A Mysterious & Powerful Metal Triangle Mouse Trap. Rare & Valuable Vintage Trap. Mousetrap Monday.

In this video we test out a very unusual triangle metal mouse trap that is a huge mystery.
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I was surprised how powerful this rare and valuable mouse trap is.
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  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods3 months ago

    Thank you so much for watching.

  2. kitkat boy

    kitkat boy2 months ago

    No problem it was amazing

  3. Maggie E

    Maggie E3 months ago

    I started watching your channel over a year ago looking for humane kill traps to use in my nyc apartment and loved your content ever since. Luckily I have one less roommate and a great mouser of a cat now so I have no rodents now! (That I’m aware of at least!)

  4. xuscbs

    xuscbs3 months ago

    Shawn, please post on Rumble (no censorship there.)

  5. Alexander Babich

    Alexander Babich3 months ago

    Good job on all of your videos!!!

  6. LostWhits

    LostWhits3 months ago

    Thank you for posting.

  7. lukepro_

    lukepro_Month ago

    I love these! I want to see them in production!

  8. lukepro_

    lukepro_Month ago

    Even bigger versions would be amazing.

  9. __

    __Month ago

    It's a cool low profile mouse trap, good for putting in tight spaces. Very efficient and I like the design a lot.

  10. Riveriux Phenom

    Riveriux PhenomMonth ago

    These videos used to be much better before youtube censorship got in the way. Which is so unfair because the uploader is so darn hard working and charismatic.

  11. BobMuir100

    BobMuir1002 months ago

    OK, Maybe it’s just me however why is this any different from the original rectangular spring trap? It cannot ‘better’ surly???

  12. Siakol Yano

    Siakol Yano2 months ago

    USlikes censors are begging to have 10000 mouse and rats in their home.

  13. MevelyPlayz

    MevelyPlayz2 months ago

    Wait till Jerry the mouse gets over that

  14. Limit Break Ray

    Limit Break Ray2 months ago

    Harry: wow look at that free me...arrg!....John:Harry hey the games about to star...harry? oh no...

  15. Karen

    Karen2 months ago

    Please add an exercise wheel for overweight mice to work out, before dying in your traps.

  16. Kyle Swicker

    Kyle Swicker2 months ago

    Leave it to youtube to censor mousetrap videos...

  17. Dan Hutson

    Dan Hutson2 months ago

    I see the opossum got some lettuce, so it seemed it needed some fiber in it's diet more than a mouse snack. lol

  18. Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin3 months ago

    The definition of evolution. In 15 years they build traps for you.


    JOHNPAUL KUN3 months ago

    Oh remember these we have one of these when I was a little kid and I thought these are toys and decided to grab it and boy I almost feel like my finger is gonna cut off

  20. 小銀小金

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  21. Melba Rich

    Melba Rich3 months ago

    I would be scared to set that trap because there's nowhere to hold it while you're putting that spring in place. I'm pretty sure I would snap it on my fingers. Thanks for the video!

  22. justkiddingaround

    justkiddingaround3 months ago

    I miss the days when we could give them a little flip

  23. packingten

    packingten3 months ago

    There is NO SMELL ON EARTH WORSE, Than Possum Poop!!!. We caught one in live trap,Put him in back gate of my station wgn he got the $@-$ scared out of him&wooofff HORRIBLE!. Whauled him away in woods ALIVE😊

  24. SSS🌙

    SSS🌙3 months ago

    Thank you so much for not showing the graphic images. I know people hate you for it but you're probably okay with being hated by people like that.

  25. Scott Clayton

    Scott Clayton3 months ago

    Happy new year. Just a thought, maybe put your logo or a shout-out to any thing or any one on the side of that wooden box USlikes requires. Fan art? Vacancy sign, peanut butter distribution center ahead.I’m running out right now but I’m sure this will get the ball rolling.

  26. Carter aka Kurt R.

    Carter aka Kurt R.3 months ago

    Plot twist: Triangle Mousetraps were made by Illuminati.

  27. bradley small

    bradley small3 months ago

    the second mommy mouse waited till son tried the food and got put out as animal food for all his trouble and exurberance

  28. CrashMasta

    CrashMasta3 months ago

    Hey man, where do you get gas? I swear Ive filled you up before in Monmouth.

  29. PERFECTSCREEMS, the Golden Person

    PERFECTSCREEMS, the Golden Person3 months ago

    Bill Cipher isn't so scary anymore.


    BLAZE \AMIRRA3 months ago


  31. Jedda73

    Jedda733 months ago

    We have a mouse plague in town at the moment. The last several months the conditions in eastern Australia have been perfect with cool wet weather, and vigorous grass growth with plenty of seed available. Ive been killing mice with my lawn mower its that bad! Right now Im enjoying the smell of dead mouse because one died inside the wall where I cant reach it. Ive given up trapping mice, there are just too many.

  32. Steve Hastings

    Steve Hastings3 months ago

    I love the cartoon at 4:25 "Humantrap Monday" LOL ^_^

  33. Stephanie robinson

    Stephanie robinson3 months ago

    Hey Sean! great job😬

  34. Zeke Trimmer

    Zeke Trimmer3 months ago

    if shawn woods were to collaborate it would be so bazar

  35. Tommy Ohlrich

    Tommy Ohlrich3 months ago

    Lmao I didn’t know rats ate mice. Crazy

  36. Bobby Lee

    Bobby Lee3 months ago

    Rats eat anything.

  37. Brent R

    Brent R3 months ago

    The only relic ever found in the Great Pyramid? A souvenir pyramid-shaped mousetrap. Original price: 2 scheckles.

  38. manfred schmalbach

    manfred schmalbach3 months ago

    You know You came to Shawn Woods' channel when You hear "..... this mousetrap does look more like a Christmas tree ornament ...." 😂 Thanks for the laugh Mr Woods, keep it up, stay healthy'n sane and a happy NewYear for all of You!

  39. Tristan Brown

    Tristan Brown3 months ago

    Love u

  40. Mr.Savage

    Mr.Savage3 months ago

    yt just re-recommended your videos, thought you had gone silent but it looks like you still have been posting regularly. Happy to have some catching up to do, just letting you know that the add renewal worked?

  41. John Torres

    John Torres3 months ago

    Same mechanism as a regular snap trap just different shap

  42. Victor Plays Ukelele

    Victor Plays Ukelele3 months ago

    Hi I'm still a kid but I'm not a hater and I watched your Chanell since I was like 6-7 hopefully you're going to read this.

  43. Jun

    Jun3 months ago

    Hi I came from the mole videos. A question: is there any video about telling whether the hill pile is fresh or old? I really need some knowledge in this part. thx!

  44. TheButcherIRL

    TheButcherIRL3 months ago

    You need to set a trap with a dead mouse to catch that rat outside

  45. Mini DK#9

    Mini DK#93 months ago

    The pie wedge trap allows you to put several together forming a circle.

  46. Joel Braswell

    Joel Braswell3 months ago

    Obviously, made by The Bermuda Mouse Trap Co. They called that model the...

  47. TayField (Perm Reg'd) Toy Fox Terriers

    TayField (Perm Reg'd) Toy Fox Terriers3 months ago

    Looks to me like the inventor shaped it like a piece of cheese and even painted some cheese coloured.

  48. faneya zepeda

    faneya zepeda3 months ago

    Hi Shawn. my name is Peniel and I am 10 years old and I have watched some of the videos you posted. I want to you the same things you do when I grow up.

  49. J Brown

    J Brown3 months ago

    Box is the magic part! Need a carpenter to build some of these. My traps keep flipping away.

  50. Jackson Hall

    Jackson Hall3 months ago

    The mouse at 2:32 was like oh god George. Anyways where is my food.

  51. eevee2joltyon

    eevee2joltyon3 months ago

    Have you put them on r/whatisthis?

  52. it's just American life

    it's just American life3 months ago

    Love from southern Oregon

  53. it's just American life

    it's just American life3 months ago

    Hay you should do a video where you set up every single mouse trap you have in the barn.

  54. HH AA

    HH AA3 months ago

    Thanks Shawn‼️ I look forward to your videos. You do a good kob with them.

  55. David Maruca

    David Maruca3 months ago

    thanks for the upload shawn. it's a little ridiculous the lengths you have to go to in order to keep the youtube algorithm off your butt. thanks for doing your best with it. anyone with common sense should know that a mouse trap enthusiast channel will involve killing pest rodents.

  56. 786

    7863 months ago

    Good stuff.

  57. Natural Healing Methods

    Natural Healing Methods3 months ago

    Probably invented in Germany between 1933 and 1945. The inventor was probably executed, body burned, and ashes thrown into the ocean. The inventory of his workshop and his writings confiscated by the allies.

  58. ADR Gaming

    ADR Gaming3 months ago

    Bermuda Triangle but for a mouse

  59. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper3 months ago

    Nice baubles.

  60. Preston S

    Preston S3 months ago

    Hi Shawn great video in a video

  61. CharlieX

    CharlieX3 months ago

    Another good one

  62. Alexander Sherard

    Alexander Sherard3 months ago

    Great job

  63. Matthew Trzcinski

    Matthew Trzcinski3 months ago

    It’s cottage craft. People had access to springs, probably from broken traps, and box strapping.

  64. not bob

    not bob3 months ago

    except they wouldn't be that consistent

  65. Fridolf måne

    Fridolf måne3 months ago

    USlikes censorship is a great problem that needs to be addressed, they take money from governments around the world to impose censorship on some certain channels.

  66. not bob

    not bob3 months ago

    if you don't like it, go somewhere else

  67. Shiva Ji

    Shiva Ji3 months ago

    Without the visuals of the kill shot, the vids have lost their captivation. A pity.

  68. not bob

    not bob3 months ago

    you are a creep

  69. RDG S.

    RDG S.3 months ago

    another sad generic vid... And to think this channel was so cool!


    ANNSHEARD3 months ago

    Hi, I have pet hamster’s!!! If a mouse got in my house could it kill my hamster!!! I have a Syrian and a dwarf hamster!!! Ann uk 🇬🇧

  71. Brent Sido

    Brent Sido3 months ago

    Yes it could

  72. Dr. Love

    Dr. Love3 months ago

    What censorship? Do you even know what that means?

  73. chuck tallior

    chuck tallior3 months ago

    On the 🎄 😸

  74. Viigan

    Viigan3 months ago

    3:17 Possum prefers potato peels.

  75. tpl 608

    tpl 6083 months ago

    Here is another video idea. Do a video on ancient Rome and their love for eating door mice, how they prepared them, how they seasoned them (stuffed, with spices inside and baked), how they sold them in street meat booths like our Mall food courts. There is enough easily Googleable online material for a 10 minute video. USlikes cannot possibly have an issue with facts of history. You could even take a moment to cover their spices and where they cane from and garum, the fish sauce, made of raw fish and not just for seasoning fish. It was used to season a lot, including baked mouse. ;-)

  76. Watermelon Strawberry

    Watermelon Strawberry3 months ago

    I'm as early as a mouse in a chicken coop

  77. hello world

    hello world3 months ago

    ah the joy of spreading mouse bacteria jk merry xmas Shawn

  78. pablo rages

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    Didn't get a notification of last weeks vid :(

  79. Chill [AMV]

    Chill [AMV]3 months ago

    My man said "only 50 dollars a piece or 150 dollars a piece " . Please do a video when you are not on crack

  80. Ryan Read

    Ryan Read3 months ago

    Will Shawn notice me?

  81. Peter Higgins

    Peter Higgins3 months ago

    Whack! Mouse ghost! Hope you Amadeus all of those close to you are staying safe and healthy!

  82. Aussie Wombat

    Aussie Wombat3 months ago

    Looks like maybe made during the war using the least metal small strong and simple I know using wood would use even less but wood they last In the demanding conditions

  83. Serious Luke

    Serious Luke3 months ago

    Whenever Shawn says "Now I don't want the mouse we caught to go to waste" I get so hyped

  84. 16D Nepali Music

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  85. 16D Nepali Music

    16D Nepali Music3 months ago

    The mouse will get a headace and die. 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  86. Leonel Mercado

    Leonel Mercado3 months ago

    Hey Shawn I was wondering what night cameras you use, looking for recommendations

  87. tpl 608

    tpl 6083 months ago

    Christmas tree ornaments. Brilliant. You should do a video on these mousetrap collecting books.

  88. tpl 608

    tpl 6083 months ago

    That critter is a loud chewer and has no table manners. Lol

  89. iwanabana

    iwanabana3 months ago

    Did this trap only work once and caught only one mouse?

  90. tpl 608

    tpl 6083 months ago

    You burried the lead. There are mousetrap collecting books? Lol. ;-)

  91. pennise

    pennise3 months ago

    It would be really cool if the edge of the kill bar was sharp enough to cut the mouse's head off.

  92. Esdras Nascimento

    Esdras Nascimento3 months ago

    I heard those ones were designed by pythagoras, the mathematician

  93. mom's queef

    mom's queef3 months ago

    This trap looks cool

  94. Jayson

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    Whoever reads this, I hope you have a wonderful day/night! Always know you are loved! Stay safe out there and spread some positivity!🧡

  95. Shawn Woods

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    Thanks for the positivity. I appreciate your support

  96. Mork and Mindy

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    Is that a real Mouse in the thumbnail, Shawn?

  97. 1465

    14653 months ago

    The reason for the censorship is that the Left doesn't like to see fellow rodents harmed. (Other USlikes videos that show mousetraps don't get censored.)

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    Come to my house it's 85 -5 29 101st

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    Mink Man collab???

  101. handaman112

    handaman1123 months ago

    Loved the picture with the burger as bait, I would totally fall for that trap and would be fed to a hungry critter looking for a nice human snack.

  102. Johnny Baughman

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    That was different.. but it worked

  103. XxBurritoBearXx

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    I had to go to your youtube channel to find todays video would explain the low view count

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    👍👍Thank you Shawn again!

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    Yes, I believe it that Shawn has mouse traps on his Christmas tree! 😆🎄

  106. Westside Calvinistic Chapel- Malcolm Andrews

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    I did a google search for cheese wedge mouse trap and triangular cheese wedge mouse trap- I came up with nothing.

  107. Pablo Gutierrez

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    You have to worry about USlikes censorship! 😕

  108. midesti

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    Has anyone ever wondered how mice became associated with cheese?

  109. Bernandez4139

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    It's the Bermuda triangle! I can't see any major problems with this trap, why didn't this design catch on?

  110. Amplify

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    "why didn't this design catch on?" Seems very hard to set, even Shawn was struggling a bit and he's more than used to it.

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    Fun as always

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    Just gonna say, OI VEY!!! ✡️

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