The ACME Mouse Trap From 1907 Is For Catching Mice Not Road Runners. Mousetrap Monday

In this video we have it all. Acme Traps, Coyotes and mice in the barn. Thank you so much for your support.
You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link:


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn WoodsMonth ago

    Thanks for watching. You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link:

  2. Skye_getfans Hagwood

    Skye_getfans HagwoodMonth ago

    The fact that they come out as soon as you leave got me dead and what do you mean you don’t want the mice to go to waste

  3. Skye_getfans Hagwood

    Skye_getfans Hagwood24 days ago

    I know that but I was just laughing at that

  4. cebolimha gameplays

    cebolimha gameplays25 days ago

    because instead of throwing the corpse away, he decided to feed it to wild animals

  5. mike13899

    mike13899Month ago

    😁. I still hate what USlikes did to the channel via some complaints from human vermin.

  6. Not KuroNeko

    Not KuroNekoMonth ago

    I am surprised the trap didn't explode

  7. Jett Liscano

    Jett LiscanoMonth ago

    Lol he actually did a mouse trap over a mouse trap

  8. Just ruined your day

    Just ruined your dayMonth ago

    ACME, Doing SUPREME before it was cool.

  9. JEC Ecart

    JEC EcartMonth ago

    Wait 😲. Acme from Mikey mouse cartoons is a real thing !? 😱

  10. caduceus33

    caduceus33Month ago

    Awful lot of mice in your barn.

  11. Doug Alexander

    Doug AlexanderMonth ago

    That early bird thing doesn’t go well for the worm, I mean mouse... meep meep.

  12. FishKepr

    FishKeprMonth ago

    “If it’s ACME, it’s a gasser!”

  13. skadoodle

    skadoodleMonth ago

    How does he get these?

  14. Prophetless772

    Prophetless772Month ago

    Dang. That mouse squeeked when the trap went off

  15. luderick wong

    luderick wongMonth ago

    Beaver dam, ha? So your fields are benefit from water supplies or they get drowned? If it is the second case, time to make a special episode and pull out the big guns.

  16. MrMethekill

    MrMethekillMonth ago

    You have been running your channel for years and yet you always have enough mice to catch in your barn. Those mice must be procreating overtime!

  17. DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun

    DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGunMonth ago

    Why he tests the killbar with his own fingers, I shall never understand, though, it would be more concerning if he used someone else's fingers.

  18. samuel stewart beals

    samuel stewart bealsMonth ago

    That’s all folks! Said the trap to the mouse lol

  19. Ryan Gonet

    Ryan GonetMonth ago

    I wish Shawn would post a compilation of his nighttime motion camera footage of wildlife. It's very calming to watch and listen to. There have been times it's even helped me drift off to sleep while watching it.

  20. MisterNinetySeven

    MisterNinetySevenMonth ago

    2:10 So you have chosen.... *death*

  21. notsosilentmajority1

    notsosilentmajority1Month ago

    My dog missed a roadrunner by a few inches a few days ago. She getting older now so she's not as quick as she used to be but she still catches an occasional rabbit. When I saw the title of the video I thought about my dog being the roadrunner, lol.

  22. Fredashay Klavierstein

    Fredashay KlaviersteinMonth ago

    _"The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."_

  23. Klaw

    KlawMonth ago

    Is this ethical? Why do you spend your life brutally murdering poor little mice

  24. Klaw

    KlawMonth ago

    @Lost Advanced of course, but he goes to where the mice live (not his house) and kills them there

  25. Lost Advanced

    Lost AdvancedMonth ago

    No one wants mice or rats in their house or in general property. Also no one wants hole in their walls

  26. Brah Jr.

    Brah Jr.Month ago

    Put liquid nitrogen in a underground bees nest

  27. Harry Chisholm

    Harry ChisholmMonth ago

    Nice trap but what did you use for bait?

  28. Lost Advanced

    Lost AdvancedMonth ago


  29. Malcolm Wolfe

    Malcolm WolfeMonth ago

    I wonder why these mice never question the death of a buddy, just stomp right over him w/o a 2nd thought "mmmm, peanutbuddur 🐭..."

  30. Eli Hernandez

    Eli HernandezMonth ago

    I love mouse trap monday

  31. phileas007

    phileas007Month ago

    Hi Shawn, Will you return to the subject of primitive tech in the future?

  32. Oscar Correa

    Oscar CorreaMonth ago

    Was that mouse chasing that bug @2:00 ?

  33. mfaizsyahmi.

    mfaizsyahmi.Month ago

    Early bird gets the worms Early mouse gets the _snap_

  34. Charles Cox

    Charles CoxMonth ago

    Are you sure it was the coyote? Are you sure the deer haven't gone carnivorous?

  35. Wellthomy Channel

    Wellthomy ChannelMonth ago

    Thank you idol Hello from Malaysia 🙋

  36. Danny Garden

    Danny GardenMonth ago

    Take one of your pet and train it to detect your stolen traps, must be an expensive cache. :)

  37. Pyrolonn

    PyrolonnMonth ago

    I like the hole inside the trap for the spring. A very elegant design.

  38. Sailor

    SailorMonth ago

    Now we know why coyote haven't starved all this time. Some ACME contraptions are good to catch a small snack.

  39. Raven

    RavenMonth ago

    Why do mice always seem to be more comfortable in a space with a dead mouse in it? Goes the same for redback voles in Alaska, but they will happily eat each other too. Especially when trapped in a bucket (too cold for liquid water), battle to the death followed by cannibalism.

  40. Micaela Fenn

    Micaela FennMonth ago

    Every time that you don’t day “the second mouse gets the cheese” after a mouse dies and his buddy steals the cheese, i lose a piece of my soul. Don’t make this mistake again shawn. I’m almost at my breaking point.

  41. YooZherName

    YooZherNameMonth ago

    My son complained about this exact same thing 😂

  42. leighrate

    leighrateMonth ago

    I'd say you need a round dozen of those boxes in your barn.

  43. Louis Buzzi

    Louis BuzziMonth ago

    Shawn needs to do some bigfoot hunting.

  44. Craig Schnagl

    Craig SchnaglMonth ago

    You have any video of your mouse traps being stolen?

  45. Conner Moody

    Conner MoodyMonth ago

    You should make a video showing off your mouse trap collection

  46. Tim F

    Tim FMonth ago

    Good job

  47. cleanbla2003

    cleanbla2003Month ago

    better that TV

  48. Don _

    Don _Month ago

    Great work as always! Love seeing all these devices put to work, and learning how to solve pest problems practically.

  49. Benjamin W

    Benjamin WMonth ago

    I have been wincing for SO many of the recent videos when he sets the trap off, at this point I just assumed he had desensitized farmer-fingers! Hope you're ok!

  50. pablo rages

    pablo ragesMonth ago

    ...I actually got a notification for this vid !

  51. King Moon, Roblox and More!

    King Moon, Roblox and More!Month ago


  52. Kazkov3

    Kazkov3Month ago


  53. Steve Dingman

    Steve DingmanMonth ago

    Beep beep 💨

  54. Dan Basham

    Dan BashamMonth ago

    Your younger subscribers are scratching there heads over the road runner reference.

  55. Lisa McQueen

    Lisa McQueenMonth ago

    Cool! I'm waiting on the Acme vaccine!

  56. Sage Red

    Sage RedMonth ago

    Angsty teens: Has acne His shed: has acme Lol

  57. Steven Scott

    Steven ScottMonth ago

    What is it that has an animal's eyes shine? If they are on camera while they die, would their eyes stop shining?

  58. Frank Kepler

    Frank KeplerMonth ago

    Damn squirrels

  59. Bob White

    Bob WhiteMonth ago

    I don't know who's more pathetic. You for making this or me for watching.

  60. damanwazhere Elliott

    damanwazhere ElliottMonth ago

    Good one but I don't believe u u need more vids to prove it

  61. automatic mattywhack

    automatic mattywhackMonth ago

    Please, please, please add the time stamp to the cameras.

  62. JediKnyghte

    JediKnyghteMonth ago

    The skunk is not happy. He didn’t even get a chance.

  63. John Wesley

    John WesleyMonth ago

    I miss the days this channel had the mescal's traps and real deal raw footage. Now it's rated E for preschoolers.

  64. John Wesley

    John WesleyMonth ago

    @Wayne Essar I get it the man doesn't want issues but darn this used to be so much more grotesque and dark back in the day.

  65. Wayne Essar

    Wayne EssarMonth ago

    Perhaps some of the more graphic ones got demonitised? Now that the channel has more than 1000 subs this is more important.

  66. Little Flip

    Little FlipMonth ago

    Give that ACME trap a little slip! 5:21

  67. Julian Brien

    Julian BrienMonth ago

    A tourist was in a hotel one night. He sees a mouse, so he calls the front desk and says, "you know tom and jerry?", "i just saw jerry"

  68. Gwiyomi Kim

    Gwiyomi KimMonth ago

    Shawn, in honor of Wiley Coyote & Roadrunner could you create a deadfall mousetrap using an anvil? I’m sure the beaver dam wildlife would love a “pancaked” mouse dinner!🐭

  69. FLPhotoCatcher

    FLPhotoCatcherMonth ago

    Extra tender!

  70. A.y. Wee Ching

    A.y. Wee ChingMonth ago

    Imagine shawn setting up acme trap and he got caught instead. That would be wilde

  71. Mein Kamph

    Mein KamphMonth ago

    Do other mice ever try to help there dead friend?

  72. Calderwood

    CalderwoodMonth ago

    I love it when an A-team homage comes together.

  73. cotteeskid

    cotteeskidMonth ago

    Interesting to know that ACME was an actual brand.

  74. Gwiyomi Kim

    Gwiyomi KimMonth ago

    It’s actually a good name because it mean “best”, it’s short & easy to remember, and (not so important anymore) alphabetically you’d find it at the start of the phone book “yellow pages” spelled ACME, or AACME, or AAACME and so on.

  75. DanR

    DanRMonth ago

    A lot of things were ACME brands and I don't think the label was actually trademark-owned by anybody. That would make sense since it's a very old word in the English language.

  76. chembrad

    chembradMonth ago

    Ha! Wiley Coyote

  77. Early Riser

    Early RiserMonth ago

    neat trap design

  78. Janya Andromeda Galactic

    Janya Andromeda GalacticMonth ago

    it pisses me off to no end how you over cover the traps, youtube cannot recognize the mouse body from several feet away in grainy video ffs, you tablelegbrain

  79. Poizen

    PoizenMonth ago

    It blows my mind how many different shapes and styles of rodent traps they have out there! I really appreciate seeing these videos. Thank you!

  80. HON Thirty

    HON ThirtyMonth ago


  81. Chris Vorgert

    Chris VorgertMonth ago


  82. Mussop Thepossum

    Mussop ThepossumMonth ago


  83. Dawn Michelle

    Dawn MichelleMonth ago

    Thank you for the scene from the beaver dam!

  84. Johanna

    JohannaMonth ago

    Coyote thinking, "This mouse isn't much compared to a roadrunner, but at least I won't get pancaked by an anvil."

  85. Malcolm Wolfe

    Malcolm WolfeMonth ago

    @xblackdog by SMACKME inc.

  86. xblackdog

    xblackdogMonth ago

    "Today on Mouse Trap Monday we're going to test this free-fall anvil trap for Coyotes, using this mouse as bait!"

  87. Malcolm Wolfe

    Malcolm WolfeMonth ago

    he was all "OUCH." lol

  88. lost and confused

    lost and confusedMonth ago

    Had two mice in the last two nights in my attic with the classic little nipper, after my neighbours told me they had mice in theirs, Nutella did the trick. Edit: forgot bait

  89. AKTrapper

    AKTrapperMonth ago

    Looks like a lot of traffic on that beaver dam!

  90. bradley small

    bradley smallMonth ago

    i like it the CHILDREN mice checked out the trap and waited for MOMMY MOUSE get it then picked over remained and inspected further as a learning tool....

  91. Michael Trujillo

    Michael TrujilloMonth ago

    When the video starts off with a predator on a trail cam, you know the mouse trap on the thumbnail was a success! Boom

  92. El Mero Mero

    El Mero MeroMonth ago

    Proof that the second and third mouse always gets the cheese 😂😂

  93. DanR

    DanRMonth ago

    The second mouse gets the cheese. The third mouse: "I get to live."

  94. Brett Latulip

    Brett LatulipMonth ago

    It would be interesting if you put a tracker on bait deliberately made to be haul off a few feet.

  95. Sean Foltz

    Sean FoltzMonth ago

    ACME = A Coyote Made Everything

  96. 786

    786Month ago

    Good Stuff.

  97. Erik Boulet

    Erik BouletMonth ago

    How big is your collection

  98. DanR

    DanRMonth ago

    It's huge. He has a video where he goes over them.

  99. Josey Wales

    Josey WalesMonth ago

    You should have put a block of rat poison in the bellies of that mouse

  100. WillieRants

    WillieRantsMonth ago

    2:02 I thought we were going to see that mouse eat a bug!

  101. DanR

    DanRMonth ago

    I figured I was the only one to notice.

  102. curtis m

    curtis mMonth ago

    I still watch, but USlikes has made the videos boring.

  103. Hicoteo

    HicoteoMonth ago

    Acme. Isnt that the trap that caught the Road Runner?

  104. DanR

    DanRMonth ago

    That's the trap that persisted in _not_ catching RR, but Wile E.

  105. tractor

    tractorMonth ago

    where is your video with the trap in action? On your website not available anymore?

  106. drdizzly

    drdizzlyMonth ago

    Put a arrow on the mouse lol

  107. Anthony Animal

    Anthony AnimalMonth ago

    I am loving this Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes cross over

  108. Tigger

    TiggerMonth ago

    Yeeeeeeeaaaarrrrr.... Mbeep mmbeep!!

  109. mike stocke

    mike stockeMonth ago

    Note to Shawn: check on tetanus booster date😂

  110. Caretaker

    CaretakerMonth ago

    Your finger needs danger money.

  111. George Smith

    George SmithMonth ago


  112. William Gallop

    William GallopMonth ago

    Why not put a brick on top?

  113. Moctezuma Vargas

    Moctezuma VargasMonth ago


  114. bacon knows

    bacon knowsMonth ago

    did you just make a mousetrap monday... ON A FRIDAY??? 😅

  115. DanR

    DanRMonth ago

    @Konrad the Wizzard I'm trying to @ reply to bacon-nose, but my reply keeps getting deleted. Don't know why.

  116. Konrad the Wizzard

    Konrad the WizzardMonth ago

    @bacon knows only 4 days since the last one? That's latitude for you. Ever notice that if you are spinning you get faster if you tuck in your arms and slower if you stretch them out sideways? See, if Shawn is on a very different latitude then the days are spinning by at a very different speed. Yes, I've got an endless supply of sciency sounding BS to respond to petty complaints... ...and I'm having (metric) tons of fun. ;-) Just let it go, it's just like releasing clips for a "Late Night Show" on the next morning. Or like a "lightning talk" lasting for 20 minutes and not even being about electric discharge.

  117. bacon knows

    bacon knowsMonth ago

    @Konrad the Wizzard how is it Monday for him already if his last mouse trap monday video was 4 days ago? He made a mistake own up to it or im kms

  118. bacon knows

    bacon knowsMonth ago

    @Konrad the Wizzard this is no longer a comment section for me, this is a suicide note, he's literally living in the future and didn't warn us about 9/11, goodbye world

  119. Konrad the Wizzard

    Konrad the WizzardMonth ago

    No, you see the earth is round. If it is close to midnight and you call someone a thousand miles east of you they will tell you it is already the next day (after complaining about being woken up of course). If you go even farther east it is full day already and then evening and farther on it is night, and so on. So where Shawn lives it is Monday, even though it is Friday for you. I'm living somewhere where it is still Wednesday morning by the way. (SCNR)

  120. old school hawking

    old school hawkingMonth ago

    One question Shawn, if the coyote runs up and grabs one of those deer by the neck and drags it away, would you show it?

  121. DanR

    DanRMonth ago

    Probably. Shawn is quite the outdoorsman, and appreciates the true nature of Nature.

  122. Ned Flanders

    Ned FlandersMonth ago

    SOCIETY: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade SHAWN: When life gives you mice, make youtube videos

  123. Gato de las Sombras

    Gato de las SombrasMonth ago

    @RomanoProductions what?

  124. RomanoProductions

    RomanoProductionsMonth ago

    SOCIETY: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade ME: When life gives you mice, make mouse shakes So yummy, chewing the mixed bone fragments, crunchy AF

  125. RomanoProductions

    RomanoProductionsMonth ago

    @Gato de las Sombras Life's manager, that sounds like far left concept

  126. Gato de las Sombras

    Gato de las SombrasMonth ago

    Cave Johnson: When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your Damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life's manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!

  127. Super Luigi Odyssey

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  128. Deliminator

    DeliminatorMonth ago

    Ha, you forgot to add "the second rat gets the bait"

  129. DanR

    DanRMonth ago

    The third mouse gets to live.

  130. Deliminator

    DeliminatorMonth ago

    @Emmie Yar right

  131. Emmie

    EmmieMonth ago

    🐁 gets the 🧀 😁😁😁

  132. kevin Linares

    kevin LinaresMonth ago

    me to i like the video