The Craziest Mouse Trap Ever Invented. The Elephant Mouse Trap From 1883. Mousetrap Monday

In this build video we make a model of the craziest mouse trap ever invented.
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An Elephant shaped mouse trap with spike jaws on the tip of the trunk.
This trap was invented in 1883 has is the most unusual trap I have ever seen.
Check out my recent video where we watch a gopher in a live trap and watch it dig in a gopher farm:

1000 Paint-Covered Mouse Traps 4K In Slow Motion.


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods4 months ago

    Thank you so much for watching my videos. I Appreciate your support.

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    Bruce Jason21 day ago

    Love your work. Keep it up

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    @PhonixplayzYT THX

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  6. CJ McKinney

    CJ McKinney2 months ago

    i have an idea for a mouse trap so you make a t rex wooden carving and put some springs and stuff in it the jaw should close down on the mouse and the mouse will walk in the stomach with no escape and for balance some nails will be hammered on it's feet on the ground so it could balance when the mice are moving in it's stomach and when the rat or mouse presses a trigger button infront of the t rex it will eat the mouse and then you will have a working t rex mouse trap

  7. Explore Learn Share

    Explore Learn Share4 days ago

    Beautiful craftsmanship!

  8. MasterPigg

    MasterPigg8 days ago

    mouse trap historian

  9. Daddy

    Daddy9 days ago

    Woods crafting wooden elephant.

  10. C Lucas

    C Lucas12 days ago

    Hey, it may not catch any mice, but you managed to carved a gorgeous-looking elephant!

  11. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept020 days ago

    6:03 that elephant really shoulda saw that coming ;p

  12. Enuma Elish

    Enuma Elish20 days ago

    Elephants revenge!

  13. Masque

    Masque21 day ago

    Don’t mind me just wanna be 666th comment

  14. mrbassman49

    mrbassman4921 day ago

    The trunk looks too long and too straight

  15. Ivan Vishniakou

    Ivan Vishniakou22 days ago

    Wow, impressive skills, love your channel even more!

  16. Savannah White

    Savannah White23 days ago

    About partway through I'm all like," Ooooo he should make one that looks like a saber tooth tiger! Wouldn't that be clever?" Lol.

  17. Georgia Detwiler

    Georgia Detwiler23 days ago

    A funny name for this mouse trap could be *The elephants revenge* (Because they are scared of mice in shows and books))

  18. Gaming Artist

    Gaming Artist24 days ago

    I love how friendly your voice is

  19. Thijs Lumeij

    Thijs Lumeij25 days ago

    From sheep to pig to elephant.

  20. Dune Xapa

    Dune Xapa25 days ago

    Shawn, any museum would hire you in a heartbeat :)

  21. dead dog

    dead dog26 days ago

    Skip the jaws instead attach a downward facing barbed spike on the trunk. That way the mouse is impaled when the trunk comes down. The barbs require less force when stabbing but more force when removing so escape is near impossible

  22. Jason V

    Jason V26 days ago

    It puts the lotion on its body

  23. Bo Ure

    Bo Ure26 days ago

    Skip, skip, skip, skip, skip, skip, nothing. You didn't even catch a mouse with it.

  24. Hadtobe

    Hadtobe27 days ago

    Talk about making a tooth pick from a log of wood.

  25. RinxLen

    RinxLenMonth ago

    Try a brazen bull mouse trap!!

  26. Zach Bahamutson

    Zach BahamutsonMonth ago

    I think this one needs to be done using a very tight space that funnels the mouse in between the test.

  27. Meeko Mage

    Meeko MageMonth ago

    Gonna be honest, I wanna know what music you used in the montage. That's a pretty piece.

  28. Robert Aviles

    Robert AvilesMonth ago

    OOAK piece of art! Might not catch mice, but it's an eye catcher! 🎨

  29. nick soinski

    nick soinskiMonth ago

    Plzzzzzzz i want to see this and by the way you make me want to stat wood carving thanks :)

  30. Lily Martens

    Lily MartensMonth ago

    Great video, Shawn! Love your vids!

  31. Ava Bowles

    Ava BowlesMonth ago

    bruh just become a woodcarver! I would buy that as a toy if it had no spikes.

  32. DuoIsReallyGamer

    DuoIsReallyGamerMonth ago

    A mouse trying to go in a elephants trunk

  33. Raycefan

    Raycefan2 months ago

    Your enthusiasm for mouse traps is contagious. I love it!

  34. Playz Roblox

    Playz Roblox2 months ago

    Nice work Bro

  35. minawii queen

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    the mouse: OoOo food the mousetrap: you know the rules and so do I say goodbye.

  36. Wrecker101

    Wrecker1012 months ago

    6:10 idk who suffered more, the mice or the elephant

  37. ifga16

    ifga162 months ago

    Wood is too light weight. To effectively trap a mouse, you must fix the elephant to a surface so it doesn't lift up when mousie goes for the goodies and squeak out of the trap. Nice woodwork.

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  39. Todd Graves

    Todd Graves2 months ago

    you are an amazing dude that you put that elephant together and you worked with that blueprint you know you didn't get it to work or or showing that video hey you're an amazing dude I gave you a thumbs up for effort

  40. Matthew Campbell

    Matthew Campbell2 months ago

    Alright, I dare you or someone else to design a T. Rex-shaped mouse trap...admittedly, probably easier than it sounds.

  41. Sonic Vitriol

    Sonic Vitriol2 months ago

    Is there anything this guy can’t do???

  42. anon non

    anon non2 months ago

    So mad catch mice bro that’s why I’m here

  43. Ismael Moncada

    Ismael Moncada2 months ago

    Did it work?

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    MTM yesssssssss

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  46. Aaron Preston

    Aaron Preston2 months ago

    gonna need ya to go catch all them rats in washington dc. just drown em all

  47. Nicolas Bonny

    Nicolas Bonny2 months ago

    Wait , we need to see it in action! What a teaser 😂

  48. Terminated Vlogs

    Terminated Vlogs2 months ago

    It would have been better if you used a ban saw to cut it in half

  49. Random Asian Boy

    Random Asian Boy2 months ago

    kinda ironic since elephant scared of a mouse

  50. Takeover

    Takeover2 months ago

    I feel bad for mice

  51. Cain Ciona

    Cain Ciona2 months ago

    Random camping tip: burn weeds in a fire to repel mosquitoes

  52. Wyatt Logan

    Wyatt Logan2 months ago

    This guy is good with wood

  53. Doug Reed

    Doug Reed2 months ago

    Shawn, Harbor Freight sells an excellent pull saw for about $8 under their Portland brand. It's absolutely brilliant. So much faster and cleaner-cutting than the hacksaw and carpenter's saw you used to halve the mousetrap. I can't recommend them highly enough. You will not be disappointed.

  54. David Franklin

    David Franklin2 months ago

    I was so sad I lost your channel 3 years ago

  55. David Franklin

    David Franklin2 months ago

    I'm happy to say I refound it and have been binge watching

  56. Rick and Rygel

    Rick and Rygel2 months ago

    Best mouse trap: cat

  57. WeaselCult FNAF

    WeaselCult FNAF2 months ago

    1983. The Bite of 83.

  58. Voice of Reason

    Voice of Reason2 months ago

    when I see this guy doing this stuff.. I can't help but think.. "I have a particular set of skills"

  59. Horace Vu

    Horace Vu2 months ago

    How much wood would Shawn Woods use if Shawn Woods could use wood? lol

  60. abstract oobwing

    abstract oobwing3 months ago

    Funfact: a rat is huge, if its small,put it in the woods, that's a mouse,this person probably means: "rat trap" not, mouse trap

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    He should get reported

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    nil he does the drawings good

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    10,000 jerrys and another one


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    Nice work!!

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    Looks like the elephant isn't afraid of mice anymore.

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    5:38 oink oink

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    You calm my soul so much 😌🧘🏽‍♀️

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    There are so many people better than me and I just know I won’t impact the world.

  71. Dylan Tetreault

    Dylan Tetreault3 months ago

    Who needs a mousetrap that looks like an elephant?

  72. Dylan Tetreault

    Dylan Tetreault3 months ago

    I just know that I won’t have an obsession like his obsession with trapping mice because I am a boring person.

  73. Dylan Tetreault

    Dylan Tetreault3 months ago

    People making way better contraptions than me. I just don’t understand how someone is so committed to trapping mice.

  74. Dylan Dreisbach

    Dylan Dreisbach3 months ago

    You know you have a hygiene problem when hundreds of patents are made for mouse traps in the span of 10 years, then after things get better there is only one widely used design.

  75. CMNDr Zed

    CMNDr Zed3 months ago

    This is where procrastination brought me

  76. Bustin Games

    Bustin Games3 months ago

    Shawn: “I need to make sure I cut this elephant perfectly” My mom: “Waht”

  77. A Very Pleased Baked Potato

    A Very Pleased Baked Potato3 months ago

    I have a fully automated mousetrap with high tech AI.

  78. drip

    drip3 months ago

    Who knew Shawn Woods would be good with woodwork

  79. drip

    drip3 months ago

    I’m convinced trying rob this man will lead you to get caught by over 300 types of mouse traps with 15 different colors each

  80. Casey Welch

    Casey Welch3 months ago

    Me: wow that carvings good it must've been really hard Shawn: ok we just did the hard part cutting it in half

  81. robertowolf 246

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    your crafting skills are crazy

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    This video should have about 5 million more views. So cool!

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    Roblox the rat united: what is this monstosity

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    Everyone gangsta til shawns finger gets chopped off when setting the guillotine trap.

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    If mice go extinct U probably know

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    Me:(reading comments finding"mouse live matters")

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    I have pet rats, yet i really enjoy his videos...

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    this video took a long time to make i bet.

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    I love your voice

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    Nice build!

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    His carving looked like a pig at one one point to extent lol but amazing carving skills anyhow keep the great work up

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    Great video!!!

  96. Caiden Fuentes

    Caiden Fuentes3 months ago

    What if in the future the mouse traps we use are rare to them

  97. Malcolm Holborne

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    Sometimes I wonder to myself if I’m some kind of psychopath for being intrigued by all the myriad ways people have come up with to kill a rodent.

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    Will you be my Dad?

  99. Ray Emre TUFEKCI

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    I think the jaws should be like a scissor and the spring should be on the other side.

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    Man its too much work i feel like i need a break after watching this

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    So sad

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    6:27 great. now im craving animal crackers

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    This is pure talent l Love him omfg

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    Sean wow you are an all-around cool guy and craftsman!!

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    You should do a collab with Bobby Duke. :-)

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    shawn could you try out different bushcraft moustraps?

  107. Dr Flame

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    Satisfying how he makes it

  108. undreamtoceans11

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    The funny thing is I'm pretty sure it was an entirely conectpual drawing meant only to serve as cover art. Amazing work! 🤯

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