A Bowl Of Peanut Oil Catches 7 Mice In 1 Night - Motion Camera Footage

A Bowl Of Peanut Oil Catches 7 Mice In 1 Night - Motion Camera Footage
You can purchase peanut oil through my Amazon Affiliate Link: amzn.to/2Wn0sut
List of Equipment I Use To Film Videos (Amazon Affiliate Link):
Motion Camera: Browning Trail Cameras Spec Ops FHD Platinum
Video Camera: Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR
Microphone: RODE VideoMic Studio Boom Kit
Camera Light: Neewer on Camera Video Light
Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods3 years ago

    You can purchase peanut oil through my Amazon Affiliate Link: amzn.to/2Wn0sut List of Equipment I Use To Film Videos (Amazon Affiliate Link): Motion Camera: Browning Trail Cameras Spec Ops FHD Platinum amzn.to/2VLaTIg Video Camera: Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR amzn.to/2Hatry8 Microphone: RODE VideoMic Studio Boom Kit amzn.to/2M4H5BL Camera Light: Neewer on Camera Video Light amzn.to/2FpTXkK Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC amzn.to/2SP1zRJ

  2. yurika975

    yurika9752 months ago


  3. Timdog

    Timdog4 months ago

    @Nicolò Like we always do about this time!

  4. Tigger

    Tigger9 months ago

    @Fuze_drop_shots Please tell me truthfully that you're feeding your cat more than rodents and pests

  5. Tigger

    Tigger9 months ago

    @Ridackle 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Tigger

    Tigger9 months ago

    @Abdul Rahman I think something that smells good and mice love peanutty things

  7. Ran Ng

    Ran Ng7 hours ago

    Now put them into a fryer.

  8. Rapper In The End-Time

    Rapper In The End-TimeDay ago

    I literally saw a mouse as I was watching this.

  9. Thomas Ray

    Thomas RayDay ago

    Would this work for large rats?

  10. KrekerInGaming ITA

    KrekerInGaming ITADay ago

    Reminder: put a roof on it in case it rains

  11. Wellness Path For Me

    Wellness Path For Me2 days ago

    What happens if you get a rat in there and he gets out? If it is in the house, there will be peanut oil everywhere that creature goes! Caveat Emptor!

  12. Ifa Islandia II

    Ifa Islandia II2 days ago


  13. Dr. P

    Dr. P3 days ago

    Hey Shawn, show the video where you used the bowl the next day to make potato salad!

  14. Dinomafoocal

    Dinomafoocal4 days ago

    Sub to Dinomafoocal

  15. Mary Ann Foster

    Mary Ann Foster5 days ago

    Fabulous and kind!

  16. ExtraStainedSock !!

    ExtraStainedSock !!6 days ago

    Look at those slippery babies

  17. flametakuya

    flametakuya7 days ago

    This is like the superhero origin video but with the pet mice on this channel. Watched a whole bunch before this one and have always wondered where you got your pet mice. Now I know.

  18. Mercy On the Track

    Mercy On the Track8 days ago

    Just for them to come right back lol

  19. Freakx

    Freakx8 days ago

    Mouse 5 knew it was time to give up- 💀✋🏻

  20. Dave Minich

    Dave Minich9 days ago

    You’re more of a humanitarian than me brother. I would have set that bowl on fire IMMEDIATELY!


    JUSTGIJO9 days ago

    Subscribed washing them and keeping them is sooo cute 🥰😂

  22. George Michael Bluth

    George Michael Bluth13 days ago

    Glue traps are way more effective. Just drop the mouse and the trap in a bag then drop a barbell on them.

  23. Benjen 1211

    Benjen 121114 days ago

    A liquid live catch trap.

  24. antoniio caluso

    antoniio caluso15 days ago

    Probably worked the same way on male Mastodons, who walking into tar pits?! I'll give it a shot, put might use way-cheaper bearing grease. Guess I'll have to put an air-tight lid on the bowl afterwards? Unless some rat-lovin' viewer wants me to mail them alive to them. Postage prepaid :-)

  25. Ryan Sims

    Ryan Sims16 days ago

    The things we watch while we should be sleeping..

  26. Tim Johnson

    Tim Johnson17 days ago

    Yeah good one man “I’m going to keep them as pets so people don’t bitch and cry but in reality I’m gonna feed them to my snakes”😂

  27. Shoes Jays

    Shoes Jays17 days ago

    KILL THEM THERE ARE PEST!!! Thumbs down!!!!

  28. Uftonwood2

    Uftonwood218 days ago

    Tried this, but in the morning the bowl was empty, all the oil gone, drunk by a badger!

  29. Logan Schumacher

    Logan Schumacher19 days ago

    Does it have to be peanut oil

  30. daniel krysh

    daniel krysh19 days ago

    To be honest this seems more inhumane than drowning in a bucket

  31. Jerry Pauling

    Jerry Pauling20 days ago

    They make good fish bait

  32. Taylor Ike

    Taylor Ike21 day ago

    God bless u man. They r so cute and shiny

  33. Dan McLauchlan

    Dan McLauchlan21 day ago

    Mau5trap Monday’s haha I wonder if Deadmau5 knows about this

  34. Elena Gisa

    Elena Gisa21 day ago

    It did not work for me.

  35. Jdd3

    Jdd321 day ago

    Mice from the 1960s with that slick back hairstyle 😂

  36. James

    James24 days ago

    Those poor mice contain the souls of dead evil people who've been condemned to hell.

  37. Dhi 2667

    Dhi 266725 days ago

    What’s your solution for about 1 inch long roaches in my garage.

  38. Scott Wang

    Scott Wang26 days ago

    Finally something that’s vegan friendly.

  39. John Di Francisco

    John Di Francisco26 days ago

    Shawn, you need a bigger bowl.

  40. Jake Blanton

    Jake Blanton28 days ago

    Have you tried it with other types of cooking oil (e.g. vegetable and corn oils)? "Vegetable" oil is often soybean oil and sometimes cottonseed oil...

  41. 765 lb squat

    765 lb squat28 days ago

    You should eat the mice. Quit wasting food.

  42. Legacy Maiden

    Legacy Maiden29 days ago

    Chinese food!

  43. NotOtakuLoser

    NotOtakuLoser29 days ago

    I just like how the mice are still running in the morning

  44. condor5635

    condor563529 days ago

    All oiled up could've gone right into the frying pan!

  45. MisterNinetySeven

    MisterNinetySeven29 days ago

    Mice: get caught in trap Mr. Woods: "I'm looking for someone as gullible as you! Welcome aboard."

  46. Erika On Con

    Erika On Con29 days ago

    Awe. So glad you washed them.

  47. Slice of Pie

    Slice of PieMonth ago

    I'm going to try this at my friend's house

  48. Pure.Angelic.Draco

    Pure.Angelic.DracoMonth ago

    This is not okay, they really suffered a lot... It was too long time for them. And you can't wash them, it's not healthy for them, mice mustn't be bathed. Never forget that they are very tender sensitive animals.. and it doesn't matter if they are lab mice or wild mice...

  49. Eriel Diaz

    Eriel Diaz27 days ago

    "Non native species"

  50. Antoshka

    AntoshkaMonth ago

    Cook it

  51. The Plane Crazy Freak

    The Plane Crazy FreakMonth ago

    Good 😈 now fry them 👹

  52. SOZIN

    SOZINMonth ago

    Put the bowl there in the end to remind the little suckers how they got there

  53. Alps P

    Alps PMonth ago

    U need more bowls u have a 💩 load more nice to catch 🤣

  54. Thomas Grover

    Thomas GroverMonth ago

    Think this will work for voles in my foundation under my house?

  55. Shane Dillon

    Shane DillonMonth ago

    Thank you for not killing them.

  56. Queen Icefire

    Queen IcefireMonth ago

    If you pick up a mouse by their tail it hurts them, A lot.

  57. Team Pig

    Team PigMonth ago

    My mom put out a bowl of oil after cooking. And the day after a mouse went in there and drowned

  58. Wanderson Salazar salazar

    Wanderson Salazar salazarMonth ago

    Coloca um legenda em português por gentileza?🙏

  59. Daniel H

    Daniel HMonth ago

    They almost look like seals.

  60. robinandjenn owens

    robinandjenn owensMonth ago

    Now how about a video of feed my snake Tuesday?

  61. Gauntlet

    GauntletMonth ago

    That was one of the most halarious live catch traps yet.

  62. Pabiona, Ethan Dwayne C.

    Pabiona, Ethan Dwayne C.Month ago

    Ready for cooking

  63. Zayn Brando

    Zayn BrandoMonth ago

    Does other types of oil work?

  64. KDiazMusic

    KDiazMusicMonth ago

    These mice have some crazy conditioning. Out there sprinting the whole night 😂

  65. Kay Cee

    Kay CeeMonth ago

    I've recently been "visited" by a whole mice family.. I've had to store my food in airtight containers but leave them crackers.. I CANNOT kill them.. if I try this method I just don't know what to do with them.. because I most certainly won't touch them either 😩

  66. hebneh

    hebnehMonth ago

    I would’ve thought the trapped ones would make noises of distress that would warn the others away, but obviously not.

  67. SplendidBlu

    SplendidBluMonth ago

    Sometimes they smart, sometimes they are dumber than my uneducated sister jessica

  68. pangolino giannetto

    pangolino giannettoMonth ago

    Spoiler: after the video he gave them to the chickens

  69. Rasputin Disclaimer101

    Rasputin Disclaimer101Month ago

    'We' do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the viewer based solely on the information provided in this video. Viewers discretion and discernment is advised.

  70. ipkandskill

    ipkandskillMonth ago

    Man I remember watching a buncha these videos a long time back, crazy you are still making em lol

  71. Eric Herrera

    Eric HerreraMonth ago

    Oil is flammable.... just an idea

  72. SplendidBlu

    SplendidBluMonth ago

    Crispy fried rat Kentucky fried mouse

  73. D N

    D NMonth ago

    Don't know why I watched this. Cool.

  74. Harish Roger

    Harish RogerMonth ago

    Searched Peppermint Chicken and got this!

  75. LordBushmills

    LordBushmillsMonth ago

    You could have used a Pyrex bowl suspended on a traditional balance scale. Once the correct amount of mice enter, the bowl lowers onto a camp stove whilst simultaneously triggering the ignition button. Hey presto! Nourishing Satay Mice!

  76. Bob the guy

    Bob the guyMonth ago

    Why didn't the mice fly after being covered in oil

  77. SplendidBlu

    SplendidBluMonth ago

    Top 10 questions science cant answer

  78. David Barnard

    David BarnardMonth ago

    How do I catch my mother in law raiding my pantry at night

  79. Slicey Cakey CODM

    Slicey Cakey CODMMonth ago

    Me sees the meme Me:where meme

  80. lilmissshakz

    lilmissshakzMonth ago

    I really wanna know if this worked for anyone

  81. Road Rash's Redline Resto Rods

    Road Rash's Redline Resto RodsMonth ago

    I tried this & never caught even one mouse...and I left it out for a few weeks where I knew mice were & moved it a couple of times to different areas...nothing...

  82. Adam T

    Adam TMonth ago

    I thought you might needed some bait, but I guess just the oil was bait enough

  83. JesusWaytoHeaven17

    JesusWaytoHeaven17Month ago

    Now flush them in the tolit.

  84. skooly nugenator

    skooly nugenatorMonth ago

    Not very smart mice. Follow the leader.

  85. Rance

    RanceMonth ago

    I hate mice because of living next to farm fields my entire life but watching this video made me kind of feel for the little guys. This guy is a good man for doing all that for the mice.

  86. Tim Lohr

    Tim LohrMonth ago

    yeah the dish soap will wash off all the disease too lol. kill the nasty bastards

  87. James Williams

    James WilliamsMonth ago

    Plastic bowl or glass? Which performs better? Is there a bowl with a preferred angle?

  88. Harold McBroom

    Harold McBroomMonth ago

    Thank you for being compassionate. Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy :)

  89. brad azzopardi

    brad azzopardiMonth ago

    Will try, but will follow up with petrol.

  90. 213 Segura

    213 SeguraMonth ago

    I hate rats and mice .

  91. K Q

    K QMonth ago

    But does it work on Jerry

  92. Chellappa Vrc

    Chellappa VrcMonth ago

    No by

  93. son of Liberty

    son of LibertyMonth ago


  94. Mark Lynn

    Mark LynnMonth ago

    They just vibin in the peanut oil

  95. Peter and Dorothy Bowles

    Peter and Dorothy BowlesMonth ago

    they all looked dead in the tissue at the end

  96. Jamal69 Jackson

    Jamal69 JacksonMonth ago

    They didn't look exhausted... they looked dead lol. But yeah, they are alive and will be taking part in future videos because they are not really dead they just look dead... they are simply too exhausted to move and breathe and not no longer alive... I got you buddy ;)

  97. Josh B

    Josh BMonth ago

    Ohhhh nice! My barn has a ton!

  98. Anonn Nymous

    Anonn NymousMonth ago

    Australia needs to watch your channel.

  99. Peppabot 1000

    Peppabot 1000Month ago

    If USlikes allowed it I’d imagine people would set the mice on fire in the bowl

  100. Camille Pepin

    Camille PepinMonth ago

    Do hey get used to you as their owner? Like do they make good pet mice?

  101. healthyamerican

    healthyamericanMonth ago

    obviously you want to fill the bowl deep enough to drown the mice, otherwise you have to deal with live mice in the morning

  102. Season 25 Gordon

    Season 25 Gordon29 days ago

    And then you cook them

  103. aakksshhaayy

    aakksshhaayyMonth ago

    Wait so how do you kill them after catching them? There's thousands and thousands of mice here. Our current buckets catch 50 - 100 mice per night

  104. SplendidBlu

    SplendidBluMonth ago

    @aakksshhaayy yea i guess you could layer the bottom in water so they drown, then grease up the sides with oil. might want to mix a little bit of oil in with the water just to be safe

  105. aakksshhaayy

    aakksshhaayyMonth ago

    @SplendidBlu That's a lot of oil lol.. ours are just filled with water

  106. SplendidBlu

    SplendidBluMonth ago

    Just make the oil deep enough to drown in

  107. BigFrankyTV

    BigFrankyTVMonth ago

    would this work on voles?

  108. 666 Mafia

    666 MafiaMonth ago

    Love how dumb these animals are they see their fellow kin fall in and think oh I guess I’ll fall in too

  109. Caviar72

    Caviar72Month ago

    What did you do with them? Would have burned them down

  110. Cary Davis

    Cary DavisMonth ago

    You have to be a little sadistic to capture mice, bath them, give them shelter and food, and then later WHACK 'EM! Yeah lil' mousie...You just thought you found your forever home :)

  111. SaraandStuart Shannon

    SaraandStuart ShannonMonth ago

    Nothing is free! They have to pay for their rent somehow 🤣🤣🤣

  112. Caesar

    CaesarMonth ago

    Instead of keeping them, you should have left them outside in the bowl

  113. Greg Smith

    Greg SmithMonth ago

    5 gal. Bucket, fill 2 /3 with water. Sprinkle grass seed on top of the water, it will float & look like a bucket of dry grass seed. Rats & mice will jump in ,never out. I'm 60 now. Dad showed me this trick when I was a boy - allways work's.

  114. The Nyan

    The NyanMonth ago

    Good! Ready to fry!