A Rat Stole My Mouse Trap Caught On Video! VICTOR Quick & Safe Set Mouse Traps. Mousetrap Monday

In this video we test out two popular mouse traps that claim to be very easy and safe to set.
The victor quick set mouse trap and safe set mouse trap are a good option for people with pest and kids. You cam purchase these traps through my Amazon Affiliate Links: amzn.to/3b39u9F


  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn WoodsMonth ago

    Thank you so much for watching. You cam purchase these traps through my Amazon Affiliate Links: amzn.to/3b39u9F

  2. Rick Cruz

    Rick CruzMonth ago

    What kinda world has this become ?

  3. Preston S

    Preston SMonth ago

    Shawn are you going to feed the mice to the barn owls

  4. Dr. Love

    Dr. LoveMonth ago

    @BigBrotherMateyka he is only interested in profit

  5. Commenter Five

    Commenter FiveMonth ago

    A guy down the road used to actually put a few nails in his boxes.

  6. DanR

    DanRMonth ago

    Thanks for posting. That's probably your funniest video ever.

  7. Marlyn Smith

    Marlyn Smith7 days ago

    Oh a mouse/rat was caught! Wait... was that a baby?! Nop nvm,

  8. Brain Boy

    Brain Boy19 days ago


  9. Nathan King

    Nathan King20 days ago

    who would have thought there could be so much to know about mousetraps

  10. Snublefot

    Snublefot22 days ago

    These easy set traps are almost always too weak. I have had many different types and all of them went into the garbage. I got fed up and sad seeing so many mice just injured and not killed by these type of traps.

  11. cfunk10

    cfunk1023 days ago

    Does USlikes really censor videos showing mice getting killed in traps?

  12. MsBecki

    MsBeckiMonth ago

    You must admit that the pack rat was quite clever and SO funny! Sorry you lost a trap Shawn, but thanks to the pack rat for the entertainment! I had a pet rat once that was so funny and curious like that.

  13. notsosilentmajority1

    notsosilentmajority1Month ago

    I have some foreign made plastic traps that are extremely similar to these plastic Victor Safe Set & Quick Set traps. The traps I have do have metal "teeth" built into the trap where they contact the pest. When they clamp down they are extremely effective and seem to more quickly finish the pests than the traps in this video, yet they still are safer than traditional snap traps. I've used them for outdoor pests as well and they have been great. Wow, rto watchinterestingand informative

  14. IntensityZ

    IntensityZMonth ago

    How long ago was this filmed? He's been using trap boxes for a long time and in this video it seemed he was just learning that he needed to

  15. Chicken

    ChickenMonth ago

    I got Confused and thought the Title was" a Rat stole my Mouse" Ha

  16. King Leo XVII

    King Leo XVIIMonth ago

    Did the tat just steal the trap?

  17. Kendall Price

    Kendall PriceMonth ago

    He stole the trap and the rat

  18. Amby sharma

    Amby sharmaMonth ago

    The rattening

  19. Bigbonnanu

    BigbonnanuMonth ago

    They haven't learned to not fall for it

  20. Spile

    SpileMonth ago

    Hvala ti na ovim videima, ratniče svjetla!

  21. Godzilla

    GodzillaMonth ago

    I never thought a guy would make a channel dedicated to mouse traps

  22. G56AG

    G56AGMonth ago

    I wasn't impressed with that type in the Victor brand, bought a 2 pack and one of the traps didn't work when it was brand new, although I like the idea.

  23. YaBoi Tim

    YaBoi TimMonth ago

    He's the Bob Ross of rodents

  24. Ash

    AshMonth ago

    Has Shawn ever considered mosquito traps?

  25. Addison Shorter

    Addison ShorterMonth ago

    The victor quickset caught me 4 mice in two days with two traps

  26. Kristin Gallo

    Kristin GalloMonth ago

    Well great, they're evolving and studying our technology.

  27. Travirus

    TravirusMonth ago

    The rat must of seen your videos and decided to use your traps for himself.

  28. bigemugamer

    bigemugamerMonth ago

    lol Shawn Woods! why are you not securing your traps with a thin metal wire?!

  29. Casey Mizokami

    Casey MizokamiMonth ago

    I'm surprised you made the mistake of not sealing the contraption properly. You must be busy. Thanks for the video.

  30. Clifford Zellner

    Clifford ZellnerMonth ago

    "Safe set mouse trap" sounds boring, I would need a mousetrap that might be able to take a finger if you're not careful on setting it up, now that would be exciting...

  31. Chino Lo MLBB

    Chino Lo MLBBMonth ago

    Jerry it's you?

  32. Misplaced Cajun

    Misplaced CajunMonth ago

    Wow. Is it just me, but was the thief rat huge? We used to say large rats were "bigger than a squirrel" and I believe he was.

  33. Jonathan Orlando

    Jonathan OrlandoMonth ago

    2:30 lol Shawn using the trap to talk.

  34. Pablo Hernandez

    Pablo HernandezMonth ago

    The rat was like it is but nothing but a scratch

  35. Hornet Scales

    Hornet ScalesMonth ago

    The rats have a bounty on your traps. The second location needs a bucket-and-rolling-log trap, because they're numerous.

  36. gizzy guzzi

    gizzy guzziMonth ago

    Rat drives the pins out of the hinges and opens from the back.

  37. Frank D. Garrett

    Frank D. GarrettMonth ago

    How nice of the rat to try and put the trap back where he got it.

  38. Flame Of Blades

    Flame Of BladesMonth ago

    Can't wait to dig that nest up, eh?

  39. Karen

    KarenMonth ago

    Pack Rat Purgatory. How to catch the big ones.

  40. Christian

    ChristianMonth ago

    Two mice enter, no mice leave.

  41. Vader

    VaderMonth ago

    Could you make and test the mouse trap Melanie made in Snowpiercer Season 2 episode 6. The episode was just released. Looked like a "walk the plank" style. Just don't use the same type of bait. 🤢

  42. Mohannad ali

    Mohannad aliMonth ago

    Try to stick the GPS tracker on mouse trap to find out where it takes it

  43. Mohannad ali

    Mohannad aliMonth ago

    try to change the spring with stronger one

  44. Aaron Songer

    Aaron SongerMonth ago

    Im telling you traid up that little pin for a small padlock, you will thank me later.

  45. Brian Landers

    Brian LandersMonth ago

    You can't accuse Shawn as being a genius, he's the worst trapper.

  46. Bob Berg

    Bob BergMonth ago

    Blimey some infestation there ! Don't you have a cat or two?

  47. Kaptin Krybaby

    Kaptin KrybabyMonth ago

    OR if ur using the right trap no mouse gets the cheese!

  48. Rat Trap USA

    Rat Trap USAMonth ago

    Always great content from Shawn

  49. promontorium

    promontoriumMonth ago

    You keep getting punked by rats. Are you just going to lay down and take this? It's time to take care of them.

  50. Jayden Harris

    Jayden HarrisMonth ago

    Damn USlikes, Look at what you did to this mans channel ;-;

  51. Tommy Holbert

    Tommy HolbertMonth ago

    Hey shawn woods do owls eat rats

  52. NeilsNature

    NeilsNatureMonth ago

    I think Shawn is into pain, he seems to love having his fingers SLAMMED!

  53. Huberman Project

    Huberman ProjectMonth ago

    That pack rat 🐀 is too smart

  54. HolzMichel

    HolzMichelMonth ago

    in 2040 Shaun's kids tear down the barn and find a hundred mousetraps hidden in the walls and make a fortune selling them in ebay...

  55. walkerd73

    walkerd73Month ago


  56. NickMcCloud

    NickMcCloudMonth ago

    You earned a sub my friend. Keep grindint

  57. hiol1

    hiol1Month ago

    I noticed a hole on the press button. Could you tie a corde so the squirrel don't steal it?

  58. Fred Derf

    Fred DerfMonth ago

    I've got an easier solution for you than hinges, just put a brick on top of it.

  59. j m

    j mMonth ago

    Any advice on how to catch mice and spare the chipmunks? The chipmunks near my house are friendly, have not damage and will come up to us and say hello, but worried about the mice finding a way inside the house. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  60. Lillian Roux

    Lillian RouxMonth ago

    That rat crazy 😝

  61. Mike Suto

    Mike SutoMonth ago

    I think the next video should be an ALL OUT ASSAULT on that dirty rat who stole the trap!

  62. matsounds

    matsoundsMonth ago

    Hmm... Might be time to put some thumb screws on that setup

  63. hpekristiansen

    hpekristiansenMonth ago

    I also like to torture small animals.

  64. fuck off

    fuck offMonth ago

    cats are your biggest fan haha

  65. tractor

    tractorMonth ago

    I have a very simple live mousetrap: you just need a glass bowl, and a metal disc/washer (ca. 30 mm), a peanut and some glue. - I glue the peanut to the inside edge of the bowl, turn it over and support it with the metal washer. If the mouse goes under the bowl, it will nibble on the peanut and the bowl and disc will fall over and the mouse will be trapped. Always works very well.

  66. SoupFork

    SoupForkMonth ago

    So when are you going to start using mousetraps as bait to catch rats and squirrels?

  67. Jeffrey van Nieuwkoop

    Jeffrey van NieuwkoopMonth ago

    Love it :)

  68. Commenter Five

    Commenter FiveMonth ago

    Many people run little, but steel chains from their mouse traps to loops in stakes in the ground.

  69. Chetal soni

    Chetal soniMonth ago

    Catch that thief in next video

  70. And Rju

    And RjuMonth ago

    use some metal wire to connect mouse trap to something heavy, then no animal should not steal trap

  71. LostWhits

    LostWhitsMonth ago

    Did I miss a video? Was there supposed to be a video of catching a rat using a mouse as bait?

  72. Fred Stevens

    Fred StevensMonth ago

    Rat gave your top a little flip

  73. Fred Stevens

    Fred StevensMonth ago

    Please add benny hill theme music when you speed up film

  74. Crimson Halo

    Crimson HaloMonth ago

    Rat: "Hello comrade, I shall seize and redistribute this property which was yours, don't mind me!"

  75. Julian Brien

    Julian BrienMonth ago

    I had the tomcat brand version of this style trap... 1 mouse out smarted it. It would reach in with its paw, scoop the bait off it

  76. KatieandKevin Sears

    KatieandKevin SearsMonth ago

    That raccoon is a mom. You'll have more little ones causing mischief soon.

  77. DeLoreans garage

    DeLoreans garageMonth ago

    Is it just me or do the mice seem to groom themselves before getting their treat?

  78. royalbookshopper

    royalbookshopperMonth ago

    And put a heavy brick on top of your trap holder. Hinges? Might work. lol

  79. royalbookshopper

    royalbookshopperMonth ago

    Tether your traps! Lightweight wire works fine. :-)

  80. bigliftm

    bigliftmMonth ago

    @Shawn : time to make a video togheter with Joseph Carter the mink man to do some ratting with dogs and the mink and deal with the rats.

  81. peter koller

    peter kollerMonth ago

    didn´t you once show a pack rat setting your traps off with a stick and then get the bait? I guess the apck rat in today´s video wanted to start its own mouse trapping business.

  82. Michael Powers

    Michael PowersMonth ago

    Fascinating watching these creatures. The rat was the funniest. Smart little buggers.

  83. Steven Gird

    Steven GirdMonth ago

    Hey, that kangaroo stole my ball! -Rodney Dangerfield.

  84. theturtle2121

    theturtle2121Month ago

    WOW!!! That rat!

  85. Stratos53100

    Stratos53100Month ago

    Unfortunate - I knew sooner or later Not securing the lid to lead to this. Something is going to shake it loose etc.

  86. MadDoofer

    MadDooferMonth ago

    Rat "Trying to take me down eh? I'm taking your stuff!"

  87. Mary Joy Reyes

    Mary Joy ReyesMonth ago

    It's official, the best baits are victor rat traps.

  88. Eric Larson

    Eric LarsonMonth ago

    I kept thinking those boxes needed to be harder to open. But I always invisioned a skunk or raccoon being the culprit.

  89. Aidan Schober

    Aidan SchoberMonth ago

    How ya doing reader of this comment

  90. mike13899

    mike13899Month ago


  91. Daniel Thurber

    Daniel ThurberMonth ago

    Pest control is important. But it's also important to be humane about it. That's why I like to watch these videos. Talks about the pros and cons and history wich is nice. Also shows which are the most humane to use.

  92. Paul Douglas

    Paul DouglasMonth ago

    Another fine video. I was grinning from ear to ear when you installed the hinged lid. You are a great video producing rodent dispatcher!

  93. Wendy Jensen

    Wendy JensenMonth ago

    That is genius. My condo is infested so bad. Our traps aren't working. Desperate to try anything. I'm moving in a few weeks and dont' want to take a critter with me. I'm so glad we don't have rats here lol

  94. Tune Smiith

    Tune SmiithMonth ago

    @Shawn Woods - had to chuckle at the frustration. I feel ya bud. ...Bamboozled again!!! dirty rats!

  95. 876 BLVD

    876 BLVDMonth ago

    Simple and cool.. easy to set.. no more fingers caught in the trap..

  96. Dawn Michelle

    Dawn MichelleMonth ago

    I was kinda hoping to see you put out a big, ol' rat trap after he stole your mouse trap!

  97. Slappysan

    SlappysanMonth ago

    Wow, I wouldn't have expected you to make that mistake.

  98. Pandie Goodies

    Pandie GoodiesMonth ago

    I think it's time you get revenge on that pack rat and squirrel.

  99. Val's Black Cats Rule

    Val's Black Cats RuleMonth ago

    Well, that was one greedy rat! He totally stole the mouse! Trap and all! Much better success with the second set up. Stay safe and healthy out there! Thank you for sharing a part of your day with us!

  100. Scotch

    ScotchMonth ago


  101. Dan Smith

    Dan SmithMonth ago

    I’ve been saying for weeks that your weak lid game was going to cost you. I’m glad you learned the lesson with the inexpensive trap, though, and not one of your expensive ones.

  102. Doug Alexander

    Doug AlexanderMonth ago

    I got nuth’n 🐭

  103. DDRUTOU

    DDRUTOUMonth ago

    Yoooooooo.....My man Shawn was PISSED!!!

  104. Motley Stew

    Motley StewMonth ago

    Maybe should bring back the deadfall traps for those pesky rats! No way out for them.. 💪🏽 It was those traps that got me interested in your channel however many years ago that was. 👏🏽

  105. Motley Stew

    Motley StewMonth ago

    Oh poop!! 3:52 Plot thickens.. 🤭 the suspense music should kick in “Dun Dun Duuuuun”