The 4x4 Cheese-It (AKA Snap-Shot) Mouse Trap From 1898 - Rare Antique Mouse Trap. Mousetrap Monday

Did you see the hidden Easter egg in this video? In this video we attempt to catch 4 mice in one night with a very special trap from 1898.
You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link:


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn WoodsMonth ago

    Thank you so much for watching. You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link:

  2. Happy Undertaker

    Happy UndertakerMonth ago

    2 Hours laterrr: That is sooo sold out already.

  3. Russ G

    Russ GMonth ago

    You going to use a mouse to catch a rat. Reminds me of the old children's book: "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly"

  4. dlwatib

    dlwatib13 days ago

    I'm always amazed at how much some of these antique mousetraps cost. I guess I'm surprised that there's that big of a collector community interested in mousetraps.

  5. xXWhiteboy420X

    xXWhiteboy420X26 days ago

    no wonder theres mice in your barn look at the floor its literally mice bedding lol

  6. bigjimc64

    bigjimc6429 days ago


  7. Dee Bear

    Dee BearMonth ago

    Be cool to kno how many kills these two traps have vid’s Shawn, long time sub here happy for how much this channel grew awesome channel bud

  8. rigdigwus

    rigdigwusMonth ago

    came back to your videos after several months, what happened to your mic? you sound like an idiot with that voice now

  9. Gordy

    GordyMonth ago

    i don’t understand how you’re getting flagged when there are other tubers that post full hunting videos and skinning guides

  10. Kat Weil

    Kat WeilMonth ago

    Lol my cats are USlikes stars 🤣Hunter and J’Kara love catching mice

  11. MsBecki

    MsBeckiMonth ago

    Who would flag a live catch trap?? And if people don't want to watch kill traps, THEN WATCH SOMETHING ELSE and leave us alone! I'm learning new ways of catching rodents because of Shawn and it is helpful to see the traps in action completely!

  12. Max Payne

    Max PayneMonth ago

    micky mouse and ratatouile disliked the video lmao.

  13. jaymckibben1

    jaymckibben1Month ago

    I just went out at 3 am to get Cheese-its!

  14. Lowkey Arki

    Lowkey ArkiMonth ago

    I'm confused about youtube honestly, some creators say they get demonetized just cause of cleavage then I learned people do uncensored naked yoga on youtube. I guess after a certain number of subs they start caring.

  15. Sam Sen

    Sam SenMonth ago

    Great trap. Is our Chinese friends sleep or happy with the best thing they ever made, Corona! or why no one has flooded the market with clones of this trap?

  16. Thomas Craddock

    Thomas CraddockMonth ago

    slips in single frame of cheezit crackers. badass!

  17. Rose & Jeff

    Rose & JeffMonth ago

    Shawn I was told if I poured used cat litter around the perimeter of my shed that they would avoid it. Do you have any videos trying out to see if they avoid an area with used cat litter? If not, would you be willing to try? Thanks and love your videos

  18. FeVaR

    FeVaRMonth ago

    The more you censor your videos, the less entertaining they become. You should look for a different source of funding than youtube and be able to post your content without any censorship. Its not like youre torturing any animals. youre killing mice in your barn. Im sure these youtube execs would do the same if they had mice and rats in their home.

  19. Pixie Edits

    Pixie EditsMonth ago

    So no ones gonna talk about how the rats were eating the mice😳

  20. Hadden Andre

    Hadden AndreMonth ago

    Dude you better watch out gen z might cancel that mouse trap

  21. KrabbyPatty

    KrabbyPattyMonth ago

    I remember when this channel had only 15k subscribers when I subscribed to him. Now it has 1 million subscribers, well deserved!

  22. Sage Red

    Sage RedMonth ago

    Meanwhile producers making vintage style traps, finding old rusty metal and old wood lol. **Pikachu face**

  23. Karen O

    Karen OMonth ago

    THAT's It Shawn! Time to *TRAP Those RATS! °o°;/ ,;}_**______** ..* Hey, Great idea you had of needing to go after those RATS. *_______'{/` '},.^.,*

  24. VanW002 Roblox

    VanW002 RobloxMonth ago

    Giys enjoying mice getting trapped killed watch the mink mouse trapper cant remember his yt

  25. Wayne Flanigan

    Wayne FlaniganMonth ago

    Looks like USlikes is deleting comments. You should test the ultrasonic MouseBlocker.

  26. Chris Platter

    Chris PlatterMonth ago

    You should set up a mouse trap, behind a rat trap, inside a skunk live trap ;)

  27. Graystone Gardens

    Graystone GardensMonth ago

    2:30 that looks too much like a swastika, you're gunna get cancelled.....

  28. Wayne Flanigan

    Wayne FlaniganMonth ago

    You're crazy.You're seeing something that isn't there.

  29. Jay'sWorld!

    Jay'sWorld!Month ago

    "I bet these traps haven't been set in over one hundred years." Nah son, I'm not risking my fingers like THAT!🤣

  30. Only the Truth

    Only the TruthMonth ago

    I am waiting for the day a sasquatch comes by to get a free meal...

  31. Doolz

    DoolzMonth ago

    I'm totally offended that the mouse trap looks like a swastika. I think it's time to cancel Shawn Woods.... NOT!!!!!

  32. Kit Bear

    Kit BearMonth ago

    Matthias of Redwall has been slain.

  33. BirbCo

    BirbCoMonth ago

    reminds me of a yummy snack

  34. Furby The furb

    Furby The furbMonth ago


  35. HON Thirty

    HON ThirtyMonth ago

    Get the RATS!

  36. fannie sutphin

    fannie sutphinMonth ago

    love youre videos i liked comment sub

  37. Daz The Man

    Daz The ManMonth ago

    Your going to need a bear trap for them big rats

  38. Trondyne

    TrondyneMonth ago

    Another nothing to see here video... Why video at all? Why not just have sound?

  39. Jorg Kuijt

    Jorg KuijtMonth ago

    As an expert mouse-rat catcher, you still have plenty of rodents to make these videos..Is it really this bad in your barn, or are you just breeding rodents for your videos?

  40. Buddy

    BuddyMonth ago

    I thought this was a video about a cheesy 4x4 accessory 🤣

  41. Bradley Anderson

    Bradley AndersonMonth ago

    Rats eating mice seems like cannibalism.

  42. Dilan TL

    Dilan TLMonth ago

    When are you going to do “Yellow jacket nest VS Liquid Nitrogen”? I can’t wait any longer haha

  43. Alyx

    AlyxMonth ago

    4 angels away from making a mouse-swastika

  44. Locutus

    LocutusMonth ago

    I love it when you feed the animals with what you get in the traps. It's always the best part!

  45. Hornet Scales

    Hornet ScalesMonth ago

    Are you serious that they even complain about a live-catch trap?

  46. JosStrange

    JosStrangeMonth ago

    Shawn : tries not to get censored or demonetized Also Shawn: makes a swastika mouse trap

  47. TheBarrettMaster18

    TheBarrettMaster18Month ago

    Pinwheel of happiness

  48. Kazkov3

    Kazkov3Month ago


  49. HarambeEsports

    HarambeEsportsMonth ago

    imagine going to visit him and 50 traps go off

  50. SAMmy Tomato

    SAMmy TomatoMonth ago

    Cruelest man on YT

  51. Stranger G

    Stranger GMonth ago

    Imagine dying from a 50 Mouse generation old mouse trap

  52. Terrence Rog

    Terrence RogMonth ago

    Its probably a lot more than 50 with how fast mice reproduce :D

  53. Ed19601

    Ed19601Month ago

    Seems like a very efficient trap

  54. MisterNinetySeven

    MisterNinetySevenMonth ago

    3:37 Rats, we're rats, we're the rats! We prey at night, we stalk at night, we're the RATS!!!

  55. Homerlovesbeer2

    Homerlovesbeer2Month ago

    Mousetrap Monday on a Friday. 😄👍

  56. Kuma Victor

    Kuma VictorMonth ago

    The 5th mouse gets nothing but 4 dead mice

  57. Manu Krishnan

    Manu KrishnanMonth ago

    Subliminal message @1:16

  58. John C

    John CMonth ago

    Surely a three-course mouse meal, not a three-mouse course meal.

  59. DatFunniestChannel

    DatFunniestChannelMonth ago


  60. Joe Biden Is Not My President

    Joe Biden Is Not My PresidentMonth ago

    Does a company still make these kind of traps?? They seem effective and could be a good seller.

  61. Jeff Harman

    Jeff HarmanMonth ago

    When I saw you with the Poo-Poo-Paper rolls in the Studio, all I could think of was how the Packrats were gonna' steal 'em! 🧻🐀

  62. Micky Deery

    Micky DeeryMonth ago

    oh joy, the rats are resurging... here's hoping they aren't too trap shy

  63. Perry Gossman

    Perry GossmanMonth ago

    Wow! Still a great find.

  64. Robborti

    RobbortiMonth ago

    Very impressive that such an old trap managed to get 3 mice in one night. Great video!

  65. EVV Destruction

    EVV DestructionMonth ago

    The four-way looks fairly interesting I'm sorry I just had to say it

  66. M. Nielsen

    M. NielsenMonth ago

    I enjoy your videos, and long time subscriber. Just curious, how does a video typically get flagged? Is it people or USlikes?

  67. ubetchya78

    ubetchya78Month ago

    I loved the way the picture of the cats watching MTM mentioned they were both good mousers. Well obviously they are, they watch Shawn to get hints and help!

  68. K.S.

    K.S.Month ago

    Thank you for the subliminal cheese-it image 😂

  69. Sun Dog

    Sun DogMonth ago

    I'm glad I had some Cheeze-its around ^_^

  70. Frank D. Garrett

    Frank D. GarrettMonth ago

    122 year old vampire traps thirst for fresh mouse blood

  71. M Ramz

    M RamzMonth ago

    Someone is going to now flag it because the trap looks like a swastika.

  72. Sebastian K

    Sebastian KMonth ago

    I Lit the Hike Button!

  73. automatic mattywhack

    automatic mattywhackMonth ago

    Again, please, please add the time stamp to the trail cameras. 😀

  74. Daniel Murzello

    Daniel MurzelloMonth ago

    Hey Shawn... Thanks for sharing this amazing and interesting video🎥👌 Do keep posting👌🆕 Warm regards and Best wishes as always... The UnknownManCub 👍😎👨‍🏭

  75. Vetasin Smart

    Vetasin SmartMonth ago

    That was awesome

  76. Altefore

    AlteforeMonth ago

    I'm surprised that nothing stole or ate the cardboard tubes.

  77. hdezn26

    hdezn26Month ago

    That's proof, that the pack rat, didn't show up...

  78. promontorium

    promontoriumMonth ago

    Now you're feeding the rats! One video won't do it. We need a "rat trap" month with a bombardment of traps.

  79. Gwallc2

    Gwallc2Month ago

    How does this man still have mice

  80. Frank Herzog

    Frank HerzogMonth ago

    I would like to request more daytime meadow wildlife feeding’s, the ones that attract vultures and hawks are fascinating.

  81. Preston S

    Preston SMonth ago

    I prefer the barn owls

  82. pablo rages

    pablo ragesMonth ago

    I got a notification for this video ... but not the last Victor trap vid... weird

  83. David Quiroz

    David QuirozMonth ago

    You don’t say give it a flip anymore

  84. Doug Alexander

    Doug AlexanderMonth ago

    Snap went the strap and zing went the string.

  85. James Reynolds

    James ReynoldsMonth ago

    Those rats are huge! You must feed them well.

  86. Nick Salvador

    Nick SalvadorMonth ago

    Why don’t you just snipe he bloody rats with an air rifle...those suckers are disgusting.

  87. Gwiyomi Kim

    Gwiyomi KimMonth ago

    Shawn, maybe you could build a choker style trap for liberals and bait it with Dr. Seuss books.🤗

  88. Anthony Browning

    Anthony BrowningMonth ago

    I would like to see a build video. Maybe catch the mice that catch the rat.

  89. Unedited Scraps

    Unedited ScrapsMonth ago

    C H E E S E

  90. H I

    H IMonth ago

    It’s legit Friday

  91. sayii0308

    sayii0308Month ago

    You should put your videos on Rumble.....

  92. Iron Leather Wood

    Iron Leather WoodMonth ago

    I hope your looking for another option besides USlikes, some crazy wicked liberals are trying to destroy freedom. That's the truth, hope you don't mind truth. God bless

  93. necroslair

    necroslairMonth ago

    The snowflakes and karens that are running y**tube - and arbitrairly enforcing their so-called, "communtiy standards," - are worse pests than the mice and rats.

  94. Christopher Summers

    Christopher SummersMonth ago

    must. buy. cheez-its

  95. brad

    bradMonth ago

    Anyone else catch that single frame cheeze it

  96. brad

    brad26 days ago

    @Test Subject 006 lol I figured

  97. Test Subject 006

    Test Subject 00626 days ago

    @brad Yea I was talking about sam trying to brag

  98. brad

    brad27 days ago

    @Test Subject 006 I had to stop it to identify it, but I saw something there.

  99. Test Subject 006

    Test Subject 00627 days ago

    Saying it’s east doesn’t make you special. Seeing something 1/60th of a second is not easy for anyone.

  100. Sam Thing

    Sam ThingMonth ago

    its pretty easy

  101. Tannic

    TannicMonth ago

    Oh my god this guy STILL posts mouse trap videos?

  102. Kendall Price

    Kendall PriceMonth ago

    Damm that trap sucked the life outta those rats

  103. No Name

    No NameMonth ago

    Now watch your video get flagged because with the 4 toilet paper rolls, the overhead shot of your mouse trap looks like a certain symbol used by Germany in the 1930's up to the mid 40's. That sounds ridiculous, but Amazon is catching grief because apparently a piece of tape and an arrow now resembles a person who happened to be the leader of Germany at that time.

  104. 786

    786Month ago

    Nail those Rats for good pal.

  105. ej ej

    ej ejMonth ago

    Those traps look like they'd be easy to make. They're definitely easier to set than those ones that use string (can't remember what that type of trap is called).

  106. akbychoice

    akbychoiceMonth ago

    I have a 6 hole string trap set in the crawl space, no takers in months. Regular snap traps still doing the work.

  107. RMR57

    RMR57Month ago

    Why the hell do the timid little twerps who are afraid to watch a mouse trap in action get to dictate what everyone else sees? It's not like anyone is being forced to watch. We all need to push back against these insufferably obnoxious know-it-alls.

  108. gizzy guzzi

    gizzy guzziMonth ago

    It's the new USA. If the looney leftists don't like it....CANCELLED! See also: Dr Suess and Disney Aristrocrats!

  109. Yoink Doink

    Yoink DoinkMonth ago

    @Tomahawk Jo The government isn’t forcing us to wear masks we have to wear them so it’s safe to get around with less risk of spreading covid it’s real i’ve had family members that have friends who got sick from covid

  110. Lowkey Arki

    Lowkey ArkiMonth ago

    Lets just pray they get an infestation, they'll be begging for these traps.

  111. Tomahawk Jo

    Tomahawk JoMonth ago

    Its the same reason the government says we have to wear a silly mask and we all follow along like robots. Government/censorship is all about control now days. And its only getting worse with biden!

  112. Blaze CSGO

    Blaze CSGOMonth ago

    @not bob Nupes. Document yourself.

  113. Calderwood

    CalderwoodMonth ago

    Time for air rifle target practice with those outdoor rats.

  114. John Ridley

    John RidleyMonth ago

    Except the native rats.

  115. Ma Tante

    Ma TanteMonth ago

    1:16 are we playing the subliminal advertising game ?

  116. John C

    John CMonth ago

    Banned way of advertising in many countries

  117. Early Riser

    Early RiserMonth ago

    what a clever and old trap

  118. Robloxpro 101

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  119. Pygar2

    Pygar2Month ago

    Euder T. Ratt is not long for this world...

  120. chemxfan

    chemxfanMonth ago

    Shawn Woods: Let's see how good a 100+ year old trap still is! The 3 Mice: We're proof it still works! Greedy Rat: Gotta love these mouse snacks! Shawn Woods: Guess who's up next, you dirty Rat!

  121. Ken Kaneki

    Ken KanekiMonth ago


  122. Disciple8923

    Disciple8923Month ago

    You keep saying you're going after that rat and have yet to do it. Actions are louder than words bro. I'm tired of seeing rats getting the mice

  123. hdezn26

    hdezn26Month ago

    Rat's are smart, these actually know how to avoid traps , or to set em off. (Or in some cases , Steal the trap.)

  124. Disciple8923

    Disciple8923Month ago

    Hey @Satan. I already divorced you so you don't get to tell me what to do anymore. Also seeing as to how I am not religious your commands and influence do not affect me

  125. Mysterious figure

    Mysterious figureMonth ago

    He is trying to carefully select the perfect trap and it’s most likely going to be one of raccoon traps that are going to get those rats

  126. Satan

    SatanMonth ago

    Oh shut up. Give Shawn a break