The Amazing Hamster Exercise Wheel Mouse Trap Invented by a youtube Viewer. Mousetrap Monday

In this video we test our a fun mouse trap invented by a youtube viewer.
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  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn WoodsMonth ago

    Thank you so much for watching my videos. For rodent trap recommendations and gear I use to film youtube videos check out my Amazon Affiliate Store:

  2. ZB Combat

    ZB Combat23 days ago

    Maybe a magnet on the exercise wheel would work as a better trigger? Idk

  3. JewsOwn TheMedia

    JewsOwn TheMedia27 days ago

    It needs a CREMATORY. 😁

  4. Shane Rooney

    Shane Rooney29 days ago

    It appears the trap needs a latch to hold the door open / hold the wheel still.

  5. Olive Mule

    Olive MuleMonth ago


  6. Rachel Masterson

    Rachel MastersonMonth ago

    How do you keep the ants from getting the penutbuter and or kill the mice

  7. GatitoKitten

    GatitoKittenDay ago

    His pet mouse: thank god I’m his pet because if I’m not his pet than I’m getting death penalty

  8. Cumunist

    Cumunist11 days ago

    i feel like this is less keep the mouse from getting bored and more torture the mouse with spinny wheel of panic

  9. Maldororista

    Maldororista12 days ago

    looks like most carreers nowadays

  10. MegaSmiley

    MegaSmiley12 days ago

    Great idea for a trap. A small improvement could be to put a small magnet that holds the door closed when it falls, just in case another mouse starts stepping on the door from outside

  11. Anna

    Anna12 days ago

    I have been wanting to get a pet hamster and now youtube is recommending me mouse traps.

  12. 601salsa

    601salsa15 days ago

    I live humane traps. The house I grew up in was very old, and we occasionally had mice. Used humane traps to catch then we would drive a mile or so and release in the woods somewhere quiet for it to live.

  13. Ralph Turner

    Ralph Turner16 days ago

    Do you know what the difference is between a hamster and a gerbil? The hamster has a little bit more dark meat.

  14. Lucius Cincinnatus

    Lucius Cincinnatus16 days ago


  15. David C.

    David C.16 days ago

    What if we make it genorate power.

  16. Imrik

    Imrik17 days ago

    "Ah yeah, this room is like a circle. But not like a regular circle, more like a freaky circle!"

  17. Sqeekms 3

    Sqeekms 320 days ago

    Nothing beats a Victor and peanut butter

  18. Erich Anastacio

    Erich Anastacio20 days ago

    Hmmm.... I'd like to attach a dynamo to it..... And a solar panel.... So it would still spin during daytime. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Heinrich Dethahal

    Heinrich Dethahal21 day ago

    Rember to oil the wheel otherwise all that squeezing will drive you insane

  20. Tami Otani

    Tami Otani22 days ago

    A trap that forces you to exercise. Sounds like my worst nightmare

  21. Fallbranch

    Fallbranch22 days ago

    The underappreciated genius of this trap is how the mouse is unable to pry open the door, because the floor won't stand still.

  22. Salvation73

    Salvation7323 days ago

    It's not a mouse trap, it's a teleportation exercise machine. One minute you're in the barn getting some cardio, then you wake up in the forest.

  23. King of Dongles

    King of Dongles24 days ago

    I haven’t watched in a while but his voice sounds higher than I remember. That just me?

  24. Li Ev

    Li Ev24 days ago


  25. Tabeazzz

    Tabeazzz24 days ago

    I'm scared for the mousetail

  26. Zen Smylie

    Zen Smylie25 days ago

    This man is very rare, he makes his living from a mouse infestation in a barn BUT he isn’t pest control!

  27. My Autobiography A Fanfic

    My Autobiography A Fanfic25 days ago

    Despite all my rage...

  28. Hiagain69

    Hiagain6925 days ago

    Gear teeth might help better than a friction peg

  29. Jorrie

    Jorrie25 days ago

    Why would you want to catch a mouse only to release it again ? 🤔

  30. Dougal Tolan

    Dougal Tolan25 days ago

    2:32 Heave heave heave..... phew, got it.

  31. storminmormin14

    storminmormin1425 days ago

    You could make this way more sensitive by increasing the diameter of the rod on the outside. It works like a gear.

  32. Adam Specht

    Adam Specht25 days ago

    Its amazing how delicate carefull and suspicious wild mouse are!

  33. angel figueroa

    angel figueroa25 days ago

    Connect a generator to charge a phone

  34. andrew bingham

    andrew bingham25 days ago

    "the rat won't be bored as you catch it". As it's running to it's death

  35. DrewSorensenMusic

    DrewSorensenMusic26 days ago

    New pet? Or new prisoner? 🤣🤣🤣

  36. J W

    J W26 days ago

    So its a ggd wheel and yer voice sucks

  37. DingDongDaddy

    DingDongDaddy26 days ago

    Imagine being forced to endlessly exercise with no food. Pretty Inhumane if you ask me.

  38. Hey Old Man

    Hey Old Man26 days ago

    Good job Shawn. Your shows are great . Love the vintage traps ... as well as the new ones . Thank you 👍🏼

  39. DeltaDemon1

    DeltaDemon126 days ago

    Where I live, it is illegal to send a mouse more than 100 meters from the place you captured it. In other words, you cannot just send your problems away for someone else to deal with it. So this is not ideal. The traditional 25 cent mouse trap is still the best. Peanut butter is the best bait to use for mice.

  40. Jolfer 13

    Jolfer 1326 days ago

    What I would do is see how long it will run til it dies. I guess ud have to have the wheel on a motor to force continuous motion cause it would stop eventually

  41. Anis Chandoul

    Anis Chandoul26 days ago

    Is that how they trap humans in west bank and Gaza ?

  42. Keanan Connor

    Keanan Connor26 days ago

    This just gave me a crazy idea why not trap wild mice use them to generate some power to store in a battery then let it go after a set amount of time?!

  43. Ted Style

    Ted Style26 days ago

    This should just be called the James Bond mouse trap

  44. xXInsanus_UmbraXx

    xXInsanus_UmbraXx26 days ago

    How does the mouse not suffocate

  45. Baahlskra

    Baahlskra26 days ago

    Nice how you pretend to care about native species in this video and in the next it's just "look guys 22 random mice that I drowned". As if you actually gave a damn, Psychopath.

  46. JewsOwn TheMedia

    JewsOwn TheMedia27 days ago

    Israel. And rats. I didnt come here for the comedy, lol.

  47. Wild Woodbine

    Wild Woodbine27 days ago

    It's like going to jail but your locked directly in the exercise yard.

  48. Ukie TheOverlord

    Ukie TheOverlord27 days ago

    I live out in the the country.. still use good old snap traps. Works 100%

  49. Tobi

    Tobi27 days ago

    This is just pure torture. Feels like I'm violating some part of the Geneva convention just watching this

  50. Xarai

    Xarai27 days ago

    kill it dude

  51. thisbarb

    thisbarb27 days ago

    This is how we will generate electricity in 2021.

  52. chris cole

    chris cole27 days ago

    What’s the point in leaving the mouse alive it’s just going to come back

  53. Zachary Deziel

    Zachary Deziel27 days ago

    How is running until you die humane😂

  54. Benjamin Fuller

    Benjamin Fuller27 days ago

    Mouse power! Attach little generators to them!

  55. Martin Teece

    Martin Teece28 days ago

    Dynamo and connect to tiny battery. Which means free energy.

  56. rob mitch

    rob mitch28 days ago

    Your pet must hate every time you do a video. "Really another one? I know you take the teeth out for me but why." I mean you could see when it was testing it he went in and just sat there like "yep yep this again. There it is oh no I'm trapped now and stuff."

  57. Russell

    Russell28 days ago

    Great, now you have a mouse covered in mouse piss.

  58. Immortal SoFar

    Immortal SoFar28 days ago

    When you live in an RV on a farm and have mice chewing on the very expensive and hard to fix electrics, live catching is optional. Actually, we caught more by leaving a bucket of water out than in traps.

  59. tom thompson

    tom thompson28 days ago

    so simple ,,, its so clever .

  60. RTS

    RTS28 days ago

    Now drive a small generator off the wheel, and the mouse is earning its keep.

  61. Gucc Nabba

    Gucc Nabba28 days ago

    welcome to the hamsterwheel.. of doom!

  62. traildoggy

    traildoggy28 days ago

    If you did this with deer you could power your house.

  63. Yukii301

    Yukii30129 days ago

    Please dont use this..... just use a normal trap. The wheel is too small and gives the mouse only one option.

  64. David Beazley

    David Beazley29 days ago

    Hook it up to a dynamo... hey presto... phone charger.

  65. TheFeldhamster

    TheFeldhamster29 days ago

    This trap is like the common tip on hamster forums: when your hamster has escaped and is somewhere in the house, set it's wheel down on the floor and it will come and run in it. Now this version is of course better because it traps the animal so you don't have to sit there and wait half the night.

  66. Pinkie Pie

    Pinkie Pie29 days ago

    I’d be worried it could clip their tail tbh

  67. Robbie Hall

    Robbie Hall29 days ago

    Hook it up to your phone so your phone is powered by rat

  68. Crazygamerkasten

    CrazygamerkastenMonth ago

    This type of trap is great for when a pet rodent escapes and is still in the house

  69. Eselfar

    Eselfar17 days ago

    Put that way it sounds more like a prisoner than a pet.

  70. דניאל כהן

    דניאל כהןMonth ago

    hell yeah israel is on the mapppp hhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  71. B C

    B CMonth ago

    You should get sponsors to send you to places overseas that have severe rodent problems. Your viewers will want to see, and you'll be doing a good deed.

  72. VenaticSix15 0

    VenaticSix15 0Month ago

    Yo why can’t we just put thousands of mice into these wheels and make hundreds of the wheels to power our houses? :’)

  73. Lynn Prince

    Lynn PrinceMonth ago

    How come if 90 % of your videos there's a second mouse why dont you set up two traps for xtra viewing. Every body else does ????????????

  74. Lmao It’s Mitch

    Lmao It’s MitchMonth ago

    perfect for your hamster cage.

  75. Ash Bernard

    Ash BernardMonth ago

    put a dynamo and fix night light issues

  76. Gacheru Mburu

    Gacheru MburuMonth ago


  77. Genius by Design PRESS

    Genius by Design PRESSMonth ago

    How does it trigger ?

  78. SlyJesse

    SlyJesseMonth ago

    I could not imagine trying to clean that.

  79. Mike Gabler

    Mike GablerMonth ago

    so you need about 20 of those in a row all hooked to a generator to get the mice to charge up your new electric car!!!

  80. Rich R

    Rich RMonth ago

    Now make one big enough for a squirrel

  81. atticstattic

    atticstatticMonth ago

    And, the mouse will look like it's being tortured to other mice!

  82. Biden's Communist

    Biden's CommunistMonth ago

    I miss the good old days of youtube where we could see these pests getting beheaded. This PC BS sucks!


    ARWDITAMonth ago

    How you clean it after?

  84. Ratib Ali

    Ratib AliMonth ago

    How would you clean out the rat poop after you release the mouse?

  85. paul levesque

    paul levesqueMonth ago

    "From Israeli" like if there's an actual country with that name.. smh.. Invasive murderer's.. long live Palestine !

  86. Wayne Flanigan

    Wayne FlaniganMonth ago

    No such Country as Palestine. Check a World Map. They are called Palestinian Territories but are still in Israel.

  87. Johannes Gebhardt

    Johannes GebhardtMonth ago

    It is almost to simple in designe

  88. Paul Betka

    Paul BetkaMonth ago

    Very cool , good trap✌️👍🏻 Bigger for rats❗❗❗

  89. malum incarnatus est 999

    malum incarnatus est 999Month ago

    You wasn't telling the truth about his pool ball trap. I just watched it and the mice kept jumping up knocking the ball down. It killed one mouse. The live trap didn't work at all. Haha.

  90. Undertaker the furry vampire

    Undertaker the furry vampireMonth ago

    That looks so cool

  91. Gabriel the ultimate player

    Gabriel the ultimate playerMonth ago

    This is your best vid, i hated the rest because all of the special mousetraps look like torture

  92. Dr. Love

    Dr. LoveMonth ago

    how do you clean it

  93. rama setiawan

    rama setiawanMonth ago

    how long mouse keep alive on water? my walk on plank mouse trap catch big one, its still alive after 1 day on water

  94. Rob Knight

    Rob KnightMonth ago

    Humane? Ever been trapped on a treadmill for 12 hours?

  95. Dillon Snow

    Dillon SnowMonth ago

    Great video

  96. Fabian Mejia

    Fabian MejiaMonth ago

    😆 This was great!

  97. David Baughman

    David BaughmanMonth ago

    “I’m not stuck, you’re stuck”

  98. Dope S1

    Dope S1Month ago

    🐀: "Only the strong survive,surivial of the fittest"

  99. junior B

    junior BMonth ago

    How could I trap roosters loose in the street?

  100. Theuniverselgamer

    TheuniverselgamerMonth ago

    Kill the Damn thang it's better they all die out!

  101. Victor Dunkle

    Victor DunkleMonth ago

    How do you effectively keep mice out of propane grills?

  102. Scorpio

    ScorpioMonth ago


  103. luderick wong

    luderick wongMonth ago

    I always want to ask, what's going on that “native mice” idea, is that a law? If it's going to imply to a pest, how about native roach? pigeons? coyote? hogs? they are all local animals in your country. emperior butterfly, goose that migrate in more than one country in it's life cycle, is that local? That looks pretty good intention, but how to justify and execution that blur line? Hypothetically, if some native mice chew through the barn wall and ruin the food storage and spread diease, say, plaque, you still have to let them go? Who is going to pay for that damage, may be human lives as well? Yes, i know, the idea of “pest”, “local”, “foreign” is some human image ideas, animals don't give a damn about it. people like me live in other side of the planet don't get the idea how it works.

  104. luderick wong

    luderick wongMonth ago

    @Dr. Love political correct words. a rat is rat and still a rat in your barn eating your harvest storage and chew through your wall.

  105. Dr. Love

    Dr. LoveMonth ago


  106. Dr. Love

    Dr. LoveMonth ago

    invasive is not the same as pests

  107. Terd Ferguson

    Terd FergusonMonth ago


  108. james

    jamesMonth ago

    Awwwweeeee!💚 dammit now i want a pet mouse.

  109. james

    jamesMonth ago

    Awesome idea.

  110. auto_chris420

    auto_chris420Month ago

    So it gets to run for its life before it gets exterminated lmao