The FLIP-FLAP Metal Mouse Trap Catches Mice In the Barn. What Will Eat The Mice? Mousetrap Monday

In this video we test out a rare metal mouse trap from 1937 Called the Flip-Flap. It is a great trap that works well at catching unwanted rodent pests.
You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link:


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn WoodsMonth ago

    Thanks for watching. You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link:

  2. Killa Pickle Pirate Panda

    Killa Pickle Pirate PandaMonth ago

    Didn't take that long

  3. A normal guy on the internet with a dog

    A normal guy on the internet with a dogMonth ago

    It concerns me how many mice and rats are in his barn...



    Awesome trap

  5. Alan Gabriel

    Alan GabrielMonth ago

    Hey Shawn, have you ever tested primitive traps?

  6. Aaron Songer

    Aaron SongerMonth ago

    @kevin Linares nice

  7. Zack's Outdoors

    Zack's Outdoors3 days ago

    Why do you not care of getting diseases

  8. Tsar Bomba

    Tsar Bomba4 days ago

    We have a cat and a skunk and nobody in the comments say anything about Pepe Le Pew...

  9. Tsar Bomba

    Tsar Bomba4 days ago

    Well, Jeff did but not going to delete cause Pepe deserves better.

  10. henry55430

    henry55430Month ago

    I'm telling you, you need to be securing the lid to prevent theft.

  11. Savage_god60

    Savage_god60Month ago

    Second mouse: your sacrifice will be remembered

  12. Yiohan

    YiohanMonth ago

    Is "Second mice get the cheese" a counter for "early bird gets the worm"?

  13. pablo rages

    pablo ragesMonth ago

    .... no notification for this vid

  14. The Almighty Rhombus

    The Almighty RhombusMonth ago

    I think you’re a very honorable man and I envy you fellow

  15. Bonito Bonita

    Bonito BonitaMonth ago

    I’ve been thought his voice is somewhat familiar, and finally found out he sounds like the daily dose of the internet

  16. Jim Mellenberger

    Jim MellenbergerMonth ago

    The Flip-Flap didn't Flop!

  17. XxBabyMegalodonxX 247

    XxBabyMegalodonxX 247Month ago

    Shawn, I would really like to know out of curiosity, what state are you from?

  18. Kazkov3

    Kazkov3Month ago


  19. Katina Bethelmie

    Katina BethelmieMonth ago

    Sorry but I loved the cat

  20. hdezn26

    hdezn26Month ago

    Freshly Spawned Mouse. . . I'll go hide in here . . . SNAP! Your supposed to catch houses with that trap! lol.

  21. Raffael900me

    Raffael900meMonth ago

    upload the uncensored version on odysee or bitchute youtube is a dying website

  22. Marlene Sassaman

    Marlene SassamanMonth ago

    How do inorder the bucket trap?

  23. madoka or

    madoka orMonth ago

    I’ve been a subscriber since the channel was small and still can’t get over how u don’t wear gloves hahaha 🤣

  24. GoGGLeS SpecK

    GoGGLeS SpecKMonth ago

    For anyone watching this that's hoping to find the uncensored version of his videos on his website, don't bother, he doesn't show them there either due to federal regulations on videos portraying the abuse or killing of small animals, technically those regulations don't apply to him because he is showing pest control videos, but he isn't willing to risk it, so if you want to see mice die you'll have to go elsewhere for your version of entertainment

  25. Mitchell Collins

    Mitchell CollinsMonth ago

    Hey Shawn woods I’mgoing to unsubscribe to your your USlikes channel as I’m going to be making a new account

  26. Julee Mathew

    Julee MathewMonth ago

    nice trap

  27. The Two Gardens

    The Two GardensMonth ago

    Second mouse does not seem to give a damn about his friend. Oh well.

  28. Stephen Lemley

    Stephen LemleyMonth ago

    Are those peepers peeping in the background getting close to Spring if they are peeping

  29. the real Alyx smith

    the real Alyx smithMonth ago

    Your sick

  30. sabir gaydarov

    sabir gaydarovMonth ago

    Looks like a clam shell

  31. Bradley Anderson

    Bradley AndersonMonth ago

    Tom: "Well Jerry, who's laughing now?".

  32. Kkr Youtube

    Kkr YoutubeMonth ago

    Try honey loops for bait

  33. Franknank

    FranknankMonth ago

    I was raised in Lombard, Ill. Small world.

  34. Kevin McDermott

    Kevin McDermottMonth ago

    Wear some gloves bro lol

  35. Peaceful Scrimp

    Peaceful ScrimpMonth ago

    Great video 👍

  36. Johanna

    JohannaMonth ago

    Mr. Stray Cat prefers fresh food. Mr. Skunk doesn't give a crap.

  37. Ronin x Ignition

    Ronin x IgnitionMonth ago

    Someone get this man’s kill count

  38. Bill K

    Bill KMonth ago

    That morbidly obese skunk is becoming dependent on Shawn's regular treats!

  39. bargainbin22

    bargainbin22Month ago

    Wow, a rare long tailed bobcat and a stinky cat in the same night. lol

  40. daniel basilio

    daniel basilioMonth ago

    Hey I need advice catching 2 rats they are pretty smart I have tried many things on your channel and none of them seem to work. Any suggestions

  41. Mar Thivierge

    Mar ThiviergeMonth ago

    I’m guessing that the cat belongs to one of your neighbors. My cats used to like to kill mice, but they never tried to eat any of them (to my knowledge), because they were well fed, and weren’t hungry. I guess if a feral cat is starving, they will eat a mouse, but I think house cats who are fed every day aren’t usually hungry enough to eat a mouse.

  42. DTWX

    DTWXMonth ago

    2nd Mouse: Sucker, ha! 😈

  43. 786

    786Month ago

    Good stuff once again.

  44. Alexander S

    Alexander SMonth ago

    I love your videos. Keep it up!

  45. Dilixty

    DilixtyMonth ago

    How effective would a slightly-sticky rolling-log trap be?

  46. Super Luigi Odyssey

    Super Luigi OdysseyMonth ago

    Interesting we a 🐈

  47. Oletitptip Sm

    Oletitptip SmMonth ago

    If Shawn hadn't shown the skunk where the mouse was with the arrow and word he would have missed it !

  48. SaycoRa

    SaycoRaMonth ago

    Can't wait to Cattrap Friday.

  49. SaycoRa

    SaycoRaMonth ago

    Good work Crawdaddy.

  50. W P

    W PMonth ago

    Love the videos. Picture sent in by a 57yr old viewer. Lol.

  51. Matthew Peck

    Matthew PeckMonth ago

    Outdoor/feral cat needs to be neutered/fixed or put down.

  52. indorator pack

    indorator packMonth ago


  53. Fred Stevens

    Fred StevensMonth ago

    Kill the cat, and all other domestic cats

  54. J M

    J MMonth ago

    The Flim Flam

  55. Asad Hafeez

    Asad HafeezMonth ago

    Now you know why I always show up late

  56. Jeff Zabelski

    Jeff ZabelskiMonth ago

    I wish wood was see-through.

  57. Jeff Zabelski

    Jeff ZabelskiMonth ago

    I like your videos. I am a musician, but I like your videos :-)

  58. LeRoy Branaman

    LeRoy BranamanMonth ago

    What motion cameras do you use?

  59. tpl 608

    tpl 608Month ago

    Gloves Shawn, gloves. Protect your family and yourself

  60. masterquest91

    masterquest91Month ago

    That's a super efficient chip bag clip.

  61. Jimmy

    JimmyMonth ago

    Shawn you should open a fast food store for foraging animals

  62. Jeff Harman

    Jeff HarmanMonth ago

    And I was going, "Here, Kitty Kitty!" but Pepe la Pew came along and the 'Apple of his Eye' runs away... Ain't that the way it always is in those Warner Bros. Cartoons? 😆

  63. Tsar Bomba

    Tsar Bomba4 days ago

    Damn you Jeff, i was just written and posted a message that isn't nobody going to mention good 'ol Pepe Le Pew and here you are.

  64. Banker Dave

    Banker DaveMonth ago

    Cat: I am obviously above eating the damn mouse! Skunk: I'll eat a mouse any day! 😋

  65. NSGaming

    NSGamingMonth ago

    The take away folks is make sure and save your old mouse traps, in the future some up and coming NewTuber may one day feature your antique mouse trap.

  66. ThatAnimatedCatto

    ThatAnimatedCattoMonth ago


  67. Lance Mill

    Lance MillMonth ago

    Doesn't seem very powerful, I doubt the mouse died right away, I'd prefer something powerful that kills instantly.

  68. AllenZomberg

    AllenZombergMonth ago

    "I'm gonna ask my neighbors if the cat belongs to them and if not, we'll live-catch it and find it a good home" YESSS

  69. Coach Black Pill

    Coach Black PillMonth ago

    Cats have standards =^. .^= lol

  70. Rvd Jt

    Rvd JtMonth ago

    Jesucristo es Dios

  71. Matthew Chant

    Matthew ChantMonth ago

    Hahaha these are old? I use similar ones at home, without the writing though

  72. No No

    No NoMonth ago

    That looks about a strong as 2 wooden close line clips, not ethical for killing quickly.

  73. Ed19601

    Ed19601Month ago

    I miss 'give it a little flip'

  74. PandemoniumMeltDown

    PandemoniumMeltDownMonth ago

    I say that cat was tired to watch you on TV and happened to know where you live... smart :D

  75. MrTDB123

    MrTDB123Month ago

    Shawn, when you retire one day you should open a vintage mousetrap museum

  76. Magpie James

    Magpie JamesMonth ago

    I love how it looked like the mouse was just waiting for you to get out of frame! 😄

  77. DanR

    DanRMonth ago

    All his motion-sensing-cam vids are like that. He barely has to edit them. Nothing moving nothing recorded.

  78. Alvin

    AlvinMonth ago

    sir, you should make a small dining table for the animals to enjoy a proper meal

  79. Cary Pyke

    Cary PykeMonth ago

    Best part of Monday

  80. Wellthomy Channel

    Wellthomy ChannelMonth ago

    Mantap my bro...

  81. R.N. vids

    R.N. vidsMonth ago

    This reminds me of the rare FLIP-FLAP metal mouse trap from 1937.

  82. Jennifer D.

    Jennifer D.Month ago

    Very cool!

  83. AKTrapper

    AKTrapperMonth ago

    Slap Trap House/Mouse trap feeds a ... ;-)

  84. c00lc321

    c00lc321Month ago

    I bet the mouse that gets the cheese is the same mouse that see's this happen every night and watches his friends get smashed then he gets the cheese. did you see him look into the camera.. 1:27

  85. Colin Norris

    Colin NorrisMonth ago

    The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

  86. Bailey Conners

    Bailey ConnersMonth ago

    Ha! Most of your baits won't work with our mouse/rat problems... Found that i get most luck with chicken, dried fish, bbq... Odd that the "food" that they seem to "get into" are dried pasta, red rice, instant noodles(but with this i think it's more of the seasoning uncluded) bananas only when they are ripe. Oh and junk food! Also can't wait to be able to get stateside to gather those new fangled traps! Really interested in the electric ones and the gas powered one 🤔

  87. old school hawking

    old school hawkingMonth ago

    Dang, where do you buy your mouse bait at? Whole Foods Market?

  88. Dawn Michelle

    Dawn MichelleMonth ago

    Happy to see the skunk again! Would you please keep us updated on the cat? 🙏🏻

  89. condor5635

    condor5635Month ago

    Second mouse is like tough break Joe - boy this cheese is good. Doesn’t think twice about his friend suffocating to death. Thank you!

  90. Dave S.

    Dave S.Month ago

    That mouse snack looked pretty flattened. Did the trap do that??

  91. MisterNinetySeven

    MisterNinetySevenMonth ago

    Mouse: literally gets mutilated by a mouse trap Another mouse: Oh no. Anyway.... I'll take that cheese!

  92. Simply Wonderful

    Simply WonderfulMonth ago

    Ducks also eat mice

  93. Rich

    RichMonth ago

    Never expecting to see a mouse trap from my town lol

  94. Ben There

    Ben ThereMonth ago

    When is someone going to do a trap that is devastatingly effective? A really good trap would catch half the rodents or more in a GoPro video. We see an area infested with rats and mice and 99% of them go free. Shawn - how do I send you a trap that's not a POS?

  95. The GoPro Guy

    The GoPro GuyMonth ago

    Take away the "L" in Flap 😏

  96. Matt Marzula

    Matt MarzulaMonth ago

    Wild animals... House cat shows up. Makes sense to me.

  97. Ben There

    Ben ThereMonth ago

    What would happen if you put a mouse in a blender and then sprayed the blended mess all over the bushes near the camera? Would you get a congregation of all the predators in the area?

  98. Heather Weir

    Heather WeirMonth ago

    I wonder how well wine gums would work as bait

  99. Mike Espo diecast customs & more

    Mike Espo diecast customs & moreMonth ago

    Go go Shawn . 👍👍👍👍

  100. royalbookshopper

    royalbookshopperMonth ago

    Yes, please, catch kitty, but before you find it a good home, have her/him spayed or neutered. :-)

  101. John Orcutt

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  102. Pedro R

    Pedro RMonth ago

    1:27 The mouse breaking the fourth wall --- guys, you saw that?


    MAJOR GRIEFERMonth ago

    This guy reminds me of lockpicking lawyer but with mousetraps

  104. Kineth1

    Kineth1Month ago

    Let's do that again so we know it wasn't a fluke.

  105. Phil G

    Phil GMonth ago

    "I don't want to the mouse to go to waste so I'm gonna feed it to wild animals" Me: Please don't be a skunk... aw man, I was hoping for a bobcat or something cool

  106. Nazu maus

    Nazu mausMonth ago

    Looks like "chanclas" flip flops lol

  107. nickdiggy

    nickdiggyMonth ago

    My cat that cat is my cat I completey forgot it's gender , 326

  108. nickdiggy

    nickdiggyMonth ago

    @Nick Davies is my other channel

  109. Nick Davies

    Nick DaviesMonth ago

    Lol this is my other channel I miss my cat

  110. alain drouin

    alain drouinMonth ago

    second mouse , like going to the funeral and eating at the buffet

  111. Loren Helgeson

    Loren HelgesonMonth ago

    It's the early bird that gets the worm, but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese

  112. Adam Ant

    Adam AntMonth ago

    ... while reaching over the casket

  113. THEKILLA219

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  114. kevin Linares

    kevin LinaresMonth ago

    I'm a kid what do you post videos on every Monday and every Friday you're supposed to do that everyday

  115. BuildBackNormal

    BuildBackNormalMonth ago

    2:53 I think the cat got fatter after eating the mouse!

  116. DanR

    DanRMonth ago

    ? The cat left the mouse behind. The skunk ate it.