap is a shame. The mouse dies slowly. Shame on you

  82. Grattatata Orange

    Grattatata Orange16 days ago

    Shut the hell up ken

  83. Myles Delaney

    Myles Delaney23 days ago

    Y A

  84. Jason Gooden

    Jason Gooden24 days ago

    I'd call it The Circumciser

  85. Jason Gooden

    Jason Gooden24 days ago

    looks more like the house of Wankel Rotary

  86. Ryan Lin

    Ryan Lin24 days ago

    i have a feeling that that skunk is the same one from last time

  87. Graeme Lastname

    Graeme Lastname25 days ago

    Yes, must be careful, reality is a prohibited subject.

  88. Retrith

    Retrith25 days ago

    It was sorta sad seeing the rat’s tail go limp after it was caught

  89. Joshua David

    Joshua David25 days ago

    Is there a platform that isn't a little beech about...well you the thing, c'mon man.

  90. Jason Kotolski

    Jason Kotolski25 days ago

    I wonder what year the perfect mouse trap will be declared? Will this be a forever quest? Suppose the perfect one would just vaporize them. No mess. Humane.

  91. Stuck In 2020

    Stuck In 202017 days ago


  92. levi sylvester

    levi sylvester25 days ago

    You can't show mice dying on USlikes.. . What a trip life is. People are so disconnected with reality.

  93. Stuck In 2020

    Stuck In 202017 days ago

    I've came across 3 people saying this trap is inhumane 😂 People clearly fortunate enough to not have rats

  94. Dan

    Dan25 days ago

    So basically this trap squeezes the rodent to death...hardly human.

  95. MrJayrock620

    MrJayrock62025 days ago

    If he makes a bigger one he could call it the Castle of Thor, or add a second spring and machine some razor sharp metal nooses and call it the House of Pain.

  96. Doug van der Hoop

    Doug van der Hoop25 days ago

    Actually the good mouse trap was self resetting. That thing was amazing. This one is only good because it was printed. The true winner was the old fashioned one in your other video.

  97. zamaga11

    zamaga1125 days ago

    I like the old school traps but love this channel!

  98. sir1junior

    sir1junior25 days ago

    Australia is gonna need you more than ever.

  99. Christopher Nayar

    Christopher Nayar25 days ago

    Does this one kill the mouse or just hold it in place by the neck until it is released? Might as well use razor blades instead of teeth and guillotine their heads off. Instant death

  100. Stuck In 2020

    Stuck In 202017 days ago

    It looks like it breaks their neck. It doesn't take much force for a mouse idk about a rat

  101. diecast jam

    diecast jam25 days ago

    Poor mice are in Valhalla now, lol.

  102. Gibson Lopez

    Gibson Lopez16 days ago

    Helheim Valhalla is for people who die in battle

  103. mrkthmn

    mrkthmn25 days ago

    I dont want to live in a world where pest control is too scary for people to see. Those people wouldn't survive a single day outside of a city. They're the same people that think food magically appears in grocery stores.

  104. John S

    John S25 days ago

    Wankel mouse trap XD

  105. undertakerz fanz

    undertakerz fanz25 days ago

    Shawn Woods must have millions of rats in this house

  106. Wakooify

    Wakooify25 days ago

    Pepe ?

  107. Sky- Blitz

    Sky- Blitz25 days ago

    Love you Markus!! 💕💕

  108. Flying Beaver

    Flying Beaver25 days ago

    It's really interesting to see how this designer has gradually improved his trap designs, and added some clever features for convenience and ease of setting. Just as with some of your favorite older classic traps, this is a well-thought-out and effective setup. Thanks for sharing, Shawn.

  109. vic tor

    vic tor25 days ago

    faken left1sts with their leftube no graphic policies, weak people

  110. it s me mario

    it s me mario25 days ago

    Change the title it dont catch it kills

  111. Stuck In 2020

    Stuck In 202017 days ago

    USlikes doesn't like the word kill so no.

  112. ixfd64

    ixfd6421 day ago

    1. Those two terms are not mutually exclusive. 2. Shawn has said he tries to avoid using the word "kill" in the title because it could cause his videos to get demonetized.

  113. Alex VI

    Alex VI25 days ago

    When the rat hit the trap He hit the floor like Thor Ain't gettin' up no more

  114. Froggo

    Froggo25 days ago

    2:50 yeah nothing quite like... Artificial mouse trap insemination

  115. F. De Mascio

    F. De Mascio26 days ago

    Is Marcus trying to lure IKEA into carrying his traps? He's got the color scheme down.

  116. Riccardo Ferry

    Riccardo Ferry26 days ago

    when you catch a wild mouse and you want to keep it what do you have to do ?, i caught a wild mouse and i am afraid of diseases

  117. mcurt9

    mcurt926 days ago

    Sorry for dumb question but does youtube NOT allow you to show the direct kill? I lobe all your videos!!

  118. Leo Warren

    Leo Warren26 days ago

    The best mouse trap I've found is a hungry ginger cat.

  119. MoistMikey

    MoistMikey26 days ago

    Started with the mouse trap compilation, now i cant stop watching, love the videos man keep them up!

  120. tpl 608

    tpl 60826 days ago

    Gloves Shawn gloves

  121. Nigel Joseph

    Nigel Joseph26 days ago

    A24 rat trap. Look it up. Best mouse and rat trap I've seen out there, so far. Kills multiple rodents without having to set it up after every kill. Way better than this one. Check it out. Nuff said.

  122. ixfd64

    ixfd6421 day ago

    He has done several videos on the A24 trap.

  123. Devildeggz

    Devildeggz26 days ago

    6:55 he looks so happy

  124. Rebekah Yoder

    Rebekah Yoder26 days ago

    That Ikea rat has Seen some things.

  125. H Hh

    H Hh26 days ago

    Keep it up Marcus!

  126. iamtungsten O

    iamtungsten O26 days ago

    Ngl I’m pretty sure most of us thought this would be a shocker mouse trap