Impressive Mousetrap Catches 20 Mice In One Night. Mousetrap Monday

The "Sudden Earthquake" Electronic Rolling Log Mouse Trap Is the most impressive mouse trap I have ever seen. It was invented by a viewer in German and it caught 20 Mice In 1 Night.


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods11 months ago

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  2. Niels Raider

    Niels Raider13 days ago

    Use energy to catch mice? Bad prototyping!

  3. SirWooff

    SirWooffMonth ago

    @Mad Scientist hahah

  4. Mad Scientist

    Mad ScientistMonth ago

    @SirWooff To protect their identity! 🀣

  5. Itsmefor9s

    Itsmefor9s2 months ago

    I wanna send you my Fan made work

  6. David Duncan

    David Duncan4 months ago

    @SirWooff 0

  7. Cat Hat

    Cat Hat5 hours ago

    Possum look like me getting a late night snack seem so embarrassed

  8. Auto Roller

    Auto RollerDay ago

    Brilliant but I like the new β€œslide” much better

  9. Richard Colwell

    Richard Colwell3 days ago

    Love this channel

  10. Amber Garvie

    Amber Garvie3 days ago

    4:46. They are not in the bucket they fly out

  11. Riptyde Studios

    Riptyde Studios5 days ago

    Mice 7 and 8 just fell in lol πŸ˜‚


    The BLACK NINJA5 days ago

    Is it for sale?

  13. uwu

    uwu6 days ago

    6:35 he just slipped πŸ˜‚

  14. Wyatt Mann

    Wyatt Mann7 days ago

    Possum and skunk fighting over dead mice is my new favorite thing...

  15. Random Comment

    Random Comment8 days ago

    Mouse number six just slipped in thereπŸ˜‚he didnt get to experience the spin before passing

  16. Opening Crowder

    Opening Crowder8 days ago

    Zoo in the back yard

  17. Alban

    Alban9 days ago

    Berlin * remember the Berlin wall*

  18. Off Our Rockers

    Off Our Rockers9 days ago

    Great job on your videos. What make motion camera do you use?

  19. f fr

    f fr9 days ago

    Love your videos. Bought the Squirrelanater. It's work but worked better it I hold up the gate with a twig. Just order that flip trap foe mice. We'll see? Thanks PS- this new one looks great. Hope the guy much success

  20. Kevin Ma

    Kevin Ma9 days ago

    haha the trap looks a bit like a toilet

  21. Vaipercoatl Ilhuicamina

    Vaipercoatl Ilhuicamina10 days ago

    "Got lost in the mail" he says. No, the FBI took the package in for inspection because they thought it was a bomb.

  22. james Deer

    james Deer10 days ago

    Jeesh how much mice infestation does this guy have at his home? This is like the nth rat/mice trap he has shown.

  23. psy0rz

    psy0rz10 days ago

    This is so convoluted compared to a flipnslide.

  24. Wendotio

    Wendotio11 days ago

    Mouse 6 was just unlucky

  25. CartoonDogeGaming

    CartoonDogeGaming12 days ago

    mice are wholesome but the poop i see isnt

  26. Ryan Castle

    Ryan Castle13 days ago

    Love when you feed the mice to the wild, could start a animal fight club channel with that footage πŸ˜† πŸ˜‚

  27. Peter Ashford

    Peter Ashford14 days ago

    is that available in the market?

  28. zorro mark

    zorro mark14 days ago

    lets place some fabric in there for a soft landing" 😊 you're a kindhearted rat catcher. great vid as always.

  29. MonsieurLeWop

    MonsieurLeWop14 days ago

    Within a nanosecond of the mice being in the bucket it's full of poop.

  30. Stryker 1 shot 1 kill!

    Stryker 1 shot 1 kill!15 days ago

    @ Shawn Woods Loved your video i had to Subscribe ASAP! πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸΏ Keep e'm coming Brother!. God Bless You & Your Family!.

  31. mario v

    mario v16 days ago

    So satisfying.

  32. Ernest Pfannen

    Ernest Pfannen16 days ago


  33. Vin Jane

    Vin Jane17 days ago

    The mice look in the bucket and still go out! I would have thought maybe some might sense danger?!

  34. sam s

    sam s17 days ago

    Nothing- nothing..boom .. headache

  35. Canadian Moose

    Canadian Moose17 days ago

    Proto 4 Rat 7 was just a bit High Dont judge him

  36. William SIms

    William SIms17 days ago

    Ok, does this guy love mice or hate mice? Kinda hard to tell with all the mice everywhere

  37. Hunter Reed

    Hunter Reed18 days ago

    Bro...I love ALL your videos. Thank you for doing this.

  38. Yolanda Alvarado

    Yolanda Alvarado19 days ago

    Awww i want one. I'm 71 and my Yorkie got one, but I found another. I'm afraid ill get too many.

  39. AR Gamer

    AR Gamer19 days ago

    Any rodent-eating animal near Shawn's house eats free everyday Even I'm getting jealous

  40. F C

    F C19 days ago

    can't they just jump back out?

  41. Khoraee lol

    Khoraee lol19 days ago

    his pet mice were so scared they shat themselves xD

  42. Pati Muth

    Pati Muth21 day ago

    The ranchers where I use to live just smeared peanut butter a ways down inside the bucket with water at the bottom, the mice are not smart enough to avoid falling in after trying for the peanut butter. Save yourself a bit of money and try it for free!!!

  43. Hot tub Time Machine

    Hot tub Time Machine22 days ago

    Shawn great videos. I thought I saw a mouse in my kitchen. So I recleaned everything and put snap and sticky traps under my stove cuz my lazy 3 cats would stand and lay in front of it watching it. I got my fingers snapped 3 times and a cat got stuck to a sticky trap. You gave me alternatives.

  44. Michael Stockdall

    Michael Stockdall24 days ago

    This guy really spoils the mice with name brand peanut butter.

  45. DanishBlu

    DanishBlu24 days ago

    !!!! A mouse trap with microprocessors, gravity sensing, & must be calibrated???!!! What is that, a $10,000 mousetrap?? Yeah, I'd rather buy that than spend $1.29 on a Victor trap. And the genius German who invented all this sent it to some guy in America as a birthday present.

  46. Mikki PT

    Mikki PT26 days ago

    I use the spinning bottle model. Record for one night. 61 in one bucket. Here in country NSW Australia we are in the middle of a mouse plague. Dam stinky things.

  47. Nikko Pikko

    Nikko Pikko26 days ago

    Cute pet mice

  48. Eliz Donovan

    Eliz Donovan26 days ago

    Let us know when it comes onto the market. Thank you. 🌲🌝☘️

  49. Jayson Lewis

    Jayson Lewis27 days ago

    Nice bobcat

  50. greenspiraldragon

    greenspiraldragon27 days ago

    6:34 don't even need the spin they just eventually fall in. Just lean a board against a bucket and see how many that catches.

  51. Vangelina Barrow

    Vangelina Barrow28 days ago

    That bobcat was like β€œam I being punked?!”

  52. Vangelina Barrow

    Vangelina Barrow28 days ago

    I want one

  53. Willo

    Willo29 days ago

    Who else thinks he Is a little weird but he is rilly cool just me

  54. David Crosby

    David CrosbyMonth ago

    I really like how you made use of the dead mice by feeding the wildlife.

  55. Tom H

    Tom HMonth ago

    Looks like the mouse completes a circuit between two insulated from one another metal cylinders which activates a motor to spin the cylinder for a moment dumping the mouse into the bucket.

  56. Aaron Aaronsen

    Aaron AaronsenMonth ago

    Lol, I wonder what they thought that was when it went through airport security.

  57. orcaman3100

    orcaman3100Month ago

    Need one of those to feed my snakes

  58. XS1b

    XS1bMonth ago

    You need to take out that opossum. I don't like the look in his eyes...

  59. Henry Tang

    Henry TangMonth ago

    "Don't want psychos sending me hate mail". Would these guys happen to be vegans?

  60. Tracey Crawford

    Tracey CrawfordMonth ago

    We need these in Australian at the moment, we are in the middle of a mouse plague!

  61. Ya boi rockanroll afrm

    Ya boi rockanroll afrmMonth ago

    10:36 Pelacan:OH this garbage mouse meat is too low of a class from my CULTURE

  62. Ya boi rockanroll afrm

    Ya boi rockanroll afrmMonth ago

    The bird, the pelican and the bobcat was so funny XD LOL

  63. u know the rules & so do i

    u know the rules & so do iMonth ago

    The thumbnail looks like China tried to rip off mark rober

  64. Charlie Leverett

    Charlie LeverettMonth ago

    F in the chat for mouse #6 FFFFFFF

  65. iremanguitars

    iremanguitarsMonth ago

    Push play and watched an ad!!!

  66. Warhol's Circus

    Warhol's CircusMonth ago

    Mmmm, mmm, dead mice. Yes! One thousand opossum agree, "You can't eat just one!"

  67. The mouse Legion

    The mouse LegionMonth ago

    If he were to sell this he could get a lot of money

  68. Justin Walker

    Justin WalkerMonth ago

    I did this with a bucket and an oiled wooden dowel rod when I was 10 over 20 years ago...

  69. Edward Savela

    Edward SavelaMonth ago

    Is this available commercially yet? Great video--a better mouse trap!

  70. Terry Wood

    Terry WoodMonth ago

    Thing is, if its shown here on USlikes, theres a team of chinese techmakers watching and a week later pumping out a million of these next week outta China.

  71. Carlos E Rivas

    Carlos E RivasMonth ago

    "mouses are animals very intelligent and hard to catch" 6:36 the mouse

  72. matriccx kilobyte

    matriccx kilobyteMonth ago

    6:36 Program failed successfully

  73. Todd Supraman

    Todd SupramanMonth ago

    A paint roller does the same thing without batteries

  74. Padron OpusX

    Padron OpusXMonth ago

    Contact Skippy for a sponsorship and see what they say πŸ˜†

  75. jlateralus21

    jlateralus21Month ago

    You'd think the mice would see their buddies swimming to survive and say, "nah, I'll pass on the peanut butter..."

  76. dakan92

    dakan92Month ago

    That Possums' eating good!

  77. Stephen Smith

    Stephen SmithMonth ago

    Good lord is a mouse EVER NOT pooping?

  78. Josh B

    Josh BMonth ago

    That's DHL for ya...

  79. Joshua St. Esprit

    Joshua St. EspritMonth ago

    Awesome design!

  80. Trauma Team International

    Trauma Team InternationalMonth ago

    The bobcat disdainfully sniffing the dead mice, and then walking off without eating is the most cat thing ever..

  81. Angelina Bavilla

    Angelina BavillaMonth ago

    7:47 he was hanging with his buddy, "and I oooop"

  82. jfkr77

    jfkr77Month ago

    He better get selling them for someone beats him two it

  83. lukas giek

    lukas giekMonth ago

    where do i get these trap?

  84. Enuma Elish

    Enuma ElishMonth ago

    Bobcat:.... oh hell no this doesn't seem right at all.

  85. Lydia I.

    Lydia I.Month ago

    the secret of NiMH (batteries)

  86. dr robert dawson

    dr robert dawsonMonth ago

    I Would Buy One Of #8 proto type, plus would be better if it had a dome so it would have only 1 way in and they wouldn't be able to walk the rim of the bucket. just my two cents.

  87. stuckonautomatic

    stuckonautomaticMonth ago

    10:50 Are you living near the guy who feeds hot dogs to chubby racoons? That would explain why they'd pass on your mice:)

  88. wingscancer

    wingscancerMonth ago

    any updates on this ?

  89. Joshua Wesley

    Joshua WesleyMonth ago

    Mouse number 6 and 7 got me dead lol

  90. Elijah Lima Olmeda

    Elijah Lima OlmedaMonth ago

    this channel is really interesting but in my opinion, it should start showcasing more non kill traps,

  91. William Thompson

    William ThompsonMonth ago

    Peta: DoN't KiLL tHe mICe Shawn: uses spinning bridge Peta: I'll allow it

  92. TORIO Dionne Alessandra

    TORIO Dionne AlessandraMonth ago

    478 what the hell😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  93. Crooked Halo

    Crooked HaloMonth ago

    I wish you weren't so reluctant to show, clearly and in full, all the dead/drowned mice in the bucket. I'm sure lots of people would like to see them.

  94. Oma der Gamer

    Oma der GamerMonth ago

    The mouse that fell in without being in the middle depresses me he just plopped in drowning slowly with big regret, ik all regret it

  95. David B

    David BMonth ago

    You gotta cover up your address because YOU don't want psychos sending stuff to you...poor sane you.

  96. Hardly livin

    Hardly livinMonth ago

    Leave it to the Germans to over engineer a mouse trap.

  97. Stalkerx13

    Stalkerx13Month ago

    Imagine if somebody saw your address and out of the blue you received an unknown package and inside that package was multiple pictures of their penis? Lmfao

  98. Mark Lynn

    Mark LynnMonth ago

    I dont why but its so funny everytime i see his pet mice just fall off the spinning thing

  99. Fast Gaming

    Fast GamingMonth ago

    I like how the mice dont put a fuss about drowning

  100. Ken Bellchambers

    Ken BellchambersMonth ago

    Shaun. Somebody is messing with your comment section. There is a blurb talking a lot of nonsense in my name in this comment section, but I didn't write it. Also much information not relating to mouse traps. You Tube is being hacked, so be careful.

  101. P T

    P TMonth ago

    Are these your pet rats?? What happens when you catch lots of live mice/rats?

  102. N Abe

    N AbeMonth ago

    This guy is literally the PERFECT Mouse Trap enthusiast!

  103. Mother Flipper

    Mother FlipperMonth ago

    What state do you live in?

  104. Firehawk376

    Firehawk376Month ago

    Your pet mice must have serious trust issues at this point.

  105. Ginette

    GinetteMonth ago

    Why is this so interesting...almost disgustingly interesting....