Rats & Skunks - Automatic Walk The Plank Rat Trap vs Huge Pack Rat In The Barn. Mousetrap Monday

In this video we see if rat in the barn will fall for the Automatic 3D printed walk the plank Trap. This is a larger version of the amazing automatic walk the plank mouse trap.
You can contact the inventor of this here: buhlermousetrap@gmail.com
Inventor's website: buhler3dprints.com/?post_type=product
You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link: amzn.to/2ZY3dpp


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods2 months ago

    Thank you so much for watching. You can contact the inventor of this here: buhlermousetrap@gmail.com Inventor's website: buhler3dprints.com/?post_type=product

  2. Anonymous Person

    Anonymous Person2 months ago

    Looks like you need a wider bucket.

  3. Motley Stew

    Motley Stew2 months ago

    Your pet rat’s poop is the size of a small dog’s poop. If I didn’t see it come out your rat I would not’ve believed it. I had no idea theirs were so large! This makes me even more paranoid of rats.. all this time I thought I’ve been seeing small stray dog’s poops .. everywhere could actually be infested with rats! 😬

  4. Betty Boop

    Betty Boop2 months ago

    @shawn woods: It's about time, you show RATS...name & variations. Local to USA. & How to identify a male Rat vs Female..

  5. Alexander Babich

    Alexander Babich2 months ago


  6. Alexander Babich

    Alexander Babich2 months ago


  7. Lon D

    Lon DDay ago

    EPIC fail.

  8. Lon D

    Lon DDay ago

    Your "native" is laughing at your sentimentality. Thus vermin thrive...

  9. Cqwet Dbdfte

    Cqwet Dbdfte5 days ago

    The rat poops becasue it is nervous. Smart rat knows some trouble is coming. The trap sorts of works for mice, but the trap needs to be scaled up for the 10 times larger rat. 50 gallon drum? The sloping plank does not instill confidence. The sensor position is also not scaled to the body size of the rat, it should also trigger on front feet.

  10. Wilkin Quiles

    Wilkin Quiles9 days ago

    I wouldve never thought a person who kills rats would have a rat as a pet

  11. random

    random15 days ago

    This guy has the most infested barn in the world

  12. Shannon Lunham

    Shannon Lunham16 days ago

    Rats 🐀 he won't get us this time, hehehe!

  13. Butch Thurman

    Butch Thurman17 days ago

    Bring out the mink

  14. Signkutter signkutter

    Signkutter signkutter20 days ago

    lol...he just said f*ck this..and jumped off

  15. Lauren

    Lauren20 days ago

    definitely not as effective as the basic rectangular teeter totter trap.

  16. Lauren

    Lauren20 days ago

    long forced (no skip) initial advertisement ANNOYING!!! remove it!!!

  17. Terry harness

    Terry harness21 day ago

    The poor rat....So misunderstood..,

  18. ZaChikken

    ZaChikken21 day ago

    Why do I find mice and rats getting pranked hilarious

  19. Arlene Williamson

    Arlene Williamson21 day ago

    PUT ON GLOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Sticking your fingers in Mice and rat poop and urine is very unsanitary. I can’t watch anymore of these videos✌️

  20. Eric Logos

    Eric Logos21 day ago

    I like the trap that pops em in the head.

  21. Michael Lafleur

    Michael Lafleur21 day ago

    I'm going back to FBI, boring!

  22. Enuma Elish

    Enuma Elish21 day ago

    "Ok lets test out this Rat trap!" Skunk: Is for me?! "No" Skunk: Ok, is for me! Rats: I'm not going anywhere near that thing.

  23. David B

    David B22 days ago

    A rat in a Chinese restaurant is called a meal

  24. Brien Berglund

    Brien Berglund23 days ago

    What cameras do you use?

  25. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt24 days ago

    Dude sounds like a bad actor reading a script.

  26. Flake Mist

    Flake Mist24 days ago

    Yuck! He's holding it. Just Yuck

  27. Sony Lama

    Sony Lama26 days ago

    Ew why poo?

  28. Anonn Nymous

    Anonn Nymous27 days ago

    Australians would benefit tremendously from watching your channel.

  29. Milani Macc

    Milani Macc28 days ago

    That owl 🦉 super scary

  30. n00b2b3r

    n00b2b3r28 days ago

    Please catch that skunk!

  31. The Frontier Family

    The Frontier FamilyMonth ago

    You should do a video on small rodents, I have pygmy shrews all over my house and they are so tiny they don't trigger the traps! Only thing that mildly works is glue traps

  32. Stimm002

    Stimm002Month ago

    They poop when you put them on a trap because they recognise the situation, this triggers a heightened state of awareness braught on by the fight or flight response in the brain. In rats this response triggers defecation and urination much earlier in the levels of the fight or flight response than with larger more and generally more developed species.

  33. Warren Cash

    Warren CashMonth ago

    Would've enjoyed the skunk dunking itself. No chance live catching in such a small bucket! Need a big bin at least.

  34. Clifford Zellner

    Clifford ZellnerMonth ago

    I guess catching rats over the years you're bound to end up with one as a pet.

  35. 3DLavaLamp

    3DLavaLampMonth ago

    Could the sensor be moved closer to the base, in other words, away from the tip? They feel the steepness and rather not go down there but they sit in the middle so that’s where it could be and still drop maybe.

  36. Tree

    TreeMonth ago

    When a rat falls down that plank trap, I always wonder: “What were their final thoughts till falling down?” It makes me wo- *rat jumps out of bucket*

  37. the silent majority

    the silent majorityMonth ago

    It's Pepe la Puh

  38. Kevin Xiao

    Kevin XiaoMonth ago

    Giant striped stink rat

  39. Hygiene Care

    Hygiene CareMonth ago

    What size bucket is best?

  40. Avarosa

    AvarosaMonth ago

    This one don't really need to be battery powered. It could be more like the trap featured in the last video.

  41. Christopher Johnson

    Christopher JohnsonMonth ago

    1:57 just give it a little flip

  42. spook show

    spook showMonth ago

    I love Skunks.

  43. YoungD3mon314

    YoungD3mon314Month ago

    Not a fan of all this "catch and release" BS but still love your channel bro

  44. YoungD3mon314

    YoungD3mon314Month ago

    @ed n They jumped in and jumped right out, only a little mouse died. He didn't make this a killtrap.

  45. ed n

    ed nMonth ago

    Wdym catch n release, they died

  46. Aqua Voda

    Aqua VodaMonth ago

    Did you ever catch some disease from mice and rats, you literally touch feces and piss

  47. Kami sama

    Kami samaMonth ago

    0:08 your rat is a mutant.



    Oh my god, a pet rat. Yikes...and seeing it poop too.

  49. G3tsi AK

    G3tsi AKMonth ago

    Awesome trap, awesome video. All the way from western Alaska, hello MTM and everybody else! 😊😊

  50. cjr1881

    cjr1881Month ago

    It doesn't go all the way up. Piece of junk.

  51. tlustyodbyt04

    tlustyodbyt04Month ago

    4:11 omg this guy is so cute...

  52. Rachel Peters

    Rachel PetersMonth ago

    I DONT like to watch animals being harmed in anyway!!!!

  53. Roberto moe

    Roberto moe2 months ago

    Anybody else notice the rat 🐀 smiling on the the thumbnail 😂

  54. Nate Vizcarra

    Nate Vizcarra2 months ago

    What kind of peanut butter do you use?

  55. Huntz Kushe

    Huntz Kushe2 months ago

    You're pet was like, "OK. Ok. I know what you want me to do"...jumps

  56. Sean Foltz

    Sean Foltz2 months ago

    To keep the rats from jumping out you could attached two buckets to each other

  57. Geoffrey Lohff

    Geoffrey Lohff2 months ago

    For rats, I'd suggest a 55gal drum... just a thought

  58. Happy Man

    Happy Man2 months ago

    Thank you for sharing and promoting respect for our native rats.

  59. Grungophone

    Grungophone2 months ago

    when he said he was pouring out the water i knew we were gonna have problems TT-TT

  60. nrich51

    nrich512 months ago

    It's kinda kool but like German cars ... over-engineered. There are designs on USlikes that do the exact same thing - no batteries - no sensors - no parts to need servicing - no cost . It simply balances back to home position after the weight of the mouse/rat has caused it to pivot into the bucket like a see-saw. I made one out of scrap wood and some glue and it works perfectly every time ... But I finally found the ultimate one using 2 pop cans hot glue gunned together with a metal coat hanger rod through the center and a ramp and bucket. 3 to 4 inches of water in the bucket and it's a mice / rat death trap that costs almost nothing. Oh yea - the final secret - peanut butter - the odor of peanut butter is irresistible to rodents.

  61. Tom Collins

    Tom Collins2 months ago

    And the mouses is overshitting the bucket because it believes that the turds keeps it afloat and alive...

  62. Huberman Project

    Huberman Project2 months ago

    That pack rat 🐀 is too clever

  63. psuaero100

    psuaero1002 months ago

    Do you ever see a decrease in the mouse/rat population in your barn? You catch so many and how even have Barn owls. I would think there would be far less mice after a while. I've caught ~30 mice in my garage over the course of a year. I put 6 or 7 snap traps with PB out there and catch one or two a day for a week. Then I go multiple days or even a few weeks without a catch. I assume that's the population going down.

  64. Curtis Carlson

    Curtis Carlson2 months ago

    that rat trap could be put on a large barrel 35 or 55 gal to be used as a live or floater trap. An even larger plank trap could be put on a large barrel for catching large critters like the skunk or possums.

  65. Curtis Carlson

    Curtis Carlson2 months ago

    or a really really big plank trap could be put over a swimming pool to catch your neighbor's kids. well maybe not.

  66. Preston S

    Preston S2 months ago

    Put oil in the bucket

  67. Evan The Zilla

    Evan The Zilla2 months ago

    6:30, THAT RAT IS A SAVAGE. Wait for it! 😎🐀😎

  68. Santi 640

    Santi 6402 months ago

    A rat really broke the trap because it pissed on the sensor

  69. Tim R

    Tim R2 months ago

    What’s in that bucket? Nothing?!?! Boring. Need some sharp nails or razors in it. Something that electrocutes thenm

  70. Chad Houle

    Chad Houle2 months ago

    Best mouse trap on the planet 'CAT'S'

  71. Sarah King

    Sarah King2 months ago

    Hey Shawn, you should make a video showing all of your pet mice / rats.

  72. PowerOf One

    PowerOf One2 months ago

    7:09 man that rat was super quick...!

  73. Kazkov3

    Kazkov32 months ago


  74. Dan

    Dan2 months ago

    Native species or not, they still carry disease. Flick them all! But that trap could so be a live trap, just use a taller bucket. Either way, that trap and their mouse trap is too expensive.

  75. khor kienjoo

    khor kienjoo2 months ago

    What do you expect? Rats and mice love to poop.

  76. Mike’s Garage

    Mike’s Garage2 months ago

    That rat had a “oh crap” look on his face when he got dunked!

  77. Merendel

    Merendel2 months ago

    Looks like it needs a larger diameter bucket so they cant stand on the edge and reach the bait.

  78. DocNo27

    DocNo272 months ago

    All you did was teach one pack rat how to get the bait without getting caught 🤣 Need a bigger and deeper container and it would still be find as a live trap.

  79. Krys Lucas

    Krys Lucas2 months ago

    You should add the other video of the mice walking the plank to your description!

  80. precik88

    precik882 months ago

    Try use barrow

  81. Ivan Salazar

    Ivan Salazar2 months ago

    Sabia que eran recicladas

  82. J.T. Barghest

    J.T. Barghest2 months ago

    I feel like the ones that aren't battery operated are the better ones. Don't have to deal with sensor issues like it malfunctioning of the rat not going out far enough to trigger the sensor.

  83. Craig Mooring

    Craig Mooring2 months ago

    It could still be a live catch rat trap. You just need a much deeper bucket.

  84. Bertje Tolberg

    Bertje Tolberg2 months ago

    I hope more to see from the barn Owls I have a fewof them living around and i also feed them the mice i catch I have a lot of video’s of the owls cause i raised one who fell out the nest Same owl had six little Owls in two years Best wishes from Holland

  85. Dennis Whitlock

    Dennis Whitlock2 months ago

    I don't think this would be a good solution in my attic.

  86. Juggerknot J0E

    Juggerknot J0E2 months ago

    Hey shawn whenever do these sort of bucket traps my parents say it is to inhumane do drown rats or have sit in a bucket alll day so what could i do to make it not inhumane

  87. Lord Voll

    Lord Voll2 months ago

    Love the new owl family moving in 🥺

  88. Rented Gucci Mink

    Rented Gucci Mink2 months ago

    The Barn owl looks kind of scary.

  89. noxcod

    noxcod2 months ago

    Testing traps on tame rats and mice is not only irrelevant but its fuckin retarded

  90. TheBlackRose

    TheBlackRose2 months ago

    Will this work on a 55 gallon metal drum?

  91. swirlingabyss

    swirlingabyss2 months ago

    That skunk was a goofy little bastard.

  92. David Quirk

    David Quirk2 months ago

    Needed a stronger dog...Joseph Carter's your man for that! Thanks for another great video. I love seeing the wild life that gets a free meal too.

  93. Dangerfield Outdoors

    Dangerfield Outdoors2 months ago

    Shawn What is favorite animal to hunt

  94. Rob Thompson

    Rob Thompson2 months ago

    No reason for the sensor...gimmicky.

  95. FlyingPanda10P

    FlyingPanda10P2 months ago

    Mouse trap Monday. Release on a Friday.

  96. John Ridley

    John Ridley2 months ago

    Barn owls are so cool.

  97. Preston S

    Preston S2 months ago

    I didn’t know you get barn owls in the US we have them in the uk

  98. Harry Toeface

    Harry Toeface2 months ago

    That's a GIANT rat turd! You feed em well

  99. Jacob Wattimury

    Jacob Wattimury2 months ago

    No Good👎

  100. kmonnier

    kmonnier2 months ago

    Skunks are always so well dressed 🦨

  101. Karen

    Karen2 months ago

    How about a 55 gallon plank trap for skunks???

  102. Russell Stephan

    Russell Stephan2 months ago

    The automated plank along with the shocking jump bar are my favorites. But, the inverted cone/funnel (the top of a water cooler jug) wins due to not needing power.

  103. Wellthomy Channel

    Wellthomy Channel2 months ago

    Wow this is amazing 👍👍 Hello from Malaysia bro Same like my Channel

  104. Miau Dot Tk

    Miau Dot Tk2 months ago


  105. Wendy Jaa

    Wendy Jaa2 months ago

    2:35 the little pat

  106. Sven Hallgren

    Sven Hallgren2 months ago

    That's a beginner's mistake, when dealing with rats, ALWAYS expect them to excrete all over things.

  107. Ken

    Ken2 months ago

    Mr Poop a lots

  108. Benjie Lao singuan

    Benjie Lao singuan2 months ago