A Bobcat Pees On My Trail Camera. The Kat's Paw Mouse Trap From 1912. Mousetrap Monday

In this video we test out a rare antique metal mouse trap know as the Kat's Paw. Then we feed the mouse we caught to wild animals in the backyard and a bobcat pees on the camera.


  1. Savage3OO6

    Savage3OO65 days ago

    Am I the only one that wonders why some of these traps never took off the same way a standard Victor or Tomcat snap trap did? This is a much better design, it's easier to set and it's probably more durable.

  2. Jas Lynn

    Jas Lynn8 days ago

  3. peyton the Steven universe lover

    peyton the Steven universe lover16 days ago

    It looks like a Kit *kat* so the name fits

  4. Colleen Dundon

    Colleen Dundon17 days ago

    Hi I was wondering if you had any ideas to keep mice out of raised garden beds? They are eating my beets cabbage etc.

  5. John Henschen

    John Henschen18 days ago

    This must be one you saved for a rainy day. This was obviously filmed last summer. Everything ok?

  6. tkm gang

    tkm gang18 days ago

    not the cat tho

  7. tkm gang

    tkm gang18 days ago

    i am sad now i love mousese and that was sad see (hem)or(her) die like that 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  8. keyco90

    keyco9018 days ago

    You didn’t upload Friday you know. I felt naked all weekend.

  9. Snipe Visions

    Snipe Visions18 days ago

    I used to watch this channel a year ago, and now since the other day we caught a mouse, ima start watching again

  10. Elijah Hutchinson

    Elijah Hutchinson18 days ago

    Your videos are so much fun! I would love to see more of your primitive archery builds you used to do.

  11. DamonNomad82

    DamonNomad8218 days ago

    No, no, no, Bobcat! The video is about the Kat's Paw Mousetrap, not the Cat's Pee Camera!

  12. Runaway Cat

    Runaway Cat19 days ago

    My cat tried to "claim me" as his once cause he was jealous of the dog

  13. Araiguma Alice Kiruno

    Araiguma Alice Kiruno19 days ago

    Oh..you are recording? I gonna mark my territory

  14. Darla Tidwell

    Darla Tidwell19 days ago

    That bobcat was so close by, and he was a pretty good size cat.

  15. Smart mouse trap 2021

    Smart mouse trap 202119 days ago


  16. Matthew Lawrence

    Matthew Lawrence19 days ago

    Have you watched the video on Facebook called “how to trap mice with a ballon” interesting! You should give it a spin

  17. Ole Sørensen

    Ole Sørensen19 days ago

    But how does it work ? What is the tricker like ?

  18. Trauma Team International

    Trauma Team International19 days ago

    Those are some seriously well-fed skunks.

  19. anonymous1312

    anonymous131219 days ago

    Bobcat smart, Bobcat realises trail cam equals food but also realised Skunks keep stealing the food, so Bobcat wisely marks trail cam to ward off skunks.

  20. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader19 days ago

    Could you please do a diy live rat trap?

  21. not bob

    not bob19 days ago

    cat's paw, plus cat's pee

  22. Hugo Danilo

    Hugo Danilo19 days ago

    Thought the blurry form looked a little odd. 😁

  23. Bill K

    Bill K20 days ago

    Shawn, Methinks you could claim that FAT SKUNK as a "dependent" on your IRS tax return!

  24. old school hawking

    old school hawking20 days ago

    I would like to see excerpts of big rodents and animals that tried to get the rat trap bait and get their nose smacked. 🎥👍

  25. Vengeful Camel

    Vengeful Camel20 days ago

  26. Jimmy

    Jimmy20 days ago

    Snap goes the trap

  27. Sebastian Lee

    Sebastian Lee20 days ago

    Absolutely Nobody: Shawn Woods: "WELCOME TO MOUSESCHITZ!"

  28. Christopher H

    Christopher H20 days ago

    I have been a subscriber for years, but somehow today I was unsubscribed. What's up youtube?

  29. Apothey

    Apothey20 days ago

    One day you will catch all the mice. What then?

  30. RDG

    RDG20 days ago

    But does Bobcat pee keep away mice?

  31. Motley Stew

    Motley Stew20 days ago

    Hey.. no pinned post from Shawn. I try to make a point of liking it every episode. ‘Gotta make them algorithms happy...’

  32. KingGene

    KingGene20 days ago

    3:30 minute video is too short need a little more content heck gives us at least 10-15 that would be better.

  33. Cary Pyke

    Cary Pyke20 days ago

    Hi Shawn, thank you.

  34. Doc Ink

    Doc Ink20 days ago

    you havent set out by the creek in awhile

  35. Trey Cook

    Trey Cook20 days ago

    Good stuff, Bob the cat.

  36. JediKnyghte

    JediKnyghte20 days ago

    Skunk FTW!

  37. Howard Squirrel

    Howard Squirrel20 days ago

    views decreasing rapidly since not showing kills.

  38. rixretros

    rixretros20 days ago

    Maybe the bobcat is expressing his opinion of modern technology ?? Or peeping toms ?? LOLOL

  39. Newman OutDoors

    Newman OutDoors20 days ago

    Great video man

  40. royalbookshopper

    royalbookshopper20 days ago

    lol ... the south end of a bobcat going north. ;-)

  41. Mike Izzano

    Mike Izzano20 days ago

    That was great ! This is mine now so I’m gonna mark it so everyone will know .All species of cats have the same traits Good video thanks !

  42. Harvey Loveall

    Harvey Loveall20 days ago

    Keep up the good work!

  43. Stan S

    Stan S20 days ago

    Nest week, on Bobcat Tuesday...

  44. Stan S

    Stan S20 days ago

    While Washington DC has to worry about carjackings, even Shawn has his property stolen by rats.

  45. David Clark

    David Clark20 days ago

    The early bird gets the worm, the second mouse gets the cheese, and the trail camera gets the pee.

  46. 786

    78620 days ago

    Well done !!!!!

  47. Philip Wethington

    Philip Wethington20 days ago

    I wish that sunk would go away he gets it all the time. Maybe he won't the next time.

  48. WillieRants

    WillieRants20 days ago

    Get those Voles before they get your garden! Get'em with Dynamite!

  49. texicon

    texicon20 days ago

    I really hate the content overlords at YT... As adults we can't see a mouse being trapped. Meanwhile our kids are exposed to WAP and other trash.

  50. Louis Glen

    Louis Glen20 days ago

    Your camera has a new owner! LOL

  51. Max Phelps

    Max Phelps20 days ago

    I would love to see an update on the mini-elephant mouse trap.

  52. Plague Doctor

    Plague Doctor20 days ago

    Man imagine how much mice you'd catch if you set up every single trap you've used in your videos!

  53. Ariela Tarantino

    Ariela Tarantino19 days ago

    Great idea for an end of a year video montage lol use every trap at once!

  54. bigfroggy22

    bigfroggy2219 days ago

    the new house trapping series he has is somewhat that

  55. Dosbomber

    Dosbomber20 days ago

    Better the bobcat than the polecat, I suppose.

  56. Max B

    Max B20 days ago

    How do you have so many mice! It seems as if you catch one every day youd think theyd run out

  57. Ca1eb Animates

    Ca1eb Animates20 days ago

    Wow I haven’t seen a mouse trap Monday in 3 years. Crazy that it’s still alive today, good stuff man, good stuff.

  58. C T

    C T20 days ago

    I don't know why, but the "thumbs up" you give after setting the trap is fun. So I give you thumbs up :)

  59. Chapter 4 Travels

    Chapter 4 Travels20 days ago

    I know that if I found your trail cam, I would pee on it.


    VIDEOHEREBOB20 days ago

    It's becoming clear that USlikes creators are moving towards shorter length videos likely in response to competition from TikTok. I like it!

  61. Chapter 4 Travels

    Chapter 4 Travels20 days ago

    While some of the most viewed videos are long format without boobs, insane topics, or scream face point at something thumbnails. It's all about content, gimmicks only get you so far.

  62. TubbyToadInc

    TubbyToadInc20 days ago

    sounds like we to go vol hunting next

  63. Diane Watson

    Diane Watson20 days ago

    You must have one of the most impressive mousetrap collections ever

  64. __

    __20 days ago

    I like the name of the trap. Very clever.

  65. m4a44

    m4a4420 days ago

    I see, you are still living dangerously not securing the lid lol

  66. Gwiyomi Kim

    Gwiyomi Kim20 days ago

    I not only clicked the “subscribe” button with my paw, but I peed on it too! Thanks Shawn👍🏼

  67. NotHuman

    NotHuman19 days ago

    What ?

  68. # Accelerator #

    # Accelerator #20 days ago


  69. That Filthy Weeaboo

    That Filthy Weeaboo20 days ago

    Huh. Looks like a forerunner of the current T-Rex traps.

  70. Haitaka123

    Haitaka12320 days ago

    I, too, hope that bobcat eats some of the fools who have been attacking your yard ^^

  71. Little Flip

    Little Flip20 days ago

    Give that finger a little clip! 3:08

  72. Shin no Kibō

    Shin no Kibō20 days ago

    Love the title

  73. undertakerz fanz

    undertakerz fanz20 days ago

    Why am I eating while I'm watching this?🍽

  74. Andrew Beach

    Andrew Beach20 days ago

    It's already warm enough to wear flip flops? Wow!

  75. Monroville

    Monroville20 days ago

    1:26 good eye!

  76. itswift

    itswift20 days ago

    Shawn was eating Cheetos?

  77. dudbike

    dudbike20 days ago

    How bad does bobcat urine smell?

  78. Leonardo Bacalzo

    Leonardo Bacalzo20 days ago

    In your thumbnail, the trap is set and your pet is standing right at the trigger.

  79. Mark Manuel

    Mark Manuel20 days ago

    Always that skunk lol

  80. Christ On A Mtb

    Christ On A Mtb20 days ago

    Music at the end is beautiful

  81. El Cheapo

    El Cheapo20 days ago

    Chances are the bobcat down voted this video too.

  82. Tim F

    Tim F20 days ago

    Just how many skunks do you have in your neighborhood??

  83. Rook Master

    Rook Master20 days ago

    The bobcat thought, "I don't know what this strange thing is, but I'll just go ahead and mark it as mine."

  84. George Smith

    George Smith20 days ago


  85. freibier

    freibier20 days ago

    Those skunks around there must by now be the laziest, most well-fed skunks ever.

  86. Diane Scott

    Diane Scott20 days ago

    I think the skunk had a little hop as he or she spotted the mouse snack.

  87. kevin Linares

    kevin Linares20 days ago

    so cool video 📸📸😅😍

  88. kevin Linares

    kevin Linares20 days ago

    i love it

  89. mike13899

    mike1389920 days ago


  90. Бессмертный Инквизитор

    Бессмертный Инквизитор20 days ago

    Kat's paw and cat's, peeeeew

  91. Frank Carr

    Frank Carr20 days ago

    That trail cam really tied the backyard together.

  92. Jukes//

    Jukes//19 days ago

    God tier reference

  93. Cary Pyke

    Cary Pyke20 days ago


  94. deshaefromarounthaway richardson

    deshaefromarounthaway richardson20 days ago


  95. Nic5 Cyprus

    Nic5 Cyprus20 days ago

    The camera is now a permanent part of that bobcat's territory

  96. DanR

    DanR20 days ago

    It's problematic. Clean it off, but kitty now thinks it's a permanent markable part of the landscape. "Oh, must've got rained on. I'll just re-new it..."

  97. billy watkins

    billy watkins20 days ago

    Pepe Le Pew! You found a new job?!?!

  98. ixfd64

    ixfd6420 days ago

    Don't mean to sound entitled, but what happened to Friday's video?

  99. DanR

    DanR20 days ago

    Yes. He gives no mention in the caption, nor comment in the video, nor a head's up in last Monday's caption or video. Very unusual for a youTuber. Perhaps he's silently dispensing with Friday and it's back to straight MM like old times.

  100. Joseph Bailey

    Joseph Bailey20 days ago

    Hey Shawn, With so many traps that say cat this or cat that, you have any actual cats to help you out with all those pesky rodents?

  101. GKeyman565

    GKeyman56520 days ago

    That was the "Original" cat's paw saying piss on that old trap....!!! ;) Have a great day

  102. Joseph Parkhurst

    Joseph Parkhurst20 days ago

    I have one of those they’re brutal on the chopper heads up nearly every time

  103. HoodRich NiteNite

    HoodRich NiteNite20 days ago

    What you gunna do about the mice plague in Australia? Im sure they could use yo expertise

  104. MisterNinetySeven

    MisterNinetySeven20 days ago

    Bobcat: "they SSSSTOLE it from usss!!! Sneaky little Skunkses!"

  105. ryan.m

    ryan.m15 days ago

    Sneaksy and tricksy

  106. Colin Gantiglew

    Colin Gantiglew20 days ago

    Very Gollum-ish, those tricksy and creepsie skunkses!

  107. Arizona Slot Wins

    Arizona Slot Wins20 days ago

    The skunk sat on a stump. The skunk thought the stump stunk and the stump thunk the skunk stunk. The skunk thunk the mouse was tasty. ;-)

  108. Dangamez13

    Dangamez1313 days ago


  109. Steven Scott

    Steven Scott17 days ago

    @Rochelle Murray No idea about that game.

  110. Rochelle Murray

    Rochelle Murray17 days ago

    Pink Elephant Game?

  111. Jaws

    Jaws18 days ago

    Such a toungestwister

  112. Steven Scott

    Steven Scott19 days ago

    I remember Shari Lewis saying that then laughing!

  113. ThirtyfourEC

    ThirtyfourEC20 days ago

    That's not your trail camera anymore.

  114. Billy K.

    Billy K.20 days ago


  115. Jonathan Ramiro

    Jonathan Ramiro20 days ago

    My house got invested by paxk rat,trap or poison dosen't work anymore, how i deal with it? Few days ago the rat chew trough my copper gas pipe cause the gas to leak all over the house,when i got hime the house was full of gas and my wive got hospitalized becuse of gas poisoning,she still at the hospital though but she is no longer in coma

  116. sepehr jahandide

    sepehr jahandide20 days ago

    i wish we could see the entire footage but youtube is like a triggered 10yo girl who is offended by anything LOL

  117. monkeygraborange

    monkeygraborange20 days ago


  118. 00 00

    00 0020 days ago

    Well if the trap snaps the testicles... Than the cat goes miauuuuuuuuuu