Shawn Woods
Shawn Woods
Shawn Woods

"If You Build A Better Mousetrap The World Will Beat A Path To Your Door".
On this youtube channel we test out a new mouse trap every Monday.

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  1. threesixty A

    threesixty A11 hours ago

    You better hire a Lawyer, Facebook and Amazon may owe the two of you millions at this point.

  2. Kira Did Nothing Wrong

    Kira Did Nothing Wrong12 hours ago

    Poor Chuntaro :(

  3. Sauce Man

    Sauce Man12 hours ago

    If I could exterminate one evil it’d be hornets

  4. Mael Simard

    Mael Simard12 hours ago

    its a yellow plastic circle ... what do you expect from them lol ...

  5. Mike Lipperdt

    Mike Lipperdt12 hours ago

    Facebook is a corrupt democratic platform dems like china they won't side with you.

  6. Wil Robles

    Wil Robles12 hours ago

    Are similar traps made today?

  7. 2 U

    2 U12 hours ago

    Where are you located?

  8. Deepak Nair

    Deepak Nair13 hours ago

    If dome had been higher, those huge rats would have been trapped easily.

  9. Daniel Davis

    Daniel Davis13 hours ago

    Big t3ch loves Ch1na, and they hate us. That much is clear now.

  10. Xxkillzone Xx

    Xxkillzone Xx13 hours ago

    Poor rat😢

  11. Anubis Amun

    Anubis Amun13 hours ago

    🇮🇳 🇨🇳 two of the biggest scammers in the world

  12. dave mcmanus

    dave mcmanus13 hours ago

    I'll be ordering one, glad I know now to be sure its from the real inventor...

  13. whitewolf8758

    whitewolf875813 hours ago

    There is an ad for this trap running on ifunny app that sells three of these for $29.95. Might want to try and get it removed.

  14. Tunnelrat6666

    Tunnelrat666613 hours ago

    Joe Biden said its ok.

  15. Euryale Dimitrescu

    Euryale Dimitrescu13 hours ago

    You just need a Meat Grinder that goes after the Conveyor belt

  16. Gumby

    Gumby13 hours ago

    Link does not work, do they have a website?

  17. dude dok duk

    dude dok duk13 hours ago

    facebook will only censor Donny 🙄🤬

  18. Nautilus1972

    Nautilus197213 hours ago


  19. GeneralEagleT

    GeneralEagleT13 hours ago

    Copyright laws do not exists in China no matter what anyone says. Mainland Chinese overseas are lawless when it comes to these types of stuff. Also Facebook has become a sewage system of stolen content and misinformation and they refuse to do anything about it since that is how they get most of their money

  20. Dave Arnew

    Dave Arnew13 hours ago

    I tried that link you put up here and it still doesn't bring me to mouse trap

  21. mxtr

    mxtr13 hours ago

    the best mouse trap is a cat

  22. Billy

    Billy13 hours ago

    Xi Jingping is Winnie the Pooh, FREE TIBET! Doctors who spoke out getting disappeared, Journalists who reported it, disappeared. National news articles and reports taken down or censored. CCP condeming nations that closed border with China even though they knew damn well it was highly contagious. Chinese scientists braggin they made a vaccine in only a few months, implementing the CCP in a cover up. As they would have to have started long before the CCP finally told the world. CCP stopping and scared of international investigation, punishing Australia for calling for an independent investigation... guilty asf CCP bribing WHO reps.... The list goes on and on Wuhan virus is a biological weapon the CCP unleashed on the world, mainly to cripple the West.

  23. Michael H

    Michael H13 hours ago

    Now put the bucket in a fireant nest to get rid of them! 🤣🤣 I hate rodents. I keep snap traps in my attic and catch them every now and then. I can't figure out how they are getting in. Two pest control companies and hundreds of dollars with 0 success.

  24. steven ramrodd

    steven ramrodd13 hours ago

    Blame Joe Biden for being soft on China.

  25. Mike Bee

    Mike Bee14 hours ago

    Thanks for the video, I agree with you, those companies out there are bad, they don't care nor the regular social media. Thanks!

  26. david spinney

    david spinney14 hours ago

    Hi Shawn the possums, skunks and racoons will be well fed tonight

  27. 刘睿轩

    刘睿轩14 hours ago

    Lmao, those “special messages/phrase” are really works. Shawn should keep them😂

  28. Anchor

    Anchor14 hours ago


  29. Chris

    Chris14 hours ago

    6:11..... 😂

  30. Nautilus1972

    Nautilus197214 hours ago

    So ... don't make this ....

  31. Bill Brister

    Bill Brister14 hours ago

    Wow, this looks like the best! I wonder if the peanut butter attracts mice from other homes on the street? That wouldn't be ideal. Love not killing them!!

  32. georgebaggy

    georgebaggy14 hours ago

    Facebook is a DARPA/CIA front company created to spy on us

  33. DJ McC

    DJ McC14 hours ago

    Such crap. It would be nice if other sellers would put a stop to it. Even better it would be great if the government would step in to protect American businesses that are having their inventions and copyrighted material blatantly copied and stolen.

  34. marian Hernandez

    marian Hernandez14 hours ago

    Ive heard a chinese official bragging how china became better than everyone because they plagerize everything ..

  35. Coyote Hunter

    Coyote Hunter14 hours ago

    Should have added a link to the addresses of these china companies doing this. So all of us had a place to mail are rats.

  36. caroad2008

    caroad200814 hours ago

    The inventor should pattern it.

  37. archlinux hkg

    archlinux hkg15 hours ago

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  38. kik1rik1

    kik1rik115 hours ago

    make the watermark much bigger and transparent and such that there's motion behind it. otherwise good stuff.

  39. Stevie G

    Stevie G15 hours ago

    The gizmo was way overpriced,and i was an injection moldmaker gor many years,a fair price would have been half of what they wanted

  40. drezac1379

    drezac137915 hours ago

    Just ordered 2.

  41. libertyn jeopardy

    libertyn jeopardy15 hours ago

    Chinese scams endorsed by the democratic party.

  42. Stephen Light

    Stephen Light15 hours ago

    Yo bro your watermark is not big/effective enough, they will simply blur it. I recommend you to put/hide some flags or pictures. Wish you the best luck!

  43. Valentín Rodríguez

    Valentín Rodríguez15 hours ago

    Hey Shawn, it'll be cool if you put a camera inside the trap pointing at the mice and the plank, from this view it seems like they don't have time to react, maybe a camera inside would show the exact moment when they react and how it compares with similar traps, maybe the success is in the tipping acceleration, they don't seem to mind the moving plank.

  44. Ston3dR3dneck

    Ston3dR3dneck15 hours ago

    Just like china for taking other peoples work and Facebook let's it happen

  45. 88amona

    88amona15 hours ago

    Wasn't gonna buy one. Now I guess I will just to support the real company.

  46. Mixz

    Mixz16 hours ago

    Thats why you must patent it whatever it is but that only helps so much

  47. Mixz

    Mixz16 hours ago

    Bruhhh not suprized at all thats what china is known for literally they been doin this for decade's to our government and just regular day to day Americans

  48. sakaki912

    sakaki91216 hours ago

    習近平是小熊維尼 Xi Jing-Ping is Winnie the Pooh 🤣

  49. Danny W

    Danny W16 hours ago

    Nice watermark!

  50. Euphonic Studio Recording

    Euphonic Studio Recording16 hours ago

    Good visuals! 1:42 Thanks.

  51. Tim Second

    Tim Second16 hours ago

    習近平是小熊維尼 😂

  52. cobra460

    cobra46016 hours ago

    I was hoping that second rat would have been captured. What would be great is if the buckets were wider across so the rats couldn't grab on to the edge. Also, rolling the edges to the entrance of the flipper would help so rats couldn't grab onto those as well.

  53. Joel Whiteside

    Joel Whiteside16 hours ago

    What a sad state of affairs when you have to put a watermark literally on top of the action to prove ownership of a video clip.

  54. omi god

    omi god16 hours ago

    I've said it before and I'll say it again - if you buy Chinese-made products, you are part of destroying America.

  55. cc ccclark

    cc ccclark16 hours ago

    No amazon! I want to order from them directly. 🇨🇱🇺🇸✝️❤️🙏

  56. Evil Spyke

    Evil Spyke16 hours ago

    heard the water splash and thought, "splish splash i was taking a bath, long about saturday night. rub a dub just relaxing in a bucket thinking everything was alright."

  57. cc ccclark

    cc ccclark16 hours ago

    👍👍👍buying 2 😁 🇨🇱🇺🇸✝️❤️🙏

  58. Do Not Laugh

    Do Not Laugh16 hours ago

    Xi Jinping is winnie the pooh - 习近平是小熊维尼 free tibet - 自由西藏

  59. Tyrone

    Tyrone16 hours ago

    Could you please test what's the best flea elimination product like a series?

  60. Warlord Mcmuffin III

    Warlord Mcmuffin III16 hours ago

    8:28 🤣😂🤣😂 lil guy caught a mouthful of dirt! Shawn why!?! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  61. Jesse Torres

    Jesse Torres16 hours ago

    not surprised Facebook is doing their own thing out of greed , they do what they want even if it is violating our constitution of free speech and freedom of expression, if we could afford to sue them i WOULD because they always do things in their own favour ,,, like im an american and i cant even say the word TWAT! 9 months in FB jail for the word TWAT! and i get put there for 2 yr old posts too that don’t violate anything . seriously this type of treatment will get a few names on a cleaning list and Mark is at THE TOP!

  62. William Ponce

    William Ponce16 hours ago

    That rat must've been satisfying to get rid of it

  63. TheEseJandro

    TheEseJandro16 hours ago

    Chinese companies do this to everything!!!

  64. MrQuist125

    MrQuist12517 hours ago

    Sad :(

  65. Beau P

    Beau P17 hours ago

    Want to buy two or three of these. Where?

  66. tractor

    tractor17 hours ago

    10:12 there is a little strange frame about a translation of "Xi Jinping is winnie the poo" and "Free Tibet" to chinese :D :D :D

  67. Grant Beuchel

    Grant Beuchel17 hours ago

    Amazon is allowing copper socks to be counterfeited by Chinese sellers and I have been complaining for 3 years with no results. Amazon sucks!

  68. Emily Monroe

    Emily Monroe17 hours ago

    Wait, how did you get those animals? Are you a taxidermist? Very nice video, I didn't know Voles existed.

  69. thebakerman1

    thebakerman117 hours ago

    Just one more reason everyone should CLOSE their facebook accounts and get the hell OFF that platform. Facebook will quickly shutdown and delete videos and posts that violate nothing whatsoever, yet they won't do anything in situations like this and instead they choose to side with and support the scammers. When will people realize facebook is the scourge of society and they simply don't deserve your time and attention. The only thing facebook understands is when people delete their accounts.

  70. moongazer 07

    moongazer 0717 hours ago

    xi jinping is winnie the pooh

  71. Jay Eff

    Jay Eff17 hours ago

    Some companies simply have no scruples about that sort of business practice, and there's no way to get away from it. More people like Shawn should do vids like this one to raise awareness, and the creator of the product should differentiate his or her product from the knockoffs. Simply emblazoning the top of the product with a "Made in the USA" decal, and updating the Amazon store pictures to reflect the change, would be a good start.

  72. Die- Sas

    Die- Sas17 hours ago

    10:13 "Free Tibet"

  73. Ved VEDov

    Ved VEDov17 hours ago

    Not sure how it is for others, but neither this link nor the one from the other video work for me. I just get send to a general amazon page with random products.

  74. Lamar Aqel

    Lamar Aqel17 hours ago

    Attached70 Mice and one rat

  75. AudioGardenSlave

    AudioGardenSlave17 hours ago

    If you put another hinge-point on the top cover that allows it to go up as the tetter goes down then the rats won't get pinched and have a chance to back out.

  76. BlueMio

    BlueMio17 hours ago

    Sadly USlikes is only good in this scenario. Here their system worsk out, but the copyright claim system totally sabotages other channels that rightfully use materials or simply get claimed by others for their gain. That said, I'm really glad that at least in this case they support spread of this vile bs.

  77. K L

    K L18 hours ago

    I read this as "we created a huge rat and 54 mice" and was like...why

  78. AudioGardenSlave

    AudioGardenSlave18 hours ago

    Needs a redesign for rats cause it barely fell in but for mice it's an amazing trap setup. There needs to be millions of these spread out in countless cities all over the world.

  79. c soul

    c soul18 hours ago

    Winnie the Pooh 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  80. Rich R

    Rich R18 hours ago

    This is why we all need to support U.S. manufacturers. I am more than willing to pay more and wait longer to support my fellow Americans.