Rare 1920s Ruby Red EZY-SET Metal Mouse Trap Catches Mice In The Barn. Mousetrap Monday

In this video we test out a very unique and rare mouse trap from 1927 called the EZY-SET.
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  1. Shawn Woods

    Shawn Woods3 months ago

    Thanks for watching. You can purchase my all time favorite mouse trap (Mascall Mill) trap through my Amazon Affiliate link: amzn.to/2ZY3dpp

  2. Ryvucz

    Ryvucz3 months ago

    Happy New Year to you too.

  3. Tayk1987

    Tayk19873 months ago

    You gotta find a way to uncensored videos. Maybe I'm morbid but I don't think so. It's just not the same.

  4. Pat Colston

    Pat Colston3 months ago

    My dad always told us boys"There's always plenty of Free cheese in the mouse trap"

  5. tpl 608

    tpl 6083 months ago

    @TazMan too

  6. 라자루스

    라자루스3 months ago

    새해 복 많이 받으세요! Happy new year!

  7. John Shepherd

    John ShepherdMonth ago

    I was today years old when I learned "pack rats" are a real thing. 🤨🤔

  8. Ti Klim

    Ti KlimMonth ago

    Damn watching so many rats eating up the left overs make me think that we have wiped out so many natural predators.

  9. Richard Laurent

    Richard Laurent2 months ago

    USlikes censorship sucks!

  10. 小銀小金

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  11. Juan Don

    Juan Don3 months ago

    The pack rat is trying to steal your trap!!! Those rodents know you to well Shawn. They have developed a collective mind. The infestation is after you and your family. Don't underestimate the enemy.

  12. Zamkuma

    Zamkuma3 months ago

    That pack rat is a chunky boi

  13. JonOnPaper

    JonOnPaper3 months ago

    The mouse in the thumbnail is so cute

  14. multi gamer

    multi gamer3 months ago

    I feel sorry for the mice

  15. Brian Landers

    Brian Landers3 months ago

    That's a pretty interesting trigger system there, it would work better than the Victor traps with the piece of wire that holds the kill bar, it wouldn't be hard to make a trap like this using a standard Victor type mouse/rat trap.

  16. Jr. Savage

    Jr. Savage3 months ago

    1:25 Why does thar sound like a splash potion in Minecraft?

  17. Nicholas Bragg

    Nicholas Bragg3 months ago

    I have only had one rat issue at my house. After a trail cam, some hand to hand combats, failed traps and misses, I finally got him. I was one more night away from becoming an obsessive deranged lunatic if I didn’t kill it. I now love watching them die and it’s probably somthing I should seek help for because it was a hate for a creature I’d never experienced before.

  18. TubbyToadInc

    TubbyToadInc3 months ago

    forget the compost rat you need to go after that Ratzilla Packrat

  19. Mike Espo diecast customs & more

    Mike Espo diecast customs & more3 months ago

    Nice antique mouse trap . Cool video Shawn .

  20. Snooooozel

    Snooooozel3 months ago

    You should set your whole collection up for one night... all together. 😁

  21. Coolshsish

    Coolshsish3 months ago

    am i weird to think that rats are cute

  22. ApoTroll

    ApoTroll3 months ago

    Gib mouse gore! =(

  23. Skeets McGrew

    Skeets McGrew3 months ago

    I live in Lititz. If you need a terrible job that pays well fast, Woodstream is the place to work

  24. murilo alves

    murilo alves3 months ago

    for a second there, I thought the rat was gonna take the trap away. very interesting design, also

  25. Rossly Alfres

    Rossly Alfres3 months ago

    Hey Shawn hope that you got your trap bwck

  26. Tyler Stone

    Tyler Stone3 months ago

    But do mice normally SLAM! themselves onto the trap like you did with the stuffed animal? Id like to see if a very gentle, natural like mouse touched all that metal. Would it be as "ez" as it says?

  27. discman1877

    discman18773 months ago

    Perhaps some weights underneath the wooden trap holder would prevent even the Mightiest Mouse from taking your valuable traps. And a latching mechanism for the top of the wooden box for easy set up.

  28. Kate Moon

    Kate Moon3 months ago

    Imagine if aliens came to earth from outer space and had devices set up to monitor us and we had no idea they were even there, but went about our business as normal so that the aliens experienced an emotion we can't comprehend. That is how these cameras are to these animals and MM is like the aliens.

  29. AM2PM

    AM2PM3 months ago

    When you setup kill traps I wonder how u differentiate non natives and natives 😀

  30. Tracy Helen

    Tracy Helen3 months ago


  31. Darren Vail

    Darren Vail3 months ago

    Right on the brain!

  32. Keith Fulkerson

    Keith Fulkerson3 months ago

    "The second mouse gets the cheese". That hits deep.

  33. david spinney

    david spinney3 months ago

    Hi Shawn to me the thing that makes this a good design is the mouse has to step on the trigger to get the bait

  34. Cris FS

    Cris FS3 months ago

    More rat videos. I find it satisfying whenever you get one

  35. Larry F

    Larry F3 months ago

    Happy and safe 2021

  36. Juu Ju

    Juu Ju3 months ago

    Ngl, was a bit nervous when the packrat started moving the trap.

  37. Michael P

    Michael P3 months ago

    Great Designed Trap,That design should still be for sale at stores.

  38. David Szakacs

    David Szakacs3 months ago

    Shawn, I had a Jawz trap taken by an animal so next one I screwed onto a piece of 2x4 and IT was taken! Now I’ve used a bigger piece of wood and weigh it down with a piece of cement block.

  39. yuvgotubekidding

    yuvgotubekidding3 months ago

    Can’t wait to see fat compost rat get his.

  40. 46FreddieMercury91

    46FreddieMercury913 months ago

    You need an air rifle. Shoot the lot in one night

  41. Trenton Miller

    Trenton Miller3 months ago

    Apparently T tree or oil for the diffusers will kill the mice the smell Of it but they have just smell it for while

  42. Rich Jageman

    Rich Jageman3 months ago

    I found 2 old mouse/rat traps in a very old barn, the owner told me she thinks they were bought new around the late 19 teens to 1920. I would like to send you 1 as a gift if you would make a video with it.

  43. Dom Madonia

    Dom Madonia3 months ago

    Great way to start the new year! One down and a million more to go!

  44. James Livingston

    James Livingston3 months ago

    👍👍 Good Morning and Thank You Shawn again!🌚❤

  45. Robborti

    Robborti3 months ago

    Happy new year to you, Shawn!

  46. Vincent Herman

    Vincent Herman3 months ago

    Shawn:. Watch your fingers. Proceeds to place finger in the kill zone

  47. Jeremy Adams

    Jeremy Adams3 months ago

    Shawn Woods do you have any videos how to get rid of cockroaches permanently

  48. R J Serra

    R J Serra3 months ago

    Hi Shawn, you should consider putting a heavy brick on top of your box so the rats won't drag in off.

  49. icemaneu

    icemaneu3 months ago

    USlikes want to censor how a mouse trap kill a mouse? Looks like we are living in an age of pussies.

  50. Eric

    Eric3 months ago

    I love the videos keep them coming! I think it would be awesome to see a video of the entire antique trap collection!

  51. Secard420

    Secard4203 months ago

    Has the bobcat been around lately?

  52. 라자루스

    라자루스3 months ago

    I heard so many rats in New York. Lets go to New York.

  53. Nathan the Stoat [JEREMIAH 51:20]

    Nathan the Stoat [JEREMIAH 51:20]3 months ago

    "We're skunk bait!" "I'm indigenous."

  54. Kris Whitt

    Kris Whitt3 months ago

    Was that a Native deer mice 🐁

  55. James Finnall

    James Finnall3 months ago

    Perhaps a cinder block on top of the wooden box would prevent the traps from being triggered externally.

  56. Tony P

    Tony P3 months ago

    Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year 🎆

  57. Robert G

    Robert G3 months ago

    Great video and find Shawn, thank you! May you and your family have a safe, healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year!

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    Please post videos on Parler and Rumble.

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    ❤️🇺🇸💯 Happy New Year 🎉

  60. Derek Poon

    Derek Poon3 months ago

    Get that pack rat. And get that brown rat out there as well! 👊🏻

  61. Jodie McClure

    Jodie McClure3 months ago

    that pack rat needs to be taken care of asap

  62. Paul Copeland

    Paul Copeland3 months ago

    The pack rat isn't the mouse eater. The "brown" rat at the beaver dam is the bad guy!

  63. Pablo Gutierrez

    Pablo Gutierrez3 months ago

    Get that pack rat and eat it!! Looks tasty!!

  64. 786

    7863 months ago

    OK stuff.

  65. ronsout

    ronsout3 months ago

    Awesome video Shawn!! Have a Happy Safe New Year to You and Your Beautiful family 🎉🇺🇸🎉

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    Happy New Year!

  67. Peter Higgins

    Peter Higgins3 months ago

    Keep them coming! I enjoy your videos, and it is amazing just how many ways have been invented to catch pests!

  68. joanbennettnyc

    joanbennettnyc3 months ago

    I want to see that pack rat get what's coming to him!

  69. Martin Miller

    Martin Miller3 months ago

    he'll get it...you won't be able to see it though...

  70. SaycoRa

    SaycoRa3 months ago

    Good work Crawdaddy. Get that fat rat!

  71. Gray Geezer

    Gray Geezer3 months ago

    “The second mouse gets the cheese.” Now that’s a T-shirt idea.

  72. mattandsarahaschan

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    @G H every Thanksgiving, lol

  73. FBI

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    @This Justin PFHAHAHAHAHAH!

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    @Jeff Harman sounds like something Al would do😂😂

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    @Jason Unborne That's like Weird Al Yankovic when he BUTCHERED "Another one Bites the Dust!" Decades ago... 😆OMFGLMFAO!🤣

  76. Savage3OO6

    Savage3OO63 months ago

    @Damn Damien I've always said, "the early bird gets the worm, but what does the early worm get?" Now, I might have to change it to, "the early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."

  77. Korgoth Killings

    Korgoth Killings3 months ago

    He was like this is a collector item im taking this.

  78. Korgoth Killings

    Korgoth Killings3 months ago

    Yeah boi!

  79. Quazai26

    Quazai263 months ago

    Looking forward to you catching that rat, with a mouse!

  80. Hightea Kingtea

    Hightea Kingtea3 months ago

    That is not related to your trap. That is related to your setting and your expected target size. Too large box is not for small mice.

  81. Andrew Baker

    Andrew Baker3 months ago

    Shawn please, as a long time viewer and subscriber, I bed of you to make more primitive technology videos. I absolutely loved them and I bet a lot of your subscribers would love to see those videos more often. Please make more.

  82. Ocl Roch

    Ocl Roch3 months ago

    I dislike every time I can’t see the kill

  83. Shawn Rodgers

    Shawn Rodgers3 months ago

    Think your gonna need a bigger trap, that was a big pack rat

  84. Paul Copeland

    Paul Copeland3 months ago

    The rat that he is after is out at the dam. He is actually bigger than the barn pack rat. You are correct, much larger trap needed.

  85. stickyfoot84

    stickyfoot843 months ago

    Catch that pack rat!

  86. RDG S.

    RDG S.3 months ago

    NEW YEAR generic vid...

  87. mmarlaire

    mmarlaire3 months ago

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  88. Felicia M

    Felicia M3 months ago

    See it does not always pay to be 1st.😂

  89. J M Atchley

    J M Atchley3 months ago

    Your videos have lost a large part of their appeal when we can't see the traps in action. Engineering channels are a plenty so learning how they are made and designed is a set of videos easily found under different categories. But what was great was seeing how they actually work. I know you are trying to avoid pissing off youtube, but so many other channels still show the traps in action. They usually have a disclaimer about sensitive viewers and stating that these are classified as pests so perfectly legal to "dispatch" (as you call it). You were always my go to channel, but over the past few months I find I turn your videos off after you introduce the trap. No more watching to the end or up votes. They've hit a point where instead of watching it as soon as you post it, it may sit in my queue 1-3 weeks before I decide to watch it, because I know I'll just hit stop one third of the way into the video.

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    Quit whining and unsubscribe. You will be much happier.

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    This is crazy to see O.O

  93. Tuco Benedicto

    Tuco Benedicto3 months ago

    Unbelievable that a small sensitive minority controls the majority because they can't handle seeing a mouse caught in a mouse trap. So they induce censorship, lack of freedom, reduction of rights/privileges, etc.

  94. Val's Black Cats Rule

    Val's Black Cats Rule3 months ago

    Boy, oh boy! What a greedy rat! Thank you for a year of interesting vids. Hoping for even more for 2021! Stay safe and healthy out there! Thank you for sharing a part of your day with us!

  95. Invasion Animation

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    Happy new year!

  96. World Traveler

    World Traveler3 months ago

    This is a truly innovative trap design.

  97. Steven Scott

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    The early bird may get the worm, but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese.

  98. P. T. Anderson

    P. T. Anderson3 months ago

    Hey Shawn! What would you think of doing a "trap your way up the food chain" series? Like you said, use a mouse as bait to catch a rat. Then use the rat as bait to catch a _____, and so on and so on.

  99. Teardown Dan

    Teardown Dan3 months ago

    That's a pretty good simple design apart from the amount of weight on the trigger making it more susceptible to bumps.

  100. captain columbus

    captain columbus3 months ago

    best design i ever saw. Rick

  101. Ondřej Šmíd

    Ondřej Šmíd3 months ago

    Another great video, Shawn! And one question for your Q&A: which watches do you wear? And do you have favourite brand?

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    Great video. Thank you, Shawn!

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    I want to go on a rat hunting safari at Shawns.

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    Do you have any blooper videos you haven't posted? Also do you have a cat?

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    Very clever mouse trap, simple and effective.

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    I've never seen that style of snap-trap. Thank you for showing it.

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    Looking forward to seeing that rat getting caught, oh the suspense

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    If you catch a mouse to feed a rat.. well that ain't right.

  112. Dragon Skunk Studio

    Dragon Skunk Studio3 months ago

    @ToeNailLover69 BRUH You catch mice and rats with traps just to feed mice to rats. It's kinda self defeating. Nothing to do with the animal kingdom.

  113. ToeNailLover69 BRUH

    ToeNailLover69 BRUH3 months ago

    Their different species so no it's not. And we feed our chicken their egg shells and eggs for nutrition. It's the animal kingdom their is no right way

  114. Doc Doccus

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    Don'tcha just love how the pack rat was winking at the camera? "I'm gonna get this thing, you just watch."

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