Does The FAULTLESS Metal Rat Trap From 1911 Work? - $400 Antique Rat Trap. Mousetrap Monday

In this video we test out a very rare and expensive antique rat trap called the Faultless from 1911. Rats, Chipmunks and mice all visit the trap but does it work? I will soon be posting another video were we make a house call to help a restaurant with a rat problem so make sure you subscribes so you don't miss it. Thank you so much for watching.
You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link:


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn WoodsMonth ago

    Thanks for watching. You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link:

  2. SiriusGD

    SiriusGDDay ago

    Pack Rats: "Now what is this guy trying to trick us with?" Chipmunk: "Do not seek the treasure!"

  3. Nobody, really

    Nobody, really5 days ago

    these are the fat bois

  4. Karen

    Karen6 days ago

    Some men may find this trap sexually stimulating, when misused.

  5. Daniel Cheney

    Daniel Cheney16 days ago

    26$ I think

  6. Weekend Guitar Covers

    Weekend Guitar Covers16 days ago

    Those arn't rats those are small dogs!!!!

  7. Grant Pray

    Grant Pray26 days ago

    Am I the only one that didn't want the chipmunk to die?

  8. M S

    M S28 days ago

    Milk chocolate with cereals containig nuts and raisins is the best bait! Melt chocolate on bait cup, so it is going to be difficult to take away, and mouse/rat will have to work on it. This increases effectiveness of a trap.

  9. Jeffrey Weaver

    Jeffrey WeaverMonth ago

    The "Faultless Rat Trap" is faulty!

  10. Harmon Daniels

    Harmon DanielsMonth ago

    You worry the label might cause the value of this to go down, but what about making a video saying it doesn work?

  11. Rosana Andrade

    Rosana AndradeMonth ago

    This mouse trap costed 50 cents in 1911?boy thats expensive

  12. Gleekus Beekus

    Gleekus BeekusMonth ago


  13. Wellthomy Channel

    Wellthomy ChannelMonth ago


  14. Dr. Spamy

    Dr. SpamyMonth ago

    In your setup you could try to put the bait behind the cage. Maybe a rat would push on the cage hard enough then...

  15. Bklyn 718

    Bklyn 7182 months ago

    Try oiling it?

  16. Chris

    Chris2 months ago

    They need to make a giant trap get rid of all the human 🐀's.

  17. Dr. Mauser

    Dr. Mauser2 months ago

    Might be a bit of over-baiting too. If there's too much food that's easy to get, they might not go for the harder to reach bait in the trap.

  18. Bo Jaiden

    Bo Jaiden2 months ago

    The set-up made it look like a dead end

  19. Not Chill Gamer

    Not Chill Gamer2 months ago

    2:02 A heckin choker

  20. Rob and Dawn Ramcharan

    Rob and Dawn Ramcharan2 months ago

    Could explain why they don't make them any more.

  21. coolasianbro

    coolasianbro2 months ago

    this definitely looks like a restored item because of the label, the ghosts of dead rats that were victimized by this trap is definitely giving them the don't go in there signal

  22. Brett

    Brett2 months ago

    Maybe the rats were pushing on the trigger instead of pulling? They were definitely interested in the trap.

  23. Frank D. Garrett

    Frank D. Garrett2 months ago

    Try redoing this one.. put the bait tray on the otherside of the trigger so they have to pull it to get it loose. i mean.. it looks like a 4 chamber bait area.. don't fill 1 or 2.. instead go light on 3 and fill 4.. the farther they have to go to get it.. the higher the chance to get 'em???

  24. Andre

    Andre2 months ago

    It probably didn't work because it was supposed to be open on both sides.

  25. Anonymike

    Anonymike2 months ago


  26. Simply Wonderful

    Simply Wonderful2 months ago

    How about building a trap right into that hole in the wall? they're comfortably going in and out of that hole, a meat slicer triggered by an infrared beam should do the trick

  27. Idle Canvas

    Idle Canvas2 months ago

    I'm sure it would have worked better not hidden in a second hole, with half of it's openings covered.

  28. M B

    M B2 months ago

    You set so many traps and yet you still seem to have an unlimited supply of rodents!

  29. Genesis 7

    Genesis 72 months ago

    Hey you freaking Hagar need to stop hating on this male role I think you have the best videos ever I love your videos just trying to obey USlikes or just trying to help people who have pest problems I love video unlike a new a subscriber I kinda like match your USlikes channel few days ago I love your videos for all you haters out there if you hate on other people that means your life sucks and single fixed stop hating on youtubers start fixing your life and stop hating on P For your home like when I want to YMCA everybody was being so rude to me even the teacher at the YMC was so mean to me

  30. Ronn Jerremy

    Ronn Jerremy2 months ago

    Your vids are awesome my friend

  31. Marie-Christine

    Marie-Christine2 months ago

    Those rats are huge!

  32. Happy Gilmore

    Happy Gilmore2 months ago

    Big fail, A fat F

  33. bigpoppajersh

    bigpoppajersh2 months ago

    13.71 ia 50 cents feom 1911

  34. Gregory Stewart

    Gregory Stewart2 months ago

    Around 14 US $

  35. Egbert Crafton

    Egbert Crafton2 months ago

    O read it as fat trap

  36. MilkCereal

    MilkCereal2 months ago

    This channel is cool glad I found it lol

  37. Joey Vindictive

    Joey Vindictive2 months ago

    I'll admit, I absolutely thought you were going to say, was invented by Edward Faultless

  38. Ruben Gomez

    Ruben Gomez2 months ago

    50 cents is 3,000 dollars in 1910 to now

  39. Kellan Mundil

    Kellan Mundil2 months ago

    You should try to catch a mouse using the F.C Taylor mini bear trap.

  40. Dwight Dickerson

    Dwight Dickerson2 months ago

    Shawn I think that wire mesh would be even better at the closed end giver a try Dwight from Ontario Canada Again

  41. tasmedic

    tasmedic2 months ago

    1) Make sure human scent is not on the trap. Rub it with a rabbit skin (and the rather obvious put off of the plywood). The rats seemed to be VERY suspicious as soon as they came into shot. I suspect that was a scent issue. 2) Maybe try chocolate?

  42. Andrew Green

    Andrew Green2 months ago

    You just created trap resistant rodents through years of trap testing.

  43. ubetchya78

    ubetchya782 months ago

    When that happens it's time to call in Joseph Carter and his mink...

  44. Daniel M

    Daniel M2 months ago

    Scam back in the days.

  45. Hewitt Plunkett

    Hewitt Plunkett2 months ago

    Hi Shawn do wildlife ever knock over your trail cam? Love your vids :)

  46. The One Above All

    The One Above All2 months ago

    In 1911, $1.00 had the buying power of $27.23 in today's currency. So, $0.50= $13.62

  47. 786

    7862 months ago

    Failed badly.

  48. Linked On Air

    Linked On Air2 months ago

    Mice eat a lot of soy based automotive wiring... What is the best solution for keeping them out of car engine bays? Some people eat food in their cars which make those cars more susceptible but it also happens to clean interior cars that sit still too many days. They will chew a harness. It costs thousands to repair. Big industry issue. Especially since the new electric cars are going to be a big thing soon...

  49. Greg Miller

    Greg Miller2 months ago

    .50 cents in 1911 would get five people in the movies with 2 large popcorn and 2 large drinks.

  50. kairu aname

    kairu aname2 months ago

    Try putting dog food in the trap, but tape the food to the trap trigger

  51. Mike Espo diecast customs & more

    Mike Espo diecast customs & more2 months ago

    Wow that was crazy , rare ? Not this one . NEXT

  52. abcdeisthekey PlayStation/PC

    abcdeisthekey PlayStation/PC2 months ago

    Thank you for staying informative and fun, appropriate and respectful. It's not a game or entertainment to torture animals for views like some channels

  53. Leodas

    Leodas2 months ago

    That name for the trap is one of the best and oldest clickbaits

  54. Marcos Bravo

    Marcos Bravo2 months ago

    Suggestion: make the trigger axis closer to or inside the bait cage instead of close to the bar. That way the bait cage will require less displacement to be triggered.

  55. Carlos D

    Carlos D2 months ago

    Did anyone else, say "oh NO" when they saw the chipmunk going on for the bait?

  56. Mine gold

    Mine gold2 months ago

    a channel called "mouse arrest" just got removed from youtube your up next

  57. jake packer

    jake packer2 months ago

    My suggestion is that you team up with Joseph Carter the mink man. Two great USlikes channels should be worth a watch.

  58. Eman Outdoors

    Eman Outdoors2 months ago

    You should do a skunk kill trap

  59. 00 CRITICAL

    00 CRITICAL2 months ago

    Hi, I have never had this fail me... frozen snickers bar (not the icecream one). Freeze and slack on piece and jam under the trigger... for this trap, I would cut a large part and put it inside the bait cage. Not trying to tell you your business just giving you an idea ;-)

  60. Besneek ITP

    Besneek ITP2 months ago

    People who unsubscribe from him are scumbags because they don't understand anything.

  61. Mike Playz

    Mike Playz2 months ago


  62. Peewee Mgee

    Peewee Mgee2 months ago

    That rat trap is one year before the titanic sank dang

  63. T. JAX

    T. JAX2 months ago

    50 CENT IN 1911 IS ABOUT $10-12 DOLLARS TODAY!!! 💯

  64. Kelikaku Coutin

    Kelikaku Coutin2 months ago

    According to online sources, the dollar in 1911 is 3.65% of 2021's dollar. By multiplication of that times one dollar (or 50¢) that gives us about $13.70 in today's money. Edit: According to some of the old Horatio Alger novels I've read, a room in a building could be as little as $2 per week in those days. To convert that rent rate to 2021 dollars would make about $55, which is about what a room in some of today's Motel 6's charge - but that's per NIGHT. I think that Real Estate, food, gasoline, and many other sundries have inflated disproportionately to what things were in the olden days. That's why every state in the USA has to subsidize and regulate the price of milk - to keep the price down! Thanks for the content. Keep up the good work. בס״ד

  65. cell718

    cell7182 months ago

    The Metal may have a smell they don't like

  66. Scout Works RC

    Scout Works RC2 months ago

    I gotta say, my cats LOVE the show, probably even more than I do...

  67. RenDragon Studio

    RenDragon Studio2 months ago

    Inflation from 1911 to today brings the 50 cent price to about 14 dollars.

  68. Bülent Alkın Türkoğlu

    Bülent Alkın Türkoğlu2 months ago

    It's 13.62$

  69. David Price

    David Price2 months ago

    0:00 Did you just say rat trap Monday? 😱

  70. PaulTid

    PaulTid2 months ago

    Looking at the video I see an opportunity to have a small bodygrip trap set at the hole.

  71. Руслан Заурбеков

    Руслан Заурбеков2 months ago

    Probably, rats not are much smarter than in 1911 ....

  72. Martyn Ridley

    Martyn Ridley2 months ago

    You didn't use it as intended, so that's an unfair appraisal.

  73. JT Andress

    JT Andress2 months ago

    It’s $13.71 in today’s money

  74. mike13899

    mike138992 months ago


  75. nio7007

    nio70072 months ago

    This one immediately reminded me of this : N6ABEsgRHEY @ 3:58 (watch till 10:49) Very funny! Jokes aside, It seems really really odd that the mouse trap did not trigger.

  76. petrunak4579

    petrunak45792 months ago

    Perhaps you could build your own REALLY faultless rat trap?

  77. ron matthews

    ron matthews2 months ago

    The pivot looks rusty. How free moving is it and would lubrication help? There are a few interesting comments here. I think this trap might need a revisit.

  78. william

    william2 months ago

    Try using used Nespresso coffee capsules for bate... it beats everything else I've tried... rats can't resist it

  79. Deon Van der Westhuizen

    Deon Van der Westhuizen2 months ago

    You covered the back, so the mice could not see through the tunnel, making the mice more cautious.

  80. Denise Wildfortune

    Denise Wildfortune2 months ago

    $13.71 according to an inflation calculator I used.

  81. Linda Wisner

    Linda Wisner2 months ago

    City vermin will eat GMO and foods with preservatives. Country vermin have a lot more discerning palate. There was a paper on this I read years ago. But have personal experience. At cabin in woods, tight for storage space. Had two opened bags of cookies on top of several unopened bags of organic split green peas. Ignored the cookies and went straight for the peas. Didn't notice until most peas gone. Found them hoarded in old boots in loft.


    BEN WEKESA2 months ago

    it works well they just dont like the cage you put around the trap

  83. Robert Greenhouse

    Robert Greenhouse2 months ago

    The nonhuman audience can't click the paws up or subscribe

  84. zayin123

    zayin1232 months ago

    I "think" an entry from both sides would be worth trying.

  85. Pople BackyardFarm

    Pople BackyardFarm2 months ago

    interesting trap

  86. matsounds

    matsounds2 months ago

    50¢ in 1911 would be $13.85 today in 2021

  87. Feyrbrand86

    Feyrbrand862 months ago

    "Chipmunk" Me: nonononononononono

  88. voltare2amstereo

    voltare2amstereo2 months ago

    probably work better mounted vertically, like your co2 trap

  89. Snoop Catt

    Snoop Catt2 months ago

    I guess the biggest FAULT is that they didn't protect the label when they made it🤔

  90. pablo rages

    pablo rages2 months ago

    BUGGER.... no notification for your last 2 vids :(

  91. Cary Pyke

    Cary Pyke2 months ago

    Spam !!! How could they resist Spam ???!!

  92. turbanwearersblow

    turbanwearersblow2 months ago

    Doesn’t look like the spring is strong enough anyways

  93. pejnismiggle

    pejnismiggle2 months ago

    Damn, we barely ever get Rat Videos and we couldn't catch one today. That's rough.

  94. FirstNameTaylor

    FirstNameTaylor2 months ago

    In 1911 the trap was about $14

  95. aomanchutube

    aomanchutube2 months ago

    They are on to him...

  96. Stephen Davies

    Stephen Davies2 months ago

    Shawn. I do wonder if you have managed to have the most intelligent rats move into your neighbourhood. If so maybe is it time for a different tack. Air Rifle? I know it is not a trap but then... Whatever and however you catch them will be informational and dare I say entertaining.

  97. Matt Shaver

    Matt Shaver2 months ago

    Whatever happened to ridiculous last names like Kettelforder? I feel like names have gotten shorter over time


    DEADMOUSEINC . COM2 months ago


  99. Brandon Depew

    Brandon Depew2 months ago

    Have you ever thought of trying to spray your rat traps with a scent blocker like you would use in deer hunting to kill the human scent? Seems to me they do a lot of sniffing before snacking...

  100. Colin Stace

    Colin Stace2 months ago

    I was thinking the same thing, just needs a different trigger, maybe a pressure plate like the hava-hart

  101. Kketansa Art

    Kketansa Art2 months ago

    The art is so cute ♥️

  102. Jimmy

    Jimmy2 months ago

    More like Failure rat trap