Rare 1952 Ruby Red EZ Set Mouse Trap Catches A Meal for Barn Owls. Mousetrap Monday

In this video we test out a beautiful Ruby Red Vintage Mouse Trap from 1952. We then feed a barn owl the mice we catch. Thank you so much for watching.
You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link: amzn.to/2ZY3dpp


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn WoodsMonth ago

    Thanks for watching. You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link: amzn.to/2ZY3dpp

  2. Ryan Suarez

    Ryan SuarezMonth ago

    You should get a pet owl for a channel mascot

  3. Literal Lace

    Literal LaceMonth ago

    You should make a shirt that says “the early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse get the cheese” I think that would be a nice shirt

  4. Lawrence Kok Jr.

    Lawrence Kok Jr.Month ago

    You have a couple great channels. Thanx for the great content.

  5. Pat Rick

    Pat RickMonth ago

    Yo you should make a blender mouse trap

  6. Ryoma Hoshi

    Ryoma HoshiMonth ago

    I love the videos you make


    STARAVS29 days ago

    That's a cute mouse :(

  8. JM The Composer

    JM The ComposerMonth ago

    With USlikes censorship, the most exciting part of these videos has become finding out what kinds of wild animals like to eat the carcasses.

  9. PsychoticBovine

    PsychoticBovineMonth ago

    Early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

  10. Monica Molina

    Monica MolinaMonth ago

    That owl is so incredibly beautiful

  11. Die- Sas

    Die- SasMonth ago

    I love your videos and i love barn owls, this is just amazing

  12. GoGGLeS SpecK

    GoGGLeS SpecKMonth ago

    For anyone watching this that's hoping to find the uncensored version of his videos on his website, don't bother, he doesn't show them there either due to federal regulations on videos portraying the abuse or killing of small animals, technically those regulations don't apply to him because he is showing pest control videos, but he isn't willing to risk it, so if you want to see mice die you'll have to go elsewhere for your version of entertainment

  13. Anne O'Reilly

    Anne O'ReillyMonth ago

    Wonderful to see the owl footage. Thx.

  14. RV Vagabond Jerry

    RV Vagabond JerryMonth ago

    Your censorship is getting really boring

  15. Hey Old Man

    Hey Old ManMonth ago

    Good job Shawn 👍🏼 who would have ever thought you could make $ catching mice and rats 😎. Great shows

  16. MizzzKitty

    MizzzKittyMonth ago

    I absolutely love all the extra wildlife!🖤🤗... And I would also love to watch you take apart an owl pellet.😏 Love that kinda stuff.

  17. Eat monkie

    Eat monkieMonth ago

    Owl tho

  18. NorthernChev

    NorthernChevMonth ago

    A dinosaur eating a mouse. Always fun to watch.

  19. Seryy Serenoye

    Seryy SerenoyeMonth ago

    Plot twist: the trap is painted red in mice blood

  20. Disciple8923

    Disciple8923Month ago

    Where did the second mouse come from?



    I school we were given a owl pellet to reassemble the bones and identify the animal.. Good times

  22. Smell the Glove

    Smell the GloveMonth ago

    It didn't even need water to swallow it whole

  23. wilbowills1

    wilbowills1Month ago

    Hedeservsto belegon ow escapedtwice

  24. The One Above All

    The One Above AllMonth ago

    Amazing how the owl ate the mouse whole.

  25. Wil Robles

    Wil RoblesMonth ago

    Dude, get out of the way. I got bait to eat.

  26. Andrew schaefer

    Andrew schaeferMonth ago

    we dissected owl pellets in 3rd grade its pretty neat

  27. Wellthomy Channel

    Wellthomy ChannelMonth ago

    Thank u for shering this video...

  28. Freddie Mercury Bulsara

    Freddie Mercury BulsaraMonth ago

    That's so owl as mIce

  29. kittycutey 123

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  30. Jeff Harman

    Jeff HarmanMonth ago

    I've always adored little Barn Owls with their round faces... much more than Barn Swallows! 🦉

  31. Scott Clayton

    Scott ClaytonMonth ago

    It’s like door-dash for birds of pray and scavengers of the compost pile. It’s a good thing your trapping skills are top notch with all those hungry mouths to feed.

  32. Nakatsu Megami

    Nakatsu MegamiMonth ago

    That was a Beautiful Owl at the end.

  33. Steven Scott

    Steven ScottMonth ago

    5:25 How long after eating a mouse does the owl produce the pellet?

  34. Marco Hammerman

    Marco HammermanMonth ago

    Mouse Trap Monday on a Friday??? It must be my birthday!

  35. Derpydog100

    Derpydog100Month ago

    Beautiful birds too bad you couldn't video it in color.

  36. Tim p

    Tim pMonth ago

    Lets have a look at your collection

  37. Ed. Farr

    Ed. FarrMonth ago

    More Barn Owls; More Barn Owls!

  38. Teardown Dan

    Teardown DanMonth ago

    "Here's our mouse but it looks different." Only slightly :)

  39. Dustin h

    Dustin hMonth ago

    Owls are sweet but have you seen the movie the fourth kind?

  40. glennbaz2

    glennbaz2Month ago

    Great footage Thanks

  41. 786

    786Month ago

    Owl eat it all madness.

  42. Mark Rocque

    Mark RocqueMonth ago

    More owls please!

  43. Heather Weir

    Heather WeirMonth ago

    Most collectibles are worth more if their in working condition.

  44. Ch Till

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    How about an update on the sorority?

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  46. airjaff

    airjaffMonth ago

    Best feeding yet!

  47. DamonNomad82

    DamonNomad82Month ago

    Owls have always been my favorite kind of bird. It's great to see them getting a share of the "mouse buffet"!

  48. Simply Wonderful

    Simply WonderfulMonth ago

    Wow that owl could swallow it whole! Thanks for showing how he deals with the fur and bones. I was just about to ask!

  49. Nathanael Hickenbottom

    Nathanael HickenbottomMonth ago

    That owl after eating that mouse was thinking, " now what should I do for the camera? I'll stand on one leg." Love the vid!

  50. Lee's Channel

    Lee's ChannelMonth ago

    Oh boy, the red border again. I was avoiding this video for a few hours until I realized that I HADN'T already seen it. Please stop with the red border.

  51. Molly O'Kami

    Molly O'KamiMonth ago

    (1:45) "That mouse is a psychopath!" She just stands there waiting fro the other one to get snapped. …Cold.

  52. Leyla Por

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  53. espenfr

    espenfrMonth ago

    Hello, new to your channel, do you have any videos about cleaning and disinfecting different mouse traps after catch? I got a few different types and most of them are mainly of plastic but got some metal parts as well (like the "rapp 2" trap). Also, do you have any sugestions to wether using a thin board underneath the trap would scare off the mice of if it would work ok? The reason I'd want that is to not get the stench of ded mouse/pee etc on my floor.

  54. Robert Lilly

    Robert LillyMonth ago

    *4:02** cold foot* Another great video. Keep up the good work and stay safe

  55. Robborti

    RobbortiMonth ago

    Very cool to see the owl. Such fascinating creatures.

  56. Aaron Petit

    Aaron PetitMonth ago

    It looks like that one mouse knows to let the other mice get trapped before going into the wooden trap protector.

  57. Bradley B

    Bradley BMonth ago

    We dissected owl pellets in outdoor school in 5th grade back in the 90s in Oregon. Love owls too. Read Poppy to your kids.

  58. G M

    G MMonth ago

    I wonder if they'll soon invent an AI powered smart rodent trap that learns on the job, and keeps reconfiguring itself Transformers style to better catch mice, and especially rats.

  59. G M

    G MMonth ago

    Mousetraps are ruby red The mice are feeling blue The barn owl is happy Snacking on a mouse or two.

  60. kajal Kumari

    kajal KumariMonth ago

    Kajal kumari 🙋💞(wat no 9155379716.

  61. Arata Arter

    Arata ArterMonth ago

    2:50 Owl: Is someone watching me eat Subcribers: ... Uh... No. Owl: (Munches on mouse again)

  62. aintnobitchms

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  63. Matt Shaver

    Matt ShaverMonth ago

    I remember having to dissect those owl pellets in grade school

  64. George Willcox

    George WillcoxMonth ago

    Have you ever had a valuable trap stolen by a larger animal?

  65. mister smith

    mister smithMonth ago

    Or better yet, just get a few barn owls 🦉

  66. zintosion

    zintosionMonth ago

    Eazy-Set name is still available to patent! someone get to it and name a mouse trap that!

  67. Timothy Roller

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  68. jakob cable

    jakob cableMonth ago

    oh man, i remember dissenting owl pellets in high school, very cool that you got to see the end product of the mouse though and the owl didnt fly off and throw it up somewhere else

  69. Wayhart

    WayhartMonth ago

    I forgot how weird it is to watch an owl eat

  70. Holly Wood

    Holly WoodMonth ago

    I was JUST THINKING ABOUT OWL PELLETS and you had one. A great learning experience for your little ones

  71. Little Flip

    Little FlipMonth ago

    Give that owl pellet a little flick! 6:17

  72. Domi Gonz

    Domi GonzMonth ago

    That owl in the beginning gave the dead mouse the gawk gawk 3000 😳🥵🥵

  73. Hugh Brackett

    Hugh BrackettMonth ago

    You missed the opportunity to set off the trap when you demonstrated clicking the like button

  74. Jay Rock

    Jay RockMonth ago

    no poor mouse

  75. Seth Greenberg

    Seth GreenbergMonth ago

    One of those mice is too smart. He knew to wait till the trap was sprung before entering.

  76. Jerry Padilla

    Jerry PadillaMonth ago

    A nice nutrious meal, without the bother of hunting for it! What a treat for the owls!

  77. RDJim

    RDJimMonth ago

    Barred owl or Barn Owl?

  78. James Parker

    James ParkerMonth ago

    Shawn I saw a package of mouse traps in my local "Dollar Tree" store, there where four taps to a package for 1$, and I immediately thought of you. I wondered if the 25 cent each traps work, could you test em?

  79. James Parker

    James ParkerMonth ago

    @Simply Wonderful OK, did they work at all I'm wondering?

  80. Simply Wonderful

    Simply WonderfulMonth ago

    He's done those types already

  81. novanut1964

    novanut1964Month ago

    i had a pair of owls in the woods behind the house i checked out the pellets too, good video

  82. George Smith

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  83. Dip Dinger

    Dip DingerMonth ago

    I work installing pile (steel I beams) for solar farms. Mice like to nest under them and we've got a kestrel that likes to watch for when we turn them up.

  84. Alex Taradov

    Alex TaradovMonth ago

    Great. Watching it eat the whole mouse, I had the question how it will process the bones and fur. Thanks for including that bit.

  85. S. Lajoie

    S. LajoieMonth ago

    Please do an owl pellet episode, takes me back to elementary school!

  86. NuggetMaster C

    NuggetMaster CMonth ago

    I dont want to be a hater but i just found this channel and i think its absolutely dumb that you KILL cute little animals just for fun/veiws. Like i said, i dont wanna be a hater. Just a mouse owner

  87. hdezn26

    hdezn26Month ago

    @DanR And the kills go to support local wildlife. During the winter it is harder for the wildlife to find food and that helps them out too.

  88. DanR

    DanRMonth ago

    Shawn is a mouse owner. He also owns a cute little rat. He kills rodents because he is a farmer, and farm areas do leak pests into the dwelling areas as sure as the sparks fly upward. The means of killing is interesting in and of itself, and Shawn shares the various means and contraptions people have used over the years and even centuries. He does not test glue traps. He has also shown his work clearing out pests from commercial establishments, and university dorms.

  89. PandemoniumMeltDown

    PandemoniumMeltDownMonth ago

    I was slurping noodles as this owl was slurping a mouse tail... epic :P

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    I really hope you wash your hands after these videos haha

  92. dasveiner slidin

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    Have you thought about posting on odysee?

  93. Pablo Gutierrez

    Pablo GutierrezMonth ago

    Beautiful owl!! But those moses are disgusting !!!

  94. Gary Cooper

    Gary CooperMonth ago

    Shawn, with owls in your barn, how is it you still have so many mice in there?

  95. 75echo

    75echoMonth ago

    Yeah, good question. I smell a rat.

  96. Gary Cooper

    Gary CooperMonth ago

    I had no idea a barn owl could swallow a mouse whole. That would be something like me swallowing a whole roast chicken.

  97. Gary Cooper

    Gary CooperMonth ago

    Once again, the second mouse gets the cheese. Those red traps are beautiful.

  98. Colin Stace

    Colin StaceMonth ago

    Owls, the ultimate eco friendly mouse trap 😊👍

  99. Dan Brown

    Dan BrownMonth ago

    The barn owls!

  100. Rodneygd

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    Owls are the best! Excellent video as usual!

  101. c00lc321

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    ta da all gone!!

  102. Karen

    KarenMonth ago

    The *Barn Owl Binge Eating Disorder Clinic* appreciates your tasty donations!

  103. Alexander Orehowski

    Alexander OrehowskiMonth ago

    the second mouse is a traitor lol

  104. cg0001

    cg0001Month ago

    Imagine going to a restaurant where the waitress will kill you in exchange for food. That's my local.

  105. TayField (Perm Reg'd) Toy Fox Terriers

    TayField (Perm Reg'd) Toy Fox TerriersMonth ago

    Owl "Hey Shawn, pass the mouse tenderizer."

  106. funkyzero

    funkyzeroMonth ago

    My dad raised a batch of owls once when I was a kid and they wouldn't eat a dead mouse like that. We had to shoot rabbits for them and if it wasn't still warm, they wouldn't even touch it. So I'm really surprised this one ate that. It must be pretty dang hungry

  107. Daniel Mastin

    Daniel MastinMonth ago

    Really cool to see the Barn Owl. Trap still works great

  108. Adam Beck

    Adam BeckMonth ago

    This dude is so genuine what a guy

  109. Vanessa Farias

    Vanessa FariasMonth ago

    The mouse on the video cover is cute :3

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    That owl looks pretty!