"Ring That Bell" Mouse Trap From 1900 Sold By Your Local JOBBER. Mousetrap Monday.

120 Years ago a great mouse trap called the bell was being sold by your local Jobber.
For rodent trap recommendations and gear I use to film youtube videos check out my Amazon Affiliate Store: www.amazon.com/shop/historichunter


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn WoodsMonth ago

    For rodent trap recommendations and gear I use to film youtube videos check out my Amazon Affiliate Store: www.amazon.com/shop/historichunter

  2. Ray Ray

    Ray RayMonth ago

    A jobber aka jobroni, just gets the job done, low card, nothing special

  3. phillyflash43

    phillyflash43Month ago

    Maybe 100 years from now some one will make another video using that same mousetrap. Oh wait, it'll probably be illegal to kill mice by then...

  4. Lazlo

    LazloMonth ago

    Shawn you better put a latch on that lid because it won't be long a rat or skunk will sniff around and accidentally flip that lid open and get away with the trap. It's only a matter of time...



    Nice 🐀🐀🐀🐀

  6. Shannon Lunham

    Shannon Lunham16 days ago

    Racoon "Is this a trap?"

  7. The Flying Sailor

    The Flying Sailor20 days ago

    I see Jobber and think kayfabe carney language from pro wrestling (A Jobber in pro wrestling is a wrestler paid not just to "lose" but to make the "winning" talent look good.)

  8. Nonexistent 0_o

    Nonexistent 0_o24 days ago

    Lol that other mouse saw his dead homie

  9. shirokurokun

    shirokurokun27 days ago

    Animal rights slacktivists ruined your channel. It's sad, but I can't motivate myself to watch more of these videos.

  10. tonis

    tonisMonth ago

    Hey Shawn, with all this mouse content I am wondering if you know of the "Maus" novels by Art Spiegleman. Love this vids.

  11. Ziliang TumpDump Ma

    Ziliang TumpDump MaMonth ago

    No, It Is 121 Years Old.

  12. Jov Ven

    Jov VenMonth ago

    I thought that trap was going to ring when it caught a mouse.

  13. Lana Nieves

    Lana NievesMonth ago

    A jobber is usually the distributor.

  14. Cannis Pang

    Cannis PangMonth ago

    Love ur vids...but would prefer more rats kill trap...juz hate rats alot more than mice

  15. Rob Babcock

    Rob BabcockMonth ago

    Wow, awesome to see such an old trap still works perfectly!

  16. skynfeel elite

    skynfeel eliteMonth ago

    I want to see the trap in action, don't worry people come here should expect to see it happens

  17. Logan Kerrigan

    Logan KerriganMonth ago

    What happened to your voice?

  18. Craig

    CraigMonth ago

    Anyone else miss seeing the “give it a little flip” after mice got caught? The good old days are long gone now

  19. scottydu81

    scottydu81Month ago

    I don’t know if I’d trust a trap made by a jabroni

  20. Practically Perfect

    Practically PerfectMonth ago

    Is it true that aluminum foil repels mice? They won't walk on it or chew it supposedly.

  21. David Seals

    David SealsMonth ago

    A jobber is a man who carries many different lines of products. He is not an employee of any of these companies he works for himself.

  22. Andres Chiriff

    Andres ChiriffMonth ago

    That mouse trap may be over 100 years old but it looks more modern than some of the they sell today.

  23. RR Extra

    RR ExtraMonth ago

    MM 33

  24. gizzy guzzi

    gizzy guzziMonth ago

    So much for the original label!



    Jobber means distributor/wholesaler.

  26. Pablo Gutierrez

    Pablo GutierrezMonth ago

    I love raccoons!!!!

  27. tupapirafa

    tupapirafaMonth ago

    That racoon was expecting more mice

  28. Mona H.

    Mona H.Month ago

    New subbie here. You are such an interesting man and you’re family is great!! You’re like the Mouse Trap Mister Rogers. We get a show, show and tell, educational info and story time. Love it!

  29. Jim Szikk

    Jim SzikkMonth ago

    I have a question! I have noticed that often if there is more than 2 mice in a alive catch trap, like a cage or a bucket they often kill one. Is it to eat for survival cause sometimes they have ate some. And this spring a mouse caught in a trap over night was eaten to the bone almost. Weird.. why? Please answer!

  30. Checkers Lane

    Checkers LaneMonth ago

    I like the trap. It was good idea to make that snap light cause some of these snap traps are so hard that the mice neck gets snapped off and blood spatters everywhere!

  31. MarksThinkTank

    MarksThinkTankMonth ago

    The headline of the Sydney Morning Herald on March 7th - "Of (swarming) Mice and (desperate) Men" - Great article, I think they need you badly down under!

  32. dogishappy0

    dogishappy0Month ago

    2:50 glad to see you took the paper off. I was beginning to worry you left it on!

  33. Allan Manley

    Allan ManleyMonth ago

    Your USA mice seem very keen to get caught. I have 2 Victor "live catch" traps and one "walk the plank" trap set up to catch a Dutch mouse that is in my backyard. It walks around every day looking for scraps. (We feed the birds peanuts and peanut butter which he cannot get to - guaranteed!) He has no interest getting in my trap. At this moment all are loaded with peanut butter....

  34. Jonathan Coad

    Jonathan CoadMonth ago

    I miss the old Shawn woods. His channel used to be so much better. He should definitely try and get back to his original content because these 5 minute videos where you can’t even see the mouse get trapped are a testament to how much his channel has change. Please do a throwback Shawn 🥰

  35. Sam Haines

    Sam HainesMonth ago

    I would like to see your whole mouse trap collection, but I understand if you don't feel comfortable doing that. Sounds like you have amassed several antique and desirable collector's items. The worst pack rats walk on 2 legs, sadly.

  36. Richard Glazer

    Richard GlazerMonth ago

    If it works, why stop making them??

  37. LostWhits

    LostWhitsMonth ago

    The mousetrap enclosures are getting my more robust and fancy everytime

  38. Simply Wonderful

    Simply WonderfulMonth ago

    How many others were relieved like me when I discovered he had taken away the little label on the trap before leaving it to the mice?

  39. ObscureGamer Is back

    ObscureGamer Is backMonth ago

    You make me sick of how many animals your killing

  40. ObscureGamer Is back

    ObscureGamer Is backMonth ago

    Your killing so much animals

  41. Davidgreen123

    Davidgreen12312 days ago

    its let go most mice he captures calm down

  42. TheDizzleHawke

    TheDizzleHawkeMonth ago

    You really clicked that button at the end.

  43. EpicConspiracy

    EpicConspiracyMonth ago

    A Jobber is the Miz, or Most the dark order

  44. Altefore

    AlteforeMonth ago

    I was deeply concerned that the mice would soil the antique paper that came with the mousetrap.

  45. Craig Mooring

    Craig MooringMonth ago

    JOBBER: (late 17th C. a broker or middleman, not derogatory) 1. A wholesaler. 2. One who performs casual or occasional work. 3. In the U.K. a principal or wholesaler who dealt only on the Stock Exchange with brokers, not directly with the public. When I was young (the 40s & 50s) we would hear that combination fairly frequently in ads. My impression of the usage then was that 'jobber' referred to a business that provided a service or the tools, etc. needed to perform the work at a price better than the retail rate.

  46. sihTdaeRtnaCuoY

    sihTdaeRtnaCuoYMonth ago

    Actually looks like quite a quality trap. Works well, great trigger, extremely durable, no mess to clean up. Would buy it today if they were still making them.

  47. Mark Torres

    Mark TorresMonth ago

    Really enjoyed another great video.

  48. Doc Ink

    Doc InkMonth ago

    I like the latest improvement to your youtube censorship boxes

  49. Charms Charms

    Charms CharmsMonth ago

    I thought for a second in watching a old video , because you said over 600 video’s but in the past you say over 650 videos

  50. Don Carlton

    Don CarltonMonth ago

    The early mouse gets the axe, the second mouse gets the cheese. The early raccoon gets the mouse, the second raccoon goes hunnmmggrrrry!

  51. Richard Heinen

    Richard HeinenMonth ago


  52. Sohilah Nazir

    Sohilah NazirMonth ago

    You crack me up amigo😂😂I love your vids!!

  53. nadieselgirl

    nadieselgirlMonth ago

    Racoon has a good thank you pose. :)

  54. Doug Alexander

    Doug AlexanderMonth ago

    A jobber is a person who works from job to job, or a salesperson who who helps create a market for his products.

  55. Twomidgetsonahorse

    TwomidgetsonahorseMonth ago

    It is a shame you did not remove the paper label prior to setting the trap in the barn, it appears to have been taken as a prize by a mouse. Significantly lowered the resale price if this was the case.

  56. Jared L. Blassingame

    Jared L. BlassingameMonth ago

    What happened to the barn owls

  57. 700 700

    700 700Month ago

    Very nice, Thank you.

  58. Kelikaku Coutin

    Kelikaku CoutinMonth ago

    Thanks for the content. Keep up the good work. בס״ד

  59. NorthernChev

    NorthernChevMonth ago

    Comment applied

  60. Peaceful Scrimp

    Peaceful ScrimpMonth ago

    Oh my God would you please use some explosives or at least get that pack rat to climb into a t-shirt cannon and blast him into the ceiling or a lake or something. If you aren't going to do any of that could we at least get your little Shirley Temple to do a mouse trap intro ?

  61. James Surveyor

    James SurveyorMonth ago

    I think that if you provided a bowl of water, the raccoon could wash his hands after dinner.

  62. Micaela Fenn

    Micaela FennMonth ago

    Shawn Woods!!!! Please stop forgetting your iconic line “but the second mouse gets the cheese”! every time it is forgotten, i am sad. Do not forget next time!!!!!!

  63. Elijahdoesmine9 2nd channel

    Elijahdoesmine9 2nd channelMonth ago

    Lol I caught a mouse last night in my kitchen

  64. Timothy Roller

    Timothy RollerMonth ago

    What happened to the paper label?

  65. Tune Smiith

    Tune SmiithMonth ago

    @Shawn Woods. Thanks for showing the art. My kids thought it was the most awesome thing they have ever seen!. It was very cool... Another great vid! Please don't stop

  66. bradley small

    bradley smallMonth ago

    mama mouse took the big hit to save her children

  67. Buff Awesome

    Buff AwesomeMonth ago

    Could you flex any harder my dude?

  68. BarackBananabama

    BarackBananabamaMonth ago

    A jobber is a follower of Steve Jobs. This mouse trap is simple, #$%& expensive and built without a fan.

  69. Thoroughly Wet

    Thoroughly WetMonth ago

    *bing "Haha, gotcha you squeaky little mouse" Edit: I misunderstood what this trap was🙃

  70. John Mitchell

    John MitchellMonth ago

    8 mice didn’t like this video

  71. Kopperhed

    KopperhedMonth ago

    Oregon has the sounds of nightlife in late winter?

  72. MisterNinetySeven

    MisterNinetySevenMonth ago

    Second racoon was like "wait.... where'd it go?????"

  73. GearóidODU -

    GearóidODU -Month ago

    Has production of "new" mouse traps been stopped?

  74. joanbennettnyc

    joanbennettnycMonth ago

    WOW! Did you see the magic racoon transform into a mouse? Catch THAT one ALIVE!

  75. Paladin of Peace

    Paladin of PeaceMonth ago

    Another Monday morning hot cup of Joe setting down getting ready to work in the shop and a MTM video. 🤗

  76. Lance Hansen

    Lance HansenMonth ago

    It seams to me all I need is one of your boxs and a one way entrance...

  77. Ruben Pagoada George

    Ruben Pagoada GeorgeMonth ago

    As always, Shawn makes good videos.

  78. Ken Christiansen

    Ken ChristiansenMonth ago

    I am a little surprised that the trap had enough power to get a mouse. I almost thought that it was to weak.

  79. Uncle BS

    Uncle BSMonth ago

    I think the racoon gave the mouse CPR!

  80. the toys and games turtle

    the toys and games turtleMonth ago

    Yessss mouse trap monday

  81. Super Luigi Odyssey

    Super Luigi OdysseyMonth ago


  82. Frank D. Garrett

    Frank D. GarrettMonth ago

    I hope you took the label out before setting it..

  83. Bashcrash 914

    Bashcrash 914Month ago

    Gillberg = a jobber

  84. Kevin B

    Kevin BMonth ago

    Did you buy this from Brooklyn brawler or Iron mike sharpe?

  85. Ruediger Luethy

    Ruediger LuethyMonth ago

    Jobber was the name for distributor or also wholesaler. From an old guye.

  86. Biscuits and Gravy

    Biscuits and GravyMonth ago

    It's also a price structure in auto parts. Retail,net, jobber, dealer.

  87. Malcolm Wolfe

    Malcolm WolfeMonth ago

    that was the coolest illustration yet at the end there.

  88. SueBobChicVid

    SueBobChicVidMonth ago

    2:06 I'm thinking... SHAWN, SECURE THE LID!

  89. pejnismiggle

    pejnismiggleMonth ago

    What happened to the Paper Label on the trap? It was there when he put the trap in, and then gone when he showed the trap after? I was worried a mouse might pee on it when he put the trap out, maybe that happened.

  90. El Cheapo

    El CheapoMonth ago

    It was polite of that raccoon to come back and show us his best T-rex impression as an expression of his gratitude.

  91. Paul Villeneuve

    Paul VilleneuveMonth ago

    You didn’t put your brick on top, those crazy rats 🐀 will lift the lid up going by your previous videos! Even though it’s hinged.

  92. Landen Gregory

    Landen GregoryMonth ago

    This is a great channel i don’t know why people unsubscribe

  93. mike13899

    mike13899Month ago


  94. Milani Macc

    Milani MaccMonth ago

    I really Like your channel - however the actual site of The kill is worth all the - bs behind it I know YT

  95. Karen

    KarenMonth ago

    What would youtube do if you caught a pregnant invasive rodent, and tried raising the surviving young rodents in a nice rodent eating home?

  96. Fred Derf

    Fred DerfMonth ago

    He's already done that. Where do you think his test-mice and stunt-mice come from?

  97. Mike Espo diecast customs & more

    Mike Espo diecast customs & moreMonth ago

    Awesome Shawn . Snap goes the neck .

  98. roxy

    roxyMonth ago


  99. Darla Tidwell

    Darla TidwellMonth ago

    It's amazing how old it is, and still works. 👍

  100. Michael Brown

    Michael BrownMonth ago

    What is the point of this channel any more? Traps hidden in boxes, it's not what it once was.

  101. KJ Dude

    KJ DudeMonth ago

    It's about the mouse traps themselves, not the death of the mouse.

  102. Hunter Henryk

    Hunter HenrykMonth ago

    Are we not going to talk about that racoon reanimating that dead mouse?

  103. DanR

    DanRMonth ago

    I think Shawn included that little imposter so he could make a comment, but simply forgot about it.

  104. DeadKoby

    DeadKobyMonth ago

    So what was once a Jobber is now a distributor.

  105. George Smith

    George SmithMonth ago


  106. PatCarpet

    PatCarpetMonth ago

    Feels like you are great at explaining stuff to your kids

  107. Steven Scott

    Steven ScottMonth ago

    2:32 This should be interesting: "THE SECOND MOUSE GETS THE CHEESE. THE THIRD MOUSE ________" {Fill in the blank}

  108. SAL R

    SAL RMonth ago

    Takes a dump and departs quietly.

  109. Dr. Love

    Dr. LoveMonth ago


  110. deshaefromarounthaway richardson

    deshaefromarounthaway richardsonMonth ago

    Happy mouse trap Monday?


    COZMIC BLADEMonth ago

    Oh no don't get mouse blood on that old paper